11 Best 2 Year Degree Jobs That Are In Demand In 2024

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Not only with Bachelor’s degree, but you can also avail of job opportunities with an associate degree.

Yes, you heard it right. Associate degree or 2-year degree programs are an excellent alternative to a bachelor’s degree and lead you to great job opportunities. 

Several highest-paying jobs are available that you can get with an associate degree and will help you to earn a great living. 

In this article, I have compiled the top 10 highest-paying jobs along with their average salaries and primary duties and have also listed some sources to find jobs that you may check out. 

11 Highest Paying Jobs With A 2 Year Degree: In A Nutshell (2024) 

Below is the list of the top 11 jobs and their average pay that you can go through.

Sr. NoJobAverage Salary 
1Air Traffic Controller$129,750 per year. 
2Radiation Therapists$125,375 per year.
3Dental Hygienist $77,810 per year.
4Web Developer$77,030 per year. 
5Fire Inspector$64,010 per year.
6Computer network support specialist. $62,760 per year. 
7Drafter $60,290 per year. 
8Nuclear Technicians$60,164 per year. 
9Police Officer$55,213 per year. 
10Veterinary Technicians$45,750 per year. 
11Medical Technicians$39,429 per year. 

To get a complete insight into different jobs, let us walk through a quick overview of each of them. 

Below are the top 11 in-demand and highest-paying jobs that you can apply for with an associate degree. 

1. Air Traffic Controller.

If you have an associate degree and want to opt for the highest-paying career, then starting your job as an air traffic controller is the perfect option.  

2-Year Degree Jobs - Air Traffic Controller

Air traffic controllers are the specialists who work in the aviation industry and are responsible for the orderly, safe, and expeditious flow of air traffic in the air traffic control systems. 

Primary duties.

  • Monitoring air traffic with the help of radar.
  • Communicating with the pilots regarding runway closures and weather conditions. 
  • Inform the airport personnel regarding any emergency landings or flight issues. 
  • Direct the movement of vehicles on the runway. 

Educational requirement: Associate degree or bachelor’s degree from AT-CTI (Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative) program.

Skills Required.

  • Interest in aviation.
  • Maths and IT skills.
  • strong concentration skills. 
  • Assertive and firm decision-making skills. 

Salary: The average salary of the Air Traffic Controller is around  $129,750 per year. 

2. Radiation Therapist.

If you are willing to work in the healthcare sector, then a job as a radiation therapist is good to go for. 

Radiation therapists are medical professionals who work with physicians and nurses to administer radiation treatment to patients to treat cancer or other diseases. 

Radiation Therapist

Primary duties.

  • Explain the treatment to the patients and solve their queries.
  • Administer the doses of radiation to the patients to treat diseases. 
  • Maintaining the radiation equipment regularly.
  • Checking safety measures to protect patients from overexposure to radiation. 
  • Keeping a detailed record of the patient’s treatment and progress.

Educational requirement: Associate degree or bachelor’s degree in radiation therapy. However, some states may require certified or licensed radiation therapists.

Skills required.

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills. 
  • Technical Understanding of handling radiation equipment. 
  • Critical thinking. 
  • Should be detail-oriented. 

Salary: The average salary of a Radiation therapist is around $125,375 per year.

3. Dental Hygienist.

Pursuing a career as a dental hygienist can be a good fit for you if you want to work in the healthcare sector, as it has a huge scope. 

It is projected that the employment of dental hygienists will grow by 9% from the year 2021 to 2031

Dental Hygienist

Primary duties.

  • Assist the dentist during the patient’s dental visit. 
  • Accessing patient’s oral health.
  • Examining patients’ dental diseases and performing preventive care such as cleaning and applying sealants and fluoride to protect teeth.  
  • Taking and developing dental X-rays. 

Educational requirement: An associate degree in dental hygiene may also require State licensure. For more advanced positions, you may require a bachelor’s or master’s degree

Skills required.

  • Communication, empathy, and compassion.
  • Administrative skills.
  • Knowledge of dental medicine.
  • Critical thinking and organizational skills. 

Salary: A dental hygienist’s average salary is around $77,810 annually. 

4. Web Developer

If you are a technophile, then starting your career as a web developer is a great option as it is one of the most in-demand jobs nowadays. 

As a web developer, you will have to build and maintain websites for organizations and individuals. 

Web Developer

Primary duties.

  • Integrating the content of multimedia on the sites. 
  • Testing the web applications. 
  • Write and review codes for different sites. 
  • Troubleshooting problems with user experience or performance. 

Educational requirement: Associate or bachelor’s degree in web design or computer science

Skills required.

  • Coding languages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
  • Responsive web designing skills. 
  • SEO and debugging skills. 
  • Staying up to date with the industry.

Salary: Average salary of a web developer is around $77,030 per year. 

5. Fire Inspector

Fire Inspector is a job that ensures buildings and other places are fireproof to prevent any future fire inside or outside of the building. This job can get you out of the office and into the field.

You need to be accustomed to all fire codes. You can also become a forest fire inspector with the same knowledge and degree if you want to work outdoors.

Primary Duties

  • Inspecting public areas for any potential wildfire risk
  • Checking if buildings or businesses have a safe evacuation plan in case of a fire
  • Need to have an experience as a firefighter
  • Address any fire hazards to the businesses and local people

Educational Requirement: To become a fire inspector, you must have an A.S. degree in Fire Science. They also need to pass the certification exams made by NFPA (National Fire Protection Association).

Skills Required

  • Effective communication
  • Must know CPR
  • Knowledge about fire safety standards
  • Knowledge about fire alarms and sprinklers

Salary: The average salary of a Fire inspector is around $64,010 per year.

6. Computer Network Support Specialist. 

Nearly all businesses and organizations use networks of computers and require computer support specialists to run the system with ease. 

If you have a knack for computers, then starting your career as a computer network support specialist is a good one to go for.

Computer support services need to be available 24 hours a day, so most of the support specialists work full-time.

Primary duties.

  • Maintain the computer networks.
  • Provide technical help to computer users. 
  • Test, evaluate, analyze, and troubleshoot the network systems. 

Educational requirement: To become a computer network support specialist, you should have an associate degree. It certification courses 

Skills required.

  • Analytical and Problem-solving skills.
  • Customer service skills. 
  • Organizational and interpersonal skills. 
  • Strong background in information technology. 
  • In-depth knowledge of connectivity, network infrastructure, and security. 

Salary: An average salary of Computer network support specialists is about $62,760 per year. 

7. Drafter.

Drafting is a hustle-free job that you can go for if you have a specialization in civil, mechanical, and architectural drafting and have an interest in designing. 

Drafters collaborate with engineers and architects and use different software to convert designs into technical drawings. 

Primary duties.

  • Creating design specifications.
  • Create material lists.
  • Construct technical drawings, schematics, and plans. 
  • Prepare documentation packages for engineers.

Educational requirement: An associate of applied science in drafting or another relevant degree. 

To become a CAD (Computer Aided Design) drafter, you may require professional credentials or certification provided by ADDA (American Design Drafting Association). 

Skills required. 

  • Creativity and artistic ability.
  • Technical and interpersonal skills.
  • Should be detail-oriented. 
  • Time management skills. 

Salary: The average annual salary of the drafter is around $60,290 per year. 

8. Nuclear Technician

Nuclear technicians are the professionals that assist in the production of energy and nuclear research through operating special equipment. 

Nuclear Technician

They work at nuclear research laboratories, power generation industries, nuclear energy facilities etc. They play an essential role in producing nuclear weapons and testing them.

Primary duties.

  • Work with physicists and assists engineers in creating reliable nuclear energy.
  • Monitor the radiation levels. 
  • Collection of air, water and soil samples for testing radioactive contaminations. 
  • Monitoring the performance of the equipment used in the production of nuclear energy and power generation. 

Educational requirement: An associate degree in Nuclear-related technology or nuclear science. 

Skills required.

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills. 
  • Mathematics and mechanical skills.
  • Critical thinking and monitoring skills.
  • Should be detail oriented and possess analytical skills. 

Salary: Nuclear technicians earn about $60,164 per year. 

9. Police Officer.

Opting to work in law enforcement is a rewarding job that can create a lasting impact on the community. 

If you are passionate about serving and protecting your community, then starting your career as a police officer is the best option.  

Police Officer.

Primary duties.

  • The key duty of a police officer is protecting people and property. 
  • Conduct criminal and traffic investigations. 
  • Preparing written reports of patrol activities and investigations. 
  • Emergency duties during adverse atmospheric conditions.

Educational requirement: High School diploma or general educational development test (GED). 

Skills Required.

  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Critical thinking and Community awareness.
  • First aid and CPR.
  • Persuasiveness and active listening.

Salary: The average salary of a police officer is around $55,213 per year. 

10. Veterinary Technician.

If you are an animal lover and looking for a job working with animals, then opting for a job as a veterinary technician is a great option to go for.

Veterinary technicians assist veterinarians in diagnosing animal diseases, surgeries, and administering vaccines to animals. 

Veterinary Technician

Being a veterinary technician can really be fun at the same time, a challenging job. Veterinary technicians may work at private clinics or at, animal reserves, zoos, or at animal rescues. 

Primary duties.

  • Assess the condition of the animals. 
  • Perform diagnostic tests and treatment and provide care to animals. 
  • Prepare animals and instruments for surgeries 
  • Administer anaesthesia to animals before surgery. 
  • Take X-rays and perform laboratory tests for animals. 

Educational requirement: To become a veterinary technician, you should have an associate degree in animal science, veterinary technology, or other relevant fields. 

Skills required.

  • Strong understanding of animal behaviour, medicine, and biology.
  • Knowledge of Science and technology skills. 
  • Interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Compassion and Empathy. 

Salary: The average annual salary of a Veterinary technician is around $45,750 per year. 

11. Medical Technician.

The healthcare sector is in huge demand, and more and more individuals are opting to work in this sector.

Medical technicians work in different healthcare sectors like clinics, hospitals, outpatient care centers,  nursing care facilities, primary care offices etc. 

Medical Technician

Primary duties.

  • Record patient information and medical history.
  • Collect blood, fluids and other tissue samples for testing.
  • Clean and sterilize equipment.
  • Apply dressings to the patients. 

Educational requirement: 2-year associate degree in medical assisting, focusing mainly on practical skills. 

Skills required.

  • Interpersonal, verbal, and communication skills.
  • Analytical and critical thinking skills.
  • Knowledge of Vital signs and CPR. 
  • Ability to operate laboratory equipment.
  • Problem-solving skills.

Salary: The average annual salary of a medical technician is $39,429. 

Different Ways To Find Jobs.

Searching for job opportunities can be a challenging task, especially for new job seekers. Below are some ways to help you look for different job opportunities.

  • Networks.

Networking is an excellent way of socializing and keeping track of what’s happening in your field. The bigger network you have, the more chances or opportunities for a job.

Networking contacts can help you to reach out to job leads. An online site such as LinkedIn helps you to build strong professional networks. 

  • Career websites.

The Internet can do wonders when it comes to pursuing a job. You can find a diverse range of job opportunities on career-related websites. 

Below are some of the sites that will definitely help you to find a perfect job as per your requirements.

Career WebsitesBest For.
ZipRecruiterFor employers.
GlassdoorFor employee reviews and information about salary.
Indeed Best overall. 
AngelListFor Startup jobs. 
USA JobsFor Government jobs.
LinkedInFor Networking.
  • Cold Calling.

If you cannot find any job postings of the company you are interested in, then you can directly call or mail the people of that particular organization or company. You can look for the company contact detail on their website.

  • Company websites.

You can track job openings or postings in the career section of the company’s website if you have already decided on your dream company. 

Make a list of the companies or employers that you would prefer to work in or work for and visit their websites to look for any openings. 

  • Internships or Temping.

Internships are great ways to convert your temporary positions in the company to permanent employment.

It is a great way, especially for graduate students, to look for job opportunities, as the placement services mainly connect their students with different job opportunities. 

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Conclusion: 2 Year Degree Jobs (2024) 

By adopting a strategic approach like modifying the job search and applying for the right positions, you can definitely get a perfect job as per your requirements with an associate degree.

Along with the associate degree, some professional certifications in the relevant fields would be a plus point to access job opportunities easily. 

That’s all for 2-year degree jobs. Go through all the above-listed jobs and let us know which one you would opt for in the comments section below. 


Which is the highest paying job with a 2-year degree?

Jobs such as air traffic controller, radiation therapist, dental hygienist etc., are some of the highest paying jobs that you can opt for with an associate degree. 

Which are the high-growth sectors for 2 year degree jobs?

The medical sector, legal support sector and software and IT sector are the high-growth sectors for 2-year degree jobs. 

Which sectors have low growth for associate degree jobs?

The information sector (for example, books and newspapers) and manufacturing sectors are projected to be low-growth sectors for associate degree jobs. 

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