12 Best Places To Study (Enable Focus Mode)

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There are various best places to study according to your preferences. Students nowadays find it hard to concentrate on their studies and require various alternatives to complete their homework or assignments. 

59% of the students prefer to study in the library over other places. 26% of students study in coffee shops at least once a week. At the same time, others prefer alternatives like parks, diners, empty classrooms, dorm rooms, etc.

In the following article, we have listed all the best places you can utilize to study and focus on academics. The list is created for all school students and university students.

Top 12 Places To Study: In A Nutshell 

You need to focus and stay away from the distractions of the environment to study efficiently. Many quiet places in the cities help students to learn. Recently there has been a tremendous increase in the number of students studying in the library and cafes. 

Furthermore, many students still prefer their room to study. They decorate their study space with the help of various desk organizers and other stationary and art pieces like motivational quotes to help them motivate. 

What’s more? Let us look at the best places you can choose to study. 

1. Your Room

I personally think that your room is the best place to study if you don’t have distractions at home. You get all your needs fulfilled and don’t have to pay a single cent for all the food and the place. 

Most of the students have their study tables and well-organized study space. You will be easily able to concentrate in your study space. You can also create a dream board and a good environment full of light and air to help you focus on your studies. 

Best Places To Study - Home

All the required resources, study materials, accessories, etc., are readily available at your home. You can inform your family members that you are preparing to study and not to distract you. I have always found my home best for researching and helping me concentrate better. 

Students usually have a fixed spot that helps them create a study setup. Do you also have such a spot at your home?

2. A Library

After your home, no doubt library will always be a great spot to study and concentrate. The peaceful ambiance encourages the students to study and complete their assignments. 

Available with plenty of resources and study materials, the library motivates you to study and concentrate. You will be able to see many students are studying hard; this usually helps a learner by creating a desire to study. 

I had always loved to study in the library in those days when I had low self-esteem and lacked the motivation to study. Libraries are usually quiet and available close to your residence. 

3. A Quiet Coffee Shop

A good ambiance will freshen up your mood when you don’t feel your best. There are usually coffee shops that have a quiet atmosphere. You will mostly find students and professionals working in such shops. 

A Quiet Coffee Shop

You will get the support of good healthy food and some caffeine to keep your spirits elevated. You will, however, need some dollars in your pockets to study at the coffee shop. 

4. Your Favorite Quiet Outdoor Place

Suppose you had a stressful day or are too tired to study but have an exam tomorrow. The best option is to pack all the essentials with some food and go to your favorite natural spot. 

We all have a place that has a special place in our hearts and makes us feel peaceful. Studying at such sites will surely help to boost your dopamine levels and make learning fun. 

Remember that the place you choose to study must be quiet enough to help you focus on your studies. Having snacks will help you recharge with a good view during the short breaks. 

5. An Empty Classroom 

If you are at a university or school, the best option is an empty classroom. A whole room just to yourself with benches and a board to help you inspire to study and concentrate. Open classrooms will be easily accessible if you are on campus and must study or prepare for the exams. 

I remember we used to always have at least one empty classroom. The only issue you will face is searching for it if you have a big campus. Students are habituated to learning and studying in the classroom, making it easier to concentrate on their self-study. 

This option always comes in handy if you have a free lecture, presentation, or test scheduled for the next day. You will also have easy access to water and food in your campus area. 

6. A Friend’s Home 

When I felt it was hard to study or lacked motivation, I would go to my friend’s house to study. This always helped me as we would encourage each other to work hard and try various tricks to make learning fun. 

Every student has a study buddy who makes studying fun for them. Having a friend to study with is always an advantage, as it helps to keep you on track and motivated. Crashing over a friend’s house wont require your a dollar. 

A Friend's Home 

You can visit your friend to complete your assignment and homework on time. It will help you both to be on track and achieve your studies instead of procrastinating the work. 

It will also help you to refresh, and maybe your friend will help you score on the next test. 

7. Study Center

Study centers are great places to visit if the library or the classes are overcrowded. The study center has a perfect setup of desks and chairs to help you study. 

Study centers are easily accessible on campus and are a good option. You will be able to get all the resources and requirements quickly. 

However, you can face disturbances in the study centers as they are crowded. 

8. A Bookstore.

A bookstore is a place where everybody is quiet and focuses on learning. Although it is not as good as libraries, bookstores are surely a good-to-go option. You can find all the required study materials and stationery easily.

A Bookstore

You can make sure to avoid the rush hours. Some bookstores have set up cafes and offered their patrons tables and places to study. You can surely take advantage of the facility. 

9. A Coworking Space

A co-woking space is no doubt in trend. Many freelancers, small business owners, and remote workers choose a coworking space. You can surely book a table to study at a coworking space. 

The environment at coworking spaces is quiet and helps in concentration, as many professionals are working with concentration. However, this option will be expensive compared to other places. But it is surely a great deal if you don’t have a better option and cannot concentrate on your upcoming tests. 

10. Bus

If you travel by bus or your commute to school takes a lot of time, you can always choose to spend your time wisely. You can study on the go. Studying on the bus might not seem a good option to you, but think wisely. You can save time by revising and researching on the bus. 

Noise will surely disturb you and break your concentration, but you always have earphones. Plug in your earphones and play some white noise or music that helps you to concentrate.

You can make the most out of your commute time and help yourself by saving some time. 

11. Your Dorm Room

If you have access to one, dorm rooms are always a great option. You can create a study corner in your room and add some decorations, a study table, and some stationary items. 

Dorm rooms are a great place to have group studies as well. You can discuss and learn or brainstorm with friends. You can keep your dorm room clean and cozy to help you concentrate on your studies. 

12. A Quiet Diner

A quiet diner is a great option when you want to enjoy food along with studying. It is suitable for group discussions, project research, and assignments. It is undoubtedly a good shot if they allow you to stay after finishing your food.

A Quiet Diner

I have seen people studying at such restaurants with earphones plugged in. Especially for the students who love food, it will be a great combination to study here. What are your views about studying at such a restaurant?

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That’s all about the best places to study. 

Above all, How you study and where you study don’t really matter. What is more important is how serious you are about it and how desperately you wish to achieve your goal. Various peaceful places will help you to concentrate and study. We have listed them all to make your work easier. 

I hope the above article has helped you choose the perfect place to study. If yes, remember to share your favorite place to study and why you like it in the comments section. 


Where is the best place to study at home?

The best place to study at home is a place with plenty of sunlight and air. You can also study at a desk or on the table. 

Which room is best for studying?

The best room to study is the student’s own room with minimum disturbance and noise issues. It is the best bet if you have access to the study room, it surely is the best bet. 

Is it good to study on the bed?

According to various studies conducted, studying on the bed reduces productivity. It also decreases the focus of the students. A bed is a place for sleeping. When you study on bed subconscious mind gets a message to sleep due to the sleeping habit. This makes students sleepy and lousy. 

Should I listen to music while I study?

It depends on the music you are listening to and your study habits. According to various research conducted, music helps in managing stress and helps to focus. This may not be true for everyone. It can also distract a person making it difficult for them to concentrate. 

Why is it good to study in a quiet place?

Quite places help you concentrate and retain information without creating disturbances. Studying in a quiet, peaceful environment is always the best option

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