Authority Site System Review 2023: Is It Any Good?

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Building authoritative websites and ensuring their consistency in growth is not an easy task, as you have to prove Google by providing SEO-optimized and high-quality content.  

But thankfully, Authority Hacker has turned out to be a savior by offering an Authority site system course. 

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If you are new to the world of Affiliate marketing, then here is the complete review of the Authority site system, which will definitely help you get a clear view before opting for it. 

So without any further delay, let’s get into the details. 

Authority Site System Review: Overview

The Authority site system, or TASS, is the starter product of Authority Hacker and covers all the essentials required to build a highly efficient and profitable authority site. 

Authority site system 3.0 is the latest version of the course, where the existing lessons have been reshot and updated.

Authority Site System Review - Overview

The course is meant for beginners but also provides an intermediate-level understanding of all the essential aspects required to build authority sites. 

It comprises 125+ videos and access to the community of exclusive members. It also includes a to-do list for site building and copy-paste templates for content creation and marketing. 

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What Is Authority Hacker?

Authority Hacker is an educational website comprising video training courses, podcasts, and blogs to help beginner and expert marketers upscale internet marketing. 

Authority Site System Review - Official page

The platform was founded by Mark Webster and Gael Breton, and the brand aims to empower individuals with skills and knowledge. 

It comprises templates for marketing and content creation and covers all the topics relevant to digital marketing

Authority Hacker Pro VS Authority Site System

The Authority hacker pro was the first course that was developed and offered by the Authority hacker platform and is designed for advanced and experienced marketers. 

On the other hand, the Authority site system is developed for beginners to impart essential skills relevant to affiliate marketing. 

To learn more about the basic differences between the two, go through the quick overview provided below. 

Authority site system. Authority Hacker Pro.
Designed for Beginner users. Designed for Intermediate users.
Offers access to 125+ video lessons. Offers access to 400+ video lessons. 
Provides real-life follow-along case studies. Provides SOPs to help you create processes for content and marketing work. 
Allows access to a community of exclusive members. Allows access to custom tools and plugins.

Course Inclusions

The course provides step-by-step training and over-the-shoulder lessons to help you create an authority site and build your niche. 

It comprises 15 comprehensive modules that will provide you with a clear insight into keyword research, market research, content creation, link building, analytics, tracking, etc.

To learn more about the course inclusions, go through the quick overview provided below. 

1. Internet Marketing 101

The very first module of the Authority site system is Internet Marketing 101, which comprises six lessons. 

This module has covered the concept of how the authority site works with some live examples of authority sites, i.e., how they were built and how they get traffic. 

Internet Marketing

Mark and Gael have also provided us with insight into how modern websites are built and have explained the basics of affiliate marketing for all the newbies. 

The module has also covered SEO which is an essential aspect of internet marketing to yield desired results. 

2. Brainstorming Niches

This module covers the ways to brainstorm niche ideas and comprises 13 lessons that will help you to focus on niches you are passionate about. 

Gael has also explained Ahrefs, which is an essential online marketing tool, and has provided the tactics to reverse engineer niches using affiliate networks. 

Brainstorming Niches

The course lessons also comprise information regarding website marketplaces, affiliate programs, content marketplaces, etc. 

3. Qualifying Niches

The third module of the Authority Site system includes 16 lessons, where Gael has introduced us to the concepts of deep niche research spreadsheets. 

It is an in-depth module that has more focus on research and will help you to select the accurate niche for authority websites based on the potential for income and traffic. 

Qualifying Niches

The module will also provide you with an insight into Niche credibility, how to access cost per click, Finding affiliate programs, link opportunities, and social communities. 

4. Planning Your Site

The fourth module of the Authority Site System will help you with planning your Authority site through its 9 comprehensive lessons. 

This module will help you to plan your authority website using different keywords for planning the sitemap and content structure.

Planning Your Site

You will also learn about the ways to expand monetization research, commercial keywords, and Skyscraper content. 

5. Setting Up Your Site

As the previous module covered all the essential aspects regarding planning a website, this module covers the steps required to set up your site right from scratch through its 15 extensive lessons. 

Setting Up Your Site

The lessons will assist you right from picking up the domain name and basic WordPress settings up to email setup

It will provide you with insight into WordPress setup, theme setup, Google Analytics, and all tech-related things. 

6. Branding Of Your Site

The 6th module is the short one with 7 lessons where you will get an insight into how to opt for a brand color and brand font. 

The branding module covers topics related to the creation of logos in Canva, creating images, and Favicon.

You will also get an insight into editing in Elementor and applying branding in the GeneratePress. 

7. Setting Up Posts And Pages

The seventh module consists of 17 lessons that will assist you in building the structure of the site, building the Elementor header and footer, and building the GeneratePress header and footer

This module will help you familiarize WordPress interface and Elementor interface.

The lessons covered in this module will also provide you with a clear view of how to create important pages such as the home page, disclaimer, about us, and privacy policy. 

8. Preparing The Info Content

As info content is the most important aspect of your authority, this module focuses on creating lists of content so that you are not short on ideas. It will also assist you in looking for ideas for the info posts. 

The module comprises 10 lessons that will cover content creation for Google, types of info content, and list posts.

Questions posts that are Vanilla of the websites, i.e., simple yet very effective, are also explained by Mark in this module. 

9. Writing Content

All the previous modules focused on preparing and laying the foundation. This module provides you with insight into writing the content for your website. 

It is a practical training module with 14 lessons that will help you to learn how to conduct proper research, how to outline posts, and create high-quality content. 

Mark has also provided a clear view of how to write impactful intros and outros and how to edit your content effectively. 

10. Uploading And Optimizing Content

After you have finished writing your content, it is needed to be optimized for search engines. 

With the help of this module, you can learn about the Meta title that Google uses in SERPs, Social titles that appears when the article is shared on social media, and the Article title that appears on the top of your article. 

This part of the course will help you to learn how to optimize keywords, tags, titles, and URLs.  It also helps to learn how to add meta descriptions, internal and external links, upload images, etc.

11. Initial Link Building

It is the most extensive module, with 25 lessons that cover the basics of link building and methods of link building. 

This topic is covered by very few courses and is an essential aspect that helps you to increase the authority of the site. It is a comprehensive module that covers in-depth information to assist you in link building. 

You will get a complete insight into HARO, Guest Posting, Skyscraper link building, and the important concept of link building, i.e., Crossniching. 

12. Affiliate Monetization Setup

The module consists of 9 lessons that will assist you in signing up for affiliate programs, implementing affiliate links to your site, and tracking progress with your affiliate sales. 

This module will help you learn how to search and apply for affiliate programs, how to make use of affiliate links, and how to pick products and manage the links.

You will also get an insight into the affiliate rules, affiliate disclosure, and affiliate payouts. 

13. Commercial Content

The commercial content module comprises 14  lessons where you will learn about researching commercial content, structuring commercial content, and types of commercial content. 

It is a piece of content with the help of which you can recommend services and products to the visitors of your website and can earn income. 

Commercial content comprises product comparison content, product reviews, and many more. 

14. Advanced Tactics 

In the Advanced Tactics module, you get a clear idea about the additional features that you can add to make your site more authoritative and how to fine-tune your site. 

The module talks about the tactics and strategies like optimizing your content with SurferSEO, creating custom tables on Elementor, and setting up display ads. 

The main part of this module is to outsource the content creation and focus on sales, conversions, and other technical aspects of the website. It covers how to hire, manage and outsource copywriters. 

15. Becoming An Authority

It is the last module of the course, which brushes up on everything that you have learned so far from the course. 

That’s it; you are ready to build your authority site.

Authority Site System Pricing Plan And Refund Policy

The authority site system course is around $997, which you can pay in six payments of $249 each. 

A 30-day money-back guarantee is provided by Authority Hacker on all the offerings, inclusive of the Authority site system course. 

It offers a” no question asked” money-back guarantee. You can access the whole program for 30 days and can cancel your subscription if you do not want to continue with the course. 

To get access to a full refund, you can simply drop a mail at within 30 days of purchase. 

Pros And Cons Of The Authority Site System

Following are the pros and cons of the Authority site system. 

Pros Of Authority Site System Cons Of Authority Site System
Provide training to help you create and develop a website right from scratch. The course is not for highly experienced marketers. 
Helps to master fundamental skills.No certifications. 
Allows access to the private Facebook group. 
Easy to use. 

Who Is The Authority Site System For?

If you have never created a website and are willing to build one, then this course is the perfect one to opt for. 

Who Is The Authority Site System

The authority site system course is the apt one for all the newbies who are new to the field of internet marketing or affiliate marketing.

Authority Site System Alternatives

The Authority site system is undoubtedly the best affiliate marketing course, but to get insight into different alternatives, read on further. 

1. Affiliate Lab

The Affiliate Lab course is the best alternative to the Authority site system and is one of the extensive on-page search engine optimization courses.

Affiliate Lab

It comprises various modules covering website flipping, outreach, email, and beginners’ lab. The course is offered at $997 for one installment and $597 for two installments. 

2. Savage Affiliates

Savage Affiliate is the other best alternative to the authority site system and is the perfect one for beginners. 

It is a diverse course that covers affiliate marketing using websites, email marketing, and also funnel marketing. 

Savage Affiliates

The course is affordable and is offered at $197 for the standard version and $297 for the super version, and it also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

3. Super Affiliate System

The Super Affiliate System is the ultimate course to help you start your career with affiliate marketing. 

The main focus of the course is building landing pages using lead pages and Clickfunnels etc., and it comprises 42 informational videos.

The course is offered with a one-time payment of $997 and a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Super Affiliate System

4. Passive Income Geek

It is a passive income course comprising easy-to-follow videos, tools, and text to help you excel in the field of affiliate marketing.

The course will help you to find lucrative niches, techniques for topic research, social media guidelines, and monetization strategies. It will provide you with tips to write impactful content and tips regarding SEO. 

Passive Income Geek

The course is offered at $399 for a year with a 100% money-back guarantee. 

Is The Authority Site System Course Worth It?

Because of its extensive reach and high-quality content, the Authority site system stands different from that of other affiliate marketing courses

Here are a few reasons which demonstrate that opting for the Authority site system course is definitely worth it. 

  • Provides systematic training.

The authority site system course offers a systematic step-by-step process to help you create your authority site.

  • Easy learning.

The Authority site system comprises modules with video lessons that provide a clear view of affiliate marketing and also comprises case studies.

  • Recognized and respected by other digital marketers. 

The authority site system course is well recognized among famous techies, Miles Beckler, who is a digital marketing Youtuber, Tim Soulo of Ahrefs, and many more. 

  • Proven Results. 

Gael and Mark have not just provided the lessons for building sites, but they also have revealed that they created a site that took them 18 months to complete and sold it for around six figures. 

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Final Verdict: Authority Site System Review (2023)

There is a diverse range of affiliate marketing courses, but after going through the Authority site system, I would definitely say that it is the best one. 

I would definitely recommend the course if you are into writing and blogging and would love to convert your passions toward profits via affiliate marketing. 

It is not necessary to have basic we-building knowledge as the Authority site system course is developed to help you begin right from scratch. 

The course will definitely help you to build or brush up your skills relevant to affiliate marketing and help you to earn a six-figure sum. 

So when are you building your authority site? Let us know in the comments section below. 

FAQs On Authority Site System

Are there any additional costs for the tools after the purchase of the course?

There is an additional cost for the tools after you have purchased the course. The cost of tools is around $200 to $500. 

Is Niche selection included in the authority site system?

The Authority site system 3.0 comprises modules 2 and 3 that will help to find a perfect niche for you. 

Does TASS work in distinct languages?

TASS works in distinct languages; when you glance through the process of Niche selection, you can see whether you can enter a niche that is based on distinct languages. 

Does the Authority site system provide support service?

The authority site system provides support based on the type of help you require, such as account support provides, assistance for any tech-related problems, Community support, and hosting or Elementor support. 

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