13+ Best Blogging Courses In 2023 (Free & Paid Options)

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Building a blog that’s recognizable and helps you make decent money is no easy task. While it takes plenty of work and patience to see the growth, a helping hand from the best blogging courses that walk you in the right direction can be a boon!

As someone who spends the majority of my time blogging, I have enrolled myself in too many (I emphasize this part) blogging courses that weren’t worth the hype. 

After trial and error with multiple blogging courses, I have handpicked the top 13 blogging courses -free and paid to save you from the hassle. 

The courses I shortlisted are ideal for beginners with no knowledge/ experience of blogging to people already running their blog and want to take it to the next level. 

So, stick until the end, and let’s help you find the right course that’s worth it!

TLDR: I suggest checking out the Authority Hacker, as they have courses that cover how to build authority sites from scratch. It is suitable for both beginner as well as advanced learners. Check out my experience with the Authority Hacker Site System Here.

Top 13 Blogging Courses: Quick Verdict

Before we go into the details, here is a quick overview of our best blogging course picks.

Sr. No.Best Blogging CoursesBest ForPrice
1.Blogging BasicsBeginners who want to learn the basics of blogging. Free
2.Viral Blogging 101: Blogging & Content Writing Masterclass Best for understanding the right structure of your blog.$64.99
3.Authority HackerBest for learning advanced concepts and affiliate marketing $997 – $1997
4.Blogging for Business: Ahrefs AcademyBest for promoting products through blogging and generating leads.Free
5.31 Days to Build a Better BlogBest for bloggers who want to improve their blogging strategies, including traffic, content, and monetization.$99
6.Freedom Machine by Job MorrowBest for turning your blog into a profit-making business. $35.94
7.Superstar Business of Blogging Masterclass Nomadic MattBest for blogging in various niches.$99.00
8.Blogging MasterclassBest for understanding key bogging concepts.Free
9.Build a Successful Creative BlogBest for various blog writing methods. $24
10.Grow Your Blog Fast Best for using the various strategies to grow your blog traffic easily.$2000
11.Superstar Writing Masterclass by Nomadic MattBest to improve writing skills and write blog posts that people love to read.$79/month 
12.Food Blogger Pro Best for food bloggers who want to learn how to start and grow a successful food blog.$350/year
13.Built to BlogBest to learn how to build a blog that generates a full-time income.One-time payment: $497

1. Blogging Basics (Skillshare)

InstructorTheresa Christine
Duration30 mins

As a beginner, I preferred to start with the basic tutorials and guides. While searching, I came across this Blogging Basics course on Skillshare.

The course instructor, Theresa Christine, is a travel blogger and a freelancer. She shares her freelancing journey and how she attracted potential clients because of her blogs.

This crash course started with the various platforms to set up your blog, where she talked about which platform would be better for you according to your niche.

Best Blogging Courses - Blogging Basics

I started experimenting with her basic and clear guide on blog designing, pages to set up a site, and how to create engaging content.

This can be an ideal course to start blogging with some good inspiration and tips from Theresa. Even though it is a short course, she has some good advice for getting started. 

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Key Highlights:

  • Provide a complete guide on various platforms for blogging.
  • Learn how to design your blog and pages for your blog.
  • Understand how social media is a huge part of being a blogger.
  • Get covered with various tips on creating amazing blog content. 

2. Viral Blogging 101: Blogging & Content Writing Masterclass (Udemy)

InstructorTyler Speegle
Duration1 hour 13 minutes 

Next on my list is Viral Blogging 101, a content writing masterclass on Udemy.

As someone who loves writing and has always been interested in writing engaging blogs, this course gave me a definitive structure to follow.

Instructor Tyler Speegle shares his experience with writing methods and how he makes a blog post template that helps him write clearly and effectively. He shares his screen during the course so that you can understand each step.

The modules start with brainstorming new blog post ideas that never run out. Speegle presents a step-by-step guide on creating a well-structured blog post outline.

Viral Blogging 101

Then, he jumps to the most crucial step on how to get a rough draft and how to revise it. He also shares his secret method of crafting a perfect headline for your blog that can actually go viral.

I recommend this course to beginner writers and seasoned copywriters looking to sharpen their skills. 

Bonus: To get detailed insights into Udemy, make sure to check our detailed Udemy review.

Key Highlights:

  • Learn how to brainstorm perfect blog ideas.
  • Know how to write viral blogs from scratch.
  • Understand how to revise and edit your work.
  • Learn the right formula for drafting blog posts.
  • Craft the best headlines for your blog post.

3. Authority Hacker

InstructorGael Breton and Mark Webster
Price$997 – $1997

This advanced-level course is specifically designed for people who are looking to build a profitable, six-figure authority website.

It is a complete, comprehensive course that teaches you how to build and grow a successful authority blog. It covers everything from choosing a niche to writing high-quality content, building links, and promoting your blog.

Authority Hacker

The course is taught by Gael Breton and Mark Webster, the two most successful bloggers in this industry. They have built multiple blogs that generate million-dollar revenue each year.

The course is packed with actionable content. You will learn precisely how to build and grow your authority blog step-by-step.

If you ask me, it is the best blogging course on the market with its comprehensive and well-explained blogging concepts. We have also explained their Authority Hacker Pro course through a detailed review here.

Key Highlights:

  • Get covered with all aspects of online marketing and affiliate marketing.
  • Get training from a team of industry experts.
  • Provides actionable advice that actually shows results.
  • Get access to the private community of bloggers.
  • Understand the key strategies to earn profit through your blog.

4. Blogging For Business: Ahrefs Academy

InstructorTim Soulo
Duration4 hours 50 minutes 

Created by Tim Soulo, Blogging for Business is a detailed and cut-to-the-chase course about how to grow traffic to your blog. It talks about how to turn your blog into a solid customer acquisition channel for your business.

This comprehensive guide shares proven strategies Ahref uses to transform their blog from less than 1,500 visitors per month to over 150,000 visitors per month.

Tim shares his two most effective strategies for growing a blog that converts visitors into potential buyers. 

Blogging For Business

With their strategies, you will learn to discover ideas with high business value, how to build backlinks for your blog, and a guide on promoting the content via outreach. 

Tim also shares some interview sessions at the end with industry experts who talk about starting a perfect blog, list building, and growing traffic.

This course is definitely for advanced content marketing professionals and bloggers who want to drive real business growth.

Key Highlights:

  • Get covered with the content marketing playbook to grow organic traffic.
  • Learn how to create a blogging strategy to attract the target audience.
  • Understand how to find topics for your blog.
  • Know how to optimize your articles correctly.
  • Get blog promotion techniques.

5. 31 Days To Build A Better Blog

InstructorDarren Rowse
Duration31 days  

With over 20,000 bloggers enrolled, this course provides a step-by-step guide to building a better blog.

It is divided into 31 easy-to-follow tasks that cover everything from selecting your niche to setting up your blogging business.

Following these tasks, you will learn to set blog goals and develop an editorial calendar. Darren also guides you in finding the perfect niche for your blog and understanding your target audience. 

31 Days To Build A Better Blog

And the best part? He shares his unique strategies for generating new post ideas and monetizing your blog.

You will be provided access to their Facebook community group, where you can connect with other bloggers.

I would say this can be a wise choice if you are looking for simple and practical training in blogging. It has been effective for me, and I think you will find it valuable, too.

Key Highlights:

  • Get covered with the promotional methods for blogs.
  • Identify your target market.
  • Get covered with the new post ideas.
  • Organize your blog content with the editorial schedule.
  • Understand how to monetize your blog effectively.
  • Learn the strategies to make money from your blog.

6. Freedom Machine By Job Morrow

InstructorJon Morrow

Freedom Machine has proved to be a huge game-changer for me. This course has provided me with a step-by-step guide on how to grow online through blogging and monetizing.

It is a complete roadmap for earning passive income from blogging. Throughout the modules, Jon talks about generating an idea, standing out, and building a strong audience base with amazing content. 

Freedom Machine

Jon shares his effective strategies on how to attract specific target groups, how to influence them, and how to earn with these blogs.

You can definitely consider this course if you want to make money online but don’t know where to start. Moreover, if you are a writer and want to attract a potential audience using effective strategies, this can be your perfect choice.

Note: This course is available for download on training.com. You can simply download the updated version of this course once you pay the fees. 

Key Highlights:

  • Know how to write outstanding content.
  • Understand the detailed strategies to get massive visitors.
  • Get access to the Freedom Machine private vaults.
  • Learn various monetization models like funnel building and automation.
  • 20+ hours of Q&A calls.

7. Superstar Business Of Blogging Masterclass Nomadic Matt

InstructorNomadic Matt
Duration73 lessons (15-30 minutes each)

Next on my list, Business of Blogging, is a complete roadmap on how and why blogging and technical skills are needed to start a WordPress site. 

Nomadic Matt, a successful travel blogger with six-figure revenue, breaks down each aspect of starting and growing your blogging business with detailed steps.

Though he is a travel blogger, his strategies work with any blog niche.

Superstar Business Of Blogging Masterclass

This guide covers all aspects of growing a successful blogging business, from building a brand and creating high-quality content to mastering SEO techniques.

Additionally, it offers insights into partnering with various brands and PR agencies and monetizing through advertisements.

It is divided into eight sections, which are a series of detailed steps. Each step in these sections is in written format and filled with various practical examples and screenshots.

If you ask me, it is perfect for beginner to advanced bloggers who wants to convert their blogs into a profit-making asset. 

Key Highlights:

  • Get access to a members-only forum.
  • Learn how to build your brand from scratch.
  • Understand how to write engaging content.
  • Master social media and networking techniques.
  • Know how to use various SEO techniques and monetize your blog.

8. Blogging Masterclass (Skillshare)

InstructorBrad Merrill
Duration3 hours 27 minutes
Level Intermediate 

Well, this one is my personal favorite. I recommend this free course to every blogger out there.

In this course, Brad shares his experience of 10 years of trial and error blogging into a simple blueprint that helps you to build a successful blog.

The course starts with the absolute basics of blogging. Brad will walk you through the mindset of a successful blogger, everything from motivation to discipline and confidence. 

Blogging Masterclass

Along with the importance of good content, you will learn how to find your right niche and start brainstorming ideas for the headings. 

The reason I prefer this course is its effective ways to come up with new ideas for your blog. Unlike other bloggers, Brad will make you generate unique ideas that will make your blog stand out.

You will also have a walk through various types of blog content and alternative content formats that you can experiment with.

Lastly, the course provides an in-depth look at the SEO techniques and monetization techniques to turn your blog into a revenue-generating asset.

I highly recommend enrolling in this course as it offers great value, especially considering it is free.

Key Highlights:

  • Understand the complete mindset of a successful blogger.
  • Build your WordPress site successfully.
  • Know the importance of effective writing.
  • Know the various types of content.
  • Understand the complete SEO functions and monetization.

9. Build A Successful Creative Blog (Creative Live)

InstructorApril Bowles-Olin
Duration15 hours 9 minutes
LevelBeginner to Advanced 

A quality blog includes great content, a powerful voice, and relevant, useful information.

With that in mind, Build a Successful Creative Blog aims to teach you how to write, create, and market a successful blog.

The best thing about this course is that the instructor, April, teaches you how to find your voice and get more comfortable writing like yourself. 

Plus, you will learn how to develop a strong editorial strategy that attracts the right readers. It will also help you to write engaging headlines that drive traffic to your site.

Build A Successful Creative Blog

April also talks about some key problems that hold bloggers back. She explains how to overcome writer’s block and boredom about what you are writing.

What sets this course apart is April will teach you how to save time while adding value to your content. By the end of this course, you will possess the perfect foundation for better copywriting and creating a traffic-generating blog.

Key Highlights:

  • Understand who is your ideal reader.
  • Know how to write with your own voice.
  • Explore different types of writing methods.
  • Learn promoting and building anticipation.
  • Understand the importance of building relationships.

10. Grow Your Blog Fast 

InstructorBrian Dean 
Level Advanced 

As someone involved in various SEO activities, I can say building backlinks is quite tough right now.

And this course is an excellent way to learn how SEO works, gain backlinks to your blog, and rank it on Google.

The course instructor, Brian Dean, is an expert who took blogging about backlinks and turned it into a million-dollar business.

Grow Your Blog Fast 

The course is broken into five modules, which you will cover with everything to launch a successful blog.

Though the course is advanced, Brian’s top-notch strategies help your business get target visitors to your site. 

However, note that it takes time, effort, and dedication to build a successful blog. This course can definitely help you accelerate the process, but it is not a magic bullet.

The only catch is this course is highly expensive. So, I recommend it to seasoned bloggers or experts looking to build up their skills.  

Note: Currently, the enrollments for this course are closed. But you can join the waiting list and enroll when the admissions are open.

Key Highlights:

  • Get more traffic and subscribers from your blog.
  • Understand and implement advanced content marketing strategies.
  • Stay updated with the current trends and techniques to rank.
  • Learn the proven content promotion techniques.
  • Get covered with the step-by-step system for growing a blog in any niche.

11. Superstar Writing Masterclass By Nomadic Matt 

InstructorDavid Farley

Well, this course is something different. Unlike the other courses, this course focuses explicitly on travel blogs.

This course is led by instructor David Farley, who has written about food, travel, and culture for over twenty years.

He highlights the basic concepts of travel writing in a very relatable way so that you will understand each concept easily.

Superstar Writing Masterclass

From the ins and outs of grammar to research, marketing, and compositions, David covers it all.

Moreover, he also provided personal feedback that was really helpful in identifying and correcting my mistakes. 

If you are into the travel niche and looking to share your experience with your travel blogs, this is where you should start.

Key Highlights:

  • Understand and learn the complete art of storytelling. 
  • Learn how to create a sense of place and descriptive stories.
  • Get covered with how to build stories and come up with ideas.
  • Know how you can make a living as a writer.
  • Become a part of the private Facebook community.

12. Food Blogger Pro 

LevelBeginner to advanced 

If you are into the food niche, this is something for you!

Food Blogger Pro is a membership site providing over 80 courses on blogging, monetizing, and affiliate marketing. 

These courses specifically focus on the food niche.  It is one of the best blogging courses I have ever reviewed.

Food Blogger Pro 

Course creators Lindsay and Bjork Ostrom started their food blog, Pinch of Yum. 

They provide their best strategies to use your blog to connect with others. These courses will teach you proven tips and strategies to take the guesswork out of the process. 

These courses range from setting up your food blog wordpress techniques to the various branding basics for bloggers. They will guide you through each concept and everything you need to start your food blog.

Key Highlights:

  • More than 80 in-depth blogging courses.
  • Get access to a private community forum.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Learn how to boost traffic and grow your audience.
  • Create a money-making and profitable blog.

13. Built To Blog

InstructorRyan Robinson
PriceOne-time payment: $497
Duration9 hours 
Level Beginner 

Last but not least, the Built to Blog course is an exact guide on how to build a money-making blog with less time and various tactics.

This is a combination of 54 different lessons that cover complete strategies for blogging. These include tips on content marketing and writing, traffic-driving methods, Email list building, and monetizing. 

Within a few months of joining this program, I totally revamped my approach to driving blog traffic. To be honest, with the strategies in this course, I saw a 50% boost in the visibility of my blogs and a 32% hike in search traffic.

Built To Blog

Though building traffic takes time, the instructor, Ryan, promises you to see steady traffic on your blog every month.

Even if you are a beginner or just trying to optimize your blog, this course has everything you can start from scratch.

Key Highlights:

  • Understand the complete mechanics of the Blog setting.
  • Use proven content marketing writing strategies.
  • Create content that attracts your target audience.
  • Monetize your blog to make massive income.
  • Understand the method to build an email list from your website traffic.

How To Choose A Perfect Blogging Course

Now, when it comes to choosing the right blogging course, there are various factors that you should consider.

The first thing you should do is to analyze what stage you are in when it comes to blogging.

If you are just a newbie or looking for a career in blogging, I would suggest looking for courses that cover the basics, key concepts like how to set up a blog, how to write engaging content and steps to promoting it.

On the other hand, if you have been writing for a while, you might want to look for courses that can cover various strategies to attract an audience through your blog.

Also, seasoned bloggers can consider courses that explain more advanced topics like affiliate marketing, monetization, and SEO.

Now, you might be looking for a specific niche for blogging. In this case, check out the courses that cover a wide range of topics, from beauty and fashion to finance. Understand your niche first and then go for the course.

I would also suggest checking the reviews from other bloggers before investing in any blogging course. 

Some course also offers personal feedback sessions or Facebook community group. This is also a valid point to consider when choosing a perfect blogging course.

Tip: Understand your niche, do the research, make a checklist of format that works better for your learning style, and then select the right course for you.

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Final Verdict: Which Is The Best Blogging Course?

Blogging courses are a great way to learn basics and get noteworthy income. However, choosing the right course is important and not expecting to become a successful blogger overnight.

Though each course in my list has something valuable, here is my recommendation for you that might help:

  1. Go for the Blogging Basics if you are a complete newbie to blogging or want to explore concepts of ideal blogging.
  2. Next, I would suggest a Blogging Masterclass on Skillshare if you have been writing a while and want to improve your blogging style and explore it.
  3. And finally, if you are a pro player, definitely go for Authority Hacker, as it has advanced strategies that any ideal blogger should have.

No matter what course you choose, note that getting success is a steady process. It takes time, a lot of effort, and dedication to build a successful blog.

I hope my review helped you choose the right blogging course! Let me know your blogging experience in the comment section below.


Are blogging courses worth it?

The blogging courses are definitely worth it. But it also depends on your goals and how serious you are about learning blogging and being a successful blogger. 

Do I need to know about SEO to be a successful blogger?

Yes, it is important to know about SEO if you want to be a successful blogger. It is the process of optimizing your blog posts so that they rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). This will help people find your blog when they search for relevant keywords.

What is blogging, and why is it so popular?

Blogging is the act of writing and publishing articles on the internet. Blogs can be about any topic, from personal experiences to business advice. It is popular because it is a relatively easy way to share your thoughts and ideas with the world. 

Do I need to be a professional writer to be a successful blogger?

No, you need not be a professional writer to be a successful blogger. However, you need to write clear, concise, and engaging content that your audience will enjoy reading. 

How Can I promote my blog?

There are many ways to promote your blog, such as on the website, social media, email marketing, and guest blogging. You can also promote your blog by attending industry events and networking with other bloggers.

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