Authority Hacker Pro Review 2024: Is It Worth It?

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Creating and developing websites is a challenging and, at the same time, rewarding experience.

When considering the authority sites, the first name that immediately strikes the mind is Authority Hacker and its reputation for curating high-quality courses.

Authority Hacker Pro is one of the best intermediate-level courses offered by Authority Hacker. This post completely reviews the course so that you can decide for yourself if it is right for you.

What Is Authority Hacker?

Authority Hacker is one of the leading online marketing education companies founded by Gael Breton and Mark Webster.

It comprises top-notch courses that are designed to educate beginners or intermediate-level marketers on how to build and develop authority sites and earn a great sum.

Authority Hacker Pro Review - Overview

Authority Hacker offers three courses, i.e., Authority site system, Authority Hacker Pro, and Authority Hacker Core Web Vitals, where all the courses are highly respected and recognized in the niche of digital marketing. 

Authority Hacker Pro: Overview 

Here is a quick overview of the Authority Hacker Pro:

Creator And Instructors Of The Course.Gael Breton And Mark Webster 
Price$2997 (one-time payment) or $297 in 12 installments. 
FeaturesTemplates, blueprints, case studies, tools, and community. 
Best forIntermediate-level users, owners of websites, agencies, freelancers, and In-house SEOs.
Ease of Use5/5
Content quality5/5
Customer support5/5

Authority Hacker Pro was the first course offered by the Authority Hacker for intermediate-level marketers who are already earning more than $1000 from their authority sites. 

Authority Hacker Pro Review - How Does It Work

The course comprises more than 400 videos and has a major focus on Advanced SEO, scalable backlink building, email marketing, deep sales funnel, etc.

It provides access to plugins and tools for the automation of certain tasks, and it also offers SOPs to help you create the processes for content-related and major marketing work. 

Authority Hacker Pro Vs Authority Site System (TASS)

The Authority site system is the starter product of Authority Hacker and is mainly designed for newbies in the field of digital marketing. 

In contrast, Authority Hacker Pro is created for advanced marketers and comprises extensive topics to brush up on your internet marketing skills. 

To get an insight into the difference between both courses, go through the quick overview provided below. 

Authority Hacker Pro Authority Site System
Created for intermediate users.Created for the Beginners. 
Provide access to more than 400 videos.Provides access to more than 125 videos. 
Offers access to plugins and custom tools. Offers access to a community of exclusive members. 
The course offers SOPs to create processes for marketing and content-related work. The course provides real-life case studies. 
The price of the course is $2997. The price of the course is $997. 

Features Of Course

Authority Hacker Pro is a massive course covering an extensive range of topics. It offers several features, out of which a few are provided below. 

1. Comprehensive Video Lessons. 

The course offers more than 400 video lessons that are easy to follow, and it covers Authority hacking tips, tricks, tactics, and strategies. 

It also provides standard operating procedures for outsourcing and hiring. All the video lessons are composed of captions so that you won’t have any difficulty understanding the content of the video. 

2. Copy-Paste Templates. 

The blueprint templates are offered by the course for all the methods used. These templates are completely customizable.

It also offers templates that help you choose the best niche on the basis of credibility. 

Copy-Paste Templates

3. Money-Back Guarantee. 

The course offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can purchase the course and access it. If you feel like it is not a good fit for you, then you can cancel the subscription and ask for a refund. 

4. Customer Service. 

Authority Hacker Pro offers a full-time dedicated customer support service team to help you with technical or any other issues. 

5. Lifetime Free Updates. 

As authority hacking techniques and algorithms change frequently, the course offers lifetime access to updated authority hacking systems.

6. Active Community Group. 

The Authority Hacker Pro comprises an active Facebook community group where you can conduct discussions on the topics with other students and business experts, which will, in turn, help to enhance knowledge. 

Course Inclusions. 

Authority Hacker Pro is a massive course comprising video content, premade templates, and tutorials. 

The course content is easy to follow, and currently, it comprises 18 advanced blueprints. To get an insight into course details, go through the overview provided below. 

1. Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint. 

It is mainly based on systematization and automation, and the training covered in this part will direct you right from the basics to designing. The lessons covered in this section are as follows.

Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint
  • Shotgun Skyscraper 101 
  • Keywords and content
  • Gathering Prospects
  • Data management 
  • Initial Outreach
  • Negotiation
  • Advanced Tactics 
  • SOPs and job description

2. Editorial System Blueprint

The editorial system blueprint helps you to get an insight into the project management tool named Asana, where you can access all the advanced configurations and content templates. This section includes the following. 

Editorial System Blueprint
  • Introduction to the editorial system.
  • Editorial system walkthrough.
  • Editorial system general writing guidelines.
  • Creating an Asana work environment.
  • Day-to-day usage.
  • Content templates (8 types).

3. HARO Blueprint. 

HARO, or Help a reporter out, is the ideal one to reach out to reporters who require sources for news stories. This method can lead you toward the links on well-established and reputable websites like Buzzfeed or Huffington Post. It comprises the following lessons. 

HARO Blueprint
  • HARO 101
  • Initial Setup 
  • Prospecting criteria.
  • Prospecting criteria examples. 
  • Prospecting in Action. 
  • How to respond 
  • Examples of successful responses 
  • Researching Answers. 
  • Tracking results.
  • Outsourcing and scaling. 

4. Evergreen Funnel Blueprint. 

The marketing funnel is a process of sending prospects via a sequence of events that are designed to transform them into customers. 

This section will guide you through the structure of your funnel to help you deliver and sell products through your funnel. The lessons covered under this blueprint are as follows.

  • Product Delivery setup
  • Building your sales page
  • Funnel Structure
  • New Customer setup
  • Shopping Cart setup
  • Evergreen Scarcity setup
  • Angle 1- The After Opt-in Sale.
  • Angle 2- The Evergreen Launch. 
  • Scaling with Retargeting. 

5. Keyword Research Blueprint. 

Keyword research blueprint mainly focuses on “reverse engineering,” the competitor’s website, and stealing the best keywords for your sites. It comprises the following lessons. 

  • Introduction to Keyword Research. 
  • Preparing Keyword Research Documents. 
  • Keyword Research Tactics. 
  • Implementation. 

6. Guest Posting Blueprint. 

Guest Posting Blueprint thrives on flexible outreach and optimized processes similar to that of Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint.

It covers all the lessons to help you build a guest posting machine in order to grow your site right from prospecting to Tracking. The following lessons are included in this blueprint. 

  • Guest Posting 101.
  • Prospecting strategies.
  • Initial Sending. 
  • Negotiation
  • Email Prospecting.
  • Submissions and Tracking. 

For Whom Is The Authority Hacker Pro Best Suited?

The Authority Hacker Pro is specially designed for marketers who already have authority sites or have experience in the field of digital marketing. 

The course offers training for three types of individuals.

Website Owners

If you already have a website, then you can take up this course to learn about the new and improved tactics that will help you to stay ahead in the competitive niche. The course offers tools to help you build links faster and enhance content creation. 

Agencies And Freelancers

If you are a freelancer or have an agency, then the processes outlined in the course will definitely help you to learn tactics and strategies to sell your SEO or content services effectively. 

In-House SEOs 

The training SOPs and premade workflows offered by the course will definitely have an impact on your output. 

Pricing Plans And Refund Policy Of Authority Hacker Pro

The Authority Hacker Pro is offered for $2997 as a one-time payment. You can also access this course by purchasing it in 12 payments of $297 each (a total of $3,564).

The Authority Hacker Pro platinum covers all the features offered by Authority Hacker Pro and covers some additional features, such as the private community on Discord.  SOP library, Mastermind calls, and hot seat events.

 It is offered at $5,997 for a one-time payment. You can also pay it in 12 payments of $597 (a total of $7,164).

The course offers a 30-day no, question-asked money-back guarantee. If you feel the course is not for you, then you can simply reach out to them via email to ask for a refund. 

Pros And Cons Of Authority Hacker Pro

Below are the pros and cons of Authority Hacker Pro. 

It provides advanced Tactics, tips, and strategies for website building. The course is for Advanced marketers; Beginners might find it difficult to understand the concept. 
Copy and paste templates, case studies, and real-life examples. The course is quite expensive. 
Allows access to an active Facebook group. The course is available only once or twice a year unless and until you have upgraded from TASS.
Offers a flexible training system. 

Authority Hacker Pro Alternatives

Below are a few alternatives to Authority Hacker Pro that you may check out. 

1. Affiliate Lab. 

The Affiliate lab is one of the best affiliate marketing courses covering a variety of link-building techniques as well as lead generation models. 

Affiliate Lab

It is an extensive on-page SEO course that is offered at $997 for one installment and $597 for two installments. 

2. Project 24. 

Project 24 is one of the alternatives to the Authority Hacker Pro and is designed to help you pick right topics and write SEO-optimized content to increase traffic to your website. 

Project 24

The course also comprises site monetization, Search analysis, members-only podcasts, live virtual masterminds, etc., and is offered at $449 for 1st year and, after that, $249 per year. 

3. Super Affiliate System.

The super Affiliate system is one of the ultimate blueprints to help you upscale your affiliate marketing skills.

Super Affiliate System

The course comprises 42 informational videos and 34 show-me-how videos with step-by-step instructions to help you achieve your super affiliate status and is offered at $997. 

Is The Authority Hacker Pro Worth It? 

The Authority Hacker Pro is definitely worth it. Even though the price might seem a bit expensive, the content offered by the course is definitely worth the cost. 

It is an extensive course and offers a treat of topics covering in-depth processes and training for building and developing authority sites.

Following are the points that demonstrate why Authority Hacker Pro is worth it and how it stands out differently from the other courses. 

  • In-Depth Knowledge.

The course covers a wide range of topics comprising social media marketing, SEO, content production, and many more to scale up and enhance your authority site. 

  • Building White Hat Links. 

The course also teaches how to acquire white-hat links as well as how to outsource and automate link building. 

  • Expert Course Creators.

The team of authority hackers has years of experience ranging from digital marketing to entrepreneurship. Mark and Gael have trained their team and offered high-quality content on which the users can rely. 

  • Customer Support. 

Highly active customer service support is offered by Authority Hacker Pro to help solve technical or any other issues. The support team solves your queries as quickly as possible. It offers email support and a private student forum. 

Considering all the above points, it can be clearly seen demonstrated that Authority Hacker Pro is undoubtedly worth it. 

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Final Verdict: Authority Hacker Pro Review (2024)

In order to make a whopping amount sum, building your authority websites is the best way to opt for. 

Authority Hacker Pro is the best course that I personally opted for to improve my SEO skills. 

Coming to my experience with this course, I would say that it has definitely helped me a lot in terms of advancing skills relevant to SEO.

If you are in search of the most extensive affiliate, website building, and SEO course online, then Authority Hacker Pro is definitely worth getting on their waiting list. 

You might find this course a bit expensive, but trust me, it is worth the cost, and you should definitely give it a try whenever the course program is available. 

FAQs On Authority Hacker Pro

What is the price of the courses offered by Authority Hacker?

The Authority Hacker Core Web Vitals and the Authority Site System are offered at $997, whereas the price of Authority Hacker Pro is around $2997. 

Does Authority Hacker Pro offer a free trial?

The Authority Hacker Pro does not offer a free trial. To access the course lessons, you will have to purchase the course. However, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t want to continue with the course. 

Is Authority Hacker Pro helpful for beginners?

As is demonstrated by the name of the course Authority Hacker Pro, it is designed for pro or advanced users who are already in the field of affiliate marketing or who already have been earning through their authority sites. For beginners, you can opt for the Authority site system course offered by Authority Hacker. 

Is Authority Hacker Pro available throughout the year? 

The Authority Hacker Pro is available for enrollment only once or twice a year. However, you can access the course anytime by just upgrading the purchase of TASS. 

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