8+ Best Harvard Free Online Courses To Take In 2023

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Harvard free online courses are the top choices among people looking forward to learning new skills or polishing their old skills. Not all of us get the chance to get admitted to the world’s finest universities. However, we can still take advantage of free courses and learn valuable skills from renowned professors. 

We have selected the best 6 Harvard free online courses for you in this article, along with the eligibility requirements and subjects covered in the free course. Before you do that, look at the table below for a short overview of Harvard.

Host universityHarvard University
No of the courses offered707
Course accessibilityOnline

8+ Best Free Online Courses in Harvard (2023)

With so many free Harvard online courses, it’s understandable to get confused about which one to pick. We thought of making things easier for you by handpicking the top 8 best free Harvard online courses below.

1. CS50’s Computer Science For Business Professionals. 

DurationSix weeks long
Time commitment per week2-6 hours per week
Difficulty levelIntroductory

The CS50’s computer science course for business professionals is designed for founders, managers, project managers, etc. This free course by Harvard improves your technical decision-making skills. Furthermore, it helps you learn programming languages, internet technologies, cloud computing, technology stacks, and many more computer-related essential skills to increase your efficiency and boost your confidence in topics related to IT and management.

Harvard Free Online Courses - Computer Science For Business Professionals

2. CS50’s Computer Science For Lawyers

DurationTen weeks long
Time commitment per week6 hours per week
Difficulty levelIntroductory

The CS50’s computer science for lawyers course by Harvard is designed for law students seeking some technology-informed knowledge for legal opinions and arguments. Moreover, you learn various factors related to cybersecurity, cryptography, etc. You also know about computational thinking, networking, privacy, SQL, python, etc., making you confident in dealing with a broader range of client issues.

CS50's Computer Science For Lawyers

3. Masterpieces Of World Literature 

Duration12 weeks long
Time commitment per week7 hours per week
Difficulty levelIntroductory

If you are looking forward to learning the history of world literature, then this course is the one for you. Masterpieces of world literature give an in-depth knowledge of The writers who have helped us understand the deep roots of today’s culture, taking the border world as a theme. Furthermore, it will explain the significance of significant technological advances in writing. By the end of this course, you will have a clear view of how to analyze literary works critically.

Masterpieces Of World Literature 

4. The Health Effects Of Climate Change

DurationSeven weeks long
Time commitment per week5 hours per week
Difficulty levelIntroductory

Harvard’s course named the health effect of climate change gives you free knowledge of the essential and trendy health and medicine topics. You learn the impact of climate change on nutrition migration and infectious diseases. 

Furthermore, you get aware of the changes in the earth’s atmosphere affecting your health, and most importantly, you learn the strategies to adapt to and migrate to the health impacts of climate change. 

The Health Effects Of Climate Change

The health effect of climate change also showcases the methods of research used to give you a better understanding of topics. Our planet is slowly becoming a place where human existence would become difficult. If you are an environmentalist or curious about your surroundings, then going for this course is a good decision.

5. Religion Conflict and Peace

DurationEight weeks long
Time commitment per week4-8 hours per week
Difficulty levelIntroductory

What is the role of religion in maintaining peace in society? What role does religion play in the conflicts in society? If these questions roll in your head, then the religious strife and peace course at Harvard is the one to go for. Be ready to learn how religions evolve and change and how they are internally diverse. 

Religion Conflict and Peace

Additionally, you will learn how beliefs are embedded in all human cultures. in this course, you will learn about different religions, including Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, to get a deep knowledge of the topic through their scripture series.

6. CS50 Introduction To Game Development

Duration12 weeks long
Time commitment per week6-9 hours per week
Difficulty levelIntermediate

If you are wondering about designing your own game and wish to gain a deep knowledge of game design and development, then enroll in Harvard’s accessible CS50 introduction to game development course. Additionally, you will understand the basics of game design and development with essential computer languages like Lua and C#. 

CS50 Introduction To Game Development

Furthermore, you will also get an understanding of 2D and 3D graphics, animation, sound, and collision detection. The fun part here is you will explore the designs of your favorite games, including angry birds, Match 3, super Mario brown, etc.

7. Entrepreneurship In Emerging Economies

DurationSix Weeks Long
Time Commitment Per Week3-5 Hours Per Week
Difficulty LevelIntroductory

Harvard Business School Professor named Tarun Khanna teaches this business course where you can learn everything about entrepreneurship in this emerging economies. In this course, the professor addresses problems that are arising in emerging markets, how to put smart entrepreneurial efforts into business, and how to solve a problem. You will learn to be aware of opportunities for entrepreneurship and understand the conceptual framework to evaluate these opportunities.

Entrepreneurship In Emerging Economies

8. CS50’s Introduction To Programming With Python

Duration10 weeks long
Time commitment per week3-9 hours per week
Difficulty levelIntroductory

CS50’s introduction to programming with Python course focuses on general programming purposes, web programming, data science, and more. You will learn everything about Python and write & read code with ease. This course is great for those who already have knowledge of programming and want to learn Python specifically. The instructor of this course, David J. Malan, teaches you everything about libraries, variables, functions, loops, regular expressions, unit tests, etc.

CS50's Introduction to Programming with Python

What Are The Subjects Offered in Free Online Courses at Harvard?

There are several subjects offered in free online courses at Harvard. Look at them below.

  • Science
  • Social science
  • Humanities
  • Mathematics
  • Health & medicine
  • Education and teaching
  • Business
  • Art and design
  • Data science
  • Programming

Eligibility Criteria For Enrollment in Free Online Harvard Courses.

The eligibility criteria for enrollment in free Harvard online courses are very flexible. Please have a look at it below.

  • The student can belong to any gender, nationality, ethnicity, or religion.
  • Anyone (teacher, student, professional, IT expert, etc.) from anywhere in the world can apply.
  • You can be of any educational level.
  • Students must be 18 or above.
  • A language proficiency certificate is not required.

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Summing Up! Harvard Free Online Courses (2023)

This was for the free Harvard online courses. All of the free Harvard courses described above will help you obtain some additional information to enhance your IQ and increase your efficiency at work by sharpening your abilities. 

If you want to offer evidence of your enrollment in Harvard online courses, you can obtain a certificate for these courses. Hopefully, the information in this article has assisted you in selecting the finest Harvard free online course for yourself. 

Let us know which Harvard free online course you’re most looking forward to taking in the comments below.


Can I get a certificate for free courses at Harvard?

Yes, you can get a certificate from free courses at Harvard, but you have to pay some money to get those certificates; unlike free knowledge, the certificates at Harvard are paid for.

Do free Harvard courses count for credit?

The edX certificates do not count for regular Harvard credit, and edX is not a part of extension school.

Is the edX certificate valid?

The verified certificate from edX proves a course’s successful completion to potential employers, schools, or institutions.

Is HarvardX the same as Harvard?

HarvardX is a part of Harvard or a specific branch of the online platform edX.

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