14+ Best Free Psychology Courses Online For You In 2024

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Psychology is a fascinating subject that studies the human mind and behavior. 

Whether you’re an aspiring psychologist, a student looking to improve your grades, or simply someone who’s curious about the workings of the human mind, taking online psychology courses can be a great way to gain knowledge and skills in this field. 

With the rise of online education, numerous free psychology courses are available online, allowing anyone to learn about psychology without spending any money. 

In this article, we’ll highlight some of the best free psychology courses available online, helping you to find the right one for you.

Top 14 Free Psychology Courses (2024)

Free online psychology courses cover diverse topics such as abnormal, cognitive, and developmental psychology.

1. Positive Psychology (Coursera)

Positive Psychology, offered by the University of Pennsylvania, is a part of the Foundations of Positive Psychology Specialization.

This course focuses on positive psychology’s past, present, and future as a journey through the key specific leaps.  

Instructor Martin E.P. Seligman gives you a complete overview of the scientific foundations of Positive Psychology.

Free Psychology Courses - Positive Psychology

Plus, the course explains how well-being skills can be learned and taught. Plus, it describes why mind and body flourish together.

By the end of this course, you will definitely build skills like positive psychology and character strengths and virtues.

InstructorMartin E.P. Seligman
DurationApprox 5 hours
Best forBeginners

2. Psychological First Aid (Coursera)

The next on our list is Psychological First Aid by Johns Hopkins University.

This course is designed to give you in-depth acknowledgment of psychological aid. You get to learn psychological aid to people in an emergency by employing the RAPID model.

Psychological First Aid

You get a complete overview of perspectives on injuries and trauma that are beyond those physical in nature.

It talks about the key concepts related to PFA and provides lessons on how to listen reflectively.

Along with the comprehensive lessons on the RAPID model, you get practice exercises that will help you understand the complete model thoroughly.

InstructorGeorge Everly
Duration6 hours
Best forIntermediate 

3. Introduction To Developmental Psychology (edX)

This psychology course will look at how infants and early children acquire the skills they need to live in our society.

You get to explore their interaction with their carers, as well as their linguistic and philosophical abilities.

The specific changes that occur between youth and later life are better-understood thanks to this course.

 Introduction To Developmental Psychology

You will learn about developmental theories as well as various human language statistics.

Finally, you will learn about the value of social bonding and how infants interpret their environment.

This course is a great and appropriate choice if you’re keen to learn about how children develop and what they can do.

Duration8 weeks (1-2 hours per week1)
InstructorBlake McKimmie, Virginia Slaughter, Mark Nielsen, Niccole Nelson, Nancy Pachana
Best forBeginners 

4. Forensic Psychology: Witness Investigation (FutureLearn)

It is not necessary to have any prior knowledge of either psychology or criminal investigation to enroll in this course, which is geared toward people with an interest in both fields.

Here, you will learn how psychology can aid in gathering testimony from witnesses in police investigations and avert injustices.

This course examines the psychology of eyewitness testimony through the use of films of actual witnesses taken from the inside of a police investigation.

Forensic Psychology

As you attempt to solve a crime using just eyewitness testimony, you will have the chance to put your own cognitive abilities to the test and determine whether your investigative abilities are on par with those of police officers.

By the end of this course, you will learn how to conduct your own investigations, investigate human cognition, and identify the errors that your own brain is capable of making.

Duration8 weeks (3 hours per week)
InstructorGraham Pike, Zoë Walkington
Best forAdvanced 

5. Understanding The Brain: The Neurobiology Of Everyday Life (Coursera)

By investigating the foundational ideas in neurobiology, you will learn about the nervous system from a biological point of view in this course.

It covers how we see the world, behaves in it, and typical neurological conditions.

You will get more knowledge about how neurons communicate with one another, how information travels within neurons, and how neurons transmit information to target tissues or other neurons.

Understanding The Brain

Additionally, it discusses the relationship between the physical and emotional aspects of our daily emotional experiences.

You’ll also learn about the parts of the brain that are involved in illness and motor learning.

Finally, you will comprehend the neurobiology of daily life in its entirety.

Duration28 hours
InstructorPeggy Mason
Best forAdvanced 

6. Abnormal Psychology (edX)

This course from Doane University is ideal for people who wish to dive deep into states of abnormal psychology. 

It examines abnormal behavior with a focus on cultural and biological variety while using the DSM-5 and a Biopsychosocial framework.

You will assess abnormal behavior using this course’s variety of normal human behavior.

Abnormal Psychology

You’ll understand how to use DSM diagnostic criteria to recognize and classify different psychiatric diseases.

You will assess several factors that affect and contribute to psychiatric problems.

You will have the opportunity to evaluate and present various theoretical frameworks for conceptualizing diseases and how they affect treatment.

Duration8 weeks (8-12 hours per week)
Instructor David Kays
Best forIntermediates 

7. Introduction To Psychology Certification (FutureLearn)

Although this course is paid, you can learn using the 7-day free trial because it is available on FutureLearn.

As you investigate how the human mind affects our behavior, this certification course will help you learn about the intriguing history of psychology.

You’ll learn about the origins of psychology, how it diverged from philosophy, the contributions of influential individuals, and how it developed into the interesting field it is today.

Introduction To Psychology Certification

Additionally, it will assist you in being familiar with the basic tenets of the scientific process, which you may subsequently use in both your professional and academic endeavors.

You will comprehend how the study of sensation contributes to our growing understanding of perception and how it affects how we perceive the world once you have finished this level of the course.

DurationApprox 72 hours
InstructorProf Matthew Mundy
Best forAdvanced 

8. Introduction To Psychology (Udacity)

San Jose State University instructors are responsible for instructing the Intro to Psychology course on Udacity. 

The sole need for this free course, according to the instructors, is “curiosity about human nature.”

The course supports students’ ability to evaluate social science data, study the social component of society, and examine the dynamics of ethnic, cultural, and other identities, among other topics.

 Introduction To Psychology

Each of the nine lectures focuses on a certain topic of psychology, like awareness and perception.

You will complete tasks and take interactive quizzes to assess your learning in addition to the video lessons.

DurationApprox. 4 months
InstructorSusan Snycerski, Gerg Feist, Lauren Castellano
Best forBeginner

9. Intro To Psychology (Coursera)

Perception, communication, learning, memory, decision-making, persuasion, emotions, and social behavior are some of the subjects that this course focuses on.

You’ll examine how these mental processes grow and change as children get older, how they vary from person to person, how the brain is structured, and how they are affected by disease and damage.

Intro To Psychology

You will specifically learn about techniques for researching how infants and young children think, as well as the major insights these techniques have produced.

Finally, it focuses on how psychologists gauge happiness and what elements go into leading a fulfilling life.

DurationApprox 15 hours 
Instruction Paul Bloom
Best forBeginner

10. Trends In E-Psychology (edX)

This course examines various electronic applications that are used to encourage healthy behavior, focusing on situations including social, mental, and physical health.

It outlines the possible effects of e-cigarettes as a method of reducing the harm caused by tobacco.

You will learn about the effectiveness, risks, and current scientific research around the use of e-cigarettes.

Trends In E-Psychology

It also discusses the fundamentals of mediation as well as how to use electronic communication to defuse tensions and advance conflict resolution throughout the mediation process.

To test your knowledge, you will finally go through the tasks and evaluations.

Duration4 weeks (4-5 hours per week)
InstructorFrank Baeyens, Filip Raes, Martin C. Euwema, Dinska Van Gucht, Katalien Bollen, Tom Van Daele.
Best forIntermediates 

11. The Arts And Science Of Relationships: Understanding Human Needs (Coursera)

This course focuses on the Strategies and Skills Learning and Development (SSLD) System, a framework that teaches students how to achieve their own goals in a group setting.

Along with case studies that show how these relationships function inside the system, you will study the fundamentals of SSLD and how they apply to regular partnerships.

The Arts And Science Of Relationships

Additionally, this course will teach you the fundamental skills used in the SSLD system’s relationship management application.

Additionally, it will include life scripts, managing differences, and responsive assertiveness in addition to the social exchange theory.

Each module includes several interactive questions to help you understand more, along with specific video tutorials.

DurationApprox. 32 hours
Instructor A.Ka Tat Tsang
Best forIntermediate

12. The Psychology Of Criminal Justice (edX)

The psychological efficiency of the legal and judicial systems is thoroughly investigated in this course.

You will get insight into the psychology of law and some prevalent misconceptions about criminal justice by experiencing a hypothetical case first-hand.

You will be better able to debunk certain myths concerning the psychological underpinnings of the criminal justice system.

The Psychology Of Criminal Justice

By the end of the course, you will be able to recognize psychologically-based myths about the criminal justice system, comprehend the administration of justice, and comprehend how the use of evidence shapes our understanding of criminal justice.

Duration8 weeks (1+-2 hours per week)
Instructors Blake McKimmie, Mark Horswill, Barbara Masser.
Best forBeginners 

13. Social Psychology (Coursera)

A brief introduction to both classical and modern social psychology is provided in this course. 

Decision-making, persuasion, group dynamics, interpersonal attraction, and factors that support health and well-being are some of the subjects covered.

Social Psychology

It focuses on unusual, amusing, and unexpected research findings that can be quickly applied to daily life.

The course will also make use of the websites of Social Psychology Network, the biggest online social psychology community in the world.

DurationApprox. 38 hours 
Instructor Scott Plous 
Best forIntermediate 

14. Psychology Of Personal Growth (edX)

This open access course covers a wide range of topics, including psychology and human behavior. 

It was created by HKU to help you get ready for both personal and professional advancement.

By exposing themselves to fresh experiences, students will discover how to develop. You can uncover important aspects impacting your personal development with the aid of the module. 

 Psychology Of Personal Growth

It will impart abilities for the growth of self-awareness, critical thinking, communication, and leadership.

Through the various possibilities presented to you during your life’s path, challenge yourself. You can increase your happiness while achieving your maximum potential.

You will change and develop personally as a result of this course. You will gain more understanding of your personality, emotions, and the reasons behind why people act and think the way they do.

Duration6 weeks
Instructor Michelle YIK
Best forBeginner 

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Conclusion: Best Free Psychology Courses (2024)

In conclusion, taking free psychology courses online is a great way to gain knowledge and skills in this fascinating subject. 

With a wide range of options available, from introductory courses to advanced topics, there’s something for everyone. 

Whether you’re an aspiring psychologist, a student, or just someone with a passion for learning, these courses can provide valuable insights into the human mind and behavior. 

By taking advantage of the resources available online, you can continue your education and deepen your understanding of psychology, all at no cost. 

So why wait? Start exploring the world of free psychology courses today and see where your learning journey takes you.

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