Domestika Review 2024: Is Its Courses Worth It? (TRUTH)

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While there are dozens of online learning platforms available, Domestika is something different on which you may find almost anything related to creativity.

Domestika is the go-to resource for enthusiastic creatives with a business-minded perspective who want to develop their existing abilities or learn some new ones.

With more than 700+ courses on creativity like art, photography, design, business, fashion, and illustration, Domestika is leading with a great number of learners.

To understand Domestika thoroughly, I tested Domestika for a few days. So in this article, I will be sharing my experience with Domestika. 

This Domestika Review is based on various courses on Domestika, instructor, teaching method, pricing, features, user interface and much more.

So without wasting time, let’s delve deep.

Domestika Review: In A Nutshell (2024)

Domestika is a huge online learning platform that offers many courses in different niches with an advanced range of comprehensive content.

It offers various design, marketing, Animation, business, photography, and craft courses that aim to provide valuable skills and specific knowledge. It is one of the largest creative communities, with thousands of expert teachers and students worldwide.

It was created in 2004 as a creative community that later gathered in internet forums and face-to-face events. Its emphasis on creativity makes it different from the other platforms out there. 

Domestika Review - Overview

Courses on this platform are taught by various industry experts that provide high-quality and innovative course content.

The various interactive courses provide multiple reading materials, quizzes, projects, and group discussions to help learners understand better.

It is a very active eLearning platform regarding pricing offers and discounts. Domestika Live is one of the great features I liked the most because it offers live sessions on different creativity classes.

Overall, Domestika is a great choice for artists and every creative learner out there. Even if you are a newbie wanting to learn graphic design or a photographer who is looking for more tricks and techniques, there is definitely something for you.

How Does Domestika Work?

Like most eLearning platforms, Domestika wants you to find the perfect class for you. So they offer a super easy user experience along with quality course content. Now let’s talk about how exactly it works.

Ease Of Use

Usability is one of the important aspects that should be considered before going ahead.

Ultimately ease of use is what engages learners.

Domestika has great usability with easy-to-follow navigation. On the homepage, you will see a popular course list among learners. 

You can log in or sign up from the home page, from which you will be directed to the complete list of courses that Donestika offers in various niches.

In the Courses options on the left side, you can navigate the area of your interest. 

For example, if you are interested in 3D and Animation, then simply click on 3D & Animation, which will take you to various courses in that specification.

Domestika’s user interface is entirely interactive. It also has a feature section as ‘Creatives’ where you can find the artwork and creativity of other learners.

Thus, Domestika is well-versed in engaging user experience and courses if you ask me.

Domestika Curriculum

When talking about the Domestika curriculum, it has super interactive courses taught by experts in different niches. 

These courses vary from different areas of aspects with different duration. You may also find the level of your choice, like a beginner or advanced.


Coming to the courses offered on Domestika, there is a wide range of courses you can choose from. All courses are organized into categories.

Domestika Review - Courses

This category includes;

  • Craft
  • Illustration
  • Photography and video
  • Marketing and business
  • Design
  • Architecture and spaces
  • 3D and animation
  • Fashion
  • Architecture and Spaces
  • Calligraphy and Typography
  • Web and App design
  • Writing
  • Music and Audio

With every course, you get access to its community and the chance to meet other artists who have enrolled. The learning process is self-paced, consisting of five to six modules and a final project.

What makes these courses unique is detailed and step-by-step guides that help learners understand better. Many instructors also share some free digital tools that might help you to learn various techniques.

Content is provided in various languages like English, Spanish, Portuguese or French. There is also an option for auto-generated English subtitles, which is somewhat helpful.

Domestika Instructors

Without their team of knowledgeable and skilled teachers, Domestika couldn’t provide their students with a top-notch creative education.

The staff behind Domestika evaluates and approves each suggestion for a new course. As a result, you can be sure of the product’s high quality. All the instructors are subject matter specialists with years of expertise and fascinating insider information.

Popular courses offered by Domestika include Modern Watercolor Techniques with author and illustrator Ana Victoria Calderon and Professional Photography for Instagram with influencer and photographer Mina Barrio.

In short, Domestika has top-notch instructors who provide great courses and study materials.

Learning Experience

The learning process is one of those factors that is challenging to assess. We all have varied preferences for things like learning styles, course lengths, teachers, and other factors.

Domestika provides students with unlimited lifetime access to on-demand online courses so they may learn anywhere and whenever they want, at their own pace.

I looked over the Domestika reviews once more in order to make an objective assessment of the learning experience. Students are quite satisfied with the quality of the content and the professors’ knowledge.

Domestika Review - Learning Experience

The method of instruction places a strong emphasis on practice. After all, learners need to improve their abilities. In light of this, activities are used throughout the lessons to aid with learning, and at the conclusion, students create a project to put what they’ve learned to use and begin developing their portfolio.

The projects that are created are shared with the community and can be viewed on the courses page. The users can then know what they can do after completing the training.

Broadly speaking, learners had a really fantastic learning experience, especially those who choose design and illustration courses. It’s safe to conclude that there are frequently unfavorable comments about these services.

But as I said, everyone has different requirements and expectations. Therefore, there will always be differing viewpoints.

Content Quality

Now, I signed up for a few courses in both English and Spanish to assess the quality of Domestika’s teachings. I must admit that I was quite impressed by how well the content was organized.

Every course on this platform is taught by industry specialists, so you know you’re learning from the best and will be able to produce amazing new ideas.

The content is of the finest quality, and the lessons are well laid out and simple to follow.

There is truly something here for everyone, whether you’re looking for a course in marketing, design, copywriting, photography, etc.

This website differs from other online learning platforms since the courses teach you useful lessons that you can apply to your own life and work.

Even while Domestika doesn’t offer as many courses as some of the industry leaders, like Udemy, it appears that the platform is focused on giving their students the highest-quality information possible.

I also thoroughly examined Domestica reviews that concentrated on material quality because I only registered for a small number of courses.


You will receive a customized certificate from the instructor with their signature after completing the course.

You can include this Domestika certification anywhere you want because it is valuable and legitimate and belongs on your resume, in your portfolio, on social media, etc. Your job will benefit from this qualification, and you’ll be able to advance further.

The certificates can be shared via links or downloaded in PDF format, and they have an infinite lifespan.

Domestika Features

Let’s now check out some amazing features of Domestika.

  • There are more than 10 categories, including business, crafts, and the arts.
  • professionals from around the world that have a tonne of experience as tutors
  • Bundles that have been carefully chosen to enhance your education
  • attendance or completion certificates with tutor signatures
  • Exercises and assignments to help students practice their skills
  • a private forum for exchanging projects with students
  • A useful blog to motivate the creative community

Additionally, you should be aware of the Domestika app if you wish to sign up for Domestika’s courses wherever you are.

Domestika Review - Features

Both Google Play and the App Store have it for sale. Once downloaded, you will be able to access your courses wherever you are and learn something useful in your spare time.

Domestika Pricing

Let’s now talk about the pricing plan offered by Domestika to its users.

Domestika offers exclusive pricing plans with various additional features and deals. These include

Individual Courses$70 to $80
Domestika Plus Monthly Membership$9.99/month
Domestika Plus Annual Membership$83.88/year
Domestika Bundle planVaried

Domestika Individual Pricing: 

Domestika individual pricing is a great option if you want to go for purchasing a single course. 

Prices of such vary according to the different courses. Most of the courses range from around $70 to $80. 

Moreover, Domestika discount offers can bring this price down to $20 or something, which can save you money. So make sure to check out the offers if available.

Domestika Plus

Domestika Plus has two different plans that provide amazing features. These are

Domestika Review - Pricing
  1. Domestika Plus monthly Membership: 

Domestika monthly membership costs you around $12/month with the same features as an annual membership. Those who want to learn with little flexibility can definitely go for this plan. 

  1. Domestika Plus Annual Membership:

A $100 annual membership is a great choice if you appreciate the way Domestika’s lessons appear and want to take advantage of all its benefits. 

The annual membership saves you the equivalent of three months’ worth of normal monthly Plus membership dues and is only invoiced once. If you’re ready to commit, go for this option!

Domestika Plus Features:

Following are some of the features that Domestika is offering with the Domestika Plus plan:

  • 1-month credit to exchange for a course.
  • Access to 100+ open courses every year.
  • 20% extra savings on courses and bundles.
  • Exclusive content and resources.
  • Option to purchase additional credits.
  • Certificate when you complete a course.

Domestika Discounts And Offers

Dommestika regularly offers discounts and promo codes on their official websites to help their learners to get courses in discounted prices.

These deals are usually offered 30%-40% off on regular prices. Currently, Domestika is offering a discount on a bundle of 3 courses at the lowest cost. 

(we regularly update our article as per the discount offers available on the official websites. You may turn on notifications for this article to get update on the latest offers.)

Refund Policy

If you make a purchase within 14 days of requesting a refund, Domestika will issue a refund. Both individual classes and memberships fall under this category.

Contact Domestika directly through their contact form to request a refund, and be sure to include all necessary details.

Domestika Gift

There are numerous gifting alternatives available on Domestika. You can give a buddy a single class, a pre-selected package, or even a gift card that they may use to select their own class or course.

Domestika Review - Gift

Domestika Best-Selling Courses

So, are you interested in learning more about Domestika’s course offerings? In order for you to know what you may find on the site, we have chosen the students who have been the most successful here.

Following are the best-selling courses on Domestika that you can refer to:

Course InstructorPrice
Expressive Architectural Sketching with Colored MarkersAlbert Kiefer$21.99
Dreamy Watercolor Landscapes: Paint with LightKatarzyna Kmiecik$9.99
Cookie Decoration with Royal Icing for BeginnersVanilleCouture$18.99
Portrait Sketchbooking: Explore the Human FaceGabriela Niko$18.99
Introduction to Adobe PhotoshopCarles Marsal$9.99
Agenda Organization for Energy and Time ManagementHanoi Morillo$15.99

Domestika: Pros And Cons

Now that we reviewed all the important aspects of Domestika, let’s now understand the pros and cons of Domestika.

Domestika Pros:

  • Get a wide range of creative courses to choose from.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Be a part of a community where you can connect with other learners..
  • Courses are available in multiple languages.
  • 14-day refund policy.
  • High-quality content.
  • Courses with low pricing and constant discounts.

Domestika Cons:

  • Many courses are available in Portuguese or Spanish.
  • The Domestika app may not give you excellent results.
  • The subtitles are auto-generated.

Domestika Alternatives

While Domestika may be the ideal solution for some, not everyone will agree. As a result, I’ll offer several substitutes that still check the same boxes but have a few minor differences.

  1. Masterclass: Masterclass is the fastest-growing platform that provides many courses in different niches. It can be considered the best Domestika alternative as it has a wide range of quality courses on creativity and much more.
  1. Skillshare: Similar to Domestika, Skillshare is an online learning community that provides a wide selection of skill-based classes on just about every subject you can think of. Because Skillshare is a membership-based platform, once you sign up, you’ll get access to a wide variety of programs. They also provide a free trial, so you can try it out before you pay.
  1. Udemy: Udemy courses span a wide range of topics, from music to programming, but there is a stronger emphasis on technology. You have the option of subscribing to Udemy or purchasing a single class that piques your interest.

My Verdict On Domestika

Among all the e-learning platforms, Domestika is one of the most comprehensive and well-structured. There is truly something for everyone, from the quality of the instruction to the variety of classes.

Domestika is a great area to focus your studies and practice if you are an enthusiastic creative who genuinely wants to advance your abilities (or master a new skill entirely). With so many options for purchase, it’s also a fantastic choice for those who value flexibility.

I advise signing up for a monthly Domestika Plus membership if you’re really interested in Domestika. 

The cost is fair; you will receive a free credit each month to use toward a class, you will have access to a number of open programs, and you will receive certificates for courses successfully finished. 

Additionally, you can always cancel your subscription if you decide you don’t really enjoy it. You also have 14 days to ask for a complete refund.

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Final Verdict: Domestika Review (2024)

So now that I have reviewed Domestika completely, it’s your turn to go through it and experience amazing courses on Domestika completely. 

Domestika is an excellent place to sharpen your creativity and practice it. I would definitely recommend it as it is super easy to navigate and has high-quality content.

Now it’s up to you! Choose the best suitable plan for you and upskill your creativity with Domestika.

I hope this article helped you to understand complete Domestika. Let us know your thoughts on this in the comment section below.

FAQs On Domestika Review

How many courses does Domestika offer?

Domestika has more than 1500 courses available to study. Doestika adds 50+ new courses each week.

How much does Domestika cost?

Domestika offers various pricing plans with amazing features. You can buy individual courses, which would cost you around $70. 
Moreover, monthly and annual plans are available with a Domestika Plus membership.

Does Domestika have a refund policy?

Yes, Domestika gives refunds for all classes and memberships purchased separately. You can choose to exchange your course for a different one, but you must request it within 14 days of making your purchase in order to be eligible.

Is there a free trial available on Domestika?

There is no free trial available on Domestika, but you can access one free class from all the individual courses, and for that, you will need to buy the Domestika subscription. They also run sales on individual courses and subscriptions, so you can also save a few bucks.

Does Domestika offer certificates?

You must buy a business or plus plan to get certificates on the courses you complete. You will get certificates for every course you complete.

In how many languages can you access Domestika?

Domestika offers courses in many languages, such as Italian, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Polish, German, and Dutch.

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