9 Best Online Acting Classes

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In today’s world, you can learn anything online, including acting.

Though it can be irritating to choose the right platform to find that perfect acting class that fits all your requirements. Such a platform should be beginner-friendly to budget-friendly to professional teaching to what not?

I have researched for you and have curated a list of the best online acting classes to take. What’s more, I have added various platforms to choose from. 

In this article, you’ll be able to see the list of best online acting classes, sneak peek,  pros & cons, pricing, etc.

In the end, I also share the verdict of “which online acting class should you take?”

So let’s dive in. 

List of 9 Best Online Acting Classes (Updated)

There are multiple courses on learning acting available on the internet, but it is a challenge when it comes to choosing the right one; hence is the to 10 best online acting classes as follows:

I have categorized these classes according to the platforms where they are being streamed and produced. Starting with:

1. MasterClass

2. Udemy

  • Acting Made Easy: Perfecting Your Audition Speech
  •  Professional 10-Hour Acting Masterclass
  • The Complete Voice Acting and Voice Over Course
  •  Acting For Everyone

3. Skillshare

  • Acting Techniques Masterclass

In the above learning platforms, MasterClass is the most recommended platform to learn acting, where it offers an interesting way of claiming the most benefit. With the All-Access Pass in MasterClass, you will be able to access all the courses on their platform by paying for only one.

Using that, you can take all the acting classes from Natalie Portman’s to Helen Mirren’s MasterClass. This way, you can learn from multiple professionals under a single roof.

Note: MasterClass is filled with different genres which include more than 100+ courses and we have done a thorough MasterClass Review.

List of 9 Best Online Acting Classes (Reviewed)

Previously, you saw the top picks of best online acting courses, but now I’ll be giving an overview for each course so that you’ll get an idea of each course in the list.

1. Natalie Portman “Teaches Acting”

The exceptional actress in award-winning movies like V for Vendetta and Star Wars handles a course on acting where she talks about working in sets, realistic acting, and developing a character.

Natalie Portman MasterClass

Platform: MasterClass

Instructor: Natalie Portman

Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes

The number of lessons: 20 lessons

Suitable for: Film enthusiasts who would like to enhance relevant skills, Fans of Natalie Portman because you get an insight into her life, and anyone who’d like to learn more about acting in films.

Price: $180/- per year (All Access Pass – buy once, and you can use it to access all the courses)


  • Detailed teaching on techniques
  • Helpful assignments and tasks
  • Effective examples are  used
  • Learning from a legend


  • Comparatively short
  •  Limited focus on indulging in acting

Enroll In Natalie Portman’s MasterClass

2. Samuel L. Jackson “Teaches Acting”

One of the greatest actors in America, Samuel L. Jackson, is disclosing work ethics with directors, creating a memorable character, and using voice and body in evoking emotions in MasterClass.

Samuel L. Jackson MasterClass

Platform: MasterClass

Instructor: Samuel L. Jackson

Duration: 4 hours and 45 minutes

The number of lessons: 21 lessons

Suitable for: Beginners who are struggling to give a good audition or someone who is stepping into the field of the film industry. Anyone willing to learn different acting styles can take his MasterClass.

Price: $180/- per year (All Access Pass – buy once, and you can use it to access all the courses)


  •  Gain of practical knowledge
  •  Resourceful workbooks
  •  Learning from a legend


  •  Not easily understandable
  • Lack of technical aspect

Enroll in Samuel L. Jackson’s MasterClass

3. Nancy Cartwright “Teaches Voice Acting”

The voice behind the famous Simpson character “Bart,” Nancy Cartwright, is teaching voice acting in her MasterClass. She talks about refining your voice, developing a tone, and auditioning for roles. Apart from that, you get an insight on stepping into the voice acting field.

Nancy Cartwright MasterClass

Platform: MasterClass

Instructor: Nancy Cartwright

Duration: 2 hours and 40 minutes

The number of lessons: 14 lessons

Suitable for: Anyone who are keen on stepping into the field of voice acting and would like to learn more about it. The course might not be for you if you are focussing only on “voice acting” because Nancy Cartwright sticks to her style, which is cartoon voices.

Price: $180/- per year (All Access Pass – buy once, and you can use it to access all the courses)


  • Usage of effective examples
  • Well-structured lessons
  • Learning from a voice artist


  •  Not fully explained
  • Too much visualization

Enroll in Nancy Cartwright’s MasterClass

4. Helen Mirren “Teaches Acting”

Helen Mirren is an award-winning theatre artist who rose to fame portraying remarkable characters. She is teaching acting in her MasterClass, where she breaks down the complexity of understanding scripts, getting ready for a character, and researching the role of play.

Helen Mirren MasterClass

Platform: MasterClass

Instructor: Helen Mirren

Duration: 6 hours and 25 minutes

The number of lessons: 26 lessons

Suitable for: Anyone who would like to enhance their acting skills and performance.

Price: $180/- per year (All Access Pass – buy once, and you can use it to access all the courses)


  •  In-depth teaching on various techniques
  •  Insightful tips on acting in general
  •  Excellent set of workbooks
  •  Interactive community


  •   Blunt advice in-between lessons
  •  No availability of acting workshops

Enroll In Helen Mirren’s MasterClass

5. Acting Made Easy: Performing Your Audition Speech

With 18 years of experience in teaching acting, David Lovatt is handling a course on Udemy. He teaches acting with his knowledge about the subject which is quite specific about learning acting.

He shares his magical lessons on transforming scripts to life in his acting class, some /fundamental acting techniques, and several practical notes about acting.

Acting Made Easy By Dave Lovatt

Platform: Udemy

Instructor: Dave Lovatt

Duration: 40 minutes

The number of lessons: 6 videos

Suitable for: Anyone who is willing to build acting skills or training for theatre performances since it is a short course can even be recommended to people struggling with public speaking skills who would like to build confidence.

Price: INR 1280/- (at a discount of 64% right now, go grab it quickly)


  •   Transparent teaching
  •  Significant acting methods
  •  Complete set of theories for acting


  •  Limited usage of case studies
  •  Not suitable for advanced actors

Enroll in Acting Made Easy MasterClass

6. Professional 10-Hour Acting Masterclass

This course on Udemy is handled by an internet-famous acting coach with 200k+ subscribers in his YouTube channel (The Actors Academy) who teaches acting and performing in general, which can also be considered acting lessons.

Apart from his YouTube videos, he has made a dedicated course for acting, which is helpful.

Professional 10 Hour Acting MasterClass

Platform: Udemy

Instructor: The Actors Academy

Duration: 10 hours and 15 minutes

The number of lessons: 32 videos

Suitable for: Anyone who is a complete beginner into acting and would like to break into the film industry.

Price: INR 8640/- (at a discount of 95% which is just INR 455/-) Enroll ASAP!


  •  Practical advice on a career in acting
  •  Informative and effective content
  •  In-depth explanation about acting


  •  A limited number of theory lessons
  • Few parts of the course are repeated

Enroll in Professional Acting MasterClass

7. The Complete Voice Acting and Voice Over Course

Richard Anderson, the founder of All talk Global, teaches script interpretation and helps discover your voice and find the appropriate recording equipment.  

The Complete Voice Acting and Voiceover Course

Platform: Udemy

Instructor: Richard Anderson

Duration: 45 minutes

The number of lessons: 18 videos

Suitable for:  Anyone who is a beginner in voice acting and interested in stepping into the voice-acting career. This course can also be recommended if you’d like to enhance your voice-acting skills.

Price: INR 2240/- (discounted at 80% is a great deal where you can get it for INR 455/- only)


  • Insightful for beginners
  •  Informative content
  •  Perfect use of examples


  •  Only limited to technical learning
  • Not recommended to advanced artists

Enroll In Complete Voice Acting Course

8. Acting For Everyone

Serena Greenslade, a teacher and drama coach, teaches acting in Udemy, where she talks about using various parts of your body to show emotions. Greenslade also drops helpful tips in her course.

Acting For Everyone

Platform: Udemy

Instructor: Serena Greenslade

Duration: 2 hours

The number of lessons: 23 videos

Suitable for: Beginners as well as amateurs with English knowledge. Also, if you are someone who loves acting, this course can be beneficial for you.

Price: INR 1280/- (currently, with 64% discount is for INR 455/- only)


  • Adequate number of exercises
  •  Full practical teaching
  •  Suitable for beginners
  • Well-structured


  • Less theoretical
  • Relatively short

Enroll In Acting For Everyone MasterClass

9. Acting Techniques MasterClass

With 28 years of experience as an acting coach, Leon Clingman has the right course on acting. Known for roles in The Mauritanian and The Vagrant Queen, Clingman breaks down the acting theory, method acting, and specific techniques used in acting in his course.

Acting Techniques MasterClass

Platform: Skillshare

Instructor: Leon Clingman

Duration: 40 minutes

The number of lessons: 13 videos

Suitable for: Beginners who would like to learn acting methods like The Chekhov Technique and The Adler Technique professionally. The course can be taken by someone who would like to learn the foundation of acting

Price: INR 149/- per month (billed as INR 1788/- annually) – This is the most recommended plan. 


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Effective acting techniques
  •  Incredible examples were used


  •  Only an edge on acting method
  •  Limited to old acting styles

Enroll In Acting Techniques MasterClass

How To Choose the Right Online Acting Class: (Guide)

Searching for a suitable acting class online can be a tedious task, but the simple yet subtle guide that I have prepared will make it easier to find the appropriate acting class online.

If you are choosing an online acting class, make sure to look out for the following in those courses:

1. Skill development 🎯

You should learn and acquire skills from the course, unlike courses only produced and sold for entertainment purposes. Those courses can be taken for fun but not for career choices.

Ensure that the courses you look for have a strong notion in teaching their students relevant skills according to the acting fraternity, like improving auditions, learning dialogue, etc.

2. Quality instructor 🏆

The power of a particular course depends on the quality of the instructor handling it, which means the instructor should have appropriate years of experience in acting, be it screenwriting, cinematography, screenplay, or even acting.

This should assure you that you are considering an online acting class because you’ll be confident that you are learning from a professional in the field who has had experience.

3. Innovative learning 👯‍♀️

You would not be interested in taking down notes or studying scripts in an acting class, but some practical approach towards acting and test rehearsals would be of great help, right?

Likewise, in a course, you might have to look out for all the splendid techniques you’ll be learning which you can put to use while auditioning for a film or even for practice sometimes.

4. Beginner to advanced level 😎

Usually, courses often overlook basic lessons and quickly jump into the core subject of learning, assuming that their students might have known the concepts earlier. You have to do the research and find out if you need courses on the beginner level or something advanced in such cases.

5. Budget 💰

The budget of a course plays a vital role in taking an acting course, especially online. Often, few acting classes charge more while having instructors of minimal experience in the field, so make sure to look for a course on budget while getting the best learning.

Advantages of Taking an Online Acting Class:

It is no doubt that you tend to learn a lot if you are taking a course on something you are highly passionate about. In this case, we are talking about Acting Classes.

Is it possible to learn this power

Here are the perks of taking an online acting class:

  • Mastering auditions
  • Living the character
  • Expanding creativity
  • Developing relevant skills
  • Performing with confidence
  • Making a memorable impression
  • Understanding the role of a character
  • Opportunity to take part in small projects

There are more that come along the way when you opt for an online acting class.

What is the cost of an online acting class?

If you take acting classes online, it might cost you big money, but fortunately, it is not entirely true. Though there are few exceptions in the majority of cases, acting classes on the internet are relatively cheap.

The costing can be divided into subscription plans and hourly charges. It might cost from $180/- to a maximum limit of $200/- for subscription modules, whereas acting classes online on an hourly basis can be less to $20/- to a maximum limit of $80/-

The best part about taking an acting class by Natalie Portman in MasterClass is that you can also access other acting classes by Helen Mirren, Samuel L. Jackson, and Nancy Cartwright with Annual Access. This way, you’ll be able to learn from various actors in a single budget of $180/- per year.

Does it take longer to learn acting?

Well, it mostly depends on the person’s attentiveness towards the course and the passion for acting.

If you have both, you can complete the courses in no time. Although few courses are streamed for hours, it does not mean you have to sit in front of your screen for hours. You can learn at your own pace; they provide the option of downloadable offline files, resourceful workbooks, and more.

Overall, the shortest course is 40 minutes long while some courses are 10 hours long as well.

Final verdict – Which online acting class should you take?

No matter how many reviews of courses you read online, it can get confusing after a point. In such cases, let me suggest a quick way to filter out courses using the suggestions shared above.

Compared to Udemy and Skillshare, MasterClass has the extra benefit of taking multiple courses of the same niche in a single budget, so that is a great option to consider.

Udemy is more career-based, has lengthy lessons, gives accurate tips in learning acting skills, whereas Skillshare is a quick and cheap course to get done with your learning.

As a final verdict, I’d suggest MasterClass for the professional level quality, categorization of lessons, and well-established actors as instructors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best acting class online?

The MasterClass by Natalie Portman is the best acting class online.

How long does it take to complete an online acting class?

It can take from 40 minutes to 10 hours long to complete an online acting class.

Can you take online acting classes for free?

You cannot take online acting classes for free, but you can use free trial options.

What is the cost of an online acting class?

It can be anywhere from $80/- on an hourly basis to $180/- on a subscription basis.

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