13+ Best Graphic Design Courses In 2023 (Our Top Picks)

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Whether you have a passion for design or a desire to advance in your career, taking graphic design courses is a smart decision. 

According to a recent survey, graphic design is the most in-demand creative skill. It would be great if you immediately began your graphic design adventure and followed the advice of the top graphic design programs we have listed in this article.

In addition to describing the graphic design courses, this article includes information about the courses’ ratings, availability of certificates, duration, and providers.

So let’s dive into the pool of graphic design courses now!

Best Graphic Design Courses: Our Top Picks

We found the 13 best graphic design courses for you after examining numerous graphic design courses online. 

You can check the pricing and duration of each course below and select your ideal one. 

Sr. No.CourseDurationPricing
1.Beginners Guide To Graphic Design6 hoursFree 
2.CalArts Graphic Design Specialisation 2 monthsFree audit 
3.The Branding MasterClass: The Entire Brand Design Process8 hours 30 minutes$24.99
4.The Complete Graphic Design Theory For Beginners 10 hours 7 minutes$29.99
5.Graphic Design Theory3-4 hoursFree
6.Introduction To Graphic Design53 minutes$34.99
7.Graphic Design29 hoursFree audit
8.Graphic Design Masterclass: Learn Great Design28 hours 49 minutes$39.99
9.Introduction To Graphic Design42 hours$20/month subscription 
10.Photoshop Plus 30-day Challenge To Learn Adobe Photoshop 7 hours 2 minutes$14.99
11.David Carson Teaches Graphic Design2 hours 7 minutes$10/month
12.Graphic Design Masterclass Intermediate: The Next Level20 hours 26 minutes$29.99
13.Graphic Design Masterclass: Design 40+ Projects On Photoshop 15 hours$17.99

Now, let’s have a look at the detailed description of the best graphic design courses online here.

1. Beginners Guide To Graphic Design

InstructorGareth David Studio 
Certificate Unavailable 
Duration6 hours

Beginners Guide to graphic design is a graphic design course provided by Gareth David Studio on YouTube for free. 

Through this course, learners understand how to become a graphic designer, what equipment they need, the future of graphic design, etc. 

Graphic Design Courses - Beginners Guide To Graphic Design

By the end of this course, you will know how to find a graphic designing job, the core skills of a graphic designer, and what education you need to become a graphic designer.

Key learnings:

  • Learn visual elements of graphic design.
  • Design principle of graphic design.
  • Portfolio and CV making.
  • Interview tips and Q&A preparation.

2. CalArts Graphic Design Specialisation

Certificate Paid
Duration2 months
PricingFree audit 

CalArts graphic design Specialization is offered by California Institute of Arts, USA. It is a beginners level graphic design course which is divided into 5-course series.

CalArts Graphic Design Specialisation
  • Fundamentals of graphic design
  • Introduction to typography
  • Introduction to image making
  • Ideas from the history of graphic design
  • Brand new brand

With the help of this course, the learner can go for formal studies in graphic design and get a base for further work in editorial design, motion graphics, and interface design.

Key learnings:

  • You will gain Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, graphics, and color theory skills.
  • You design a full-scale typographic poster.
  • A capstone project to apply the skills of each course.
  • Teaches the history of graphic design.
  • Peer feedback on the finished branding project.
  • Shareable Certificate for Linked

3. The Branding MasterClass

Certificate Paid
Duration8 hours 30 minutes

The branding masterclass by Lindsay Marsh helps the learners to understand how branding works and how they can create client presentations. 

The Branding MasterClass

Furthermore, it includes theory and practical software projects. The course is made with the motive to help you land high-paying clients. 

You will also learn to perform competitor research, brand, create a customer persona, and find your target audience.

Key learnings:

  • Balance of graphic design theory and practical.
  • Access to course guides and Facebook groups.
  • Nine downloadable resources.
  • Photography rules and system.
  • Samples of strong client presentations.
  • Development of logo, typographic, and color system.

4. The Complete Graphic Design Theory For Beginners 

Certificate Paid
Duration10 hours 7 minutes

The Complete Design Theory for Beginners course by Udemy is a beginners level graphic design course that will take you to an intermediate or advanced level of graphic design. 

The Complete Graphic Design Theory For Beginners

You will acquire skills related to color theory, typography theory, layout theory, logo design, and branding. 

Along with learning, you will also do projects to create a social media graphic.

Key learnings:

  • Overview of graphic design practices.
  • Past and current design knowledge.
  • Learn the Legal side of graphic design.
  • 14 downloadable resources.
  • Access to Exclusive Facebook group.

5. Graphic Design Theory

ProviderYes I’m A Designer On Youtube
Certificate Unavailable 
Duration3-4 hours

Graphic Design Theory by Martin Perhiniak is a free graphic design course to understand graphic design theory. 

Graphic Design Theory

Furthermore, it will take you through the golden rules of graphic design, Gestalt principles, hierarchy with fonts, understanding color & contract, and much more.

Key learnings:

  • Comprehensive Graphic design theory.
  • Sixteen Youtube videos are broken down into 10-15 mins.
  • Free Graphic design survival kit.

6. Introduction To Graphic Design

Certificate Paid
Duration53 min 

Introduction to graphic design is a beginners level graphic design course by Tony Harmer

This course teaches learners how to pick tempting colors and color combinations, along with the impact of illustrations made in graphic design. 

Introduction To Graphic Design

Furthermore, learners understand the jargon used in typography and type classifications and basic measurements used when working with type.

Key learnings:

  • Learn Core skills of graphic design.
  • Learn how to accommodate viewers with color vision deficiency.
  • Creativity tips for fresh ideas.
  • Learn Composing and cropping images.
  • Six-chapter quizzes are available.

7. Graphic Design

Certificate Paid
Duration29 hours (approx)
PricingFree audit

The graphic design course by the University of Colorado Boulder is a beginners level graphic design course. 

Graphic Design

With this course, you will understand the theory and basics of graphic design. It will help you to apply those skills in the real world by creating presentations on Google Slides, PowerPoint, and Apple Keynote.

Key learnings:

  • Application of inspired design ideas to work.
  • Two quizzes and three assessments.
  • Explore Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign.
  • Academic credit as a part of CU Boulder’s MS-DS degree.

8. Graphic Design Masterclass-Learn Great Design

Certificate Paid
Duration28 hours 49 min

With the guidance of Lindsay Marsh in the graphic design masterclass, learners understand the theory of color, typography, photos, layout, blocking, and other designs. 

Graphic Design Masterclass

It lets you know the steps to become a graphic designer and explains the projects you will do as a graphic designer.

Key learnings:

  • Teaches the history of graphic design styles
  • Basics of Adobe Photoshop
  • Photoshop intermediate tools.
  • Students’ projects included.
  • 54 downloadable resources

9. Introduction To Graphic Design

Certificate Paid
Duration42 hours

Introduction to graphic design is designed by Broklett Horne and Ellen Lupton, the authors and leading faculty at MICA. In this course, they explain to learners how design emerged as a profession. 

Introduction To Graphic Design

If you want to learn about the history of graphic design and its evolution, then this course is the best for you.

Key learnings:

  • Learn about individuals who influenced other designers.
  • Application of past design concepts to a new world.
  • Communication tools and theories over time.
  • The cultural meaning behind visual styles.
  • Short quizzes and practice sketches.

10. PhotoShop Plus: 30 Days Challenge To Learn Adobe Photoshop

Certificate Paid
Duration7 hours 2 mins

Photoshop plus a 30 days challenge to learn adobe photoshop will step by step take you from a beginner to an advanced level of graphic designing within 30 days. 

PhotoShop Plus

In the beginning, you will learn to work on projects in Photoshop. You will also learn to work with filers and commercial designs like T-shirts, business cards, etc. 

At last, you will learn photo manipulation, i.e., professionally merging images.

Key learnings

  • Understanding Photoshop basics and layers windows.
  • Tricks for doing graphics design with ease.
  • Creating light, beam, and sunglasses effects.
  • CV Improvement tips.
  • Creating MockUps to showcase.
  • Homework at each section to practice.

11. David Carson Teaches Graphic Design

Certificate Paid
Duration 2 hours 7 minutes

‘David Caron teaches Graphic Design’ is an excellent course to become a graphic designer. 

Masterclass has made this course in collaboration with David Carson, who is known for breaking the rules in graphic design. 

David Carson Teaches Graphic Design

As a result, learners become risk-takers and explorers after taking this course which teaches typography, photography, logo designing, and much more.

Key learnings:

  • Understanding collage art for designers.
  • Three assignments for practice.
  • Exploring Design magazines.
  • Developing logos.
  • Tips for working designers.

12. Graphic Design Masterclass Intermediate: The Next Level

Certificate Paid
Duration 20 hours 26 minutes

If you know the basics of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign, then Udemy‘s graphic design masterclass intermediate is meant for you. It will take you from an intermediate to an advanced-level graphic designer. 

Graphic Design Masterclass Intermediate

You will be able to build a strong pdf and online portfolio by learning to create polished and practical logo designs and brand assets, understanding intermediate design theory, and much more.

Key learnings:

  • Intermediate Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop understanding.
  • Image creation for marketing campaigns.
  • Downloadable course guide files.
  • Creating mockups from photos you take.

13. Graphic Design Masterclass: Design 40+ Projects In Photoshop

Certificate Paid
Duration15 hours

If you have a fundamental understanding of Photoshop, then going for a graphic design masterclass by Udemy is a great choice. With the help of this course, you can apply Photoshop techniques immediately in the real world. 

Graphic Design Masterclass

Furthermore, you will learn to create Facebook ads, youtube thumbnails, CVs, business cards, newsletters, etc from scratch. You will also get course projects to understand concepts better.

Key learnings:

  • Quick incorporation of Professional projects through Photoshop.
  • Most needed graphic design skills.
  • Access to the Facebook group.
  • Course workbook for quick understanding.
  • 82 downloadable resources

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Wrapping Up! Best Graphic Design Courses (2023)

Graphic design is an in-demand skill, and if you plan to become a graphic designer, these courses will make your journey easy. 

We suggest you go for CalArts Graphic Design Specialisation, or David Carson teaches graphic design if you are a beginner. 

Furthermore, you can go for Graphic Design Masterclass intermediate if you know graphic design basics


What is the first thing graphic designers learn?

Learning graphic design theories and elements is the first step to understanding graphic design. After understanding the theory, you can move to design software and create your designs.

Which course is best for experienced graphic designers?

Digital design masterclass for graphic designers by Udemy is excellent if you want an advanced-level graphic design course.

Can I become a graphic designer with an online course?

Yes, you can gain core skills in graphic design through online courses and become a graphic designer. Moreover, you can take clients and work as a freelancer after doing an online graphic design course.

What products can a graphic designer sell?

A graphic designer can sell digital templates, fonts, photography, 3D models, website themes, textures, patterns, filters, etc. They can also create and sell illustrations and branded templates. 

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