10 Best Online International Business Bachelor’s Degree Programs

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The demand for all types of professionals is steadily increasing because business is one of the areas of the global economy that is growing the fastest. If someone wanted to travel and carry out their duties as a global leader, who wouldn’t want to be a part of something so massive?

With so much information available, getting there can be difficult for some people, especially considering that over 2.6 million students take all of their courses online to fulfill their training and degree requirements.

So to make it easy for you, I have listed the top 10 Best Online International Business Bachelor’s Degree Programs that can help you to get a master in international business.

To create this ranking of 10 Business Bachelor Degrees, I consulted several authorities on education, careers, and government institutions. 

Next, I factored in how each bachelor’s degree in business ranked in terms of time and financial investment, reputation, quality of education program, and employability post-graduation. 

Let’s have a look at these programs.

Top 10+ Online International Business Bachelor’s Degree Programs (2024)

Following is a quick insight that you can follow if you are in hurry.

Sr.NoBest Online International Business Bachelor’s Degree ProgramsLocationAcceptance Rate
1. Florida International UniversityMiami, Florida58%
2. Lynn UniversityBoca Raton, Florida74%
3. University of MinnesotaCrookston, Minnesota68%
4.Northern State UniversityAberdeen, South Dakota84%
5.Minot State UniversityMinot, ND67%
6.University of HoustonHouston, Texas89%
7.The University of Minnesota – HoustonHouston – Downtown89%
8.St. Petersburg CollegeClearwater, FL32%
9.Columbia CollegeColumbia, Misouri
10. Schiller International UniversityFlorida

Top 10 Online International Business Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Here is a detailed overview of online international business bachelor’s degree programs.

1. Florida International University

Florida International University has the best online BBA in the international business program. With 120 credits, you will get covered with the curriculum like financial management, applied business, marketing management, and business statistics.

This public institution offers a total of 36 of its bachelor’s programs, virtually providing industry-level education to more than 40,000 students.

Students are also provided with the customization option where students can choose the electives as per their choice. Here you will explore the operations and management systems in America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Best Online International Business Bachelor's Degree - Florida University

In the internship program, you will be covered with hands-on experience in different management fields that help to understand international business.

The university provides you with a guided coach who helps you through the program even with the internship projects and various curriculum activities.

LocationMiami, Florida
Acceptance Rate58%
Graduation Rate64%
School typePublic
Program Length4 years
Overall Tuition feesIn-state: $4,721
Out of State: $16,530

2. Lynn University

At Lynn University, the BBA program in international business is a comprehensive, hands-on curriculum that includes business analytics, global marketing, full project strategic planning, global management, business management, and business process modelling using Excel.

The course will provide you with a thorough understanding of international business, enabling you to foresee client needs on a global scale and comprehend corporate cultures in various nations.

You will learn about international operations’ tactics, benefits, and risks through this program.

Lynn University

Additionally, you get to learn the most effective techniques for creating business plans, expanding internationally, and controlling resources around the world.

This helps in studying cross-border commerce, finance, investments, business strategy, and operations.

By sharing their personal, and professional experiences, the professors at Lynn University give you the knowledge you need to create winning business plans.

You will learn skills that are crucial for working in a global environment in addition to learning how to become a global marketing manager or global sales representative.

LocationBoca Raton, Florida
Acceptance Rate74%
Graduation Rate56%
School typePrivate
Program Length4 years
Overall Tuition fees

3. University of Minnesota

This University of Minnesota program offers a thorough, practical BBA curriculum that aids in the development of your skills for streamlining various companies’ global manufacturing systems, trading systems, and contract manufacturing endeavours.

The purpose of this program is to help students develop a global mindset. The curriculum includes lessons on international business etiquette as well as international business law, international financial management, international marketing, and international business cultures.

In addition to learning negotiation tactics, you will also learn how to deal with issues relating to the global context of management, marketing, and economics.

University of Minnesota

Additionally, it emphasizes combining general and international business skills for efficient problem-solving. You will be better able to understand the effects of culture on communication and exhibit the proper communication techniques in presentation and negotiation settings.

To earn this degree, you must complete 120 credits, of which 55 must be in the major. The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs has also granted accreditation to it (ACBSP).

LocationCrookston, Minnesota
Acceptance Rate68%
Graduation Rate56%
School typePublic
Program Length4 years
Overall Tuition fees$10,438

4. Northern State University

The Northern State University BBA program opens up numerous doors to jobs in business and industry.

This program is specially designed to help you comprehend the foreign language requirement and core college courses where you will know how to interact and succeed in multinational business operations while developing an appreciation for other cultures.

It also provides a well-liked four-week study abroad opportunity in Santiago, Chile, where students can enroll in intensive Spanish classes.

Northern State University

The international school program at NSU also provides a rigorous internship program that promotes career readiness and allows you to use your skills in the real world.

Additionally, it has scholarship programs that can help you succeed in your pursuit of a degree in international business.

This concrete program has an acceptance rate of 84% and requires 20 credit hours in total to complete.

LocationAberdeen, South Dakota
Acceptance Rate84%
Graduation Rate45%
School typePublic
Program Length4 years
Overall Tuition fees$15,668

5. Minot State University

The public university, which has its headquarters in Minot, North Dakota, offers 12 online bachelor’s programs and supports 1,328 online students.

The international business bachelor’s program includes a demanding, practical education.

In an online learning environment, students interact with classmates and lecturers. 

In classes that cover both fundamental and advanced topics in the field, degree candidates gain knowledge that will be useful for their future careers.

Minot State University

Through opportunities for experiential learning like internships and research projects, students acquire practical experience. As degree candidates progress through their program, the institution provides resources geared toward student success, including academic advising and career counselling.

Students could perhaps speak with a financial aid representative about funding options to lower degree costs.

A wide range of federal financial aid programs, fellowships, and scholarships are available to help pay for college. 90% of all students at the institution receive some form of financial assistance.

LocationMinot, ND
Acceptance Rate67%
Graduation Rate46%
School typePublic
Program Length4 years
Overall Tuition fees$10153

6. University of Houston

The University of Houston is part of four campus systems. A BBA in international business is an option for those seeking a comprehensive business education. The second-largest university in Houston, UHD is a part of the University of Houston System.

Five academic colleges make up UHD colleges, one of which is a business college that grants undergraduate business administration degrees with an international business concentration.

University of Houston

120 semester hours must be completed by students in the suggested 4 years. Students can choose the best course platforms for them and can complete online courses asynchronously.

Students can take part in short-term study abroad programs and internships. To assist in helping students in finding employment opportunities, instructors maintain strong relationships with the Houston business community.

The program’s graduates frequently work in finance, marketing, management, and related industries.

The University of Houston – Downtown is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

LocationHouston, Texas
Acceptance Rate89%
Graduation Rate43%
School typePublic 
Program Length4 Years
Overall Tuition fees$6,848

7. University Of Minnesota – Houston

This university, which is a part of the five-college system, offers a BS in international business. You will gain an international perspective on fundamental business operations.

This 120-credit program includes classes in business fundamentals, international business, intercultural communication, and global dimensions of business and culture.

University Of Minnesota – Houston

Additionally, students take a business core course that includes lessons on financial management and global business management.

This program will assist you in solving economic, marketing, and accounting problems.

You will learn how to assess the political, socioeconomic, and cultural factors at play in the world today.

Students take this course to understand how to use cross-disciplinary quantitative and qualitative information to solve problems and find opportunities.

LocationHouston – Downtown
Acceptance Rate89%
Graduation Rate43%
School typePublic
Program Length4 Years
Overall Tuition fees$6,848

8. St. Petersburg College

  This program will instil competency in international business practices in you. You can investigate actual business situations in a global setting and then go on to lead and manage international teams.

With a curriculum that addresses the particular challenges of leading teams and comprehending global business, this program is incredibly flexible.

You will gain a better understanding of the various developments in the market on a global scale and how they affect businesses. You will gradually acquire the abilities that will enable you to grow your company in international markets.

St. Petersburg College

Through the cutting-edge Blackboard Learn technology, participants in this program can also collaborate with other MIB students. The course emphasizes CRM strategy, sales, and negotiation.

The capstone project is required for students to earn their bachelor’s degree in international business. The only prerequisite for this course is having 60 credits and a minimum GPA of 2.0.

LocationClearwater, FL
Acceptance Rate
Graduation Rate32%
School typePublic
Program Length4 years
Overall Tuition fees$3477

9. Columbia College

The BBA curriculum at Columbia College offers a distinctive perspective that aids in developing your abilities in international business.

This international business program will teach you cross-cultural management, global management, and international economics.

It has specializations in areas like international policies, global finance, world cultures, and overseas business law.

Columbia College

In order to be effective in a range of international contexts, students will learn a variety of global strategies and tactics.

Additionally, you have the opportunity to learn more about topics like foreign policy, international business law, and international finance.

You will graduate with the fundamental business skills that employers value if you earn an international business degree from Columbia College.

LocationColumbia, Missouri
Acceptance Rate
Graduation Rate32%
School typePublic 
Program Length4 years
Overall Tuition fees$26,730

10. Schiller International University

Schiller International University is one of the in-demand universities for businesses that thrive in the international market. It is a small university with an average enrollment of 21 undergraduate students.

The Schiller University acceptance rate is over 100%. The university has done a lot of achievements by providing competent students as a result of its online international business bachelor’s degree program.

Schiller International University

This online program focuses on preparing students for the application of solutions to global business disputes. They make sure they produce graduates that are competent in identifying various critical factors in globalization and applying business strategies accordingly to help successful business to prosper in foreign markets.

They aim to formulate solutions that would generate long-term benefits for companies in international markets.

LocationTampa, Florida
Acceptance Rate
Graduation Rate52%
School typePublic 
Program Length4 years
Overall Tuition fees$16,118

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Final Verdict: Best Online International Business Bachelor’s Degree (2024)

Taking online classes accomplishes college work on your own timetable. Both an online associate’s degree in business administration and an online bachelor’s degree in global business falls under this category. 

You might even have exciting chances like studying abroad or doing an internship with a multinational company.

You can begin looking into accredited colleges right away to find the international business program that most closely fits your objectives and interests.

I hope this article has helped you to understand the best online international business programs. Still, if you have any doubts or thoughts to share then let us know in the comment section below.

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