9+ Best Online Ukulele Lessons & Courses for 2024

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The Ukulele is a really simple instrument to learn. The learning curve is much less intense than, for example, learning the guitar or the piano, but it doesn’t mean you won’t have to put in the work.

And this is a major factor in the popularity of online ukulele training.

But how can you choose where to start when there are so many options for online learning platforms? Without a doubt, you do not wish to join up for each one of them to find that out.

So taking that into consideration, I have tried and evaluated the top 9 online ukulele lesson services currently available. Here I am mentioning them according to their flexibility, level of teaching, features, and the price of the course. 

So let’s get started without wasting time.

Top 9 Ukulele Lessons Online to Take in 2024 (Handpicked List)

If you are in a bit of a hurry, then here is the list of the top 9 Ukulele lessons that you can refer to.

Sr. No.Online Ukulele LessonsBest For
1.Artistworks Ukulele LessonsGreat Learning Experience.
2.Uke Like The ProsBest overall.
3.Ukulele Beginner CourseBest for beginners.
4.Ukulele TricksBest for various techniques in the ukulele.
5.Ukulele BuddyBest for slow-paced learning.
6.Ukulele UndergroundBest for interactive content.
7.Udemy Ukulele LessonsBest for variety.
8.Ukulele HuntBest free course.
9.Complete Ukulele Beginner CourseBest for learning the basics.

1. Artistworks Ukulele Lessons

Price$35/month and $279/year
InstructorCraig Chee and Sarah Meisel

Our top choice is ArtistWorks which offers various online courses along with concrete Ukulele lessons.ArtistWorks is a one-of-a-kind platform in that it provides courses taught by outstanding and well-known musicians. Despite the fact that you will have an incredible learning experience.

The curriculum is broken down into three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. You can also participate in the Music Theory workshop.

You will also have access to a large song library.

Best Ukulele Lessons Online - Artistworks Ukulele Lessons

The ability to receive personalized feedback is what distinguishes this online ukulele platform. If you record yourself and email it to your instructors, they will watch each video and respond with useful advice.

Furthermore, slow motion and loop functions on recordings bring ArtistWorks nearer to music learning apps.


  • Concrete lessons and traditional methods of instruction.
  • Personal feedback and support to upskill.
  • Multiple instrument courses.
  • Learn various techniques and music theories.


  • Little expensive.
  • You may lack playability.

2. Uke Like The Pros

PriceStandard Membership – $12.99Premium Membership – $19.95Platinum Membership – $39.95
InstructorTerry Carter

Uke Like The Pros provides one of the most concrete and interactive online ukulele classes.

They have a very broad curriculum that you go through, beginning with total beginner and proceeding to advanced playing, as well as elective courses and added features for more enjoyment and enlightenment.

You can begin with the basic modules that cover core techniques like what is uke, parts, and types of uke are, how to manage and tune them, etc. 

At an advanced level, you will learn about the specific chords and patterns of the ukulele. The best part is lessons on chords and rhythm are covered in the same lessons so that you can understand and practice them very easily.

Uke Like The Pros

Furthermore, you will get to know techniques like fingerstyle ukulele at the advanced level. There are numerous options given, including bass lines, chord structures, music analysis, and fingerstyle. You can also learn blues, jazz, and Christmas songs.

You’ll also receive worksheets and background tracks with each course.


  • Step-by-step Instructions.
  • Complete roadmap to the Ukulele guide.
  • Get downloadable tracks to learn from.
  • Q & A sessions with instructors.
  • Extensive library of songs.


  • No personal feedback.
  • Some of the methods are outdated.

3. Justin Guitar Ukulele Beginner Course


Justin Guitar’s ukulele beginner course begins with the fundamentals. The trainer posted seven initial web videos to help students master the principles of playing the ukulele.

The course plan covers topics such as understanding the four chords, practicing basic chords, strumming, fingerboard notes, and chord switching using a stringed instrument.

After completing the basic classes, users can go to the platform’s advanced and intermediate ukulele courses. Their classes cover essential topics including strumming tunes and developing a repertoire to enhance ukulele abilities. 

Justin Guitar Ukulele Beginner Course

The portal also has a platform where ukulele enthusiasts can converse and share their knowledge.

There are dozens of free learning tools available, including Pdf documents and audio clips, that all learners can use to get ahead in their classes. These features help you achieve your goals when practicing the ukulele in person or live.


  • Complete Free classes for beginners.
  • Covers all the techniques with the musical instruments.
  • Be a part of the ukulele community where you can communicate and exchange knowledge with other artists.
  • Get a live platform to perform.


  • Major focus on Guitar.
  • Short lessons as compared to others.

4. Ukulele Tricks

Price$147.00 for one-time
InstructorBrett McQueen

Ukulele Tricks offers lessons that help you to improve your style and technique. This course is especially for intermediate-level artists as well as advanced players. 

They provide three unique classes aimed at assisting students in mastering various playing skills

Courses in Ukulele Tricks include:

  • Strumming Techniques
  • Fingerpicking Techniques
  • Blues Cheats

Even if you’ve never held a ukulele before, step-by-step videos will teach you how to play it. You will learn theories as well as music from various genres.

After making a one-time payment, you will have access to all of the lessons. The portal also provides free ukulele lessons, including a four-lesson starter course.

Ukulele Tricks

There are also musicology classes, scales instruction, and performance and practicing guidance.


  • Comprehensive lessons for beginners.
  • Learn strumming tricks and fingerpicking tricks.
  • Get tips on your performance and practice.
  • Get various music theories and scales lessons.


  • No personal feedback.
  • Major focus on specific skills and not on particular musical styles.

5. Ukulele Buddy

InstructorJP Allen

Ukulele Buddy offers basic instructions and suggestions that can assist you in strumming your initial tune within 7 days. 

The online ukulele tutorials on this website are designed to be enjoyable activities that will aid you in comprehending and improving your skills.

Each week, short videos of seven minutes or less are posted to assist learners with their everyday practice. 

Ukulele Buddy

It is open to anybody, regardless of age or musical experience. Over a dozen experts are available to show you the finest strumming techniques and demonstrate how to change chords while practicing the ukulele.

You will also have access to selected free items, such as digital books, after subscribing, which feature essential content for all students. 


  • Interactive video sessions.
  • Get rapid progress.
  • Includes extra study materials.
  • Master effortless chords and strumming secrets.


  • Less number of sessions.
  • Less user interface. 

6. Ukulele Underground

Price$19.99/month and $159/year
InstructorAldrine Guerrero

Ukulele Underground is an in-depth platform that provides concrete ukulele courses and options for private lessons.

You get access to more than 500 video library content. Lessons are arranged into three levels: basic, intermediate, and master.

Advanced strum and soloing methods, practical music theory, and solo techniques are covered in the advanced lessons.

Ukulele Underground

You will receive access to live classes as well as an iPad app. The ability to utilize the app and download videos while on the go is a massive bonus. The course also allows students to upload self-assessment videos.

You will be able to have each session with tutor Aldrine in addition to extensive courses and downloadable content.


  • Get live coaching and private sessions.
  • Learn from a huge video library.
  • Get a chance to participate in live events
  • 30-day money-back guarantee with the 2-week free trial.
  • Get downloadable resources and cheat sheets.


  • Unclear study material.

7. Udemy Ukulele Lessons

PriceVaries for each course.
Rating4.6/5 overall

Udemy is an online learning platform that provides online courses for various fields and skills. 

Udemy has a wide collection of various Ukulele courses from various Ukulele experts. You will get lessons ranging from beginner to advanced which will help you to master the Ukulele. 

Udemy Ukulele Lessons

Flamenco Ukulele, Kids Beginner Ukulele Course, and Fingerpicking Fundamentals are a few of the accessible courses. There are numerous specialized and genre-based courses available, and Udemy continually adds new content.

The amount of content in each course varies, and prices reflect this. There is also a 30-day refund policy if you’re not happy with your purchase.


  • Specialized courses for beginners and intermediates.
  • Lessons based on genre.
  • Get trained by experts.
  • Get a 30-day refund policy.


  • Certificates are not accredited.
  • No linear courses.

8. Ukulele Hunt

PriceFree on YouTube
InstructorAI Wood

Ukulele Hunt is a very interactive platform that covers everything that you want to know about the instrument. 

The lessons covered on this platform are the most updated and it regularly updates new posts related to the instrument every week.

All of your concerns will be resolved, including those on music and chords as well as equipment setup and repair.

Ukulele Hunt

There is a list of archived stuff at the bottom of the page which is categorized by dates and categories.

The website includes free lessons and eBooks for all skill levels, whether you are just starting out or a seasoned player.

You will also find a review section on the website that contains reviews of past learners which will help you to get an idea of the overall platform. 


  • Get Chords, Tabs, Ebooks, and lessons that help you to learn skills.
  • Learn the latest Tabs and chords.
  • Learn strumming techniques and essential equipment.
  • Learn guitar riffs for the ukulele.


  • No personal feedback.
  • The website might confuse you.

9. Complete Ukulele Beginner Course

Price$94.99, but on sale, you can get it for $16.99
InstructorJakob Puchmayr

If you are a complete beginner, then this Udemy Course on Ukulele is perfect for you. This course follows a step-by-step approach to learning Ukulele. It is also the best-selling Ukulele course on Udemy, and already 12,000 students have joined.

This course covers all the basics of the Ukulele, so you don’t need any kind of prior music knowledge to learn from it. You will learn different strumming patterns & techniques, such as strumming using your fingers, thumb, a pick, and index finger.

Complete Ukulele Beginner Course

You will learn to play seven different chords on Ukulele from this course. You will also learn to sing & play up to 13 different songs.

Jakob also teaches you different picking patterns, six patterns to be exact. He also teaches how you can switch chords with ease. The course also covers when you should practice Ukulele and how to practice it. For this course, you will need a Ukulele and a tuner or tuning app to tune it properly.


  • Learn to hold Ukulele perfectly
  • Learn 22 Strumming patterns and 13 songs
  • 177 video lessons covering 5 hours
  • Course content is divided over 33 sections


  • The lessons can be too basic.
  • The certificate you will earn from this course holds no value in the real world.

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Which is The Best Ukulele Lessons Online?

It’s never been simpler to learn the ukulele! You may start out with the fundamentals for free on a variety of platforms before progressing to more complicated material as your skills improve.

You can choose the best suitable course to get mastery over the Ukulele. But still, if you are still struggling with which one to choose, then here is my suggestion, 

  1.  Uke Like The Pro – Best Overall
  2. Ukulele Underground – Beginner Friendly
  3. Artistworks Ukulele Lessons – Best for Ukulele techniques.

Finally, Whatever option you select, the most crucial thing is to just keep practicing. The process of learning an instrument takes time. 

You must develop a routine, whether it be one session per day or one per week whichever suits you best. 

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