12 Best Colleges For Architecture In 2024

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Architecture is certainly one of the noblest professions. But getting into the right architecture college is the most crucial factor.

An Architecture degree from the best Architecture Colleges in the world can open up many opportunities to excel as a professional Architect.

But when the question is which are the best colleges for Architecture, then we have got you covered!

Well, in this article, we have listed an extensive list of the best Colleges For Architecture in the world, which will help you to choose the perfect fit.

We have reviewed these colleges as per their curriculum, QS ranking, campus life, academics, faculty, and many more.

So let’s quickly explore them!

12 Best Colleges For Architecture In (2024)

If you are in a bit of a hurry, then here is a detailed overview of the best colleges for architecture.

Sr No.Best Colleges For ArchitectureLocation
1.MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology USACambridge, USA
2.Harvard Graduate School of Design – USALondon, England
3.TU DELFT – delft NetherlandsDelft, Netherlands
4.ETH Zurich – SwitzerlandZurich, Switzerland
5.UCL – London UniversityCambridge, USA
6.NUS- National University of SingaporeSingapore
7.UCB – USABerkeley, USA
8.Tsinghua University – ChinaBeijing, China
9.University of Cambridge – EnglandCambridge, England
10.Politecnico di Milano – ItalyMilan, Italy
11.Manchester School of ArchitectureManchester, England
12. Yale UniversityNew Haven, Connecticut

12 Best Colleges For Architecture In 2024

Here is a complete overview of the best colleges for Architecture.

1. MIT – Massachusetts Institute Of Technology USA

MIT’s Department of Architecture is one of the five divisions in the MIT School of Architecture and Planning.

 Best Architecture Colleges In The World - MIT

The architecture department is divided into 5 discipline groups that are;

  1. Architecture and Urbanism.
  2. Building Technology. 
  3. Computation.
  4. Theory and Criticism of Architecture, History and Art.
  5. Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture. 

There are 38 permanent faculty members in the field of architecture, including 15 women and 3 members of underrepresented minorities. There are 23 guest lecturers and faculty members at the college who cover the entire curriculum.

The MArch and Master of Science degree holders in 2021 were 175, and the total PhD students were 56. A total of 317 students make up the student body, with 46% of them being international students from more than 45 different countries and 52% of them being US citizens.

The college also provides various aids and funds for graduate students to provide various academic opportunities.

It is considered the top architecture college in the world because of its academics and curriculum.

Location Cambridge, USA
QS ranking96.1
International students3700

2. UCL – London University

The Architecture College of London University is the most popular college of architecture in the world. Many students prefer to get a degree from this college that provides high academics.

The curriculum is much more interesting in that they focus 70% of education on design studios and workshops.

This college has overall 261 staff members from 32 different nationalities. They are in charge of groundbreaking studies and prize-winning structures everywhere in the world.

 London University

From undergraduate to professional studies in architecture, this college offers them all.

The exhibitions that showcase the students’ project work are the fascinating attribute of this college.

Location London, England
QS ranking95.9
International students21800

3. TU DELFT – Delft Netherlands

TU Delft, or the Delft University of Technology, is consistently ranked among the top ten architecture schools in the world. The institution is the oldest technology university in the nation and is essential to the list.

From the first day of your studies, as a bachelor student at TU Delft studying architecture, urbanism, and building sciences, you begin designing the environment around you. Students interact interdisciplinary with engineering, theory, and design.

Delft Netherlands

You will improve your analytical, creative, and spatial abilities. Both individually and collectively, students will work on design projects. students gain knowledge of how society, design, technology, and the built environment interact.

You also get to investigate the various industries that affect spatial designers, planners, engineers, and managers.

The college provides all architecture degree programs, from undergraduate to post-academic professionals. It is also renowned for having an outstanding campus.

Location Delft, Netherlands
QS ranking93.2
International students6104

4. ETH Zurich – Switzerland

ETH Zurich is a research-oriented organization that was founded in 1854. Its alumni include Aldo van Eyck, Santiago Calatrava, Aldo Rossi,  Herzog & de Meuron, and Bernard Tschumi, among many others who have influenced architecture.

The faculty of architecture currently has 950 undergraduate, 670 graduate, and 140 doctoral students, according to information on the university’s website.

ETH Zurich

The majority of students are drawn to this college by its incredibly vibrant campus life, which offers the ideal setting for aspiring entrepreneurs to find their ideal course of study, business partner, or workplace.

Civil engineering, geosciences, architecture, the built environment, industrial design engineering, etc., are all included in the faculty program.

Location Zurich, Switzerland
QS ranking93
International students7730

5. Harvard Graduate School Of Design – USA

Although some researchers believe Harvard to be the best architecture school, this year’s rankings have changed, and Harvard is now ranked fifth overall.

The university consistently makes its graduates stand out thanks to their academic credentials and reputation, and it has a beautiful architecture faculty building.

Harvard Graduate School Of Design

As a result, we can observe that the majority of individuals who are well-known globally and have produced significant contributions in almost all fields are Harvard graduates.

The challenges of the modern built environment are confronted, students are exposed to a variety of design investigations, and they are encouraged to draw inspiration from a large body of knowledge.

Location Cambridge, USA
QS ranking89.2
International students5877

6. NUS- National University Of Singapore

The architecture department at the National University of Singapore offers instruction in a variety of topics, including landscape architecture, sustainable architecture, and architecture.

Despite being still very young, the university has experienced rapid growth and has the credentials to become recognized in a short amount of time, somewhat like Singapore. The university’s acceptance rate ranges from 5% to 7%.

National University Of Singapore

It gives its students a chance to select from a variety of artistic routes that suit their aptitude for design and research interests.

In order to avoid having to reapply to the university, final-year students can choose to follow a track that enables them to enroll in a master’s program concurrently.

The university has a highly selective admissions process that includes an interview for every applicant.

Location Singapore
QS ranking87.4
International students7550

7. UCB – USA

Berkeley’s Department of Architecture is the most prominent university that provides quality academics and curriculum.

This college has a patent for various projects and innovations in architecture. With amazing faculty and various architecture courses, this college stands out from the other colleges in the world.


Additionally, the college hosts a variety of faculty projects and exhibitions that encourage students to innovate and explore more.

It accommodates more than 30,000 students and offers students studying architecture, art centres, museums, and historical structures and an environment that is highly inspirational.

Location Berkeley, USA
QS ranking87.1
International students9430

8. Tsinghua University – China

Tsinghua University is an established institute of high education and advanced research in China.

Currently, it consists of three ministerial laboratories, nine research institutes, three practice-based sites, and four departments.

The School of Architecture is also home to the Institute of Architectural & Urban Studies, the Center for Human Settlements, and the Research Center of Building Energy-Saving, all of which are associated with Tsinghua University.

Tsinghua University

Tsinghua SA now has about 107 faculty members, including 50 associate professors, 21 lecturers, and 36 professors.

85 members of the faculty, or 80%, hold doctoral degrees, and 67 members, or 63%, have at least six months of international work or academic experience.

A key assurance of the high quality of education is the presence of a faculty team that is of the highest calibre in terms of knowledge, enthusiasm, competence, and innovation.

The National College Entry Examination draws the top high school graduates from across China each year.

Location Beijing, China
QS ranking85.3
International students5425

9. University Of Cambridge – England

Being consistently recognized as one of the top architecture schools in the world makes Cambridge’s Department of Architecture an exciting place to study.

Their cutting-edge design curriculum is balanced with excellent instruction in construction,  structural design, environmental design, urbanism, and the history and philosophy of architecture.

University Of Cambridge

Reprographics areas, studios, workshops, and spaces for outdoor applications are just a few of the amenities available.

While many graduates pursue professional training, some go into other creative industries or research. 

They have a long history of producing top-notch research in fields like urban design, disaster relief, transportation planning, architecture, the moving image, and the history and philosophy of architecture and the environment.

Location Cambridge, England
QS ranking84.8
International students7930

10. Politecnico Di Milano – Italy

Italy’s largest university, the Polytechnic University of Milan, has been offering Architecture study since 1863. In the meantime, it keeps holding down the top spot among the best architecture schools in the nation. There are currently about 42,000 students enrolled there.

The university has always placed a premium on the high caliber and originality of its research and teaching, forging strong ties with the business and productive world through experimental study and technological transfer.

Politecnico Di Milano

The Politecnico di Milano is Italy’s biggest technical university, with about 42000 students. The Politecnico di Milano has created many well-known architects who are now professors.

Location Milan, Italy
QS ranking84.5
International students7450

11. Manchester School of Architecture

The University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University established this architecture school in 1996.

Faculty students have simultaneous access to all of the resources of the two founding universities. The University of Manchester provides housing for all incoming 1st-year students.

Manchester School of Architecture

It is governed by both Manchester Metropolitan University and The University of Manchester, in contrast to the majority of the best architecture universities in the world.

Urban planning, urban development, ecological and landscape design, as well as the preservation and management of historic environments, are all topics covered in its curriculum.

Location Manchester, England
QS ranking84.2
International students5420

12. Yale University

Yale is a huge private non-profit university located in New Haven.

This college offers specialised Architectural programs along with Doctoral degree programs. It is a small institution with an average enrollment of over 5000 undergraduate students.

Yale Architecture

The admissions at Yale University are more competitive as compared to the other Architectural Universities. The acceptance rate for Yale University is 7% and offers a three-year program leading to the degree of Master of Architecture.

Location New Haven
QS ranking18
International students5420

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I hope I have got you covered with the best colleges for Architecture in the world. Go through each college and choose the best suitable option and prepare for it.

So which college are you opting for? Let us know in the comment section below.

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