17+ Best Influencer Marketing Courses In 2023 (Free & Paid)

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With the help of the best influencer marketing courses in the market, you can leverage the power of this robust marketing. 

At Prosperityforall, our team works diligently to review courses. During my research, I came across various influencer marketing courses. My first thought was -do these influencer courses actually help? Who are they designed for? What do they even teach?

To get answers to all these questions, I decided to dig deeper and check courses for influencer marketing. 

Simply put, I was surprised by the quality of these courses. Therefore, in this article, I have listed 17+ best influencer marketing courses designed for people who are aiming to become influencers and marketers looking to incorporate influencer marketing into their business. 

So, let’s dive into the complete list below!

Let’s quickly get into it.

Best Influencer Marketing Courses: Top 10 Picks (2023)

Before we go into the details, here is a quick overview of the top 10 influencer marketing courses you should refer to. 

Sr . No.Top 10 Influencer Marketing CoursesBest For
1.Influencer Marketing StrategyBest overall, Ideal for beginners. 
2.Influencer Marketing CertificationBest for fundamentals of influencer marketing.
3.Influencer Marketing: On A Small Business BudgetBest for Small business owners and marketers on a limited budget.
4.Influencer Marketing 101Best for Intermediates. 
5.Becoming an Instagram Influencer: Creating Authentic Content and Monetizing Your Following Best to create authentic content and monetize their following.
6.Influencer Marketing for Marketing Managers Best for learning how to use influencer marketing to achieve their marketing goals.
7.Data-driven Influencer MarketingBest for learning how to use data to make better decisions about their influencer marketing campaigns.
8.Influencer Marketing Masterclass To Grow Your E-commerce BizBest for E-commerce business owners and marketers.
9.Influencer Marketing: Launch Powerful Campaigns In 10 StepsBest to learn influencer marketing campaigns in a step-by-step manner.
10.Introduction to Influencer MarketingBest to learn the basics of influencer marketing.

Free Influencer Marketing Courses for Beginners 

Following are some of the free influencer marketing courses that are best suitable for beginners.

1. Influencer Marketing Strategy

Available On Coursera 
InstructorGreg Jarboe
DurationApprox 23 hours 
Price Free 
Overall Rating4.4/5

Influencer Marketing Strategy is an introductory course available on Coursera.

Strategy and tactics always go hand in hand. This course provides various strategies and tactics to improve marketing investment.

It covers everything from finding influencers to running various influencer campaigns. The modules provide effective influencer and content marketing strategies. 

The course talks about methods on how to find influencers, how to engage them, and how to set up a successful influencer campaign. 

Influencer Marketing Courses - Influencer Marketing Strategy

Moreover, you will be working on a project where you will be creating a pitch deck for a social media influencer strategy. 

Instructor Gerg kept all the topics interesting throughout the course along with the level of the course at par with the university’s credibility.

Though some reviews on this course say it is not worth it, I would say it is a perfect course to start your journey in influencer marketing.  

2. How to Create An Influencer Marketing Strategy For Your Brand 

Available On Skillshare 
InstructorPeg Fitzpatrick
Duration43 minutes 
Price Free 
Overall Rating4.5/5

This course will help you understand the core concepts of influencer marketing and various strategies to build for your brand.

It guides you through everything from the complete influencer marketing concept to how to grow your brand on social media.

Instructor Peg Fitzpatrick focuses on providing strategies. Using these strategies, you can easily connect with the right influencers to build a complete program that could work with my brand.

How to Create An Influencer Marketing Strategy

Further, she also provides a guide on goals you should set up for influencer marketing and how to reach them.

The last module covered how to measure the social success of the campaigns and pitch to the influencers. 

If you are a newbie and want to learn the complete ins and outs of influencer marketing, this is an ideal choice to go with.

3. Influencer Marketing Certification

Available On Meltwater Academy
InstructorCamille Kennedy
Duration1 hour 
Price Free
Overall Rating4.2/5

Led by Camille Kennedy, this certification is most popular among many beginners that Meltwater Academy provides.

Simply put, this course guides you through how to build an influencer marketing strategy, design a campaign, and how to manage this campaign.

What sets this course apart is its complete guide on how influencer marketing can be used perfectly within the marketing funnel. 

So, even if you have any business model and marketing funnel, this course provides various influencer marketing strategies that align with your business model.

Influencer Marketing Certification

Each module includes a quiz or assessment that helps better understand strategy implementation and monetizing.

In the end, Camille also provides tips on approaching influencers and building relationships with them. She also covers how to make contracts with these influencers and provides a guide on Disclosure and ethics.

4. Influencer Marketing: On A Small Business Budget

Available On Skillshare
InstructorMichelle LeBlanc
Duration34 minutes 
Price Free
Overall Rating4.1/5

Many people think that influencer marketing means you really need to be a big brand with a heavy budget to match.

But this doesn’t have to be the case! This course on Skillshare is specially designed for brands on a small budget.

Instructor Michelle believes using word of mouth and advocacy can be effective as long as you find the right influencer to work with.

 Influencer Marketing: On A Small Business Budget

So, with the help of this course, she shares her experience with different strategies and how to use influencer marketing with less budget.

This course will walk you through how to find the right influencer for your business, how to structure your program, and how to measure your success with these strategies.

If you have a limited budget to set up your brand using influencer marketing, I suggest going through this course can be a wise decision.

5. Influencer Marketing

Available On My Great Learning
Duration1 hour 
Price Free
Overall Rating4.3/5

This basic course provides an in-depth guide on the fundamentals of influencer marketing. It helped me to get a clear idea of what exactly influencer marketing is and key strategies for successful campaigns.

I was amazed at the critical steps that are essential for influencer marketing. These include concepts like finding the right influencer to track the campaign. 

Influencer Marketing

As a beginner, this course will help you understand how influencer marketing brings positive growth to your business.

It covers everything from fundamental concepts like the rise of influencer marketing to the best practices used in the influencer marketing funnel.

You will also be provided with the certification once you complete the course. 

Influencer Marketing Courses For Intermediates:

Let’s look at some paid courses perfect for intermediates looking for strategy building. 

6. Influencer Marketing 101

Available On Influencer Marketing Hub
InstructorNo information Available
Price $97.00
Overall Rating4.6/5

Created by Influencer Marketing Hub,  Influencer Marketing 101 can be a real game-changer for you! 

If you are looking for the right methods for strategy implementation, this course provides an in-depth guide to strategy building and implementation.

You will understand how important it is to acknowledge your target audience and build a strategy accordingly using the right influencer. 

Moreover, the course also provided a general idea of how brands work with influencers on TikTok. Well, trust me, this is exactly what you need to know while developing a campaign.

Influencer Marketing 101

This course also provides a guide on how paid ads can amplify influencer content and how to use analytics that determines the success of the campaign. 

I highly recommend this course to intermediates looking to improve their strategies and marketing funnels with the right influencer.

7. Introduction To Influencer Marketing

Available On Udemy
InstructorMurray Legg
Duration1 hour 41 minutes 
Price $39.99
Overall Rating4.7/5

Next on my list, Introduction to Influencer Marketing on Udemy is specifically designed for aspiring entrepreneurs, digital marketers, and influencers.

This course provides an in-depth overview of the influence of the marketing landscape. It covers the key concepts in planning, running, and reporting on a successful campaign.

The course has five chapters focusing on the basics of influencers and their audiences. It also discusses various effective strategies and methods of budgeting.

Introduction To Influencer Marketing

I personally found this course highly insightful on the dual eds that form a connection between influencers and brands. 

The fifth chapter I found was the most useful due to the provided set of tangible recommendations directed toward creating a campaign strategy.

By the end of this course, you will be confidently able to navigate new digital advertising formats, various influencer archetypes, and campaign use cases.

This can be an ideal choice for influencers and business owners who want to implement core strategies for their brands.

8. Becoming An Instagram Influencer: Creating Authentic Content and Monetizing Your Following 

Available On Skillshare 
InstructorSean Dalton
Duration47 minutes 
Price Free 
Overall Rating4.5/5

Led by travel and lifestyle photographer Seal Dalton, this course on Skillshare is specifically for anyone who wants to grow as an instagram influencer. 

This short course breaks down everything that you need to know about the instagram platform. He also talks about the steps on how to grow and monetize your account.

It also covers how purpose-driven your instagram handle should be and what to focus on specifically rather than just posting random stuff on a topic. 

Becoming An Instagram Influencer

You can blindly go with this course to start out as an influencer and be more serious on social media. 

Though it is not that advanced for becoming a nig influencer, it will definitely provide you with clarity on how to use your artistic skills and engage more with Instagram posts.

9. Instagram Marketing: Become An Influencer Quickly!

Available On Udemy 
InstructorFederico Fort
Duration26 minutes 
Price $19.99
Overall Rating4.4/5

Coming Instagram Marketing, a short course created by Federico Fort, typically covers how to build your brand with Instagram Marketing. 

The course starts with the reasons why most marketers fail on Instagram and marketing your business successfully to hundreds of new customers every day.

Instagram Marketing: Become An Influencer Quickly!

It then continues with building a complete sales funnel and various strategies on pay and interaction with niche-specific influencers.

What I liked most about this course is it completely demolishes the old way of using social media to grow business. It emphasizes the latest trends and effective methods that you should follow to gain followers and generate leads.

Overall, I think this course will serve best for anyone looking to use the power of instagram to reach millions of followers. 

10. Influencer Marketing Master Class 

Available On BootCamp Digital
InstructorNo information available
Duration3 hours 
Price $197
Overall Rating4.6/5

When working with influencers, you must be crystal clear about your content and delivery requirements.b

And this masterclass on influencer marketing guides how to create an effective influencer marketing plan for your business regardless of budget and size.

The course talks about how to create an influencer marketing plan that matches your business objectives. 

Along with the various strategies to connect with your target audiences, it covers how to execute and measure the success of the influencer campaign.

Influencer Marketing Master Class 

This course is regularly updated with the current trends in influencer marketing and with best practices that help build a real-time and effective campaign.

Though the course is a little pricy as compared to the others, this can be a wise choice for businesses looking for best practices in their strategies.

11. Influencer Marketing: Launch Powerful Campaigns In 10 Steps

Available On Udemy 
InstructorNik Swami
DurationApprox 2 hours 
Price $39.99
Overall Rating4.7/5

This course completely focuses on developing powerful campaigns with easy steps.

Instructor Nik provides a simple approach to gaining thousands of followers, leads, and customers each month.

He shares his experience throughout the course and provides his insights on different strategies to use them effectively.

Influencer Marketing: Launch Powerful Campaigns In 10 Steps

The modules will walk you through the ten steps that lead to a successful influencer marketing campaign. 

These steps cover everything from planning a strategy to optimizing the performance and results of your campaign. 

So, if you want to know how to do influencer marketing effectively from start to end, this course will show you how!

Influencer Marketing Course For Experts

Here are influencer marketing courses that are best fit for experts and professionals. 

12. How to Get Instagram Followers For FREE 2021 0 To 10K Follow 

Available On Udemy 
InstructorRoi Business
Duration2 hours 7 minutes 
Price $19.99
Overall Rating4.7/5

Coming to my personal favorite, this course is designed to help users grow their Instagram account organically with free tips and tricks. 

It teaches you how to attract your Instagram account’s real, live, and highly potential followers.

How to Get Instagram Followers For FREE 2021 0 To 10K Follow 

The course promises to help you grow your Instagram account from 0 to 10K followers with its proven strategies. 

With this course, you will emphasize the importance of building an authentic community on Instagram by creating content that highlights the personality and humans behind the brand. 

All in all, this course aims to grow your instagram following from scratch, convert your followers into sales, and expand your brand using instagram marketing.

13. Influencer Marketing For Marketing Managers 

Available On Udemy 
InstructorJim Howard
Duration1 Hour 40 minutes 
Price $54.99
Overall Rating4.6/5

Unlike the other courses in the list, this course is specifically designed for marketing managers who want to grasp how to get the best out of influencers fully.

The course highlights the types of influencers and how to find and choose a perfect influencer for your strategies. 

Instructor Jim Howard, a well-known marketing expert, provides his proven tactics and strategies to run a successful campaign.

Influencer Marketing For Marketing Managers 

His emphasis on how to get the most out of your influencers helped me to understand which affiliates are providing results and which I should focus on.

I definitely recommend this course to marketing managers who are looking to learn how to plan, strategize, and deploy specific tactics.

14. Data-Driven Influencer Marketing

Available On CXL 
InstructorSiim Säinas
Duration3 hours 
Price $299
Overall Rating4.5/5

The Data-driven Influencer Marketing course on CXL is a 3-hour online certification course that teaches a 10-step influencer marketing process to avoid mistakes that could cost you 11x ROI. 

The course covers identifying the right influencers for your brand using data-driven methods. 

Data-Driven Influencer Marketing

Siim Säinas focuses on influencer marketing planning, identification, measurement, and some strategies to get the best ROI.

This course is designed to help you to understand, identify, engage, and decide which influencers you actually want to engage with.

By the end of this course, you will be able to measure the influencer effectiveness for the brand and understand the objectives to know whom to build long-term relationships with.

15. How To Boost Your Dropshipping Store Sales With Instagram

Available On Udemy 
InstructorRihab Seb
Duration1 hour 29 minutes 
Price $39.99
Overall Rating4.5/5

Many people struggle to build and store their dropshipping business. Many of them give up before even succeeding. And this is because they don’t know how to bring traffic to stores.

That is why I have mentioned this course for those who are into dropshipping businesses and want to grow their traffic using influencer marketing. 

The course talks about how to bring traffic to a store and start selling. Instructor Rihab Seb shares her experience with advertising through products via instagram in the most effective way.

How To Boost Your Dropshipping Store Sales With Instagram

The modules in this course cover how Instagram benefits your store greatly, how to build your own Instagram business profile, and various strategies you can use to market via Instagram. 

What I liked about this course is that she shared her insights on marketing using influencer marketing strategies effectively. She shares 11 golden rules for picking the right influencers and engaging with them.

Though Rihab’s accent might make you rewind the course a bit, trust me, she has some good knowledge of influencer marketing to share.

16. Influencer Marketing Mastery

Available On Udemy 
InstructorNG Gordon
Duration1 hour 47 minutes 
Price $34.99
Overall Rating4.8/5

Created by NG Gordon, this advanced course covers the ins and outs of hiring and integrating social media influencers into your marketing strategy.

He explains a detailed process of finding and engaging with influencers and how to sign contracts with them. 

Influencer Marketing Mastery

His experience with the “Outreach” strategy provided me with great insights to understand the details of influencer marketing.

The course provides simple tips on what to include in an influencer contract. Other than that, I was also able to measure the results and KPIs for my campaign. 

In the end, the course provided some contract templates and free consultations that will help in building a campaign.

17. Influencer Marketing Masterclass To Grow Your E-commerce Biz 

Available On Udemy 
InstructorJason Miles, Kyle Hamar
Duration7 hours 38 minutes 
Price $39.99
Overall Rating4.5/5

This course focuses on using influencer marketing strategies for e-commerce.

Instructors Jason Miles and Kyle Hamar explain the trending marketing strategies that effectively work on campaigns. They explain the concept of “transcendent,” which means a strategy that could work for multiple methodologies on social media platforms. 

And that is the real gist of this course. Jason explains with examples how it is important to find the right influencer to market your products. 

He also shares insights on how to reach out to them and how much you can pay for those. 

Influencer Marketing Masterclass To Grow Your E-commerce Biz 

The most interesting part of this course is that they have recorded sessions with a few influencers. They discuss how to crack specific influencer marketing deals for the e-commerce seller and their product.

And finally, with such a detailed guide, you will understand how you can start with zero budget by working with influencers.

How To Choose an Influencer Marketing Course

Choosing the right influencer marketing course that aligns with your goals and budget is important. Here is my verdict on how to choose a perfect influencer marketing course.

  1. Firstly, it is important to determine your goals. Decide what you want to achieve. Either you want to increase your brand awareness, drive sales, or build relationships with influencers. Knowing your goals can help you choose a course that aligns with your objectives.
  2. Many platforms provide courses on influencer marketing, like Coursera, Udemy, Skillshare, etc. Research each provider to determine their reputation, course offerings, and pricing.
  3. You can also check the course reviews and descriptions to determine if they align with your goals. Look for reviews that mention the quality of the course content, the instructor, and the level of engagement.
  4. Make sure the course fits within your budget. If you are a beginner, preferring to the free courses can be a wise decision. While on the other hand, some advanced paid courses can be great options for experts and professionals.
  5. And finally, look for courses that offer practical applications of influencer marketing concepts. This could include case studies, assignments, or final projects that allow you to apply your knowledge.

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Final Verdict: Best Influencer Marketing Courses (2023)

Choosing the right influencer marketing course is an essential investment if you want to use influencer marketing to grow your business. 

If you are still confused about which course to choose, here is my recommendation.

  1. How to Create an Influencer Marketing Strategy for Your Brand on Skillshare: Best free course for beginners.
  2. Influencer Marketing 101: Best for intermediates who are looking to improve their strategies.
  3. Influencer Marketing for Marketing Managers: For advanced learners who want to build their own strategies on influencer marketing.

Before enrolling in the course, make sure to do the proper research about the course. Look for the course reviews, the instructor’s expertise, and the course quality.

With the courses mentioned above, I am sure you will definitely be able to understand the core concepts of influencer marketing and launch a successful campaign.

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