LinkedIn Learning Discount 2024: Get Upto 50% Off 

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LinkedIn Learning is a powerful e-learning platform for beginners and experts with over 21,000 expert-led courses and certifications. 

However, the pricing of the platform is undoubtedly heavy on the pockets. 

Fortunately, LinkedIn Learning provides a discount on its annual premium plan along with a free trial that won’t cost a penny. 

Now, If you want the details of the discount and free trial, jump into the article immediately.

Current LinkedIn Learning Discounts And Offers

Currently, there are two ways to save money on LinkedIn. To understand them in brief, read the below information.

  • LinkedIn Learning Free Trial

Linkedin provides a 1-month free trial option to its users. The free trial mimics the paid plan of LinkedIn learning by providing you access to the LinkedIn library. 

Moreover, you enjoy expert-led courses, certifications, exercise files, quizzes, personalized recommendations, and full access to premium features. 

Plus, LinkedIn sends you a free trial cancellation notification seven days before the expiration date to ensure you don’t pay any charges if you don’t want to go further. 

  • LinkedIn Annual Subscription Plan

The annual subscription plan of LinkedIn Learning offers a 50% discount, saving tons of your money. 

Furthermore, you can get double the benefit of this discount if you purchase the annual subscription to LinkedIn Learning after your 1-month free trial. 

You can easily save $20/per month through the annual discount offer by linkedin learning. The yearly plan automatically renews each year until you cancel it before the renewal date.

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How To Redeem LinkedIn Learning Free Trial?

Now that you have decided to experience LinkedIn learning premium features, follow these steps to start for free.

Step 1. Visit Linkedin Learning or click here.

Step 2. On the homepage, you will find a 1-month free trial option. Click on it.

LinkedIn Learning Discount - Overview

Step 3. Now select your desired plan and click on “Try for free.”

LinkedIn Learning Discount - Try For Free

Step 4. Fill in your LinkedIn account information if you are a LinkedIn user. If you are new to LinkedIn, then click on Join Now.

LinkedIn Learning Discount - Click To Join Now

Step5. Fill in the payment information and click on the “Review order.”

LinkedIn Learning Discount - Review Order

That’s it! Congratulations on your 30 days free LinkedIn learning journey. 

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LinkedIn Learning Prices & Plans

Linkedin learning offers two pricing options to its users: Annually and monthly. 

If you are looking for a one-time LinkedIn learning experience, go for the monthly plan. 

The annual plan is ideal for you if you want a long-term experience in LinkedIn learning. 

The annual price of LinkedIn learning costs $19.99/month, saving you $20. At the same time, the monthly plan costs $39.99/month. 

Moreover, after paying for these plans, you can enjoy these features of LinkedIn learning.

  • Unlimited library access
  • Certificate of completion 
  • Course recommendations 
  • Full access to LinkedIn premium
  • Exercise files and course quizzes

The monthly plan of LinkedIn learning costs you $479.88/yearly, whereas the annual plan costs $239.88/yearly, saving you $240. 

Furthermore, Linkedin learning also provides team plans to help your team upskill altogether. 

The team plan is further divided into two parts, and you can check their pricing in the below table.

organizationsCustom Price

The team plan is ideal for you if you have a small team of 2-20 people. At the same time, the organization plan is ideal for teams with more than 20 members. 

The team plan provides exclusive features of LinkedIn learning, including personalized quality content, community-based learning, and self-development insights.

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Summing Up!: LinkedIn Learning Discount (2024)

Whether you are a curious learner or want to upgrade your portfolio with high-paying skills, Linkedin learning is the way to go. 

The LinkedIn learning discounts give ease to pockets. Furthermore, the free trial is nothing to lose, so make sure you grab it. 

I hope you were able to get a discount on LinkedIn Learning, and if you are looking for more articles like this one, then let us know.

FAQs On LinkedIn Learning

Can I use LinkedIn for free if I am a student?

Students can use LinkedIn for free by signing in through their college id. However, it is possible only if your university offers you a free LinkedIn premium.

Does LinkedIn offer a refund policy?

Linkedin does not offer a refund policy to its users. Nevertheless, if you are a free trial user, then you can cancel your subscription before the free trial expiration date to avoid auto payments.

Does LinkedIn charge you a fee during your free trial?

Linkedin does not ask for any fee during your free trial, but after it ends, you will have to pay the charges if you don’t cancel it timely.

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