Mondly Review 2024 — My Experience Of Learning French

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Are you confused about considering Mondly or not? Don’t worry. I got you.

I have taken a few lessons on Mondly and tried to incorporate the learnings with my friends in different countries in basic conversations. Guess what? It worked!

Apart from Mondly, I have also tried other language learning platforms; hence I can compare other platforms and ease out the process of choosing the right one for you.

I have listed everything you need to know about Mondly, how it works, the ease of use, the pros & cons, the pricing, etc., in this detailed and practical review of Mondly.

I also share the final verdict of Mondly – “Is Mondly worth it?” towards the end.

An Overview of Mondly:

Mondly is an online learning platform that is programmed to learn any language quickly.

The best part of Mondly is that it is diverse regardless of your age, which means anyone can learn any language, and there is no age limit or restrictions. For example, you can learn a new language all by yourself or teach your kids or take lessons together on a Sunday evening for a productive day.

Mondly Review

All you need is a device (a computer or a mobile) to learn a foreign language with Mondly. I mean, even the lessons are game-like so that you don’t get bored like you usually get at language lectures in college.

The user experience is top-notch, where the entire application setup is structured so that any user can open the application and start taking lessons without any hassles.

You also get the opportunity to learn alongside other users worldwide and interact via a community hub.

The application is available in both successful operating software, iOS, and Android, ready to download.

How does Mondly work?

To put out a disclaimer at first, I’d like to say that Mondly does not change its teaching pattern according to the change of languages; hence you can expect the same learning throughout.

The learning in Mondly is lesson-oriented, which means you are entitled to be taking six lessons followed up by a conversation around that helps in understanding the language via communication.

How Does Mondly Work

The conversation around, considered as an exercise, is programmed with a bot for effective learning.

You can also check the top rankings and compare progress with fellow users. The progress shows up with accurate statistics and suggests the areas you are falling back, which is helpful to improvise.

Mondly has come up with an exciting way of showing your progress through a diagrammatical representation of the human brain that highlights the areas of improvement. Yes, the human brain!

It also shows the number of minutes you have spent, the number of words you have learned, and the number of phrases you have covered, which is very insightful for a person to track.

Mondly is based on self-paced learning, which means you can take lessons whenever you want, wherever you want, and however, you want. For example, on a mobile, tablet, or even a computer.

Lastly, you get two incredible subscription offers where you can pay monthly or every year, depending on which your service varies.

For example, you get unlimited access to only one language via a monthly subscription, whereas you get access to all 33 languages in the platform with the yearly subscription module.

I have talked about the pricing in detail towards the end. Keep reading to find out!

What is the idea behind Mondly?

Mondly is trying to ease out the process of learning a new language from scratch for everyone. With basic vocabulary lessons followed by bot conversations via voice recognition programming, it has captured the idea of learning a foreign language in a practical yet fun way.

The Idea Behind MondlyWORKS

You also get the option of learning using visualization of images, speaking using theme-based lessons, and understanding words using slowed audios, which is a great pattern to follow.

While Mondly focuses on making it easy for users to learn a language, it has stepped a league ahead. It has introduced an exclusive augmented reality application fully prepared by the platform.

It enables a user to interact with a virtual assistant (teacher) who helps understand the words in the language that you are learning better using a VR world.

Key features of Mondly:

There are incredible ways through which Mondly stands out from its competitors. They are:

1. Easy vocabulary lessons

The lessons start with primary teaching so that there is no hurry in learning new words instantly. You get enough time to learn lessons from scratch since there is no time limit for you to compete.

2. Game-like experience

This is one of the main reasons why Mondly stands out. The experience of using Mondly is something else since the user experience in Mondly feels like you are playing a fun game.

3. Graphical interface

The interface is colorful and well-designed, where every option and pop-ups are placed appropriately, leading to no confusion while learning or practicing lessons.

4. Engaging community

Another valid point to opt for Mondly is the community forum that you get to be part of. Mondly has replaced the idea of having friends in language classes with their exclusive community hub.

5. Performance board

A practical tool that helps in understanding the areas of improvement with diagrammatic statistics. The board also shows scores of other learners to interpret where you are and how you can improve.

Mondly has covered every aspect of learning and engagingly smoothened the process. The above essential features are making Mondly the best learning platform in the niche of language.

What it’s like taking a lesson on Mondly? (My experience)

As mentioned earlier, the lessons are structured from simple wordings to theme-based modules.

The set of exercises included in each lesson is unique and different from one another so that you don’t get any repetition of the same lesson twice. The experience was immaculate in each lesson.

We Certainly Learned A Lot

In some cases, Mondly would ask you to list out some words from the lessons you have learned so far. Don’t worry, they are not strict and all. I was asked to translate a sentence from Spanish to English.

With the audio feature in-built, you can listen to the pronunciation as many times as you want. It helps in understanding the pronunciation of a word better and also using it in the appropriate place.

While taking lessons, you can always check the translation of a word by clicking (or tapping if you are using it on mobile) on the underline below the doubted word, which acts as a hint for a compelling answer.

After completing the lessons, the last round comes the fun task of having a conversation with a chatbot that is programmed to interact with you. 

Trust me, it feels like talking to a native speaker when you are engaging with the chatbot. The response was accurate.

NOTE: You are given the option to choose the difficulty level before taking up a lesson.

Mondly Review: Pros & Cons

Here are the pros & cons of Mondly.

Mondly Pros

  • All the lessons are short & engaging making it easier for you to learn.
  • The pricing of Mondly is more affordable than other language learning platforms.
  • Mondly offers AR and VR apps for language learning.
  • It offers a gamified learning experience making learning more fun.
  • Mondly also has motivational features to keep its users engaged.

Mondly Cons

  • The free version of this app is very limited.
  • They don’t offer lessons according to the progress of the user.

Who is best suited for Mondly?

Although Mondly claims that it is a learning platform for everyone, in my experience, I found out that it is not entirely true. I mean, some segregation needs to be done accordingly.

I’d recommend Mondly to:

  • Anyone who is trying to learn a language in a fun way
  • People who are passionate about learning something new
  • Language learners who’d like to practice their skills
  • Someone who likes the idea of AR learning in languages

To wrap up, I would highly suggest the users have prior experience playing quiz games or any mobile games because the lessons are well-structured. Still, you need knowledge in operating the application.

Apart from that, using Mondly is much easier compared to taking boring lectures in a language class.

What is the cost of Mondly?

The pricing in Mondly is classified into three brief plans making it more reliable for everyone.

Mondly: Pricing Plans

You get access to:

Mondly Pricing Plans
  • One language for one month – $9.99/- per month
  • One language for a year – $4.99/- per month and $47.99/- per year
  • 33 languages for one year – $479.99/- per year (there is an exclusive 90% offer right now)

The pricing plans mentioned above are great options, but getting access to all 33 languages for an entire year is the most popular plan selling out fast on Mondly. Also, you can switch back and forth from language to language or learn two languages simultaneously in that plan.

You also get exclusive offers for inviting family and friends who you think might like the application or be interested in learning a new language on Mondly.

Mondly: Refund policy

Unfortunately, there is no refund policy on Mondly, but you can simply cancel the subscription via Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS, which is one of the easiest ways to cancel the subscription.

The subscription modules are something to look out in Mondly because it renews automatically.

I Reviewed Mondly based on:

There were a variety of criteria that I considered before writing down the review of Mondly.

I opted for the Spanish language at the primary level to understand the language while also getting a hands-on experience with Mondly. 

I started with an hour per day and ended up spending half a day for a whole week since Mondly was quite addictive.

Conversation bot 🤖

One of the main reasons I loved Mondly was that they have a chatbot with which you can actually talk, practice, and learn pronunciations accurately at ease.

As far as I have researched language learning platforms, Mondly is the only application that offers such a feature that allows the user to have a conversation with an in-built speaking bot.

Structuring of lessons 📝

The categorization was well done, where I was able to follow up new words and phrases accurately from Lesson 1-6 with no unwanted pop-ups or disturbances. Each lesson had a different theme giving new experiences now and then.

This way, I was able to learn the language in various themes for an overall understanding. You can also schedule your lessons with the help of an intelligent calendar for a smooth flow of learning.

Augmented Reality

The augmented reality feature in Mondly has taken the platform to the next level, where it is engaging and entertaining at the same time. 

You literally get to step into a new virtual world.

After downloading the AR app, you can start hovering around with your mobile device and explore the feature instantly. Once you choose the desired level, a virtual human will appear to guide you.

Eventually, you’ll get a set of themes to choose from, from sports to cinema to restaurant, to many more.

What did I like About Mondly?

There are many things I liked about Mondly, out of which few features excelled and stood out.

They are:

  • Easily customizable

The fact that I could customize Mondly according to my preference, interest, and goals was amazing because learning platforms usually follow a standard pattern, which is plain.

On Mondly, the learning is different where you can change the lessons according to your interest like if you are a newbie, you can opt for the default lessons. 

Still, if you’d like to explore, you can choose from themed lessons of your choice like family, travel, seasons, romance, etc.

  • Practicing with chatbots

It is no wonder that technology has improved massively. Mondly has used it to their advantage in introducing chatbots instead of basic virtual assistants because they help build up skills, practice the learned words, and replace a native speaker.

Chatbots are available at the end of every theme that you take; hence there is a guarantee that you can incorporate the learnings from past lessons directly to the chatbot in the conversation round.

  • Exclusive offers for friends & family

Since Mondly is pretty much like a game where you can invite friends along with you, it has certain offers that you can benefit from. 

All the premium accounts in Mondly can invite anyone and everyone into the application and get up to a 48% discount, which is a great deal.

The more people you invite, the more the discount increases. 

Make sure to invite your friends!

What People Are Saying About Mondly

Here are the reviews of students and companies about Mondly:

What People Are Saying About Mondly

Mondly Alternatives:

Suppose you are not convinced with the teaching in Mondly or feel like it’s not the right app for you. No issues, I got you covered.

Here are some excellent alternatives to Mondly that might interest you:

  • Mosalingua

Mosalingua is a language learning program that follows a unique teaching method backed up by science in helping users learn a new language.

The platform has exclusive lessons designed for seven popular languages. 

Although it might seem a bit old, the content inside the platform is worth considering.

You get audiobooks, learnable dialogues, and flashcards to get going with the lessons. Mosalingua has a premium plan for $59.90 per year.

  • Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is one of the top platforms to learn a new language. The platform has 25 languages to choose from. 

Although Mondly is relatively cheaper than Rosetta Stone, it has more languages, whereas Rosetta Stone has a flexible user experience, which is excellent.

The only downside is that Rosetta Stone sticks to the formal way of teaching languages while you get chatbot interaction and progress tracking on Mondly.

The pricing is at $95.88 per which can be paid $7.99 per month. You also get lifetime access to the language library at a single payment of $179/-

  • Duolingo

Duolingo is a fun application with colorful graphics and animations helping users in engagingly learning a variety of languages. You can see the similarity of Mondly in Duolingo, but few points differentiate one and another.

While Mondly stands out with conversation chatbots, lesson maps, and unique themes, Duolingo is constrained to phrases, words, and sentences. There is a feature like an audiobook, though.

The best part about Duolingo? The platform is available for free but requires purchase only if you want to get unlimited lives and remove ads which can cost $83.33 per year or $6.99 per month.

NOTE: Duolingo is free, but you are given lives at the beginning of the game. Make sure to stay alive!

Final verdict – Is Mondly worth it In 2024?

Mondly is easily the best language learning platform out there to learn new languages.

You get multiple benefits like interactive chatbots, themed lessons, learning calendars, and many more on Mondly, which cannot be found on other platforms. 

The Augmented Reality (AR) is another main reason to try Mondly because it has the capability of smoothening the learning process.

The option to choose future lessons according to your interests is something else in Mondly. Even the user interface is game-like making it quite addictive for new learners to follow the lessons.

Especially the chatbot feels like talking to a native speaker of the chosen language. Mondly makes learning more fun, engaging, and interactive with innovative tools inclined in the platform.

In conclusion, I’d definitely say that Mondly is worth it. If you are getting so many features for learning a language under one roof, why not give it a try? 

Also, remember that you get discounts for inviting others, make sure to bring in more people to get the most benefit. I hope this Mondly review suits your purpose well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you learn on Mondly?

Mondly is a language learning platform. You can learn 30+ languages on Mondly.

Is there a free trial on Mondly?

Although you can use Mondly for free on their official website for a lesson, there are no free trial options on Mondly.

What is the cost of Mondly?

You can buy access to one language for a month at $9.99/- per month, one language for $47.99 per year ($4.99/- per month), and 33 languages for a year at $479.99/- per year.

Can you request a refund on Mondly?

Unfortunately, you cannot request a refund on Mondly since there are no refund policies.

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