How To Get Into UCLA? 5 Effective Tips To Increase Your Chances

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Getting into Ivy League has been a dream of every student since childhood. And when it comes to UCLA, students tend to get overjoyed about it. Well, that’s very obvious, as the University of California is ranked 14th among Best Global Universities.

But to get into UCLA, one needs to really work hard and have a concrete approach to the admission process. One small mistake can affect your chances of getting into UCLA in jeopardy. So, here we have compiled a post for all UCLA aspirants to have a calculated approach toward getting into UCLA.

In this post, we will be covering some important points that one must consider while getting into UCLA, and moreover, we will also be discussing some qualities that the University of California looks for in a student. 

So hang in there as you are about to get the key to your dream college! 

How Hard Is It To Get Into UCLA?

Getting into UCLA is getting harder every year. The acceptance rate of UCLA is around 10.8% meaning they only accept 11 students out of 100. They stopped considering SAT and ACT scores back in 2020. Now they only accept students based on their application, so you need to make sure everything in your application is perfect.

Applicants must be good in academics, extracurricular activities, and other things. Students must not only focus on academics but also put that learning to use for research as well. They prefer those students who have applied their learnings in real life too. For example, if you are a biology student interning in a laboratory. If you also take an active part in providing service to your community, then it will also look good on your college application.

Effective Tips To Get Into UCLA

Getting into UCLA will require plenty of hard work and consistency. The number of students that apply for The University of California every year is tremendous, and the acceptance rate of the University of California is apparently low. So in order for you to make it to the list, you need to stand out and come out loud apart from other applicants. To do so, you can glide down through the effective tips below:

How To Get Into UCLA - Overview

1. Aim For A High GPA

This comes at the top of the tips we have to mention. Every university has certain criteria when it comes to GPAs that they expect from the applicants. If you are applying for the University of California, you must at least score a GPA of 4.6 to 4.8

You must qualify in the Top 25, meaning you must have 75% of the score out of the accepted people. These scores change every year based on the number of applicants. The score mentioned above includes all the honors and AP classes you have attended in your previous grades.

2. Quality Of Courses

This is another thing that UCLA looks for in a student’s application. They look at the king of the courses that you have opted for in your college. We suggest you consult your counselors if you want to learn more about the courses that are given more credits in the UCLA listing.  

How To Get Into UCLA - Courses

If you are a California resident, then you must have 25 honors classes, and if you are a non-California resident, then you must have 36 honors classes that we suggest to all the students applying for UCLA. The main idea behind this is that you must show that you have a strong schedule and have invested your time correctly. Moreover, AP classes and honors classes are the ones that you need to opt for throughout the year.

3. Have Exceptional Test Scores

Your test scores really matter to UCLA. You must have applied for exams like SAT and ACT and must have scored more than 75 percentile. These exams add additional points to the entire application. It is extremely important that you do some digging and finds out which exam UCLA expects from the applicant, as it doesn’t matter which test you have taken until you are in the 75th percentile. 

4. Extracurricular Activities

Apart from academics, extracurricular activities are something that you need to focus on. You need to mention everything that you have achieved in the past. Maybe you might have been the best soccer player in your school or have led an organization, or might have organized a fundraiser. You need to mention it all, along with what you achieved personally and what your role was in the entire process. This will make you stand out from the other applicants that have applied alongside you. 

If your academics are not good and you still have missed a couple of classes, you need to keep extracurricular activities second on your list. Your academics are way more important than your extracurricular activities.

5. Write Down Your Essay

Essays are one of the most expressive ways to describe yourself. It depicts the kind of person you are and shows your purpose for applying to UCLA. We would suggest you write down your essay in the most elaborate way possible.

For instance, if you have been working part-time as well as you have studied hard to get A’s on your test, then you must describe the roadblocks you have faced. We would suggest you take your time and let the essay come out naturally.

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Conclusion: How To Get Into UCLA

The University of California is the university of the big leagues, and the quality of education and the experience that the students get are stellar. Though we understand that is easier said than done. But we believe that your making time to read this post definitely shows your passion for The University of California. If you have any more suggestions to add to the above list, then feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


What kind of persona of students is UCLA looking for?

UCLA is actively looking for those applicants that are academically successful, possess effective leadership qualities and curiosity, and show persistence in their work.

Is it mandatory to give the SAT for UCLA?

No, it is not mandatory to take the SAT to get into UCLA. You can still get in without giving SAT. But if you have mentioned your SAT, you are required to present your SAT scores.

Which college has the lowest acceptance rate?

Harvard University has the lowest acceptance rate of 5%. This means out of 100 applicants, Harvard will only select 5 students it.

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