9+ Best Photoshop Courses Online For Photgraphers In 2024

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Photoshop is one of the most popular software or design programs used for image editing and is the doorway to many careers.

Not only by photographers, but Photoshop is also widely used in marketing for preparing brochures, flyers and E-newsletters

If you are willing to explore your inner artist or expand your knowledge of Photoshop, then you are in the right place.

This article showcases the 9 best photoshop courses online that will definitely help you to inculcate and advance your photoshop skills.

In addition to the list of courses, We have also provided some tips to help you learn photoshop easily. 

So without any delay, Let’s get started. 

Before diving deep into the description of each course, here is a quick overview of them. 

Sr. No.Name Of Course Platform Offering The CourseInstructorSkillsPrice
1.Adobe Photoshop CC: The complete guide.Creative LiveBen WillmoreAdobe photoshop, Fundamentals, Photo editing, etc. $13 per month. 
2.Photoshop one-on-one Fundamentals.LinkedIn LearningDeke McClellandAdobe photoshop. $34.99
3.Ultimate photoshop training: Beginner to ProUdemy Cristian Doru BarinDesign icons, business cards, use of creative effects to design stunning text styles, etc. $24.99
4.Adobe Photoshop CC- Essentials training courseSkillshareDaniel ScottAdobe Photoshop, Photo retouching, Photo editing, print design, etc. 
5.Photoshop Layers for Beginners.Kelbyone.Terry WhiteIntroduction to layers, Creating layers, types of layers, etc. $9 per month. $29 for a lifetime subscription.
6.Master Photoshop for web designLinkedIn learning. Emily Kay,Sue Jenkins,Brian Wood,Nigel French.Adobe Photoshop,Mobile web design, web graphics, etc.Course 1- $39.99Course 2- $39.99Course 3- 
Course 4- $34.99
7.Introduction to Adobe photoshop tools-Volume 1 CourseraDaniel Marshall. Use of five different tools such as Move, Marquee, Lasso, Crop, and object selection tools. 
8.Getting started with adobe photoshopCoursera Kim Webb.Adobe Photoshop, Data visualization, Graphic design, etc. 
9.Photoshop In-Depth-Master all of Photoshop Tools Easily.UdemyChad Neuman.Different Photoshop tools. $18.99

9+ Best Photoshop Courses Online (2024)

Here are the 9 best photoshop courses available online that you can take up to gain skills and mastery in editing and manipulation of images. 

1. Adobe Photoshop CC: The Complete Guide

It is one of the best courses covering tons of features and functionalities and is a perfect option for photo editing. 

This course will give you a complete insight into adobe lightroom, Camera RAW (used for editing photographs), and Bridge. 

Best Photoshop Courses Online - Adobe Photoshop CC

It includes around 21 HD video lessons, bonus content, lifetime access to the course contents, and can be streamed on both mobiles as well as desktop browsers. 

Level: Beginner, intermediate and advanced. 


  • To use different panels and tools.
  • To use layer masks in order to edit images.
  • Use colour adjustments like lightness, saturation, hues, etc.
  • Learn advanced techniques for photo retouching, etc. 

Price: Pricing starts at $13 per month. 

2. Photoshop One-On-One Fundamentals

It is a comprehensive course covering everything relevant to photoshop, including opening files in photoshop, working with layers and masks, developing photographic images in camera RAW, etc. 

Photoshop One-On-One

This course also walks you through the different aspects of photoshop, such as brightness, contrast, luminance, color balance, etc. 

It comprises two exercise files and fifteen quizzes to help you test your knowledge, and these can be accessed on tablets and mobiles. 

Level: Beginner.

Skills: Adobe photoshop. 

Price: You can purchase this course for $34.99.

3. Ultimate Photoshop Training: Beginner To Pro

The Ultimate Photoshop training: Beginner to Pro is a dynamic and comprehensive course taught by the expert Cristian Doru Barin. 

It is an updated course that uses recent adobe software and the latest version of programs like Photoshop CC.

Ultimate Photoshop Training

This course provides lifetime access to the contents and provides a certificate on successful completion of the course. 

Level: Beginner.


  • Select, move, and edit layers.
  • Modify and create shapes.
  • Design flat illustrations.
  • Create app icons and design business cards. 
  • Repair and manipulate photos etc. 

Price: The price of the course is $24.99.

4. Adobe Photoshop CC- Essentials Training Course

This course is taught by Adobe certified instructor (ACI) Daniel Scott and gives a complete insight into photoshop, design, and photography.

It includes 90 lessons and covers the content in almost 10 hours. The content is divided into small sessions to make it easy for you to understand. 

Adobe Photoshop CC- Essentials Training Course

The course covers topics ranging from foundational concepts such as layers to advanced ones like the casting of realistic shadows.  

Level: Beginner. 


  • Visual effects.
  • Photo editing.
  • Print design.
  • Adobe Photoshop.
  • Graphic design. 

Price: Skillshare premium costs $14 per month.

5. Photoshop Layers For Beginners

Photoshop layers for Beginners is the perfect one to get started with the layers in photoshop and is conducted by the expert tutor Terry White.

Photoshop Layers For Beginners

The course duration is 1 hour and 21 minutes and comprises thirteen lessons. These lessons are short and are accessible to understand. 

This course covers all the aspects of the most used feature, i.e., Layers, right from its introduction to its creation. 

Level: Beginner.


  • Creation of layers.
  • Working with layers.
  • Masking.
  • Locking of layers. 
  • Use of different layer effects. 

Price: The price of the course is $9 per month, and a lifetime subscription will cost you around $29. 

6. Master Photoshop For Web Design

It is a comprehensive course consisting of four different types of courses that are conducted by different experts. 

Course 1: Photoshop for web design.

This course is taught by Emily Kay and will help you to learn the use of photoshop for the modern web design workflow. 

Master Photoshop For Web Design

The duration of the course is 2 hours and 48 minutes and includes one exercise file that can be accessed on both phone and tablet. 

With the help of this course, you can also learn how to work with smart objects, artboards, and libraries. 

Level: Intermediate.

Skill: Adobe Photoshop. 

Price: This course is available at $39.99.

Course 2: Web Design: Efficient Workflow. 

This web design course is conducted by Sue Jenkins, and it helps you to optimize the web design project from start to finish. 

With the help of this web design course, you will also learn ideal sequences and new techniques that will help you to boost your productivity and creativity. 

Level: Intermediate. 

Skill: Mobile web design  

Price: The price of this course is $39.99.

Course 3: Creating optimized web graphics.

Creating optimized web graphics can be a challenging task, but with the help of courses conducted by Brian Wood, creating web graphics has become easier.

This web graphics course offers the best production and file format techniques and also determines how image quality is affected by the compression. 

Level: Intermediate.

Skill: Web graphics.


Course 4: Photoshop for Designers: Designing with Grids and Guides.

This course introduces you to the fundamentals of grids and guides essential for designing in photoshop as it brings consistency to the designs. 

The course is taught by Nigel French, and the duration of the course is 1 hour and 10 minutes. 

It also provides an opportunity to learn “intelligent” features like snapping, GuideGuide plugin, Smart Guides, New Guide Layout tool etc. 

Level: Beginner and intermediate 

Skill: Adobe Photoshop. 

Price: You can purchase this course at $34.99. 

7. Introduction To Adobe Photoshop Tools -Volume 1

This course will provide you with a brief introduction to the world of photoshop editing and is conducted by Daniel Marshall. 

The course is very informative and easy and will provide you with the opportunity to get familiar with the five different tools and other associated tools.

Introduction To Adobe Photoshop Tools

Level: Beginner. 


  • Use of the Marquee tool.
  • Explore the use of the Lasso tool.
  • Learn to use the Crop tool. 
  • Discover the Object selection tool
  • Determine the use of the Move Tool. 

Price: Free of cost for audit track. But for verified track, you will have to pay $59 per month.

8. Getting Started With Adobe Photoshop

It is a guided project that will help you brush your skills in adobe photoshop and will help you to learn how to create photo projects. 

The duration of the course is 2 hours and can be accessed in a split screen window. It also offers a practice assessment. 

Getting Started With Adobe Photoshop

Level: Intermediate.


  • Data visualization
  • Use of Healing Brush tools.
  • Use of Stamp tool in Adobe Photoshop.
  • Graphic designs
  • Business strategy.

Price: Free of cost for audit track. But for verified track, you will have to pay $59 per month.

9. Photoshop In-Depth-Master All Of Photoshop Tools Easily.

This course introduces you to the various tools in photoshop, and it is instructed by the professor, graphic designer, and photographer Chad Neuman.

The course comprises ten sections, including 53 lectures, and the total duration of the course is 5 hours and 19 minutes. 

Photoshop In-Depth-Master All Of Photoshop Tools

Course contents can be accessed on mobile as well as T.V., and it offers certificates on successful completion.

Level: Beginner, intermediate, and Advanced.


  • Use of Sampling, cropping, Measuring, and Brushing tools.
  • Digital darkroom tools.
  • Pen and type tools.
  • Photo corrections. 

Price: The original price of the course is $49.99, and the offer price as of now is $18.99.

Is It Challenging To Learn Photoshop? 

Photoshop not only involves the enhancement of digital pictures but is also packed with a diverse range of features, right from graphic design software to tools of digital art. 

Because of its extensive range of tools, learning photoshop might seem a challenging task at the beginner level.

But the photoshop skill can be learned at ease by enrolling on high-quality courses where you can start with the basic fundamentals of the course and end up learning more advanced features. 

Photoshop always serves something new on the platter so that you keep on learning new tools, features and advancements in it. Even the experts in photoshop look for tutorials to brush up on their skills. 

So, even though photoshop may seem incomprehensible but it can be learned by opting for perfect courses. 

How To Look For Best Courses 

In order to learn the skills of photoshop at an affordable price range, it is necessary to opt for a course that meets all your requirements.

Below are some of the tips that you may take into consideration for selecting the best photoshop course for you. 

  • Benefits offered by the platform. 

Before opting for any course, make sure you go through all the details of the platform offering that particular course. 

Look for the benefits offered by the course and platform, be it discounts on the purchase of the course, quizzes, practice material for editing or cheat sheets etc. 

  • Value for money.

It is necessary to determine the best price point before choosing any course. Photoshop can be learned at affordable prices. So look for the courses that meet your requirements.

Also, if you opt for some expensive photoshop courses, make sure you are getting all the benefits out of it.

  • Instructors.

All the photoshop courses available on different platforms are conducted by experts in that particular field. 

To learn more about the instructors and other courses taught by them, you can check their bio, websites or their other social media handles etc.

  • Duration of the course.

Before selecting a course, look for its duration so that if you have a full-time job, you can opt for a course having lifetime access and learn at your pace. 

  • Software type. 

The type of software plays an important role in the selection of the course or the platform offering the course.

Be sure that Photoshop is the software for you and that you learn all the skills you want to with the help of that software. Adobe is also one of the most popular software you can go for. 

Tips To Learn Photoshop Quickly 

To learn photoshop easily and quickly, here are some of the ways that may help you.

  • Start with the basics.

Directly opting for advanced tools and features of photoshop is not an option, especially for beginners. So start your course with the basics first. 

Learn the basic fundamentals of graphic design to attain mastery in creating exceptional designs. 

  • Get familiar with photoshop workspace.

It is important to get familiar with and understand the Photoshop workspace with the help of many available tutorials. 

There are several video lessons and text materials available to help you understand the features and functionalities of different tools. 

  • Select one tool for a day.

Nearly 65+ tools are available for different functionalities such as selection, cropping, retouching, drawing, painting etc. 

Many basic tutorials are available to help you learn more about these tools. So pick one tool for a day and get completely familiar with it. 

  • Learn from the experts.

The most accessible and easy way to learn photoshop is from experts or tutors who have already mastered that particular field.

So decide the skill you want to adopt and search for a number of instructor-led courses available on numerous e-learning platforms. 

  • Practice.

As it is said, “Practice Makes Man Perfect”, so the best way to hone a particular skill or technique is to practice it. 

Look for different course materials available online and practice them regularly. 

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Conclusion: Best Photoshop Courses Online (2024)

Online courses have made it easy to connect with industry experts and professionals and have made photoshop learning more accessible than before. 

The above-mentioned photoshop courses will give you a complete insight into different editing tools and other features to help you enhance existing digital photos and create your own images. 

So which course are you opting for? Do let us know in the comments section below. 


Can you learn photoshop online?

Yes, it is possible to learn photoshop online with the help of various software such as Adobe that gives access to a plethora of video content and practice materials to help you adopt the skill easily.

How much does a photoshop class cost?

The prices of online photoshop courses vary depending upon the type of course, its features, instructor, duration, etc. Many of the courses offer a free trial at the start of the course. 

Are photoshop courses worth it? 

Yes, Photoshop courses are definitely worth taking for everyone and especially for the ones who are willing to enter the creative field industry, as it is one of the in-demand skills. 

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