7+ Best LSAT Prep Courses Of 2024 (Most Popular🥇)

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Nothing is more frustrating and stressful than preparing for an exam, especially a competitive exam like the LSAT, but luckily, I could tackle it with some of the best LSAT prep courses.

I understand if you think that LSAT prep courses are not for everyone because I did too until I actually enrolled in some of the best LSAT prep courses. The experience was immaculate.

All the LSAT prep courses had several benefits in common like detailed video lessons, provision of helpful study materials, and conduction of real-like LSAT tests. 

Only a few LSAT prep courses gave the best, and I am going to share my experience. In this article, you will learn everything about the best LSAT prep courses, the list of the best LSAT prep courses, the pros, and cons of the best LSAT prep courses, followed by an ultimate verdict.

The verdict, in the end, will conclude, ”which is one of the best LSAT prep courses?”

🎯 Best LSAT Prep Courses 2024 (Top RATED🥇)

  • Blueprint – (Best overall)
  • Magoosh – (Best budget-friendly)
  • Princeton – Review (Best Value)
  • Kaplan Test Prep – (Best In-Person)
  • LSATMax – (Best Student Support)
  • LSAT LAB – (Best For Personalized Guidance)
  • TestMasters – (Best For Live & In-Person Classes)

What is an LSAT Prep Course? (An Overview)

An LSAT prep course is nothing but a well-structured preparation kit that stimulates real-like LSAT tests so that you are trained enough to crack that competitive LSAT exam to join a law school.

Most LSAT prep courses are formatted with high-quality instructors, personalized tutoring, and robust study materials for students struggling to better their preparation for an LSAT. Due to the complexity of an LSAT exam, it is quite challenging for any student to pass on their first attempt. That’s where LSAT prep courses come in handy. 

LSAT prep courses ensure to give utmost study strengthening sessions and teach incredible test strategies resulting in excellent scores. 

What’s more? LSAT prep courses also guarantee a minimum test score which means you can get an idea of how you will excel on the test. Isn’t that exciting? You basically know your score!

Although LSAT prep courses provide instructors’ support and educational guidance, without a student’s cooperation, it may all go downhill. 

Hence, LSAT prep courses are not a replacement for your preparation for the LSAT but an enhanced studying method to be added to your schedule. The results will show for themselves.

Who Should take LSAT prep Courses?

Most students refuse to take up additional tutoring and take the burden of self-studying with very minimal resources or borrowed materials from seniors, but that is not going to help. 

A suitably formatted studying schedule with proven accurate results and training is something every student must consider if they are aiming at something quite challenging to get. 

Such scenarios can be tackled with the usage of an LSAT prep course, especially if:

  • You are struggling with time management and study preparations.
  • You want a real-like LSAT test experience to prepare yourself.
  • You require additional study materials guided by instructors.
  • You simply cannot do self-study, for heaven’s sake.

LSAT prep courses are like a complete study package. I mean, LOOK AT THE BENEFITS! You would not want to miss out on something that can push you further into achieving your goals.

How to Choose the Right LSAT Prep Course? (Guide)

If you are enrolling in a platform that comes with a cost, it must provide something in return. Similarly, LSAT prep courses must not be chosen blindfolded since it involves time and money.

You have to ensure that you are joining one of the best LSAT prep courses, but for that, you should do a little research on the best LSAT prep courses’ authenticity and benefits.

No, you do not have to surf through the internet for 48 hours. I did the research and came up with an exclusive guide on choosing from the best LSAT prep courses for you.

All you have to do is check the following criteria in the desired LSAT prep course, and if you get to tick all the boxes, I am sure you have selected one of the best LSAT prep courses. 

For that, you’d have to go through the below points to find out what’s in the best LSAT prep course:

  • Learning style

Not all students learn subjects the same way, right? I mean, I would sit for 2 hours straight and complete a chapter, but my friend would take breaks in between and take 4 hours to do it.

I am trying to say that you have to ensure that the desired LSAT prep course has the right learning style with scheduled study sessions. You do not want to sit for a 12-hour lecture.

Most LSAT prep courses mention the study schedule, preparation timeline, and tutoring sessions. You simply have to check if the learning style is reliable and offer tutoring help.

In some cases, the LSAT prep course might have an option of self-study with guided materials and resources. Even that is a different learning style that some students often use.

  • Instructors’ quality

It is standard advice to get educated or trained by a professional expert because experienced instructors may not provide valuable tutoring, and your time and money will get wasted.

In the desired LSAT prep course, ensure that the instructor is well-qualified and can provide educational guidance, especially in one-and-one tutoring sessions.

Additionally, the instructor must solve doubts or any clarifications that you might get when taking the LSAT prep courses. Usually, students get stuck and feel lost in a chapter.

  • Effective benefits

You are allowed to expect a specific set of benefits if you are paying for an LSAT prep course instead of self-studying using books and research on the internet. 

Usually, LSAT prep courses must provide additional benefits apart from basic features like giving lessons and following a standard pattern. I mean, don’t we all it to be a little extra

For instance, a free trial on premium benefits, providing study materials with pocket references, or even one-on-one tutoring sessions might be helpful. 

Since an LSAT prep course is an addition to your study routine, you must expect more from it.

  • Pricing

I understand that pricing plays a huge part in choosing an LSAT prep course, but the pricing factor, in general, would not fool me. I am saying this from experience. 

It is funny that sometimes the least expensive LSAT prep course offers the ultimate benefits while the most expensive LSAT prep course offers very few features to get going.

Hence, you have to ensure that the pricing of an LSAT prep course is fair and apt for the number of benefits, features, and takebacks that you are getting from it.

6+ Best LSAT Prep Courses Reviewed

LSAT is not an easy test to clear at once and so I might have found something that could help.

Yes, I am talking about the best LSAT prep courses that can help in bettering your LSAT preparations. Most LSAT prep courses claim to be the best but let us find out. 

I have ensured to include all the benefits of taking the best LSAT prep courses along with an overview and some helpful information regarding the LSAT prep courses. 

1. Blueprint (Best Overall)

Price: $259-$1499

Duration: 4 weeks to 12 months

Session: Self-paced, Live, and In-person classes

Overview: Looking for a quality LSAT prep course? Blueprint might be a perfect choice. It is evident that Blueprint has invested enough time into making it one of the best LSAT prep courses. In Blueprint, you get excellent video lessons with detailed instructions. Regarding the instructors’ quality, they simply nailed it in an engaging and enthusiastic tone.

Best LSAT Prep Courses - Blueprint

Unlike standard format, Blueprint uses appealing graphics and visuals to make the learning more enjoyable. Additionally, I noticed a perfect mix of visual representation and explanation. You also get physical and digital resources to get going in Blueprint.


  • Customisable study planner.
  • Real-like LSAT experience.
  • Engaging instructors.
  • 8500+ questions to practice.
  • A free trial is available.
  • Effective study materials.
  • Free resources are provided.


  • Comparatively expensive.
  • The 3-month module does not guarantee a score.

2. Magoosh LSAT Online (Best Budget-Friendly)

Price: $299-$499

Duration: 5 weeks to 12 months

Session: Self-paced and live classes

Overview: You might choose Magoosh since it is affordable and relatively cheap in comparison with other competitors, but that does not mean you cannot find value in Magoosh. Despite the pricing, Magoosh ensured to provide utmost benefits like comprehensive video strategy lessons and compelling logical explanations.

Magoosh - Overview

What’s more? You get a whopping of 7000+ questions in Magoosh, which is unbelievable for such pricing. Although you might not get the fancy look or vibrant graphics in Magoosh, the user interface is simple and significant.


  • Affordable pricing.
  • Minimum score guarantee.
  • Several practice questions.
  • Excellent video strategy lessons.
  • Personalized study schedules.
  • Live classes are practical.
  • A Money-back guarantee is available.


  • Resources in Magoosh are less beneficial.
  • In Magoosh, there is a lack of production value.

3. Princeton Review (Best Value)

Price: $167-$1599

Duration: 4 weeks to 12 months

Session: Live, In-person, and On-demand online classes

Overview: Princeton Review has become one of the best go-to LSAT prep courses for most students for obvious reasons like extraordinary instructors’ quality with group engagement. In Princeton Review, you also get 8000+ questions to practice along with verbal-centered sections.

Princeton Review - Overview

The teaching method is unique, and there is a guaranteed minimum score in Princeton Review. Additionally, there are logic games to learn better, and you get personally tailored tutoring too.


  • Guaranteed minimum score in LSAT.
  • Live class experience with great instructors.
  • A plethora of practice questions in Princeton Review.
  • Personalisation in the study schedule is also available.
  • History of recorded success is a testimony for quality.


  • Princeton Review is quite expensive.
  • Less number of practice exams are conducted.

4. Kaplan Test Prep (Best In-Person)

Price: $700-$1700

Duration: 12 months

Session: On-demand, Live, and Small class course

Overview: Kaplan has made it to the top five best LSAT prep courses for its magnificent team of instructors. In Kaplan, you get multiple benefits like personalized study material, in-depth explained practice questions, and practical practice tests to experience the original LSAT. Although you might feel that Kaplan is old school, it indeed has the best teaching.

Kaplan - Overview

Despite following the traditional method, tricky sections are broken down to simple understanding so that every student can efficiently absorb the learning. Unlike other competitors, Kaplan test prep provides an exclusive boot camp, which is incredible.


  • An abundance of resources for students.
  • Study materials are well-curated.
  • Extraordinary traditional teaching.
  • In-class instructor support is available.
  • A money-back policy is guaranteed.
  • An extra benefit of a boot camp.
  • Great instructors’ quality.


  • No mobile applications are available.
  • Kaplan might seem expensive for some students.

5. LSATMax (Best Student Support)

Price: $896-$1896

Duration: 3 months to 12 months (lifetime access is also available)

Session: Self-paced and live classes

Overview: Most students opt for LSATMax simply because the name itself is an extension to “LSAT”, but did it do justice? It certainly did, and I was surprised to know its features. Like, you get an unparalleled explanation for the practice questions and a detailed analytics tracker to spot your weakness area so that you can focus on the lagging side of you.

LSATMax - Overview

99th percentile instructors teach the lessons. Plus, you are guaranteed a minimum score with proven strategies that fetch better scoring in an LSAT.


  • Unique LSAT proven strategies are explained.
  • You get personalized support from instructors.
  • 100+ hours of in-depth video lectures are streamed.
  • A free real-like LSAT practice exam is conducted.
  • Combination of hardcopy and digital materials.
  • Office hours and message boards are available.
  • A Money-back guarantee is also available.


  • LSATMax is very expensive.

6. LSAT Lab Prep (Best For Personalized Guidance)

Price: $49-$299/month

Duration: Monthly

Session: On-demand, Live Classes and Tutor

Overview: LSAT Lab is fairly new compared to others listed on this list, but they offer the best guidance and personalized support. Patrick and Matt are founders of LSAT Lab, and they are also instructors. You get eight live sessions every week, and you can decide to choose the time according to your comfort. 

LSAT Lab Prep

In every live class, they clear all the doubts and teach topics of LSAT like necessary assumptions, stacked ordering, and so on. In every live session, they break down the problems and teach the students how to solve them. They also perform activities where they take volunteers and engage them in smaller groups.


  • Access to 98 LSAT Practice Tests
  • Access to over 9800 practice questions
  • 40 Monthly Live Classes
  • 2 Monthly Tutoring Hours
  • Get Access To Class Recordings
  • High Score Guarantee
  • Free Plan Is Available


  • They do not offer a lot of material for self-study.
  • They do not offer any hard copies.

7. TestMasters

Price: $1250-$1850

Duration: Depends on the exam date

Session: Online, Live Online Classes, and In-person Classes

Overview: In this digital fast-paced world, everyone is offering virtual classes, but there are very few who offer in-person or live online classes, and TestMasters is one of them. They offer in-person classes in the district of Colombia and up to 12 states of the USA. But not everyone can attend the in-person classes; that’s why they also offer on-demand and live classes.


If you buy an in-person class, then you will get up to 45 hours with expert instructors on LSAT. TestMasters only hires those instructors who themselves scored higher on LSAT. The pricing of every class is $1850, which comes up to $41 per hour for 45 hours. These in-person classes are valuable and help you properly prepare for LSAT.


  • 150 hours of pre-recorded lessons in the online course
  • Academic support to help you every step of the way
  • Get 45 hours of live classes with expert LSAT instructors
  • Access to extensive LSAT preparation resources
  • Video & Written explanations
  • Detailed score reports
  • Expert in-person instructors with years of teaching experience


  • Only gives you access to 100 days before the test
  • No score improvement or money-back guarantee for students who enroll in in-person classes

LSAT Prep Courses: Pros & Cons

Enough overview, benefits, ease of use, and suitability of all the best LSAT prep courses. Let me differentiate the genuine reasons to use the best LSAT prep courses with some downsides:

LSAT Prep Courses Pros

  • Guarantee for a minimum score in LSAT.
  • Well-curated video lessons for better understanding.
  • Free trials can be used for effective short-term learning.
  • LSAT prep courses help in fastening the preparations.
  • Real-like LSAT test experience can be attempted.
  • The provision of study materials and resources is beneficial.
  • A student can track their progress and improve better.

LSAT Prep Courses Cons

  • Online classes might not be suitable for all students.
  • Not all LSAT prep courses offer free trials for practice.
  • Some of the best LSAT prep courses are expensive.

How to Benefit from LSAT Prep Courses?

Despite taking the best LSAT prep courses, some students might be confused about why it is so hyped. Well, to be honest, LSAT prep courses are not a shortcut to success.

In fact, there are no shortcuts to success. In the event of taking LSAT prep courses, you have to learn to make the most benefit out of it. Are you confused about how? Follow the easy guide below:

  • Asking doubts

An LSAT prep course without adequate instructor support is basically like paying someone only to end up studying on your own. That’s not fair, right? I would suggest stepping up and asking for all the doubts you have within the syllabus or regarding the LSAT preparation.

All instructors in the LSAT prep course will be able to provide the utmost guidance and instructions on how to get the best score. Using LSAT prep courses, you can get clarified about everything.

Unfortunately, such a bonus does not come in self-study, so an LSAT prep course is an option.

  • Studying in a routine

With LSAT prep courses, you are given the chance to build on time management which means you do not have to study for 24/7 but study at a given time limit and stick to it religiously.

If you follow up the LSAT prep courses, after a point, you will automatically create a habit to study something in a day which results in enhanced study schedule and better preparation.

The initial days can be hard but once you get the hang of LSAT prep courses’ format, you will be all set to transform your study routine into something incredibly benefitting. The results will show.

  • Using study materials

Most LSAT prep courses offer study materials in general. As a student, you should be open to getting nurtured with helpful resources in all forms. 

Henceforth, all the study materials that you receive from the best LSAT prep courses must be taken into account and utilized efficiently. In case you get caught up with all the study sessions, you can skim through the additional resources that you have got.

You can even take practice tests to get a real-like LSAT experience and be prepared ahead. 

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Conclusion- Which is The Best LSAT Prep Course?

After religiously taking each LSAT prep course, I found out that one of the many LSAT prep courses stood out and that is Blueprint. Yes, I think Blueprint is the best LSAT prep course.

Hear me out. In Blueprint, almost everything is well-executed. From instructors’ quality to video-lessons explanation to the usage of appealing graphics, it was top-notch.

You also get 8500+ practice questions. I mean, can you believe it? That is A LOT! Plus, Blueprint steps ahead and offers free resources even if you do not enroll or buy, which is brilliant. 

Other competitors like Magoosh for its affordable pricing and Princeton Review for its history of recorded success were great, Blueprint seemed to be outstanding comparatively.

Are you still in doubt? No worries, most LSAT prep courses that I have listed have free trials, especially LSATMax offers free LSAT practice exams. You can try and choose wisely!

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