9+ Best AWS Certification Courses & Online Training In 2024

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As the most popular cloud platform in the world, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the service with the highest demand. There is a huge need for IT workers with AWS training as a result of the widespread usage of AWS cloud services.

In order to assist professionals in showcasing in-demand talents and enterprises in creating efficient, creative teams for cloud initiatives utilizing AWS, AWS Certifications confirm cloud knowledge.

For those who are interested in the job role of a Cloud Practitioner or any other similar career, professional AWS learning programs provide a wide range of alternatives.

You can learn how to build AWS cloud hosting APIs and web applications through these AWS courses, which feature a Lambda and Serverless Design Bootcamp. You’ll utilize the.NET framework and technologies like Java.

However, there are several certification training courses available in this field.

I have enlisted the best online AWS courses in this article, starting with a quick summary below and more detailed information later.

Let’s find out the best pick!

List Of The Top 9+ AWS Certification Courses (2024)

Following is a quick overview of the best AWS Certification Courses. 

Sr. NoBest AWS Certification CoursesPlatformRating
1AWS FundamentalsCoursera4.6/5
2AWS Developer FundamentalsPluralSight4.6/5
3AWS Certified Security Speciality Udemy4.6/5
4AWS Essential Training for Architects LinkedIn Learning4.7/5
5Introduction to Machine Learning on AWSCoursera4.7/5
6AWS Certified Solutions Architect- Associate PluralSight4.7/5
7AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials Coursera4.8/5
8Ultimate AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Udemy4.7/5
9 Introduction to Cloud Computing on AWS for BeginnersUdemy4.5/5

9 Best AWS Certification Courses

Let’s have a detailed overview of the best AWS certification courses that you should consider in 2024.

1. AWS Fundamentals – Coursera

The AWS Fundamentals Specialization is our top pick as it outlines the complete foundations of AWS and its services. It provides an in-depth overview of the features, capabilities, and benefits of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

This specialization covers the four courses that explain the complete understanding of core AWS services, strategies for migrating from on-premises to AWS, key AWS security concepts, and fundamentals of building serverless applications with AWS.

As you proceed to the courses, you will start with the AWS Cloud Technical Essentials, which will help you to build a cost-effective and scalable application step by step. It will increase your confidence and competence with practical skills that help in advancing your future.

Best AWS Certification Courses- AWS Fundamentals

In the next course, you will get to address the security risk by developing and managing applications on AWS. Further, you will dive deeper into AWS migration. The three phases of the AWS migration process—assess, mobilize, migrate, and modernize—are used to structure the course sessions on cloud migration. 

This procedure is intended to assist your business in planning and carrying out the migration of thousands of applications.

The last course will introduce you to AWS serverless architecture. You’ll develop your building and deployment skills through examples and practical exercises that are designed by AWS technical instructors.

Platform Coursera
Duration4 months (3 hours/week)
InstructorMorgan Wills, Alana Layton, Rudy Chetty, Hong Pham, Seph Robinson, Alex Galvin.

Key Highlights:

  • Understand the terms and ideas involved with AWS services.
  • Explain the fundamental ideas behind AWS identity, access management, and security measures (IAM)
  • Acknowledge how to differentiate between a variety of AWS compute services, such as Amazon EC2, Amazon ECS, and AWS Lambda.
  • Recognize the database and storage options provided by AWS, like Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon RDS, and Amazon S3.

2. AWS Developer Fundamentals – PluralSight

AWS Developer Fundamentals course walks through the storage, computing, databases, administration, and messaging services provided by Amazon Web Services. 

Each module has a number of examples that illustrate how to use the Management Console, NET SDK, and native API to interact with AWS services. Both traditional AWS services like EC2 and brand-new services like DynamoDB are covered in the course.

In the introduction module, you will explore AWS with its principles and categories. it also covers the developer roles in the AWS solutions. 

The next module will explain how to manage AWS solutions. It will give you an overview of using the AWS management console and various aspects of AWS Solution management. This module also consists of some demos that will help you to better understand.

AWS Developer Fundamentals

The next module covers how to use AWS compute services. It will explain EC2 principles, the cost of EC2 services, and provisioning instances with the management console.

Moreover, you will get to learn to leverage AWS storage services and work with the AWS database, which will cover a depth understanding of the management console.

In the final section, the course addresses AWS messaging services with various features and demos. This course is a concrete explanation of AWS services that anyone can take, even if you are a beginner.

Platform PluralSight
Duration4.5 hours
InstructorRichard Seroter

Key Highlights:

  • Get covered with complete AWS with in-depth knowledge.
  • Learn how to manage AWS solutions.
  • Get covered with various aspects of AWS solution management.
  • Understand how to use AWS computer services.
  • Learn leveraging AWS storage services and Work with AWS databases.

3. AWS Certified Security Speciality – Udemy

This course is specially tailored for those who want to clear the AWS Certified Security Specialty 2024 exam and also those who want to become experts in AWS security.

Throughout the course, you will look at a variety of Real World applications, investigate why websites get hacked, consider what might have been done to stop it, and discover the best security practices for your AWS environment.

In the first domain, you get to learn the incident response with various case studies and worksheets.

Moreover, you will get to learn logging and monitoring and you will understand the automated vulnerability scanners. This module will cover all the AWS security concepts, along with various quizzes and case studies.

AWS Certified Security Speciality

The next domain talks about the infrastructure security that will cover AWS client VPN endpoints, implementing gateway VPC endpoints, content delivery networks, and application programming interfaces.

Moreover, you will understand Identity and access management and data protection. Here you will be covered with an overview of AWS organizations, OU in AWS organization, understanding IAM policies, SAML for SSO, KMS key categories, disk level encryption schemes, and CloudHSM.

Platform Udemy
Duration28 hours 49 mins
InstructorZeal Vora

Key Highlights:

  • The AWS Certified Security Specialty Test will be ready to take.
  • You’ll be able to master AWS’s security features.
  • Obtain in-depth knowledge about the application of enterprise-grade security.
  • You will be able to identify threats and keep hackers out of the AWS infrastructure.

4. AWS Essential Training For Architects – LinkedIn Learning

In this course, AWS is examined from the standpoint of an architect, with an emphasis on the fundamentals required to create scalable and dependable cloud-based application architectures. 

From high-level principles and best practices to practical implementation, optimization, and security, instructor Jeff Winesett covers it all. 

So that you can see how AWS works with a variety of workflows and architectures, he uses three different approaches: manual, automated, and serverless. Every lesson is supported by real-world examples that put services like Elastic Load Balancing, RDS, DynamoDB, and CloudFront into context.

In the introduction section, you will get to learn the various cloud concepts and cloud practices. Next, the course covers how to keep things secure with a shared security model. 

AWS Essential Training For Architects

The next module talks about designing the failure in which you will learn virtual servers and elastic IP, elastic load balancing, bootstrapping, amazon machine image, and connecting to the new server via HTTP. 

Further, you get a complete understanding of implementing elasticity infrastructure, how to go serverless, services for decoupling components, and optimizing cost.

Platform LinkedIn Learning
Price1-month free trial
Duration5 hours 4 mins
InstructorJeff Winesett

Key Highlights:

  • Learn various Cloud concepts and practices.
  • Understand how to keep things secure.
  • Get covered with services for Decoupling Components.
  • Learn how to design for failure.
  • Explore further optimization for performance.

5. Introduction To Machine Learning On AWS – Coursera

In this course, you will begin with a few services in which Amazon takes care of your training phase and raw inference. 

It will discuss the services that handle the labor-intensive tasks associated with computer vision, language processing, data extraction and analysis, speech recognition, virtual agent translation, and ML model training. 

You will know your current solutions and consider how ML, AI, or Deep Learning might be used to enhance them. All of these solutions can be integrated with your existing applications to enhance the user experience or the functionality that your application provides for your business.

Introduction To Machine Learning On AWS

In the first session, the course will introduce you to machine learning and artificial intelligence concepts. Then you get to explore the AWS machine learning services for computer vision, language processing, and data extraction and analysis.

In the next module, the course lets you understand the AWS machine learning services for language translation, virtual agents, and speech recognition.

These modules also provide some readings and quizzes that can help to better understand.

Platform Coursera
Duration7 hours
InstructorRussell Sayers
LevelBeginner to intermediate

Key Highlights:

  • Explain the differences between deep learning, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Choose the best AWS machine learning service for the particular use case.
  • Learn to create, instruct, and use machine learning algorithms.
  • Gain various skills like machine learning models, deep learning, and machine learning.

6. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate – PluralSight

This course gives a complete overview of designing workload deployments on the AWS platform. You will get to learn the various strategies for networking, DNS, DBaaS, Monitoring, storage, and load balancing.

It helps you understand the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and its elements and characteristics. 

Then it talks about configuring NAT instances, VPC endpoints, and Gateways. In this, you will understand the difference between NAT Instances and NAT Gateways.

Further, it will take you to understand VPC peering, direct connection, and VPN. Similarly, the course goes ahead with how to use elastic cloud computing (EC2) and configure load balancers.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate

It also explains the auto-scaling of EBS and EFS and configuring Amazon S3 and Cloudfront.

In the final modules, you get covered with the AWS relational database services, Amazon DynomoDB, Redshift, and AWS security and monitoring.

After completing this course, you will be well-equipped to design highly available and scalable systems in a secure manner. You will also be well-prepared to take the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification test.

Platform Pluralsight
Duration8 hours 20 minutes
InstructorElias Khnaser

Key Highlights:

  • Learn various solutions for architect associates.
  • Design workload deployments on AWS.
  • Create strategies for networking.
  • Understand DNS, DBaaS and Monitoring.
  • Configure Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

7. AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials – Coursera

In this course, you will gain a basic understanding of AWS Cloud concepts, enabling you to contribute to the cloud projects of your company confidently. 

It will introduce you to the complete AWS, which will explain cloud computing deployment structures and various benefits of cloud computing, EC2, and Elastic load balancing.

The next module will cover global reliability, Infrastructure, and networking. You will learn how to summarize the basics of storage and databases with some benefits of Amazon elastic block store.

AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials

It also explains the wide range of approaches that monitor in AWS with various features of AWS CloudTrail, Amazon CloudWatch, and AWS Advisor. Migration, Innovation, and Cloud Practitioner basics will also be covered in the last module.

You will comprehend the advantages of the AWS Cloud and the fundamentals of its global infrastructure once you have finished the course. The essential AWS services, such as computing, network, databases, and storage, will be able to be described and illustrated.

Platform Coursera
Duration19 hours
InstructorRudy Chetty, Morgan Willis, Blaine Sundrud

Key Highlights:

  • Recognize the operational meaning of the AWS Cloud.
  • Explain the differences between hybrid cloud, all-cloud systems, and on-premises.
  • Identify the AWS Cloud’s fundamental global infrastructure.
  • Describe the advantages of the AWS Cloud.
  • Upskill cloud networking, AWS cloud, and Cloud Computing.

8. Ultimate AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner – Udemy

The Ultimate AWS certified cloud practitioner course will introduce you to cloud computing in the first module. It will cover the various types of cloud computing and AWS Cloud overview.

You will understand the complete IAM, i.e., Identity and Access Management. It includes IAM users, Policies, IAM access keys, CLI, and SDK. Moreover, you will learn the AWS CLI setup on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Various IAM roles are also a part of this module.

Ultimate AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Then the course covers instance storage, elastic load balancing, and elastic compute cloud, by which you will get a complete idea of EC2 instance and EBS.

Further, the course focuses on ECS, Lambda, deployments, cloud integrations, and cloud monitoring. You will also get to understand machine learning, security and compliance, advanced identity, and account management.

At the end of the course, you will go through a test that will provide you with an AWS-certified cloud practitioner certificate by scoring with the required marks. 

Platform Udemy
Duration14 hours 27 mins
InstructorStephane Maarek

Key Highlights:

  • Get covered with all the AWS fundamentals.
  • Get the latest updated course content to adapt to new trends.
  • Learn identity and access management.
  • Understand elastic compute cloud and instance storage.
  • Explore Amazon S3.

9. Introduction to Cloud Computing on AWS for Beginners

This beginner-friendly course takes you from the AWS fundamentals to the complete AWS cloud practitioner.

It provides very engaging content and expert instruction which will give you a complete overview of general cloud computing concepts and AWS basics.

This course will help you to develop hands-on skills by utilizing core AWS services. You will be able to create an AWS Free Tier account and launch your first virtual servers on the AWS Cloud.

Introduction to Cloud Computing

Moreover, it will help you to learn how to use DevOps tools on AWS to automate a continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline.

This course can be a perfect choice for anyone who is keen to understand cloud computing, even if you are a newbie. Also, if you are a professional who is seeking to discover cloud computing services, this course can be an ideal choice.

Platform Udemy
Duration6 hours 52 mins
InstructorNeal Davis

Key Highlights: 

  • Get a complete understanding of the fundamental systems on which the cloud is based,, along with the storage, networking, and computing.
  • Build knowledge from beginner level to advanced concepts.
  • Develop hands-on skills using core Amazon Web Services.
  • Gain knowledge from beginner level to advanced level.

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Conclusion: Best AWS Certification Courses (2024) 

Finally, we are here with the top 9 AWS certification courses that are available on different platforms. All the above courses are comprehensive and provide in-depth knowledge of AWS services. 

Choose the best suitable option from the above list that matches your requirement and budget, and start learning today!

If you are still struggling to find the best option for you, then you can follow my suggestion;

  1. AWS Fundamentals – Coursera
  2. AWS Essential Training for Architects – LinkedIn Learning
  3. AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials – Coursera

Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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