How To Get An MBA For Free From Top Colleges (3 Ways)

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What if I tell you YOU can do MBA for FREE?

The Masters of Business Management i.e MBA opens up many doors to various career options for Business Management and leadership Development fields in Marketing, Finance, Operations, and Consulting sectors. 

You might be aspiring to make a fascinating career by doing an MBA (Masters In Business Administration), but are you stuck with the expensive spending of the course?

Well, let me give you the Good News! There are several ways that You can get your MBA done for FREE!

Wondering how? Well, let’s find out! 

There Are Several Types Of Free MBA Programs Available:

Full scholarships are available to qualified MBA candidates with limited availability. 

For example, the University of Missouri Henry W. Bloch School of Management announced that tuition (but not university fees or health insurance) will be covered for Fall 2015 admittees.

  • Employer full sponsorship – limited availability
  • Choose from a restricted number of institutions that offer free tuition to local students.
  • Open availability of free online courses equivalent to a normal MBA curriculum


Scholarship funds have become an important tool for business schools in attracting a diverse mix of MBA candidates, particularly in the United States.

Scholarships have surpassed savings, loans, and employer support as the most common source of funding for graduate business degree courses.

Many business schools in the United States provide scholarships that give up to 100% of teaching charges. 

 How To Get MBA For Free - Scholarship

Scholarships are often provided based on a variety of factors, including financial support scholarships for those who need financial assistance to pay for their business studies. Also for students based on nationality, high GMAT grade, gender, leadership potential, and likewise.

While attending a program, inquire about the financial assistance available. You might be able to get their scholarships.

Sponsored Program

In case you don’t know, some businesses encourage their staff to acquire an MBA. 

Getting additional skills and training while remaining with your institution will profit both the employees and the organization: if you are a part of the organization then you are expected to receive an appraisal or promotion and responsibilities then many companies see this as a way to strengthen their employees’ skills and increase their talents. 

Discuss your career goals and the benefits of pursuing such a program with your current employer. They may be able to assist you in accomplishing your objectives and paying for your management studies. As a result, you may be required to sign a multi-year loyalty agreement after receiving your degree.

Free Resources

You can learn via internet resources, books, or business publications when you are only interested in learning knowledge and skills that the MBA program delivers without a degree paper that shows that you finished the degree. 

This is all because of modern technology, which includes MOOCs in disciplines like history, administration, religion, literacy, and science. 

On Coursera, Wharton School offers various programs of MBA courses. As with MOOCs, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign offers an entirely online MBA program on Coursera. 

You just need to pay $3000 to get the certification of the official Illinois certificate of completion for each of the specialization courses. Otherwise, you can simply gain knowledge of the full MBA course for free.

You can also create a free MBA curriculum at a top MBA school on your own by taking the free MBA courses on various MOOC platforms.

Although you may not have the same feeling or experience as if you attend the full-time MBA in person, the analytical skills and knowledge abilities you will get will undoubtedly help you advance in your job.

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Wrapup: How To Get An MBA For Free

So here we are with the complete guide to how to get MBA for Free. Make a decision and apply for the free MBA course.

Still, if you have any doubts, let us know in the comment section below. 

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