Grammarly Premium Free Trial 2024 — Is It Live?

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If you’re wondering whether there is a Grammarly Premium free trial, you’re at the right place!

Grammarly is a popular name among writers. After all, it is the number one grammar-checking tool in the world. 

However, not everyone can afford its subscriptions. Don’t worry, as we’ll tell you all about how you save a few bucks with Grammarly. 

Unfortunately, Grammarly does not offer a free trial on its premium version. However, there is a 7-day free trial on Grammarly’s Business plan. 

Let’s get into the details without wasting time any further!

Does Grammarly Premium Offer A Free Trial?

A free trial for Grammarly Premium is not available at all times. Grammarly periodically offers a free trial, and you’ll be able to see the option on the website when you sign up. However, it is only available for individual subscribers. 

While Grammarly does not have a free trial for its premium version, it does offer a free basic version with essential Grammarly features. You can try the free version and upgrade to the premium one whenever you’re ready. 

There is a 7-day Grammarly Business free trial that you can check out! Unfortunately, Grammarly Business is meant for the usage of teams. 

However, you can use the free trial as an individual to try out the features. You can upgrade your plan if you think it is worth your money. 

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Steps To Get Grammarly Business Free Trial 

The steps to redeem Grammarly Business free trial are pretty straightforward. 

Step 1: Visit the official Grammarly website or click on this link. 

Step 2: You will see various Grammarly plans. Click on Get Started under the Business Plan. 

Grammarly Premium Free Trial - Overview

Step 3: You’ll land on the Grammarly Business free trial page. Choose your number of team members and whether you want the monthly or annual plan. 

Grammarly Premium Free Trial - Free Trial Page

Step 4: After selecting your options, click “Continue with Free Trial.” 

Grammarly Premium Free Trial - Click On Continue

Step 5: Enter your payment details and click “Start Free Trial” when done. 

Grammarly Premium Free Trial - Start Free Trial

Congratulations! You have successfully redeemed the Grammarly Business 7-day free trial. 

You won’t be charged anything now, but they’ll charge your credit card or PayPal at the end of the free trial. Therefore, if you don’t want to get the Premium, make sure you cancel the subscription on time. 

Grammarly Premium Free Trial: What Do You Get?

Now that you know how to get the Grammarly Premium free trial, let’s look at the features you can enjoy during the 7-day period. 

  • Correct grammar, spelling mistakes, punctuation, typos, etc. 
  • Adjust the tone of your writing.
  • Reframe unnecessarily long sentences. 
  • Engagement suggestions. 
  • Language setting options (US and British English).
  • Activity dashboard.
  • Admin controls.
  • Account roles and permissions.
  • Priority email support.

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Grammarly Premium Pricing 

Grammarly offers three plans– the basic version, the premium version, and the business plan. 

The basic version is free of cost and provides a few quick checks. The Premium version is an enhanced version of the basic one and offers much more. 

The Business Plan is for teams of up to 149 members suitable for enterprises. You can also save a few bucks on your purchase of a Grammarly subscription with our exclusive Grammarly discount.

Here is a table for Grammarly Premium pricing for your better understanding. 

Grammarly Premium$30/month
Grammarly Business$15/member/month

Is Grammarly Premium Worth The Price?

Grammarly’s free version provides robust grammar, spell check, and punctuation corrections, making it very useful for casual writing needs. The premium version builds on this with additional features like:

  • Clarity-focused sentence rewrites – Makes suggestions to improve unclear or wordy sentences. Helpful for refining writing.
  • Tone adjustments – Checks writing tone (formal, casual, friendly, etc.) and makes consistency adjustments. Useful for fitting brand voice.
  • Fluidity improvements – Makes edits to enhance the flow and transitions between sentences. Especially beneficial for long-form content.
  • Plagiarism checker – Scans for plagiarized content and proper citation use. Critical for academic work.
  • Accuracy around domain terms – Checks and corrects terminology in your field of expertise. Relevant for industry-specific writing.
  • Custom style guides – Configure rules and terminology adherence specific to your brand or style manual. Important for standardized content.

While helpful, these features may not justify Grammarly Premium’s $30/month subscription for more casual or short-form writing needs. But those regularly producing long-form content for work, school, or professional reasons can find the advanced editing worthwhile.

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Conclusion: Grammarly Premium Free Trial (2024) 

As we’ve already explained in our article, Grammarly does not provide a free trial for its Premium version for individual subscribers. However, it does for its business plan. 

When you buy Grammarly’s individual plan, you can save money by subscribing to its annual plan, as it costs less per month. 

We hope our article helped you save a few bucks on Grammarly’s plans. Please drop your suggestions or questions below. 


Is Grammarly free trial free?

Yes. You can enjoy Grammarly Business’ free trial for absolutely free of cost. However, you do have to enter your credit card details to get the free trial. 

Can I cancel Grammarly’s free trial?

Yes, you can cancel Grammarly’s free trial by logging into your account and entering your settings. However, ensure you do that before the trial ends, or your money will be debited. 

Is Grammarly’s free trial available for students?

Unfortunately, Grammarly does not specifically offer a free trial for college or university students. However, they do offer a basic free version that students can use for quick grammar checks. 

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