Dataquest VS Datacamp: The Ultimate Comparison Of 2024

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Looking for an unbiased Dataquest vs Datacamp comparison? Then, you are at the right place. Constant innovation in the area of Data Science and Technical field has led to an increase in the demand for online learning platforms. 

When considering e-learning platforms, especially in the vicinity of Data Science, then Dataquest and Datacamp are the top two platforms. 

If you are willing to explore your career in the Data world and are confused about which one to opt for, then we have got you covered.

In this article, I have provided a detailed comparison between Dataquest and Datacamp to help you determine which might work best for you.  

So, let us get started with Dataquest vs Datacamp.

Dataquest vs Datacamp: Overview

Parameters Dataquest Datacamp 
Language Support Currently offers content in the English language Provide support for 16 different languages 
Courses covered Courses relevant to Python, Excel, SQL, R, Tableau, and PowerBI It covers courses in the programming languages such as Python, PowerBI, and SQL. 
Certificates Offer certificates on successful completion of the course. It provides Associate and professional certifications. 
Free courses Offer introductory courses for freeOffers free access to the first session of all the courses
Pricing $39.20 per month $9.11 per month and are billed annually 
Overall rating4.5/54.7/5

To get an in-depth idea of Dataquest and Datacamp, you can check out the overview of both platforms.

Dataquest – Overview

Dataquest is the most effective learning platform that offers free introductory courses, skill path courses, and career path courses with the help of projects and real-world challenges. 

dataquest homepage

Through this platform, you can learn and enhance skills in programming languages such as Python, SQL, R, Excel, Tableau, and PowerBI. 

The platform also offers six career paths to get job-ready skills and around 19 skill paths for targeted training. It offers intuitive text explanations and diagrams to help you learn efficiently. 

Datacamp – Overview

Datacamp is an extensive platform that provides easy and efficient learning opportunities through in-demand courses in areas such as machine learning, applied finance, data visualizations, and many more. 

Datacamp homepage

It offers a Signal skill assessment test that provides you with personalized learning recommendations. It provides an effective and comprehensive way to help you learn data science from scratch. 

Datacamp is the best platform to learn AI and Data Science at your own pace, with video tutorials and coding challenges. 

Features – Dataquest vs Datacamp 

If you are curious to know about the features offered by the platform, then read on further. 

Dataquest features 

  • High-Quality content
  • Live project walkthroughs per week
  • Access to more than 700 practice problems
  • 14-day no-risk money-back guarantee 
  • It offers interactive exercises along with real-data sets 
  • Users community 
  • Exclusive live tutorials 

Datacamp features 

  • Hands-on-projects 
  • Quick daily Challenges 
  • Allows you to run the codes directly from the browser without extra installations
  • High-quality course contents
  • It offers exclusive Certifications 
  • Flexible learning opportunity 
  • Career Tracks and Skill Paths to gain expertise in Data-relevant skills

Pros and Cons of Dataquest vs Datacamp 

Dataquest and Datacamp both comprise pros and cons. To learn more about them, scroll down below. 

Pros and Cons of Dataquest 

Pros Cons 
Provide access to Slack chat on all the plansThe pricing might seem expensive 
Allows access to portfolio projects and guided projects Offers limited content as compared to Datacamp 
It allows personalizing the coding language 
Offers sessions for career counselling 
Active customer support 

Pros and Cons of Datacamp

An excellent option for the beginner level learners Have to pay to access the Slack chat 
Course content is regularly updated. It does not offer any projects or peer-graded assignments. 
Affordable pricing options
Interactive and engaging video lectures 
The free plan provides access to several assessments and initial sessions of the courses.

Pricing plans of Dataquest Vs Datacamp 

When it comes to affordability, Datacamp offers more feasible pricing options than Dataquest.

Dataquest Pricing

Dataquest offers three subscription plans, i.e., Monthly, Annual, and lifetime plans.

Dataquest Pricing

Below is a detailed breakdown of them.

  • Monthly plan: Dataquest monthly plan is offered at $39.20 per month, which provides access to all the course catalogues, career paths, projects, and practice sets. 
  • Annual Plan: The Annual plan of Dataquest is offered at $24.50 per month, which is billed annually at $294. 
  • Lifetime plan: The lifetime subscription plan of Dataquest will cost you around $470.40, which you have to pay once and gain lifetime access to all the content offered by the platform. 

Datacamp Pricing 

Datacamp offers basic free plans and premium plans for individual learners. Together with that, it also offers team and enterprise plans. 

Datacamp Pricing 
  • Basic plan: It provides free access to the first chapters of the courses, the job board, and the professional profile. 
  • Premium plan: The Datacamp premium plan is offered at $9.11 per month and is billed annually. With this plan, you can gain access to the entire content library, projects, certificates, and many more.
  • Team Plan: The team plan of Datacamp will cost you about $12.42 for each user per month and is billed annually.

User Interface: Dataquest vs Datacamp

When it comes to the platform, the user interface plays an important role.

The simple the interface, the more convenient it is to use.

Both platforms offer simple interface which is easy to navigate. To learn more, below is the interface offered by both platforms. 

Dataquest – User interface 

Dataquest offers quite a simple and easy-to-navigate interface. When you navigate to the platform’s main page, you will see the catalogue, resources, and plan options at the top. 

You are then required to create your Dataquest account. You can simply log in to your account if you already have one. 

After signing in, you will see the Dashboard, projects, and course catalog from which you can opt for any career path, skill path, or individual courses. 

The platform is beginner friendly, and whenever you start with a course, you will be provided with a tutorial on accessing the interface. 

Dataquest User interface -Dataquest vs. Datacamp 

The learn section at the top of the page provides you with the sessions, and the instructions option present beside the learning option allows access to the set of practice exercises. 

In all, the learning process with Dataquest is quite easy, accessible, and convenient to several learners. 

Datacamp – User interface

Datacamp offers the easiest and most intuitive interface. You can easily create an account and enroll in the course you want. 

Datacamp User interface -Dataquest vs. Datacamp 

Once you navigate to the platform’s main page, you can see a dashboard from where you can opt for any courses as per your level, i.e., whether you want to take beginner-level courses or switch towards advanced ones. 

After you have selected the course, you can access the first chapter of the course for free. But to get access to the entire course, you must purchase the subscription plan. 

Program offerings: Dataquest vs Datacamp

Dataquest and Datacamp offer a broad array of programs for all aspiring data scientists to help them explore the data world. 

Comparing them, it is demonstrated that Datacamp offers a comprehensive curriculum like that of Dataquest.

To get a clear view of them, you can check out some of them provided below.  

Dataquest – Programs

Dataquest offers several courses categorized into skill paths, career paths, and individual courses in Data Science, Analysis, Machine learning, Python, Excel, and many more. 

With the career paths, you can attain job-ready skills within 3 to 9 months, gain skills to master data topics, and learn new concepts to enhance technical skills. 

Datacamp – Programs 

All the programs offered by Datacamp are catered to the needs and levels of the learners, i.e., it offers courses for beginner, intermediate, and advanced level learners. 

The platform offers bite-sized chapters. With Datacamp, you can gain access to 410+ courses and 103 projects.

Along with that, you can also gain access to the signal assessment test, which helps you to determine which courses you should opt for. Python, R, and SQL are the three major topics on which Datatcamp has a major focus.

Community and Support: Dataquest vs Datacamp

Dataquest and Datacamp both offer active community and support. But coming to career counseling, then Dataquest is the better option. 

Dataquest offers community support on all the plans. On the contrary, the free plan of Datacamp does not allow access to the Slack community, but on a premium subscription plan, you can gain access to the community on Slack. 

Dataquest Support 

Dataquest offers community access to all the plans. You can discuss queries and ideas with others. It not only offers career counseling but also helps you with your resume. 

There are several articles available on the support page to solve your queries regarding your account, billing, technical issues, troubleshooting, Scholarships, projects, and many more. 

Datacamp Support 

Datacamp has an instant messaging community where you can interact with other subscribers to discuss Data Science and Datacamp. 

Datacamp Support- Dataquest vs. Datacamp  

You can also contact the support team by accessing the chat option if you require instant help from them. 

Learning Style: Dataquest vs Datacamp

Coming to the learning style, Dataquest is more focused on text-based learning, whereas Datacamp offers a video-based learning option. Both of them offer high-quality content, So it’s up to you which style works better for you. 

To get an in-depth understanding of the learning formats, scroll down below.

Dataquest-Learning Style

Dataquest is an outcome-based learning platform that offers contextual learning. The Dataquest lessons and projects simulate different learning challenges and provide efficient learning opportunities. 

Datacamp-Learning Style 

Datacamp offers self-paced learning options and uses a gamification approach which makes learning more interactive and fun.

Datacamp- Learning Style 

It offers practice tests and short coding challenges that help to reinforce learning. 

Instructors: Dataquest vs Datacamp

All the course contents of both platforms are created and conducted by experts in that particular field. 

Datacamp instructors are experts from different institutions organizations, and universities; they include consultants, external academics, and data scientists. 

The platform offers details of instructors for all the courses. In essence, Dataquest does not provide detailed information about the instructors. 

Language Support 

Considering the language support provided by the platform, Datacamp is surely ahead of Dataquest as it offers support for 16 different languages. 

With Datacamp, you can access the courses in different languages, along with subtitles in Turkish, Arabic, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Polish.

On the contrary, Dataquest offers course content only in English, which makes it difficult for non-native learners to understand.

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Final Words: Dataquest vs Datacamp (2024)

On wrapping up, this Dataquest vs Datacamp face-off, the decision between Dataquest and Datacamp depends on your career needs, as both platforms are best for what they offer. 

If you want to explore a diverse range of courses, then you can opt for Datacamp, as it offers a comprehensive and robust curriculum unlike that of Datquest.

I explored both platforms, and I personally prefer Datacamp due to its gamified interface and broad array of programs. 

In essence, if you prefer text-based content, then Dataquest is the best option for you. Also, it offers monthly, annual, and lifetime subscription plans, so you can pay monthly, unlike Datacamp, which requires annual payments. 

So, it’s up to you which platform you choose, as both will definitely add value and help you enhance your skills. 


Does Dataquest provide financial aid? 

Dataquest does not offer financial aid directly, but there are a few ways by which you can access the Dataquest content for free.
You can join the scholarship program that works with organizations.
Refer to the company/manager for free access through a team license. 
You can join incentivized community program of Dataquest. 

Are Datacamp certifications worth it? 

Even though universities do not accredit Datacamp certifications and they do not offer certificates as credentials, they definitely add value to your resume and are recognized by employers. 

What is the major difference between Dataquest and Datacamp? 

Even though Dataquest and Datacamp offer courses relevant to Data Science and Programming, the key difference between both platforms is the learning style they offer and the subscription plans. 
Dataquest features text-based learning, while Datacamp uses a gamification approach and provides video-based learning. 
Coming to the subscription plan, Dataquest offers monthly, yearly, and lifetime subscription plans, and Datacamp offers a premium plan which is billed annually. 

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