How Much Does Private School Cost In 2024(Data & Facts) 

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Nowadays, Private schools are the preferable option due to the personalized learning experience offered to the students. 

But how much do private schools cost? If you are searching for the same answer, we have got you covered. 

The private school cost in the United States is determined based on location, academic level, financial assistance, and affiliation. 

According to EducationData.Org, the average private school fee from Kindergarten up to postsecondary study is around $441,207 in 2023. 

To get a complete idea about the private school cost and the financial aid the schools offer, Scroll down to the article below. 

Key Findings 

Before getting a complete idea about the private school cost, below are some of the key findings that you can check out. 

How Much Does Private School Cost - Overview
  1. Around 10% of the Schools present in the United States are private schools.
  1. The nationwide average annual tuition fees among different private schools were demonstrated to be $12,167
  1. The total annual private school cost, including all the expenses, was found to be $16,050. 
  1. As per the National Center for Education Statistics, enrollment in private schools fell to 5.7 million in the year 2017, which was 6 million in 1999. 
  1. The maximum number of expensive private schools is in New England.
  1. The average tuition cost at private elementary schools is around $11,300 per year, and for private high schools, it is around $15,750 per year. 
  1. Connecticut has the highest k12 private school fees, which are about $23,980, and secondary private school fees, which are around $33,610.
  1. Nebraska and Wisconsin have the lowest k12 private school fees, which are around $2,830 and $3,550
  1. As per Education Data Initiative, 94.1% of the students from private schools attend day schools.
  1. According to, the annual tuition cost at catholic schools for elementary students is around $4,840, and for secondary school students, $11,240. 
  1. Among total private school students, 5.9% of students are enrolled in boarding schools. 
  1. The maximum number of boarding schools in the United States is on the East Coast. 
  1. As per the research conducted by, around 28% of the students enrolled in private schools receive financial assistance. 
  1. According to Private School Review, the average annual tuition fee at private schools was demonstrated to be $11,645 for the year 2021. 

Total Annual Private School Cost

The below table demonstrates the total annual cost of private schools, including uniforms, books, and other additional expenses. 

Total Annual Private School Cost
Sr. No Expenses Annual Cost 
1Tuition $12,350 
2Books and other supplies $500
3Technology $1,500
4Uniforms $400
5Field trips $500
7Misc. Fees $500
8Total cost $16,050

Source: Education Data Initiative 

Cost Of Private Schools As Per Different States

To determine the costs of private schools as per different States, go through the below-provided data. 

  1. The average private 4-year college, including the room and board in Alabama State, is around $27,086. 
  2. Private secondary schools in Arizona are more expensive as compared to elementary schools. 
  3. California ranks among the top 10 states that comprise costly private secondary and elementary schools.
  4. Colorado Rocky Mountain School in the United States is the most expensive one, with an average tuition fee of $58,600.  
  5. Mississippi’s private secondary schools are the cheapest in the United States. 
  6. The average tuition cost of New Jersey secondary schools is around $19,731. 

States With High Private School Costs

Below are the top 10 states with high private school costs for the year 2023. 

States Average Tuition FeesHigh School Elementary School 
District of Columbia$25,718$31,789$27,308
New Hampshire$20,557$29,106$11,915
New York$20,554$26,273$21,001
Rhode Island$16,551$28,550$13,877
New Jersey$15,240$19,931$15,018

Source: Private School Review 

  1. Connecticut has the highest average tuition fee, which is around $28,277, and a high school fee of about $40,715. 

States With Low Private School Costs

Now that we have seen the States with the highest private school cost, below are the States with the lowest private school cost. 

States Average Tuition FeesHigh School Elementary School 
South Dakota$4,120$7,473$4,011
North Dakota$5,092$6,950$4,010
West Virginia$6,164$6,617$6,358

Source: Private School Review 

  1. South Dakota and Nebraska have the lowest average tuition fees, which are approximately $4,120 and $4,190. 
  1. According to Education Data Initiative, Iowa in the United States has the third least expensive secondary private schools and fifth-least expensive elementary private schools. 

Average Annual Cost As Per Different Levels And Types Of Schools 

The below data represents the cost of private schools as per the level and type of School. 

Type Of School K12Elementary Secondary All Private Schools 
Catholic $10.2k $4.8k $11.2k $6.08k 
Other Religious $9.4k$9.2k $18.9k$10.2k 
Average cost $15.2k $8.7k $14.5k $12.4k 

Source: Education Data Initiative 

  1. The average tuition cost of a private k12 catholic school was demonstrated to be $10.2k, and for private secondary schools was found to be $11.2k. 
  1. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, around two-thirds of the private schools in the United States are religious schools. 

Average Tuition Cost Of Private Day Schools

Most students prefer to attend private day schools. To determine the average tuition cost of Private Day Schools, scroll down to the below data. 

Average Tuition Cost
Sr.No Private Day School (Grade Level)Average Tuition Fee
1First Grade$15,500
2Middle School $29,430
3High School $33,880
4NAIS Mddle range$29,650 
5NAIS high school $33,680

Source: Education Data Initiative 

  1. The average tuition cost for first-grade private day school students is $15,500, and for middle school students is $29,430. 

Average Fees Of Private Boarding School

Boarding Schools are most likely to charge higher fees for high-level grades. To get a clear view of the cost of the private boarding school, below are some of the key stats that you can check out. 

  1. Among total primary school students, less than 0.6% of students are enrolled in the boarding school. 
  2. The average tuition fee at a five-day boarding school is approximately around $33,140. 
  3. The average annual cost, including the room and board for a seven-day boarding school in the United States, is around $37,590 
  4. The total cost of a full-time boarding school for 4-years is around $150,360.
  5. The elementary-level and younger students are more likely to attend the day programs at the boarding schools. 

Financial Aid and Grants For Private Schools

Several private schools provide student financial assistance, which is either merit-based or need-based. 

To learn more about the financial aid and grants offered by the private schools, you can go through the below data.

(Source:, Education Data Initiative)

  1. The student boarders receive an average grant award of $24,790 per scholar. 
  2. Scholarships are awarded based on the artistic, athletic, and academic ability of the students. 
  3. Based on their financial circumstances, families are offered vouchers and are often required to pay around 25% of their tuition. 
  4. Financial Assistance is provided to 49% of the Chicago Academy for Arts students. 
  5. Children’s Scholarship fund is provided to students who are atleast five years old. 
  6. Around 34.1% of students who attend boarding schools receive financial assistance. 

Tuition Allocation At Private Schools

The maximum amount of the tuition cost is utilized to pay the salaries of the faculty, administrator, and staff.  (Source: Education Data Initiative)

  1. About 13.1% of tuition fees are paid for financial and administrative costs. 
  2. $53.6% of the fees go towards staff salaries comprising instructional support, administrators, and teachers. 
  3.  2.59% is paid for the technology costs, and 0.7% goes for athletic programs. 
  4. Approximately 2.3% of tuition fees go toward the repair cost. 

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Conclusion: How Much Does Private School Cost (2024)  

While considering the enrichment opportunities provided for the students, Private schools are ahead of all due to the flexibility and learning opportunities it offers. 

Even though the cost of private schools might seem a bit expensive, there are several grants, scholarships, and other funding sources through which the students receive financial help to waive their educational expenses. 

I hope the article gave you a clear idea about the private school costs. If you have any queries, drop them in the comments section below. 


Are private schools worth it? 

Although the cost of attending private schools may seem expensive, the number of resources, flexibility, learning environment, and opportunities offered by private definitely make it worth attending. 

How much does a private school cost?

The average annual tuition cost among all the nationwide private schools is around $12,167. The private elementary schools cost $11,207, and the private secondary schools cost $9,873. 

Beyond tuition fees, which are the other additional expenses associated with private schools? 

Apart from the tuition fees, other additional costs associated with private schools include the cost of books or textbooks, uniforms, meal plans, transportation, field trips, and expenses for extracurricular activities. 

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