11+ Best Cryptocurrency Courses For Beginners In 2023

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Surviving 2023 and not knowing a thing about cryptocurrency might be a sin.

Not really, but knowing Cryptocurrency is recommended, and so I researched the entire internet and curated the list of best cryptocurrency courses for you.

You can kick start your cryptocurrency journey with the best cryptocurrency courses listed based on various aspects, including quality, lessons, and budget.

In fact, I have also added an educational guide on choosing the right cryptocurrency course so that you can find the best cryptocurrency course without any hassles!

List Of 11 Best Cryptocurrency Courses (2023)

The days when people start calling you out for not understanding Cryptocurrency are not too far away, so it is the right time to kick-start your cryptocurrency journey already. Do you have to research Cryptocurrency now?

Nope. Not at all. I curated a list of the best cryptocurrency courses that offer high-quality content in simplified lessons for easy understanding. Instead of sticking to a single platform, I went ahead and picked from multiple sources for you. 

Grab a Drink. Sit Back. Take Notes of the Best Cryptocurrency Courses Quickly!

  • How to buy Cryptocurrency (Skillshare)
  • Bitcoin Fundamentals (Udemy)
  • Cryptocurrency Fundamentals (edX)
  • Smart Cryptocurrency Investor (Udemy)
  • Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency (edX)
  • The Complete Cryptocurrency Course: 5 in 1 (Udemy)
  • The Complete Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Course (Udemy)
  • Cryptocurrency Foundations (LinkedIn Learning)
  • Complete Cryptocurrency Investment Course (Udemy)
  • Rocket Fuel Crypto Courses (Rocket Fuel)
  • Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies (Coursera)

1. How to Buy Cryptocurrency 

Platform: Skillshare

Difficulty level: Beginner

Number of lessons: 19 chapters

Duration: 1 hour and 29 minutes

Pricing: From $15 per month 

Overview: You can find “How to buy Cryptocurrency” in Skillshare immensely beneficial since it carries out lessons at the beginner level, which means every chapter is broken down into digestible content. From understanding blockchain to investing in Cryptocurrency to the fundamentals of Cryptocurrency. 

Best Cryptocurrency Courses - How to Buy Cryptocurrency 

Regarding instructor, Will Bartlett, a successful entrepreneur, and an investor, will lead the course on Cryptocurrency and hands-on projects for practical teaching. 

You are in for a treat if it is your first time hearing Cryptocurrency. Thanks to Will!

Note: If you wanna detailed insights into Skillshare. Well, check our detailed Skillshare Review here.

2. Bitcoin Fundamentals

Platform: Udemy

Difficulty level: Intermediate

Number of lessons: 34

Duration: 5 hours

Pricing: $11.99

Overview: If you are fairly excited about hearing words like Cryptocurrency, bitcoin, and blockchain, Bitcoin Fundamentals in Udemy could be your best bet. 

Although the course might demand a little knowledge of cryptocurrencies, you can eventually pace up the learning with 37-structured lessons by George Levy. You can download a PDF of a Blockchain-related glossary along with the learning. 

 Bitcoin Fundamentals

Levy ensures that you are fully aware of blockchain technology in-depth without any confusion. You are promised a certificate of completion and a helpful article.

In fact, you will learn how to use bitcoins on a profit basis efficiently. Watch out!

3. Cryptocurrency Fundamentals

Platform: edX

Difficulty level: Beginners and intermediates

Number of lessons: 12 chapters

Duration: 3 months (2 hours per week)

Pricing: $199

Overview: edX offers two exclusive cryptocurrency content in a single program where you’ll learn the basic foundation of blockchain technology and understand the use of bitcoins as Cryptocurrency. Secondly, you will grasp the application of bitcoins.

Cryptocurrency Fundamentals

To give a heads-up, the University of California, Berkeley, offers this course which means the quality is promising, and you will complete it with no doubts. Additionally, you will know the active usage of Cryptocurrency in the modern economy.

You are also promised a certificate for successfully completing the course.

4. Smart Cryptocurrency Investor 

Platform: Udemy

Difficulty level: Beginner

Number of lessons: 64 

Duration:  7 hours and 30 minutes

Pricing: $11.99

Overview: You will learn about investing in Cryptocurrency, protecting your Cryptocurrency, making smart cryptocurrency investments, and more. 

The course led by Cem Goksel Ozargun in Udemy tackles various aspects of Cryptocurrency in detail with relevant strategies and insightful tips. In fact, you get 9 resourceful articles to get going with the learning acquired in the course.

Smart Cryptocurrency Investor 

Like other courses on Udemy, this course also provides a certificate on completion. As a bonus, you will also learn how to manage a profitable cryptocurrency profile.

5. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency 

Platform: edX

Difficulty level: Beginner

Number of lessons: 6 chapters

Duration: 6 weeks (3 hours per week)

Pricing: FREE 

Overview: A FREE course in edX that allows you to learn extensive topics on understanding Cryptocurrency and learn how to use bitcoins is one of the best cryptocurrency courses available on the internet today. 

In this course, you will be taught about the core subject of blockchain technology with a baseline touching the principles of protecting your cryptocurrencies since the security needs to be strongly built when dealing with digital money.

 Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency 

Even experienced cryptocurrency users can find this course beneficial to an extent. Still, you have to pay $89 for certification after completing the course in edX.

6. The Complete Cryptocurrency Course: 5 in 1

Platform: Udemy

Difficulty level: Beginner

Number of lessons: 213

Duration: 24 hours

Pricing: $11.99

Overview: As the name suggests, you learn A-Z about Cryptocurrency in this course. Chris Haroun, the instructor, thoroughly catered the lesson modules so that you do not miss out on the details concerning Cryptocurrency. 

Although the duration might seem long, the unraveling experience of understanding the core subject in multiple aspects is worth investing your time in. Along with teaching the foundations of mining, securing, investing, and protecting, Chris also opens up about the downsides and goes transparent about it for you.

The Complete Cryptocurrency Course: 5 in 1

In fact, the course offers 6 compelling articles to have external learning along with the course. Chris will direct you in an unbiased way of learning Cryptocurrency!

7. The Complete Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Course

Platform: Udemy

Difficulty level: Beginner

Number of lessons: 13 

Duration: 9 hours and 30 minutes

Pricing: $11.99

Overview: Everything in this course is curated according to a layman’s understanding, and so if you have no idea about Cryptocurrency in general, you are in for a plethora of helpful lessons that will unveil the complexity of blockchain. 

With 19 downloadable resources, you get helpful information to get going with the detailed explanation about bitcoin and altcoin delivered by Wealthy Education in Udemy. As an extension, you will see the big picture of the crypto market.

 The Complete Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Course

You will also be taught about the technical aspect of using Cryptocurrency. The course covers additional sections like owning multiple cryptocurrencies, analyzing cryptocurrency candlestick, and using parabolic SAR to understand the market.

8. Cryptocurrency Foundations 

Platform: LinkedIn Learning

Difficulty level: Beginner

Number of lessons: 5

Duration: Less than an hour

Pricing: FREE 

Overview: Cryptocurrency Foundations is a short and digestible course in LinkedIn Learning that teaches all the basic principles of Cryptocurrency in a simplified module. From the current cryptocurrency environment to the birth of bitcoins to the power of blockchain technology, you will acquire every aspect in the early stages of cryptocurrency investment. Basically, it is a power-packed cryptocurrency course.

Cryptocurrency Foundations 

In fact, you will also learn how to mine and understand the mining process as well. You will be given 3 test quizzes to take things practically via the course. 

9. Complete Cryptocurrency Investment Course

Platform: Udemy

Difficulty level: Beginner

Number of lessons: 11 

Duration: 12 hours and 24 minutes

Pricing: $11.99

Overview: If you are desperate to understand Cryptocurrency from scratch yet want to invest using Cryptocurrency as passive income, this course might be a perfect choice. 

Through the Complete Cryptocurrency Investment course in Udemy, you will learn how to buy, secure, and transfer Cryptocurrency using multiple digital wallets.

Complete Cryptocurrency Investment Course

The best cryptocurrency courses will explain different cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin, and EOS in-depth with technical and fundamental analysis relating to Cryptocurrency.

Additionally, you get a downloadable resource and a helpful article to get going.

10. Rocket Fuel Crypto Course

Platform: Rocket Fuel Crypto

Difficulty Level: Beginner

Number Of Courses: 6 Courses

Duration: Self-Paced

Pricing: $47/mo

Overview: Rocket Fuel Crypto is a membership-based platform that teaches you everything about Cryptocurrencies and how to make investments in them. This platform’s founders are Jeff Wang and Robert Kiyosaki, who are experts in trading and Cryptocurrency. These courses are made for beginners and advanced both types of Crypto investors.

Rocket Fuel Crypto Course

These courses consist of three parts: analysis, education, and community. In the education part, you will learn about blockchain, crypto, and all of their concepts. With the membership, you get access to exclusive Rocket Fuel, where you will get to know about exclusive investment opportunities.

11. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies

Platform: Coursera

Difficulty Level: Beginner

Number Of Lessons: 61

Duration: 23 Hours

Pricing: Free of cost

Overview: This course is offered by Princeton University, but after completing this course, you won’t get a course completion certificate. With this course, you will gain skills like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Network, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchains. The instructor of this course, Arvind Narayanan, teaches everything you need to know about bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies

This course answers the questions like how Bitcoin is different from other cryptocurrencies, how many Bitcoin users there are, how the prices for Bitcoin get decided, what is the future of cryptocurrency, etc. After finishing this course, you will know the difference between cryptocurrency-related facts and myths. With its flexible deadlines feature, you can also finish this course at your own pace.

How to Choose the Right Cryptocurrency Course? (A Guide)

Being picky can result in bad decisions in general, but if you are searching for an educational course on Cryptocurrency, it is necessary to choose it carefully.

You have to ensure that the chosen cryptocurrency course you choose ticks off all the boxes like course quality, in-depth explanation, beginner-friendly, and pricing.

In the guide below, I am listing all the vital criterion factors that you need to look out for for the right cryptocurrency course so that you can make the utmost benefit out of it:

Basic principles

It does not matter if the desired course is at an advanced level. 

All cryptocurrency courses have to outline the basic foundation about the subject regardless of the student’s pre-studied. 

Basic principles are expected in each cryptocurrency course because the student taking up the course must be given context about the core subject at least initially.

Trading expert

Any course you enroll in must have a designated instructor who has prior experience in the respective field. Similarly, you cannot expect a maths teacher to start talking about blockchain or Cryptocurrency. That would be a total joke!

You need to ensure that the instructor conducting the course is an expert or a qualified educator who has studied the relevant subjects to guide new crypto users.

If not, it is a red flag to change the cryptocurrency course immediately because you are not guaranteed to learn authentic information about blockchain.

In-depth explanation

There is a reason why you are opting for a course over self-study by watching Youtube, and so it must be worth the investment and time into the course.

If you opt for the best cryptocurrency course, ensure that the instructor is going in-depth about the subject and does not simply brush up on the basics only.

If the course description does not brief the chapters that the course will cover, then it is a sign that there is not a lot to gain from the desired course.

Ways to Use Cryptocurrency

Unlike regular US dollars, Cryptocurrency has a lot more power in buying, selling, transferring, and even securing. 

The blockchain is a whole new world on its own, so it is demanded that the best cryptocurrency course teach ways to use different Cryptocurrencies profitably.

Additionally, the cryptocurrency course must tackle the obstacles you might face during initial investments and how to refrain from unwanted financial scenes.

Is it Necessary to Take Cryptocurrency Courses?

Hold up. Are you kidding? 

What kind of question is this? Of course, you do. Hear me out. 

You need to take the best cryptocurrency course to fully grasp the workings of Cryptocurrency in the blockchain era and how people are making money worldwide using Cryptocurrency. I mean. Who knows? You could be the next big crypto user.

Let me make it simple. Only if you get proper education can you land a potential job. Likewise, if you properly get educated about Cryptocurrency, you can potentially make it big in the blockchain using Cryptocurrency. 

Anything that I say related to Cryptocurrency might sound foreign to you. See, even for this, you need prior knowledge about Cryptocurrency and its working. *sigh*

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Final Thoughts: Best Cryptocurrency Courses (2023)

Everything has gone digital, and there is no going back! 

Accept it or not, this is the reality. As of now, Cryptocurrency is taking over the world by storm, and it is demanded that you learn a thing or two about it. 

If this is the first time you are even researching Cryptocurrency, I am sorry, my friend. Take some days off. You got a lot to learn and need plenty of time.

Just kidding! You only need to spend a couple of hours each week, and you are good to go. You can complete some of the best cryptocurrency courses in a single sitting.

Ensure that you have three things ready. A stable internet connection. A laptop/PC (some courses are mobile-friendly) and a vast interest in cryptocurrencies.

The majority of the best cryptocurrency courses I listed are from Udemy, and it is quite promising, so I’d recommend buying a subscription to take all the courses easily.

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