Grammarly Discount Code 2023 — 20% Off Coupon

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Use our Grammarly Discount codes to get to save up to 20% on your Grammarly Premium subscription. 

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Grammarly Discount Code 2023 — Latest Offers!

Now you can get up to 20% Off on Grammarly Premium Plans 💰
This offer is valid for everyone — students, bloggers, and writers ❤️

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The best part, this Grammarly discount deal is for — students, bloggers, and writers. Anyone using our exclusive Grammarly discount link can claim the discount offer. 

In case you want to explore more about Grammarly, we suggest checking our in-depth Grammarly review here.

Grammarly is a robust yet straightforward writing assistant and proofreading tool that helps improve your writing. With Grammarly, you can improve your writing — way beyond Grammar. We use Grammarly for Prosperity for all blog posts, emails, articles, and guides. 

Available Grammarly Discount & Coupon Codes (2023)

Let’s have a look at the available Grammarly Premium discounts. Here I’ll share the exact discount offers you will be getting on Grammarly premium plans. This exclusive discount is for — ProsperityForALL readers!

Monthly PlanQuarterly PlanAnnual Plan
Original Price$30$60$144
Discounted Price$22.50$45$136
Total Saving$7.5$15$36
Grammarly Premium Discount Offers!

How to Claim Grammarly Discount Offer (Step-by-Step)

To easily claim the Grammarly discount, you need to follow the exact steps given below. 

Step #1: Use our exclusive discount link to land on the official Grammarly page. 

Grammarly Homepage

Step #2: Once you land on the official discount page, you will see the special offer for Prosperity readers. Click on the “Get Started” button. 

Grammarly Discount Coupon - Get Started

Note: If you’re unable to see the discount offer, Grammarly shows you a signup page with the discount already applied. Remember this; if you’re a registered Grammarly user, you will be taken straight to the “Pricing Plans” page. You can skip to the last step.

Step #3: To process, you will need to install the Grammarly extension for your browser (Chrome, Mozilla, or Safari). Install the extension and move to the next step. 

Step #4: Once you install the extension, you need to create a Grammarly account by entering your — email, password, and name. And then, you need to click on the “Agree and Signup” button. 

Grammarly - Sign Up

Step #5: Now, Grammarly allows you to fine-tune all the proofreading tools as per your needs and specific requirements. You can go through the process to get the most out of Grammarly. 

Note: You can click on “Later” to skip the personalization process. 

Step #6: Once the personalization process is done, you need to click on “Level up with Premium” and move to the next step. 

Grammarly - Level with Premium

Step #7:  In this step, you need to choose the Grammarly Premium Subscription. I highly recommend getting started with the annual plan as it is the most value-for-money plan. 

Grammarly - Annual Plan

Step #8: In this step, you need to complete the purchase using any preferred payment method. The best part is PayPal accepts payments via credit card and PayPal. 

Grammarly - Payment Method

So this is how you can easily claim the Grammarly Discount Offer. Make sure to follow the exact steps listed above to claim the discount offer. 

Grammarly Pricing Explained- Which Plan Is The Best?

Grammarly has flexible pricing plans available. Moreover, it also has a free plan available — with limited features. It comes with easy monthly and yearly subscriptions, which you can choose to get started. Here we’re sharing the detailed breakdown of Grammarly Premium pricing below.

  • Grammarly Premium — The Grammarly premium plan starts from $12 monthly, which includes features like — writing style, tone, clarity, and plagiarism checker, and is best suited for work and school.
  • Grammarly Business Plan — The Grammarly Business plan starts from $14/mo per member. This plan is best suited for professionals and teams who collaborate and work together.
Grammarly Pricing Plans.

Remember, if you’re looking to save a few extra bucks on Grammarly, make sure to go with the annual plan. You’ll be able to save up to 60% on Grammarly Premium plans.

Bonus: If you want to try Grammarly Premium for free, then you should check out our post on Grammarly Premium free trial here.

What is Grammarly For Education?

Grammarly for Education is a service that Grammarly offers to institutions where students and faculties can access Grammarly through only one account. In group access, you will get all the benefits of Grammarly premium and get a discounted price based on volume. It also gives you an analytics dashboard and SAML SSO. 

With institution-wide access, you get all the features of the group license plus more discounted pricing for students. Institutes can assign different roles to faculties and students and limit access depending on the need. In this account, you will get priority email support.

Why Choose Grammarly?

Grammarly is not just a tool to fix your writing mistakes, its writing features can help you and your team write with confidence. You can write without any fear because you know if you miss any spelling error or mistakenly write the wrong sentence, Grammarly has your back, and it can easily remind you to fix your mistakes with the right suggestion.

It also offers tone suggestions which makes sure that you write anything formally or informally depending on your goal setting. Sometimes we can write long and hard-to-read sentences, which may seem fine to use, but for the reader, it can be time-consuming to read, and that’s where Grammarly’s rephrase feature comes in. It helps you trim those long sentences into crisp and on-the-point sentences.

Is Grammarly Premium Worth It?

Grammarly’s free version allows you to avoid any spelling error and grammatical errors. But the premium version offers a lot of features than that. With it, you can write a complete article without any errors, and you can also set the tone of the article. It also comes with advanced settings where you can set the tone of your text, select the audience type, and define the intent of your content.

You can get advanced suggestions on your sentences and rephrase them to make them more formal based on your goals. All of these features make Grammarly Premium worth every penny you will pay. For more information on Grammarly, check out more about Grammarly Black Friday.

What is GrammarlyGO?

GrammarlyGO brings Grammarly’s AI writing assistant to all devices. This AI-powered app acts like your personal editor for on-the-go writing, providing real-time suggestions tailored to your style and context. It goes beyond basic grammar and spellcheck to analyze tone, improve word choice, check readability, and recommend ways to make your writing clearer, concise, and compelling. 


Whether you’re crafting an email, text, social post, or essay, GrammarlyGO aims to boost writing quality through personalized feedback. Its privacy-focused design keeps your documents off the cloud for processing directly on your device. By putting an AI writing expert in your pocket, GrammarlyGO helps you elevate any writing task anywhere inspiration strikes.

Grammarly Premium Features & Benefits 

Still, figuring out whether to go with Grammarly Premium or not? 

The thing is, you can stick to the Grammarly free version as long as you want; however, you will miss the Grammarly Premium features.

Grammarly Free version comes with — basic writing suggestions. 

Grammarly Premium unlocks advanced features and suggestions where you can improve — style, tone, and clarity. You will get the following Grammarly Premium features:

  • Everything in the free version
  • Tone adjustments
  • Plagiarism detection
  • Advanced clarity suggestions
  • Consistency and fluency suggestions 
  • Additional advanced suggestions
  • Formality and Fluency level

Here is a comparison table between Grammarly free and Grammarly premium versions to help you choose between them.

FeaturesGrammarly FreeGrammarly Premium
Grammar Checker✔️✔️
Spelling Error Correction✔️✔️
Tone Detector✔️
Plagiarism Checker✔️
Goal Setting✔️✔️
Insert Punctuation✔️
Fluency Setting✔️
Rephrase SentencePartial✔️
Personal Dictionary✔️✔️
Advanced Suggestions✔️
Article Usage✔️

Does Grammarly Offer Military or Student Discounts?

Many websites claim that Grammarly does offer military and student discounts. But let me clear one thing in advance: there is no discount available on Grammarly for military personnel and students. But if you are a student or a veteran and looking for a discount on Grammarly, then you are at the right place.

Grammarly offers a flat 60% off on their annual plans, which is the current offer they are offering. But if you don’t want to spend your money on Grammarly premium, then you can opt for Grammarly’s free version and use it for your texts without any restriction. However, there are plenty of features the free version does not have, but it can help you write sentences with the right grammar without any spelling mistakes.

Conclusion — Grammarly Discount & Coupon Code (2023)

So this is how you can claim 20% OFF on Grammarly Premium plans using our Grammarly Coupon. 

If you have followed all the steps carefully, you will be able to claim the discount offer. Enjoy error-free and improved writing with Grammarly Premium. 

We hope this post helped you get a Grammarly Discount quickly. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. 


How much maximum discount can I get on Grammarly?

We have partnered with Grammarly to offer our readers a flat 20% discount on their purchase of a Grammarly subscription. If you choose to buy the annual subscription to Grammarly, then you can save up to 60%.

Is it worth upgrading to Grammarly Premium?

With Grammarly Premium, you will get more professional suggestions on how to improve the tone, punctuation, and more of your content. You will also get access to the plagiarism checker tool. So, I would say it is definitely worth upgrading to Grammarly Premium.

What is included in the Grammarly free version?

In the Grammarly free version, you can check the basic grammar, get basic suggestions, and get access to the Grammarly browser extension.

On which devices can I use Grammarly?

You can use Grammarly on your iOS, iPad, Windows, and Mac devices. Grammarly is compatible with Chrome, Safari, Google Docs, MS Word, Firefox, and Edge.

Does Grammarly offer volume discounts?

Yes, Grammarly offers volume discounts when you buy annual memberships for ten or more members at once. The discount will be applied to the checkout as soon as you increase the number of memberships. You will need to contact their sales team if you want to buy memberships for over 150 members at once, and they will calculate the discount for you.

What’s the difference between Grammarly Business and Premium?

Grammarly business is for teams, enterprises, and organizations, whereas Grammarly premium is for individuals. In the business version, you get some extra features like a style guide, analytics dashboard, snippets, brand tones, SAML single sign-on, and account roles & permissions.

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