9+ Best Chess Courses For Beginners In 2023 (Compared)

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Anyone can improve their chess playing skills by taking the best chess courses.

The best online chess courses take a methodical method of teaching you the fundamentals and strategies that underpin great chess gameplay.

We have conducted considerable research to bring you the tried and trusted Best 8 Chess Courses and Certification Tutorials that are available online.

These courses are suitable for various beginners, intermediate students, and experts.

So let’s quickly have a look at them.

Top 9+ Chess Courses: Detailed Guide (2023)

The chart of online chess courses, together with their details, is provided below. Those interested in learning chess online can review the following table:

Sr. NoOnline Chess CoursesPlatformBest ForRating
1. Chess for EveryoneUdemyBest Overall4.9/5
2. Chess Class by Garry KasparovMasterclassBest for all levels 4.8/5
3. Learn to play chess SkillshareBest for basics4.7/5
4. Chess: Chess for newbiesUdemyBest for self-paced sessions4.6/5
5. Chess – Be a Chess Master UdemyBest for mastering techniques4.8/5
6. Chess: French defence SkillshareBest for intermediate4.7/5
7.Understanding chess tacticsUdemyBest for tricks and tactics.4.6/5
8.How to Play Chess: from a Newbie to a strong competitorUdemyBest for learning competition skills4.6/5
9. Chess.com lessonsChess.comBest for beginners4.8/5

1. Chess For Everyone By Udemy

Duration21 sessions for 3 hours
Price $19.99
Level Beginner 
InstructorRobert Gumerlock

My top choice chess for everyone by Udemy is excellent training for beginners and intermediate-level gamers who desire to improve their game, grasp chess techniques better and develop strategy and tactics.

This course is divided into four sections:

  • The Fundamentals 
  • What and how to Do in the Opening
  • Mid Moves
  • Final Check and mate

Even by the end of the course, each student will have a strong concept of which major ideas to employ in a chess game, as well as the techniques required to carry out that strategy. 

This course is great for students who want to be experts in Chess tactics while having some fun!

Best Chess Courses - Chess For Everyone

Elective course modules are also available for building up the game board, special moves, how to castle, dual attack, pins, skewers, pawn elevation, mating various pieces, and finishing with a test. 

You will receive unlimited access to course material, a certificate of accomplishment, and access to desktop/mobile training videos with all Udemy programs. Overall, it is fantastic training for people with prior gaming expertise.

Key Highlights:

  • Get covered with all the basics of chess to become a chess master.
  • Upskill your strategic thinking.
  • Learn how to force checkmate in the endgame.
  • Get a complete understanding of various chess techniques and tactics.
  • Learn a strategic opening and castle your king.
  • Get to learn the double and discover attacks.

2. Chess Class By Garry Kasparov by Masterclass

Duration29 lessons of 7 hours
Price Starting from $15
Level Beginner to Intermediate
InstructorGarry Kasparov

The second on the list is an excellent beginner-level chess tutorial given by the greatest chess players of all time. You will have various concepts in the game that will help improve your abilities and skills and gain a deeper knowledge of chess.

Garry Kasparov is a six-time global chess champion who also holds the record for the youngest world chess champion, having won the title when he was just 22.

This online chess course teaches class participants sophisticated tactics as well as the greatest openings that will help them become very powerful players while also completely developing their philosophy and instincts.

Chess Class By Garry Kasparov

This course explains various advanced methods that are ideal for any novice learning chess. 

There are several fascinating opener strategies as well that will teach you how to control the board from the outset and create a lasting impression from the beginning.

There is full instruction on each element of the game that will ensure your victory regardless of who you are playing against.

Key Highlights:

  • Get training from the expert master.
  • Downloadable class guides for every class.
  • Get a new class every month.
  • Learn advanced tactics and strategies with theory.
  • Get covered with chess fundamentals and attach strategies.
  • Learn from the sample case study.
  • Discover brain power and toughness.:

3. Learn To Play Chess by Skillshare

Duration34 lessons of 3 hours
Price Free
Level Beginner
InstructorArne Kahler


If you’ve never had the opportunity to learn and play chess, then this program will guide you through making the game very easy and more enjoyable, as well as teach you how to win those games.

The board and pieces are covered in detail, and a core understanding of what is the king, rook, bishop pawn, and knight, as well as specialist movements like pawn development, en passant, castling, and the process of playing a draw.

Learn To Play Chess

12 chess puzzles with solutions are also included, along with 12 additional puzzles.

Because this chess class is offered on Skillshare, you can take it for free during their free trial for one month.! 

All classes can also be completed at the user’s own schedule and across numerous devices. Overall, it is the best course for beginners and intermediate students.

Key Highlights:

  • Learn each and every piece and board.
  • Discover special moves and notation basics.
  • Master 5 ways to draw a game.
  • Get to know various opening basics.
  • Learn with various puzzles that will upskill your thinking capacity.

4. Chess: Chess For Newbies by Udemy

Duration17 lectures of 1 hour
Price $59.99
Level Beginner
InstructorSergy Kasimov


This is a great chess course aimed at absolute novices who want to learn about the boards, the players, and the complete game.. 

If you are a complete novice to chess and don’t even realize how to build up the strategies for the board, this is an excellent place to begin.

This short course will demonstrate to you the essentials of chess. This instruction is intended for first-time players who have never played this game before.

Chess For Newbies

This 1-hour pre – intermediate lecture is divided into 11 mini-lessons that cover the base of the queen, king, knights, rooks, bishops,  pawns, and cast. 

Once you finish the course, you can proceed to compete in AI chess matches that differ in the ability of players of various skill levels.

This class is offered by Skillshare, so you can register for it for free.

This also features one computer-versus-human game. You will acquire a deeper understanding of the logic of this exciting experience. The game is played in the Olympic format, with a timer set against another contestant.

Key Highlights:

  • Learn all the basics including how to set up the chessboard.
  • Discover basic moves and sharpen your skills.
  • Explore each setup and how the pieces move.
  • Learn with easy sample games.
  • Get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

5. Chess – Be A Chess Master by Udemy

Duration17 lectures of 4 hours
Price $19.99
Level Intermediate
InstructorStudiosus Learning


This program will walk you through the fundamentals of chess and show you how to be ready for chess games and matches.

Also included is information on how to achieve various matches using deep strategies. There are various interactive video lectures that will teach you in-depth tactics and strategies for chess. 

Be A Chess Master

This  33 hours of training are organized into 114 lessons that cover topics such as how pieces travel, specialty movements, checkmate, key strategies, opening principles, chess combinations, game pitfalls, closing without important pieces, creating tactics, and various chess practice exercises.

Overall, it is a comprehensive study of chess that leave learners with a solid knowledge of chess.

Key Highlights:

  • Learn how to play successfully in chess matches or competitions.
  • Study the opening board, sharpen your perception of checks and checkmates, and put the techniques and strategies outlined here into action to better your movements.
  • Investigate the online tools mentioned in it to develop your chess talents.
  • Without getting bored, master the complex components of the chess board with pleasant and amusing videos.

6. Chess: French Defense by Skillshare

Duration14 lessons of 2 hours
Price Free
Level Intermediate 
InstructorGreg Vanderford


French Defense has become one of the most prominent strategies in chess, with numerous end and middle-game versions. This tutorial will look at the major pieces, actions, and techniques.

Approximately 2.5 hours of interactive video make up this intermediate-level course. The course sessions include the basic variation, the advanced variant, pawn exchange, the Tarrasch variation, and how to combine them all.

French Defense

There are assignments and group discussions offered, as well as they offer downloads of ten distinct game types to explore and practice with.

Key Highlights:

  • Learn various technicalities and tactics within just 14 lessons.
  • Get to know the trash variations.
  • Learn complete french defence.
  • Discover critical middle-game positions.
  • Learn various positions and key squares.
  • Get to know how to take control of the center.

7. Understanding Chess Tactics by Udemy

Duration15 lectures of 2.5 hours
Price $24.99
Level Intermediate to advance 
InstructorMykhaylo Oleksiyenko


Udemy brings you the next chess training online on our list. It is a well-liked course with a rating of 4.6. This course simplifies and breaks down a variety of the most effective chess strategies for your convenience.

As extra material, each video lecture in this program includes a PDF file. To get the most out of your online chess course, you should study both at the same time.

Understanding Chess Tactics

The program contains 2.5 hours of video content on demand and 28 online materials with lifelong subscriptions.

This online chess course will teach you the following:

  1. Identifying and implementing the most prevalent chess strategy
  2. Preparing to compete in chess matches and tournaments.
  3. How to get ready to move on to more advanced study and create a better chess foundation

Key Highlights:

  • Learn how to calculate on the chessboard and find crucial structures and combinations that can help you win a game.
  • Use the examples in the lessons to incorporate the approaches in your practice games to improve your skills.
  • Get lifetime access to the course on any device to review your lessons wherever and anywhere you choose.
  • Study the various key questions that will improve your technical vision and tactics.
  • Learn to find and think in a more proficient way.

8. How to Play Chess: From a Newbie To A Strong Competitor by Udemy

Duration29 lectures of 3.5 hours
Price $19.99
Level Beginner to Intermediate
InstructorAlex Davidovic


With the help of this introductory course, you’ll advance from being a complete novice to chess who routinely wins by checkmate.

This course is instructed by Dr. Alex Davidovic, a World Chess player who played competitively for five years and participated in Chess Olympiads. He also makes use of Chess Companion software for comprehensive professional player preparation.

How to Play Chess

Opening up the board, promoting pawns, how the pieces go forward and interact, and opening and checkmate techniques are all covered in these 2.5 hours of video training modules.

It also includes downloadable content, lifelong membership, and a completion certificate.

Key Highlights:

  • With this effective chess learning course, you may swiftly go from a beginner to a player that understands strategies.
  • Learn several strategies for opening your match effectively to increase your chances of winning, as well as the negative moves to avoid.
  • Use the Chess Partner software that comes with the program to rehearse your sessions.

9. Chess.com

LevelBeginner to Intermediate


Chess.com has about 93 million registered users which is brilliant. The best part about this site is you can be a rookie or a Grandmaster you can still play and learn through it. Although it’s free there is a premium plan which comes with additional features.

Chess.com Overview

You can be a beginner, intermediate or advanced player yet you can learn and gain good knowledge through video courses and that will cost you absolutely nothing. So if you are looking for a course which is free and of great quality then this is the best video course out there. Sharpen your skills and take your chess game to a whole new level.

Key Highlights:

  • Great video quality
  • Learning for a rookie to Advanced players for free of cost 
  • In-depth detailing of moves
  • Animated Clips will help you understand yourself better
  • Easy-to-understand videos

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Conclusion: Best Chess Courses (2023)

No matter what kind of chess training you take, the practice remains one of the most valuable aspects you could do to improve, and several online chess learning forums allow you to practice as well as play games.

So make a choice from the above courses and start learning to become a pro in chess.

And in case, still, if you are confused, then here is my suggestion for the best chess courses:

  1. Garry Kasparov Teaches Chess (Masterclass)
  2. Chess for Everyone by Udemy

Let us know in the comment section below which course you are opting for.

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