8+ Best LastPass Alternatives To Manage Passwords In 2024

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There has been an increase in the number of data breaches by 70% compared to last year. One of the most highlighted cases of this year was the LastPass data breaching case from August’2022.

Also, People’s perspective on LastPass has changed because of recent service changes, like price hikes. Despite that, it also lacked in offering access to direct customer support.

Millions of users have used LastPass, but there are even better alternatives to it. They surpass LastPass in extra advanced features, prices and authentication services.

We reviewed these alternatives and found ‘NordPass’ as our all-in-one password manager. It offers 3 GB cloud storage, multiple next-gen features and a free version. We can call it the best alternative to LastPass till now.

However, the other alternatives we reviewed are not any less. You can check out all of them in this article or the table below if you are in a rush.

Top 8 Lastpass Alternatives You Can’t Miss In 2024

In this table, we have shared the top 8 LastPass alternatives for better and more affordable password management. 

Sr. No.Alternatives (Best For)Ratings
1.NordPass (The best free password manager)4.5/5
2.Dashlane (Best for advanced features)4/5
3.Keeper (Best for maximum security)4/5
4.RoboForm  (Best for secure sharing & password auditing) 3.5/5
5.Bitwarden (Best for cheaper plans)4/5
6.1Password (Best for document traveling safety)3.5/5
7.Zoho Vault (Best free password manager for mobiles)4.5/5
8.Passwarden (Best for managing passwords for individuals)4.0/5

1. NordPass (Best For A Free Password Manager)

NordPass is an all-in-one application which was developed by Nord Security. 

It has worked its way up by giving better user interface,  software & services, safer security and a simpler user experience. 

LastPass Alternatives - Nordpass

Also, NordPass provides extensive features that help you identify leaked data and vulnerable passwords.

Pricing Of Premium Plans$29/Year.
Cloud Storage3 GB
Free VersionAvailable but limited to one device.
Ratings4.5 Out of 5 stars

Key Features:

  • You can generate new complex passwords if your passwords are detected as vulnerable.
  • NordPass identifies leaked data if it has ever been leaked.
  • Autosaving and auto-filling your passwords is simpler with NordPass.
  • It helps you generate stronger passwords to boost online security
  • Extra security with multi-factor authentication.
  • Importing and exporting credentials with ease of use.


  • NordPass offers only one device per free account.
  • It’s newer in comparison to other alternatives in the market.

Works Best For 

  • It is best for people looking for a free password manager.
  • Precisely works best for both individuals and businesses.

2. Dashlane (Best For Advanced Features)

Dashlane provides the best-advanced features and is one of the most popular premium password managers. It manages all the essential tasks ensuring your password’s security.


It may not have huge cloud storage, but it has a free version and an affordable s.

Pricing of Premium PlansStarter plan: $2 per user/monthly
Team plan: $5 per user/monthly
Business plan: $8 per user/ monthly
Cloud Storage1 GB 
Free VersionAvailable but limited to one device.
Ratings4 Out of 5 stars

Key Features

  • Maximum security with biometric login for Android and Apple devices.
  • Applicable for all Operating systems like Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux and Chrome.
  • The premium version provides a built-in VPN for better online security.


 Providing unreasonable premium plans for businesses.

Works Best For

  • It is best for professional teams for managing sensitive data 
  • Built-in VPN seekers.

3. Keeper (Best For Maximum Security)

We can call Keeper one of the best cybersecurity platforms because it is well-known for providing maximum authenticated security.


It provides a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can experience it and decide accordingly if you are in doubt.

Pricing Of Premium PlansStarting plan: $1.46 per user/monthly
Business plan: $3.75 per user/monthly
Enterprise plan: $5.00 per user/monthly
Personal plan: $2.91 per user/monthly
Family Plan: $6.24 per user/monthly
Cloud Storage5 GB
Free VersionNot Available
Ratings4 Out of 5 stars

Key Features:

  • It provides two-factor authentication.
  • Self-destruction features are available.
  • It can generate strong new passwords for you.
  • Data leakage identification.
  • Safer chat setting options.
  • You can recover your deleted passwords.
  • Available in offline mode.

Drawback (If Any):

  • Poorly designed with an old-fashioned user interface.
  • Outdated experience with the app.

Works Best For

  • Useful for small to large professional teams with sensitive document storage requirements.

4. RoboForm (Best For Secure Sharing & Password Auditing)

Along with being budget-friendly, RoboForm is the best alternative for securely sharing passwords & documents with friends and family. Also, it has features that help audit your passwords to make them more secure.


Although it doesn’t have any cloud storage but has the cheapest range of plans available. 

Pricing of premium plansPersonal plan: $1.99 per user/monthly
Family plan: $3.98 per user/monthly
Business plan: $3.35 per user/monthly
Cloud StorageNo Cloud Storage
Free VersionAvailable but limited to one device.
Ratings3.5 Out of 5 stars

Key Features:

  • You can store unlimited passwords and logins with Robo Form.
  • Maximum security while sharing items with anyone.
  • RoboForm provides advanced features like auditing passwords to replace them in future.
  • Autosaving and auto-filling of data on applications, websites and logins.
  • You can save bookmarks and manage them with ease.

Drawbacks (If Any):

  • RoboForm doesn’t provide encryption and threat detection for extra security. 

Works Best For

  • Best suitable for individual and business plan users as it’s pretty budget-friendly.

5. Bitwarden (Best For Cheaper Plans)

Bitwarden is an integrated open-source password manager. It is a desktop software that provides AES-256 Bit encryption with a zero-knowledge model to ensure only the user can access their data.


It provides a free version and premium plans for personal, family and business users. 

PricingPersonal plan: $10 per user/annually
Family plan: $40 per group/annual
Business plan: $3-$5 per user/annually
Cloud Storage1 GB
Free VersionAvailable
Ratings3.5 Out of 5 stars

Key Features:

  • It provides self-hosting features for more security.
  • Better Application Programming Interface for onboarding automation.
  • A thorough report on weak passwords and data security metrics.


  • Limitation on customer support for Mac and iOS.

Works Best For

  • It is best for users who use desktops for most activities and password storage.
  • Also, to users who like to have control over their data security.

6. 1Password (Best For Document Travelling Safety) 

1Password is the ultimate option for apple devices like Mac and iOS systems. However, it is applicable to all kinds of devices and operating systems.

They have provided limited but essential features like travel mode and the Watchtower feature. 


With these features, you can travel with confidential data safely and keep a watch on vulnerable passwords.

PricingStarter plan: $19.95 per user/monthly
Business Plan: $7.99 per user/monthly
Enterprise plan: Customised rates
Cloud StorageFamily plan: 1 GBTeam plan: 1 GBBusiness Plan: 5GB
Free VersionNot available 
Ratings3.5  Out of 5 stars

Key Features:

  • Different types of vaults to manage different passwords in categories.
  • Vulnerabilities in the passwords can be seen in the Watchtower feature.
  • Additional features like AES-256 encryption, stop attackers from accessing passwords.
  • Travel mode option for a limited time.


  • No free version is available for either mobile or desktop.

Works Best For

  • Best for travellers with highly confidential data.
  • These travellers may include government officers and higher authorities.

7. Zoho Vault (Best Free Password Manager For Mobiles)

You will find the best features of a mobile password manager in Zoho Vault. You can literally save unlimited passwords with a free version. 

Plus, it provides all the premium plan features like generating complex passwords, tracking password access and unlimited device login.

Zoho Vault
PricingStandard plan: $0.65 Per month/monthly
Professional plan: $2.99 per user/monthly
Enterprise plan: $5.22 per user/monthly
Cloud Storage100 MB
Free VersionAvailable
Ratings4 Out of 5 stars

Key Features:

  • It saves unlimited passwords and generates new complex passwords.
  • You can store and share your files and documents in Zoho Vault.
  • Auto-login access to websites.
  • Importing and exporting credentials is more accessible than other alternatives.
  • Better password access tracking.

Drawbacks (If Any)

  • This service is only available on smartphones.

Works Best For

  • It works best for people with multiple device login requirements.
  •  Also, it’s a better option for users who prefer quick access to the service through smartphones.

8. Passwarden (Best For Managing Passwords For Individuals)

KeepSolid’s Passwarden is the best and most affordable alternative to LastPass, which is good for new and experienced users. It offers all the password management & security features that LastPass offers.

It uses EC p-384 protocols and AES-256 encryption to secure your passwords. It also has a 2-factor authentication feature with biometric for additional security.


It works with all devices and operating systems, such as Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. Passwarden is also compatible with all major browsers.

PricingOne-Month Plan: $1.99/month
One-Year Plan: $1.66/month, billed annually
Lifetime Plan: $199.99 once
Cloud StorageNo Cloud Storage
Free VersionNot Available
Ratings4 Out Of 5 Stars

Key Features:

  • A single account to manage passwords for all your devices.
  • Safely share data between devices and sync the passwords from different devices to your account.
  • Migrate your passwords from browsers and other password managers directly to Passwarden.
  • The security dashboard informs you about any attack on your data or any other security issue you may face.


  • There is no free version of Passwarden available.

Works Best For

  • Anyone who wants to secure their passwords from different devices.

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Final Verdict: Which Lastpass Alternative To Choose In 2024?

Based on our test & trials, we have nominated NordPass as our ultimate favorite free password manager. 

LastPass was used widely by people all around the globe as it was the best until recently. Although, some recent changes in the free plan and breaches took back people’s trust. 

Users need a platform that provides valuable advanced features and a simpler user interface. Also, users always appreciate options that provide maximum security. 

It offers next-gen features like multi-factor authentication, autosaving, and auto-filling credentials. Also, if you are stuck on choosing new passwords, NordPass generates new complex passwords for you.

However, all the best alternatives are on the table now, and you can choose a suitable one for yourself. Let us know which alternative you chose in the comment section below. Ciao!


Which is the best premium alternative for LastPass?


What are the disadvantages of LastPass?

LastPass is costly compared to its competitors and has poor customer support.

Are password managers trustworthy to use?

We can’t answer this question with a yes or no. But we can say using password managers is the safest to protect your data.

What is the standard range of cost of premium password managers?

The standard range of cost of premium password managers is around $3 to $10 per user per month.

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