How Much Is LinkedIn Learning In 2023 (Detailed Pricing)

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LinkedIn Learning was formerly known as

It is one of the leading platforms that provide access to numerous courses covering business, technology, and creative skills. 

This platform offers audio and video courses in seven different languages like English, German, Portuguese, Japanese, French, Spanish, and Mandarin.

If you are looking for How Much LinkedIn learning costs, dive into the article to know more.

In this article, you will get a complete insight into the cost structure of LinkedIn Learning and some of the top courses available on LinkedIn Learning.

How Much Is LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning is a popular learning platform that connects people professionally and offers more than 16000 courses.

An annual subscription to LinkedIn learning will cost you around $239.88, i.e. $19.99 per month.

 How Much Is LinkedIn Learning - Overview

A monthly subscription to LinkedIn learning will cost you around $29.99.

LinkedIn Learning also provides a 1-month free trial plan to explore the diverse range of courses. 

Subscription And Pricing Plans For LinkedIn Learning

Below are the subscription and pricing plans of LinkedIn learning which you can go through.

 How Much Is LinkedIn Learning - Pricing

Individual Course

Few LinkedIn courses can be part-accessed for free, but generally, an individual course on LinkedIn will cost you around $30 to $40.

Individual Course
Offline accessYes
RefundOne-month guaranteed refund.
Free TrialNo
PricingAround $30 to $40.

Monthly Subscription

More than 16000 courses are available on LinkedIn learning. You just have to subscribe in order to get access to them.

The Monthly subscription to courses on LinkedIn learning will cost you around $29.99.

Monthly Subscription.
CoursesMore than 16000
Offline accessYes
RefundNon-refundable after one month.
Free Trial30-days free trial
PricingAround $29.99 per month.

Annual Subscription

Opting for an annual subscription will save up to 50% compared to purchasing a monthly subscription.

An annual subscription plan on LinkedIn learning will cost you around $239.88, i.e. $19.99 per month.

Annual Subscription.
CoursesMore than 16000 are available.
Offline accessYes
RefundNon-refundable after one month.
Free Trial30 days free trial.

Team Plans

LinkedIn Learning helps to unlock the team’s potential by providing a wide range of courses.

The Pricing of these courses is based on personalized quotes.

Team Plan.
Offline accessYes
Free TrialNo 
PricingBased on a personalized quote.

LinkedIn Learning Refund Policy

LinkedIn Learning doesn’t offer refunds on their monthly and annual subscription plans.

But for individual courses, a 30-day refund guarantee is provided. The detail of the same is provided below.

  • Premium Subscription 

Premium subscriptions like Premium business, Premium career, Sales Navigator, LinkedIn Learning etc., can be refunded within seven days from the date of subscription.

  • Pay-per-action products

Products like LinkedIn Ads, sponsored jobs, or any other products are charged per click, impression and applicant etc. are non-refundable.

  • Individual Subscriptions.

For individual LinkedIn subscriptions, a 30-days refund guarantee is provided, but after that, the courses become non-refundable.

If you reside in Denmark or Netherlands, your subscription is canceled with one-month notice, and a refund is made for any part of the subscription remaining.

Residents of the European Union are entitled to a full refund within 14 days when their subscription begins.

The period of 14 days begins when you buy a subscription or when your subscription service begins.

Popular LinkedIn Courses.

LinkedIn Learning provides a diverse range of courses in Business, technology, and creative subjects.

 How Much Is LinkedIn Learning - Course

Here I list the top 9 LinkedIn Learning courses that may help you top up your skills.

Name of CourseCostSkillsSkills LevelCourse Details.
Interpersonal Communication by Dorie Clark.$16.90Interpersonal Communication.Beginner.For Course details
Project Management Foundation by Bonnie Biafore.$16.90Project Management.Beginner and intermediate.For Course details
Learning Python by Joe Marini.$13.88Python (Programming language).Beginner.For Course details,
Digital Marketing Foundation with Brad Batesole.$10.86Digital Marketing.Beginner.For Course, details
Excel Essential Training (Microsoft 365) with Dennis Taylor.$16.90Microsoft Excel.Beginner and Intermediate.For Course details,
Communicating with Confidence by Jeff Ansell.$13.88.Public Speaking.General For Course details
Using Questions to Foster Critical Thinking and Curiosity with Joshua Miller.$13.88.Critical Thinking.Intermediate For Course details
Strategic Thinking by Dorie Clark.$13.88.Strategic Thinking.Beginner.For Course details,
Critical Thinking by Mike Figliuolo. $13.88.Critical Thinking, Decision Making.General.For Course details

LinkedIn Learning Features

LinkedIn Learning courses are equipped with several features to help you to make your learning journey more valuable.

  1. Access to 17000 plus courses.

LinkedIn Learning provides access to more than 17000 courses conducted by experts. You can buy a subscription plan and get access to these courses.

  1. Earn certificates of completion.

Certificates of completion are provided when you complete a particular course or learning path on LinkedIn. 

Once the course is completed, you can access and download these certificates through your account.

  1. Assessments and practice exercises.

Exercise files are supplements that instructors use to teach a particular course. 

It is not necessary that all the courses are provided with exercise files.

Assessments are the tests that are conducted to identify your learning progress. 

Assessments are also available chapter-wise. You can take them while watching the course or on completion of the course.

  1. Q&A feature.

LinkedIn Learning platform offers a Q&A feature that allows you to ask your queries or questions to the experts.

Suppose you have the answer to another person’s questions; you can also answer them.

  1. Search, view, save and share courses.

The advanced features of LinkedIn allow you to search and view various potential courses as per your interests or field.

You can also share these courses with your professional networks and save them if you are interested in watching them later.

Is LinkedIn Learning Worth The Price?

You get access to LinkedIn Learning’s courses at just $39.99 per month, and for that price, its offers the best value for money. Experts in their industries teach all the courses of LinkedIn Learning. In comparison to a degree or in-person training, you are getting an amazing deal with LinkedIn Learning’s courses. You can learn from these experts’ experience and how things work in the real world.

LinkedIn Learning also offers courses that can help you grow in your professional career, and you can learn skills that employers are looking for on the same platform. You can also connect with employers who are looking for the same skillset which you have just learned from LinkedIn Learning. After completing each course, you will also get a professional certificate which adds a lot of value to your resume and LinkedIn profile.

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Conclusion: How Much Is LinkedIn Learning (2023)

LinkedIn Learning offers a wide range of courses to help you develop and upgrade your skills and have reasonable pricing plans.

LinkedIn Learning provides an easy-to-use platform equipped with a number of features that you can use to explore various courses and assessments.

So If you are looking for some great courses, then explore the LinkedIn Learning platform to get access to them.

That’s all about How much is LinkedIn learning. If you have any doubts regarding this platform, then feel free to drop them in the comments section below.


Is LinkedIn Learning free?

LinkedIn Learning does not provide free courses, but they offer a one-month free trial period where you can get access to all the courses for free.

How much does LinkedIn Learning cost for an organization?

LinkedIn Learning offers Team plans for organizations to help employees learn and develop skills online.
The costs of the courses for organizations depend on a case-to-case basis. i.e., what exactly do you want from it, and how many individuals have access to it.

Can you add a LinkedIn Learning certificate to your resume?

Yes,you can add a LinkedIn Learning certificate to your resume.
LinkedIn Learning certificates are valid and add value to your resume as they reflect your career and personal development.

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