10 Best Leadership Courses & Online Training In 2024

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Every business and industry recognizes the critical importance of leadership training. Efficient leaders are essential in every workplace if teams are to be motivated to work toward shared objectives. 

While employees in management positions may have the desired educational background and work experience, it’s possible that they still lack the leadership skills necessary to efficiently lead the company, engage the workforce, and produce the best results. 

Training in leadership abilities becomes essential in this situation. Professional leadership development programs can aid in developing and preparing employees to become the best leaders possible.

Taking this into consideration, I have compiled a list of the top 10 leadership courses that can help you to develop leadership skills and become a great leader.

Let’s explore these courses!

Top 10+ Leadership Courses To Try In 2024:

If you are in a bit of a hurry then you can refer to this quick overview of the Best Leadership Courses

Sr. NoBest Leadership CoursesPlatformBest For
1.Strategic Leadership and Management CourseraBest Overall
2.MicroMasters in Business Leadership edXBest for business leadership skills
3.Leadership Masterclass: The Complete Course on LeadershipMasterClassBest for comprehensive learning 
4.Inspired Leadership SpecializationCourseraBest in-depth leadership course
5.Educational Leadership: Working for GoodFutureLearnBest for educational leadership
6.Coaching Skills for Leaders and Managers LinkedIn LearningBest for coaching skills
7.Building your Leadership SkillsCourseraBest for learning how to build leadership skills
8.Think Like a Leader with Brian Tracy UdemyBest for new managers
9.Leadership FundamentalsLinkedIn LearningBest for beginners 
10. Leadership: You Can Speak Like a LeaderUdemyBest for learning leadership basics

1. Strategic Leadership and Management (Coursera)

Our top pick strategic leadership and management outlines the fundamentals of leading and managing strategically to develop business situations.

It covers effective strategies to lead people, teams, and organizations and developing tools to analyze and plan business strategies.

You will create and put into practice techniques for obvious effects while developing a conceptual framework for leadership.

The Specialization discusses the organizational, human resource, and strategic underpinnings of value creation and captures for long-term competitiveness in both a single business and a portfolio of businesses.

Best Leadership Courses -  Strategic Leadership and Management

You will learn various skills like Negotiation, Leadership, Strategic management, Business Strategy, Ethical Decision making, and Navigating growth and change in teams.

There are 7 specializations available in this course, which are linked to each. Each specialization covers comprehensive knowledge of leadership and management. These specializations are

  1. Leading Teams: Developing as a Leader.
  2. Building effective team cultures.
  3. Designing the organization.
  4. Managing the orgaization.
  5. Business strategy.
  6. Corporate strategy.
  7. Strategic leadership and management capstone.

This is a beginner-level course and anyone can do this course even if you are a beginner.

Platform Coursera
InstructorElizabeth A. Luckman, Kari Keating, Denise Lewin Loyd
Duration3 hours/ week (8 months to complete) Flexible

Key Highlights:

  • Get covered with leadership and business skills for effective impact.
  • Covers how to lead a team and develop yourself as a leader.
  • Learn to build effective team cultures.
  • Plan and analyze effective organizational governance.
  • Apply practical strategies to becoming an effective organizational leader.

2. MicroMasters In Business Leadership (edX)

This course is especially aimed at those who are interested in taking on leadership roles within their organizations. 

You will learn the abilities necessary to motivate your coworkers and advance your company through this program and your capstone project.

The course starts with a discussion on becoming an effective leader and developing leadership skills. You will understand the importance of social capital, self-efficiency, and leadership style.

Further, you will get covered with effective strategies for developing and leading an organization. Along with articulating and implementing organizational change, you will learn to improve your ability to lead the most complex organizations.

Best Leadership Courses -  MicroMasters In Business Leadership

In the next module, you will get to know how to lead high-performing teams and how to motivate and interact with team members to create effective teams.

The next module talks about managing and leading challenging issues in organizations, and finally, you will get to apply your skills through a series of assessments that will provide you with a certification upon completion.

InstructorRichard O’ Quinn, Bernard, McKenna, Terrance Fitzsimmons, Tyler G. Okimoto.
Duration11 months

Key Highlights:

  • Understand the different leadership styles and their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Improve your decision-making skills to lead complex modern organizations.
  • Learn to interact with your employees and create more interdisciplinary teams.
  • Improve your organization’s change management efforts.

3. Leadership Masterclass: The Complete Course On Leadership 

This leadership masterclass will turn you into an empathetic and strategically thinking leader. It promises to make you an expert in various leadership styles and theories with a wide range of leadership strategies.

In the first part of the course, you will get to learn various theories like traits theory, behavioral theory, great man theory, and contingency theory. You will also get to understand the techniques used by various world-famous leaders like Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, and Mahatma Gandhi.

Further, it will explain to you how to become more self-aware and how to identify your own strengths and weaknesses. Then it will cover emotional intelligence, and empathy and also ask to perform an EQ test.

Leadership Masterclass

In the next module of this course, you will learn the 30 different leadership strategies like organizational structuring and automated feedback.

By the end of this course, you will completely understand who you are, how to influence people, build long-lasting relationships, promote yourself, and structure the organization.

Platform Udemy
InstructorOffered by Business Hero
Duration4.5 hours

Key Highlights:

  • Learn the skill of comprehending the actions, goals, weaknesses, and other characteristics of others.
  • Become more self-aware by engaging in extensive self-analysis and training.
  • Learn how to imitate the five main types of leadership styles.
  • Understand how to influence others and establish enduring connections with them.

4. Inspired Leadership Specialization (Coursera)

This specialization includes 5 courses that will cover concrete leadership skills and positive approaches to developing leadership in your mind.

By creating better relationships and adopting constructive leadership styles, you will discover how to combat the damaging effects of ongoing stress and rejuvenate your body and mind. 

You will learn how to successfully coach others toward long-term learning, or greater productivity in your personal and professional life. You will also learn the power of asking questions to become a more inclusive and self-confident leader.

Inspired Leadership Specialization

The first module covers how to apply emotional intelligence to develop inspiring leadership. The next module focuses on encouraging and empowering women to pursue meaningful career development, assume leadership roles for significant causes, lead change with greater conviction and self-assurance, and enhance workplaces and communities for all.

Further, you will learn about conversations that can inspire leadership and change. It covers how to motivate people to learn and be effective in their roles in life.

Finally, you will completely understand leading positive change through appreciative inquiry and advancing skills in leading strength-based change and how to create and manage organizations.

Platform Coursera
InstructorSuzanne Healy, Richard Boyatzis, Diana Bilimoria, Ellen VanOosten, Melvin Smith, Ronald Fry
Duration2 hours/ week, 8 months to complete
Level Intermediate

Key Highlights:

  • Build better relationships and adopt positive leadership philosophies.
  • Learn how to withstand the effects of ongoing stress and rejuvenate your body and mind.
  • Get covered with leadership in women and inspiring positive change.
  • Learn the conversations that inspire the team.

5. Educational Leadership: Working for Good (FutureLearn)

This leadership course is special for school leaders who will explore educational leadership and learn to develop leadership skills by critical thinking.

You will examine how to take control of your own leadership capabilities through critical thinking. As you identify the difficulties and chances that leadership presents, you will talk about various models of educational leadership.

You will get covered with research in educational leadership. It also explains the relationship between contemporary and historical practices of educational leadership.

Educational Leadership

Moreover, you will understand the leadership models within the education system and how it is changing. At the end of the course, you get to explore the difference between leadership in national and international schools. 

It also explains the comparison between educational systems and policies and how they affect leadership.

Platform FutureLearn 
InstructorAlexander Gardner- McTaggart
Duration3 weeks (4 hours per week)
LevelBeginner to intermediate

Key Highlights:

  • By evaluating the material, interpret educational policy from a leadership standpoint.
  • Interact with knowledge relevant to their practice, and investigate how leadership knowledge is created and transmitted.
  • Analyze the opportunities and challenges for leadership that are common in deregulated international educational environments.
  • Learn about educational leadership models by participating in discussions about them to understand what it takes to go from being in charge to be in control.

6. Coaching Skills For Managers and Leaders (LinkedIn Learning)

This short course talks about the coaching skills that every leader must have to create a great impact on team members.

The course starts with the coaching fundamentals, in which you will get covered with the coaching basic and common coaching challenges that you can overcome easily.

It has also mentioned the business case, which is a great example to learn how coaching works.

After that, you will get to know the coaching models, which include the coaching frameworks and how to grow the coaching model.

Coaching Skills For Managers and Leaders

Along with the fundamentals and coaching model, this course also covers coaching skills like listening as a coach, how to give feedback as a coach, and goal setting as a coach.

And in the end, the course wraps up with some steps that you can carry as a coach and also provides some exercise files to help you understand complete skills.

Platform LinkedIn Learning
InstructorSara Canaday 
Duration34 minutes
Level Intermediate

Key Highlights:

  • Understand the coaching fundamentals.
  • Get covered with the common coaching challenges.
  • Learn various coaching skills that will help you to understand ideal coaching in depth.
  • Learn how to grow the business model.

7. Building Your Leadership Skills (Coursera)

In this comprehensive course, you will get to upskill your leadership abilities and gain self-confidence for better leadership.

You will get to explore a new approach to leadership and management that is based on sense and trust. It enables better team leadership and encourages relationships between people with their differences of opinion.

This will help you to develop relational skills, self-knowledge, and awareness to understand your own leadership style. In the first module, you will practice the steps of the method of successful leadership i.e. Conversation and Introspection.

Building Your Leadership Skills

This will let you understand yourself during these steps and get a chance to upskill your communication to interact smoothly with others.

It will develop greater self-awareness by developing leadership with some interactive exercises and fun activities that will increase your empathy and communication.

After this course, you will have the option to enter in the next series of courses which talks about resilience and responsibility towards value creation.

Platform Coursera
InstructorValerie Gauthier
Duration18 hours

Key Highlights:

  • Get to discover a new approach to leadership that is based on the capacity to build quality and trustworthy relationships.
  • Explore yourself by growing your self-awareness and sensibility.
  • Increase your attention and empathy to others through fun built-in exercises and quizzes.
  • Get to manage quality relationships by acquiring the knowledge and skills that sense carries.

8. Think Like A Leader With Brian Tracy (Udemy)

This course will enable you to understand the fundamental principles that every strong leader holds and show you how to apply them to set ambitious goals, create a positive team environment, deal with different personality types, make smart plans, and, most importantly, take action.

The engaging activities in this course will assist you in defining the kind of leader you want to be, in defining what excellent leadership should look like, and in developing solutions for particular work situations that you will encounter as a leader.

Think Like A Leader With Brian Tracy

This course will equip you with the skills to effectively communicate with your work colleagues, foster positive and pleasant working relationships, effectively manage and assign responsibilities, show action while evaluating risks, and create clear objectives for your organization as well as for yourself.

It will help you explore various leadership skills like vision, integrity, strategic planning, project planning, communication, teamwork, and taking action.

Platform Udemy
InstructorBrian Tracy
Duration3 hours

Key Highlights:

  • Learn practical techniques for changing your mindset and succeeding as a leader.
  • Establish and monitor manageable business objectives for both you and your company.
  • Develop your strategic planning, communication, teamwork, and other essential leadership skills.
  • Build stronger working connections with coworkers, subordinates, and diverse groups of people.
  • Gain self-assurance as you work to become a lifelong transformational leader in both your professional and personal lives.

9. Leadership Fundamentals (LinkedIn Learning):

This short course covers the foundations of leading yourself and others. The instructor helps to understand the critical competencies and best practices for how to lead today as well as in the future effectively.

You get to learn how to establish trust, forge connections inside and outside of the organization, lead change with resilience and agility, how to lead across differences and foster a more inclusive workplace and have challenging conversations.

Leadership Fundamentals

The best part about this course is that the instructor Shirley Davis wonderfully explains all the concepts that are very helpful to understand and adopt.

You get access to some exercise files and assessment tests that will definitely help you to evolve as a great leader.

Platform LinkedIn Learning
InstructorDr. Shirley Davis
Duration40 mins
Level Beginner

Key Highlights:

  • Learn the complete basics of effective leadership.
  • Get covered with the different leadership styles.
  • Understand the complete leadership competencies and develop team effectiveness.
  • Learn to communicate with impact and influence.
  • Learn how to manage conflicts.

10. Leadership: You Can Speak Like a Leader

Last but not the least, this course will teach you how to speak fluently like a leader with confidence. This course includes various video lectures along with several books for your training library.

With this course, you will begin improving your presentation skills. You will understand are how to avoid the most common speaking blunders that undermine authority.

Leadership: You can speak like a leader

This course will give you a complete understanding of how to project leadership every time you speak and increase your contact with your audience.

Moreover, you will understand how to structure your presentation so that you don’t seem like a mid-level bureaucrat.

The skills you will gain are communicating to drive change, delivering bad news to customers and selling with stories and virtual sales presentations. This course is perfect for anyone who is aspiring to become a leader. 

InstructorTJ Walker
Duration29 hours 23 mins

Key Highlights: 

  • Learn to speak with confidence and with the authority of a leader.
  • Understand how to sell stories. 
  • Get into big-picture thinking.
  • Learn how to speak like a vigilant leader.
  • Influence like a leader.

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Conclusion: Best Leadership Courses Try In (2024)

Depending on what you’re looking for, you can choose the best leadership course. Current and aspiring managers can learn the interpersonal and leadership skills they need to lead and manage their teams, employees, and businesses online.

By combining leadership models, best practices, and specific leadership abilities like delegation, planning, communication, team motivation, and more, they can help you launch and advance your career. 

Choose the best suitable option from the above and start gaining leadership skills. If you are still struggling to choose the best pick for you then here is my suggestion: 

  1. Strategic Leadership and Management – Best Overall
  2. Leadership Masterclass: The Complete Course on Leadership – Best comprehensive course
  3. Leadership Fundamentals – Best for beginners 

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