DataCamp VS Codecademy — In-Depth Comparison Of 2024!

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DataCamp VS Codecademy is one of the biggest rivalries in programming courses. Both platforms have a great variety of courses and certifications. 

These courses are suitable for both professionals and students. Therefore the needs of each learner vary, and choosing the wrong platform can waste your time, money, and energy. 

So, to help you choose the right one, I have provided a detailed comparison of DataCamp and CodeAcademy. 

DataCamp VS Codecademy: At A Glance

If you are in a hurry and want to get a gist of the comparison, check out the following table:

Parameters DataCampCodecademy 
CoursesData science, analytics, programming, and machine learningGeneral Programming 
Best ForData science and analytics professionals.Programming beginners or individuals with basic programming knowledge.
PriceStarting at $12.42/monthStarting at $17.49/month

If you cannot choose the winner between Codecademy vs. DataCamp, dive into their detailed comparison below.

Who Should Choose Datacamp?

DataCamp perfectly suits individuals who want to learn data science, analytics, and programming. Plus, it fits professionals who wish to apply data science fundamentals to the real world. 

DataCamp VS Codecademy - DataCamp

Furthermore, it is an excellent platform if you want to learn concepts related to Python, SQL, R, and ChatGPT, with easy and digestible lessons to understand complex concepts within hours.

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Who Should Choose Codecademy?

Codecademy provides data analytics and data science lessons as well. However, it’s best to use it to learn programming basics and intermediate skills. 

DataCamp VS Codecademy - Codecademy

Therefore, if you want to learn general programming, including HTML, CSS, etc., at a beginner or intermediate level, go for Codecademy. We have also done a detailed review of Codecademy that will help you know more about it.

Pros & Cons Of Datacamp & Codecademy

If you plan to start your programming journey on DataCamp or Codecademy, check these pros and cons.

 So jump into the pros and cons of DataCamp.

DataCamp Pros

  • Provides in-depth focus on specific topics.
  • Practice material is highly focused on solving real-world problems.
  • Provides a workspace for a better learning environment.
  • Faster learning experience.
  • Provides access to jobs and salary insights.

DataCamp Cons

  • Less free courses.
  • The narrow range of topics.
  • Expensive in comparison to Codecademy. 

Now let’s have a look over the pros and cons of Codecademy here.

 Codecademy Pros

  • Wide variety of programming topics.
  • User-friendly Interface.
  • Supportive and interactive community.
  • Wide range of free courses 

Codecademy Cons

  • Lengthy courses.
  • The hands-on learning experience is limited.

A Quick Overview

Both DataCamp and Codecademy are helpful to learn programming. However, DataCamp provides a more practical learning experience, whereas Codecademy focuses more on theory. 

Moreover, the quality of courses at low premium prices makes DataCamp unbeatable, and the free courses of Codecademy are best to set a strong base of programming if you’re ready to take the long duration courses.

Datacamp VS Codecademy: Courses

DataCamp and Codecademy offer programming, machine learning, data analysis, and data science-related courses. 

Both platforms provide career paths and skills paths to guide you toward your goal in a systematic manner. 

Furthermore, Codecademy offers over 200 courses on various programming topics like C++, C#, C, Bash, PHP, Java, etc. Whereas, DataCamp offers over 400 courses, but the focus is narrow towards Data analytics and science.

DataCamp Courses

DataCamp and Codecademy also provide practice material to learners. Datacamp provides assessments, projects, case studies, practice questions, live events, etc. 

You can also compete with other learners on DataCamp in various programming competitions to test your skills compared to others. 

When it comes to Codecademy, it offers doc files for definitions, code syntaxes, etc, along with cheat sheets, code challenges, projects, articles etc. 

Codecademy Courses

Overall the practice materials and courses by Codecademy are perfect if you are starting your coding journey. 

Whereas, DataCamp material and courses are best for advanced learners. Moreover, you can sign up for free on both platforms and check their catalog to learn more about their courses.

Datacamp VS Codecademy: Instructors

DataCamp and Codecademy instructors are individuals who have strong knowledge of data science, analytics, programming languages, coding, etc. 

The Instructors on these platforms should be experts and have experience in the tech field, along with some other requirements that might vary. 

Datacamp Instructors

Codecademy collaborates with Clever to recruit instructors, whereas DataCamp uses DataCamp Classroom to find instructors. 

The Instructors on both platforms have to be teachers in real-world accredited schools or universities. 

Additionally, they fulfill the mandatory requirements, including submitting their school name, school email address, country, etc. 

Moreover, the instructors also don’t have to worry about fees since both platforms are free.

Datacamp VS Codecademy: Time Commitment

DatCamp and Codecademy provide self-paced courses, so the time commitment depends on each individual’s capability to consume a certain amount of knowledge simultaneously. 

DataCamp offers career tracks requiring 36-116 hours and Skill tracks requiring 5-28 hours ideally. The courses offered on DataCamp generally need 1-4 hours of commitment. 

Furthermore, Codecademy offers career and skill paths for 6-35 weeks. Therefore, it’s evident that Codecademy requires more time commitment than DataCamp.

Datacamp VS Codecademy: Certificates

Both DataCamp and Codecademy offer two types of certifications available to premium subscribers. The Codecademy platform provides professional certification and certification of completion to their learners. 

Datacamp Certification

The certification of completion is offered after completing a course. In contrast, the professional certification is offered after passing a series of exams with its Pro subscription. 

The Codescademy’s professional certification is currently available for these career paths.

  • Full-Stack engineer
  • Front-End engineer
  • Back-End engineer
  • Data Scientist: Machine Learning
  • Data Scientist: analytics
  • Computer Science

Furthermore, DataCamp offers associates and professional certificates in Data Analyst, Data Scientist, and Data Engineer roles. 

You can choose the certification and level of your choice and use guides and plans to pass exams. 

You will be given 30 days and two attempts to earn your certificate. Moreover, DataCamp and Codecademy both have great certificates to add value to your portfolio. 

However, they are not accredited, so they might not be legitimate in getting you a job solely on their bases.

Datacamp VS Codecademy: How Much Do They Cost?

Both DataCamp and Codecademy offer a basic plan for free with limited access. 

The free plan of DataCamp provides access to the first chapter of every course on its platform, along with a free professional profile and job board access. 

For more features, you can take DataCamp’s premium plan at $12.42/month and get access to Certificates, an entire library, top Python, SQL, Tableau, Power BI, and R programs, more ways to learn code, and zero to job-ready experience. 

Datacamp Pricing

Additionally, it offers a team plan to manage groups, license management tools, and tracking progress at $12.42/user/month and an enterprise plan with custom pricing. 

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Furthermore, Codecademy premium plans are divided into two categories; Plus and Pro. The Plus plan costs $17.49/month and provides these features.

  • All basic features.
  • All courses.
  • Certificate of completion
  • Quizzes
  • Personalized practice
  • Skill paths
  • Real-world projects
  • Priority customer support

To enjoy Codecademy’s career services, code challenges, career paths, etc., go for Codecademy pro plan at $29.99/month. 

Codecademy Pricing

Furthermore, Codecademy provides a team plan at $299/user/month for 5-25 individuals and an enterprise team with custom pricing for 25+ members of teams.

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Final Verdict: Which One Should You Choose?

I hope you must have decided on a winner by now. Both Codecademy and DataCamp are great platforms for learning programming. 

But, if you don’t want a burden in your pocket, try Codescademy’s free courses. On the contrary, if you wish to get certificates to showcase your skills, go for premium plans. 

Furthermore, It’s better to go for DataCamp’s premium plan since it is affordable. Plus it provides advanced and quality courses with a better real-world learning experience than Codecademy. 

Whatever you decide, the friendly community of both platforms is ready to make your journey smoother. 

We hope we helped you find the best pick between Codecademy and DataCamp, and tell us your winner between Datacamp vs. Codecademy in the comments.


Should I put Dataamp and Codecademy certificates on my resume?

You should put your DataCamp and Codecademy certificates on your resume to showcase your skills and knowledge. Additionally, the professional certifications add more value to your resume. However, they are not accredited; therefore, they won’t always be helpful.

Which are the best two courses on Datacamp and Codecademy?

If you are looking for the best Datacamp courses, try “Introduction to Python” by Hugo Bowne-Anderson and “Introduction to R” by Jonathan Cornelissen. Whereas “Learn Javascript” and “Learn How to Code” are the best courses on Codecademy.

Is there any free alternative to Codecademy and Datacamp available?

FreeCodeCamp is the best free alternative to Codecademy and Datacamp, with free coding courses and certifications.

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