Pluralsight Discount Coupon 2024 — Claim 50% Off (May)

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Many IT professionals and businesses consider Pluralsight as a reliable learning platform. They have more than 7000 courses and many other materials that can help you improve your skills and acquire more knowledge related to technology. 

Just like its courses, Pluralsight also has very diverse pricing plans. They run lots of discount coupons and offers on their site from time to time. Therefore, before buying a subscription plan, users want to know about the Pluralsight discount coupons and offers that are available currently. 

Pluralsight Discount — May 2024

Pluralsight is an amazing learning platform known for its technical courses.🎯
Pluralsight is offering a 50% discount on their skills plan for a limited time.

I know you have clicked on this guide to learn about the same, and I’ll definitely help you decide which plan you want to buy. So without further ado, let’s dive in. 

Available Pluralsight Discount Offers (2024)

Pluralsight is offering special tech skills offer for 2024, where you can get up to 50% discount on the skills plans. During this offer, the standard plan costs $149/year, and the premium plan costs $224/year. See the below screenshot to know more about the offer.

Pluralsight Tech Skills Offer

The offer will expire on 15 May 2023 at Midnight. This offer is for new users, users who want to upgrade their plan, and anyone who wants to renew their existing Pluralsight earlier before it expires. The discount can not be applied to existing subscriptions. We will give you updates on all of Pluralsight’s offers here.

How To Open A Pluralsight Account & Buy A Course? 

Follow the steps mentioned below to open your Pluralsight account- 

Step 1: Visit the Pluralsight official site by clicking . 

Step 2: On the top right corner you’ll find the Sign in the tab, click there. 

 Pluralsight Discount Coupon - Overview

Step 3: New you have to select between Sign in to Skills Or Sign in to Flow. Click on Sign in to Skills. 

 Pluralsight Discount Coupon -Sign Up Skill

Step 4: On the new page, you’ve to click on Create An Account. 

 Pluralsight Discount Coupon - Create An Account

Step 5: Now you have to pick a plan before opening the account. Click on Skills to pick a plan and see the pricings. 

 Pluralsight Discount Coupon - Pick A Plan

Step 6: You can pick from the Individual and Premium plans whichever suits your requirements. 


Step 7: Click on either Start with Standard or Start with Premium. Once clicked, you’ll land on the new page where you have to provide your details like- Name, email ID, country, and company name. 

Pluralsight Checkout Page

Step 8: After filling in the details, click on continue, and select a payment method. Enter your card details and initiate the payment. Once the payment is done, you’ll be able to access the course content. 

What Are The Other Pluralsight Pricing Plans? 

Before we go ahead with the discounts and perks available for Pluralsight, let’s find out what the original pricing plans are like-

There are two types of Pluralsight plans- Individual and Team. And for both these types of plans, you get to pick monthly or yearly subscriptions. 

Moreover, there are subdivisions for each plan type. For example, the Individual plan has two options – Standard and Premium. And the Team subscription also has three options- Starter, Professional, and Enterprise. 

Individual Plans Pricing  

Pluralsight Skills Individual Pricing
Prices Standard Premium 
Monthly $29$45
Yearly $299$449

The annual plan is a bit cheaper than the monthly one, saving you almost 14%. Plus, you’ll be rushing to complete your courses if you just take a single-month plan, so the annual plan is a better choice for those wanting to upskill constantly.

Team Plans Pricing 

Pluralsight Skills Team Plans
Starter Professional Enterprise 
$399 per year (for each employee)$579 per year (for each employee)Contact Sales

There is no monthly payment system for the Team plans, and only one employee can sign into one account. The Team plan is for businesses and organizations who want to help their employees learn new skills, which ultimately will apply to the business’s development. 

The Professional and Enterprise plans have some additional perks in addition to all the features and resources included in the Starter plan. 

Offers On Pluralsight Monthly Courses

I know not everyone wants to buy the yearly plan because it’s pretty expensive, to be honest. Also, the annual plan may not be profitable for everyone if they don’t want to take more than one or two courses. 

So instead of buying the standard monthly plan, you can opt for the special one-month subscription where you pay for just one month and get another month’s subscription for free. 

Yes, you heard me right. It’s their buy one get one offer where you pay for just one month’s subscription and continue learning for another month without paying any additional fee. 

This offer is only available for Individual plans. Customers who already have an active plan cannot opt for this offer, and you can purchase this plan only once. 

Apart from this, Pluralsight offers other monthly benefits like Five Free Courses every month. Pluralsight selects the top five courses in a skilled area and gives them for free. You can try out these courses free of cost. 

This month’s free course includes- 

  • JavaScript: Getting Started 
  • Building a JavaScript Development Environment 
  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript: The Big Picture 
  • JavaScript Objects And Prototypes 
  • JavaScript Fundamentals 

Getting to learn these many courses for free is no doubt a great benefit. They keep changing the free courses every month, so you get the choice to learn a great diversity of courses. However, not everyone might benefit from these free courses because they don’t cater to the interest of all the learners.  

What Do You Get With Free Pluralsight Skills Account?

As I mentioned at the beginning of this guide, Pluralsight offers so many benefits for its learners. One of their popular account types is the Pluralsight free skills account. You can create a skills account for free and learn from its wide range of courses, assessments, and guides. 

This free skills account gives you access to- 

  • Five free weekly courses. 
  • Get access to 50+ courses in IT Ops, software development, data, etc. 
  • Get access to articles written by industry experts in various areas. 
  • Role IQ to help you assess your current skill level and the areas that need special attention. 
  • Skill IQ lets you take free assessments and judge how you perform. 

Pluralsight keeps changing its courses so that you get to learn multiple other courses for free. Isn’t it just amazing? 

What Are The Accepted Payment Methods Of Pluralsight? 

Now let’s come to the payment methods. Pluralsight is a global platform, and people worldwide can sign up for their courses. But what are the payment methods you can use? Are there multiple options? 

Yes, there are multiple payment options to buy Pluralsight courses. It accepts payments via credit/ debit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express) or Paypal. 

Also, they accept currencies like- USD, Indian Rupees, Euro, and British Pound. You’ll also have to pay a tax on your bill, and it varies from location to location. 

Should You Buy A Pluralsight Subscription? Is It Worth The Price 

I think Pluralsight is worth buying, and if you seriously want to specialize in any technology-related field, you should opt for their subscription. They have a huge library of 7000+ courses that help you stay up to date with current technological developments. 

The best part is with one subscription, you get to access its full library and learn as many courses as you want. I know not everyone wants to spend $299 on a course subscription, but all of us unknowingly spend 10 to 15 dollars every day on our meals and Starbucks, right? 

So we can spare some of these extra expenses and put some money into learning. However, it’s up to the individuals whether they want to get the courses or not, and I would give Pluralsight a thumbs up from my learning experience. 

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Final Thoughts: Pluralsight Discount Coupon (2024) 

Pluralsight is a great learning platform for IT professionals and developers. The best part is apart from their regular plans, there are so many other Pluralsight discount coupons and free plans that make Pluralsight a better option than its contemporaries. 

I hope you found this guide useful and could figure out which Pluralsight subscription will be beneficial for you. Please note that some of its plans are only valid for specific periods, and they roll out new discounts and offers every now and then, so keep checking their website regularly. 

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