How To Use Pomodoro Technique For Studying (Pros & Cons)

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In today’s technologically advanced and interconnected busy world, a number of students find it difficult to deal with studies and assignments.

There are several distracting factors, but the main ones are electronic gadgets, especially mobile phones.

Are you struggling to focus on your studies? Never mind, here is a solution for you. The Pomodoro technique can help you deal with it. 

Before knowing how the Pomodoro technique works, let us first understand what the Pomodoro technique exactly is.

What Is The Pomodoro Technique Of Study?

Pomodoro is a time management technique for a study that Francesco Cirillo developed in the year 1980.

It is a highly effective technique that helps you to manage your time and focus effectively on your work, avoiding distractions.

This technique involves a stretch of 25 minutes of focused work known as Pomodoro sessions and then 5 to 10 minutes of the short break. 

The main purpose of using this technique is to maximize productivity by enhancing the focus on the work.

Steps Involved In Pomodoro Study Technique. 

Six steps are involved in the Pomodoro technique for studying. Let us understand each of them below. 

1. Choose A Task

The first step involved in this technique is to plan or select the task to be carried out; you can do it by creating your to-do list.

It can be anything from studying and taking notes to complete projects and assignments.

Pomodoro Technique For Studying - Choose A Task

When you plan the list of your tasks, make sure you determine the time you will require to get them done. 

Some tasks might take you a complete 25 minutes of Pomodoro, while for the tasks that are short, you can combine them in a single 25-minute of interval. 

2. Set A Timer To 25 Minutes

After choosing the task, the next step is to set the timer to 25 minutes. Once the timer is set, focus on the task until the timer goes off. 

It is not necessary to use a timer that is complex or has any fancy capabilities; a simple and cost-effective one is always ok.

Set A Timer TO 25 Minute

3. Work On The Task

Work with undivided attention on the task until the timer rings. Avoid distractions and work with focus during Pomodoro intervals.

Keep track of your work progress and mark off a Pomodoro once the 25 minutes are up.

Work On The Task

Make the best possible use of a complete 25-minute Pomodoro, and don’t rush in to take a break early. 

4. Take 5 Minutes Break

Once the timer rings after the first Pomodoro interval, you can enjoy a short break of about  5 to 10 minutes. 

You can go grab a coffee or snacks, stretch, go for a walk or do something relaxing to refresh.

Take A 5 Minute Break

5. Track The Session

Keep track of your Pomodoro sessions. If you have completed three or fewer sessions, you can continue with the process

Once you get done with the fourth Pomodoro session, you can go for a long break. 

Track The Session

6. Increase The Duration Of Breaks

After the Completion of the fourth Pomodoro session, take a restorative and long extended break of about 15 to 30 minutes. 

Take time to relax and refresh, and then get prepared for the set of the next four Pomodoro sessions.  

How To Increase The Effectiveness Of The Pomodoro Technique

  1. Combine short tasks into a single Pomodoro.

Make a list of the tasks that are short and easy and can be combined together within a single Pomodoro session

  1. Avoid Distractions.

Try to combat distractions while working. Eliminate the things that cause you distraction, especially electronic gadgets. 

You can opt for noise-canceling headphones or earplugs or listen to white noise to avoid any auditory distractions. 

  1. Pre-plan the Pomodoros.

Plan the tasks or the Pomodoro session in advance, as it will help to achieve the desired results.

It will also help to save time and improve the productivity of the work.

  1. Implement the use of apps to record Pomodoros. 

Starting your tasks using the Pomodoro technique is easy but sticking to your Pomodoros by the end of the day becomes a difficult task.

There are several reminder apps available to help you set reminders for your important tasks and keep track of your work.

Benefits Of Pomodoro Technique

  • Help to avoid procrastination.

It is the human tendency to procrastinate their work that leads to failure in time management.

Pomodoro Technique helps to increase your focus to do a particular task and motivates you to get things done within time.

  • Help to manage time.

Pomodoro is an excellent technique for managing your time and avoiding distractions. 

With the help of the Pomodoro technique, it is possible to break your work targets into stretches of 25 minutes of Pomodoro sessions.

  • Makes planning easier.

The Pomodoro technique helps to plan your tasks with more efficiency and accuracy and helps to meet the deadlines of the work. 

  • Upgrades quality and quantity of work.

The Pomodoro technique influences the quality and productivity of your work. With the help of this technique, knowing what the task for a day improves the quality and productivity of the work.

Drawbacks Of The Pomodoro Technique

There are a lot of benefits to the Pomodoro Technique, but there are also a few drawbacks to using this technique, such as:

  • Some tasks take longer than 25 minutes, and if you are following the Pomodoro technique, then you will break your flow, and the task will take longer than required. The Pomodoro technique does not work for some tasks, so it’s better not to follow it.
  • If you are taking too many intervals during a task, then it will be stressful to complete that task.
  • Sometimes you can finish a task before the 25-minute timer, then you may find yourself wondering what to do next.
  • Unscheduled meetings can interfere with your Pomodoro planning, so you must be prepared for interruptions like that.

5+ Best Pomodoro Timers

A number of Pomodoro timer apps are available to help you manage your time and organize your work. 

Here are a few timer apps that you can go for to plan your Pomodoro sessions.

Tomato Timer

Tomato timer is a flexible and easy-to-use timer app that provides a number of keyboard shortcuts and allows you to plan effective time management.

This app provides access to customize your Pomodoro sessions, reset and pause the time, and you can also receive audio notifications at the end of the sessions. 


The Pomotodo timer app allows you to schedule tasks, complete your tasks, review your task history, etc.

The app has a pro version that offers additional features like setting reminders, repeat functions, weekly reports, notes, etc. 

Focus Keeper

Focus Keeper is a convenient and customizable Pomodoro timer app that is available for both iOS and android.

With its features, you can set timers, track the progress of your work and set audio notifications for long breaks, short breaks, and Pomodoro sessions. 

Clockwork Tomato

Clockwork Tomato is a timer app that serves as a clock, a timer, and an activity log to help you set reminders for Pomodoro sessions.

This app is customizable and allows you to create profiles, set colors and sounds, sync and edit task lists, etc.


Timerdoro is a simple, accessible, and easy-to-use app that helps you to keep track of your work progress and time.

The app provides access to four timer options, i.e., classic Pomodoro, Timerdoro, eye strain, and GTD 2-minute task timer.

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Key Takeaways: Pomodoro Technique For Studying

The Pomodoro technique provides a clear determination of the time and effort you have invested in a particular task.

Pomodoro Technique is an excellent motivator and helper for people to achieve their goals and opt for a personalized and healthier approach towards effective management of time.

So that’s all about the Pomodoro technique. Do apply it and let us know how it benefits you in the comments section below. 


What are the requirements for applying the Pomodoro technique?

The main requirements for applying a Pomodoro technique are a to-do list and a timer.

How many Pomodoros should you do in a day?

The answer to this question actually depends on how much time you dedicate to your study. But at the beginning, you can start with one set of Pomodoro for a day.

Is the Pomodoro technique actually effective for Studying?

The Pomodoro technique is highly effective as it helps to manage your time and work with complete focus avoiding any interruptions. It also helps to inculcate discipline within us towards the work. 

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