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Udemy is offering a “New Year, new you?” deal where you can purchase the course(s) for as low as $9.99. However, remember that these Udemy Coupon Codes will only be valid for the next six days.

While testing the offer, our team observed that Udemy automatically gives you the courses at a discounted price. Therefore, despite the additional Udemy coupon codes I provided in this article, you might only need them once the offer ends.

Udemy Coupon & Discount (2024 | May)

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Once that is over, you must pick up your desired course and add it to your cart. You can claim the code there, so simply paste our coupon code. 

That being said, let’s check out the Udemy Coupon Codes details now!

Available Udemy Coupon & Discounts 2024

So here are a few working coupon codes.

1. Udemy $10 Coupon

$10 Coupon

Udemy $10 Coupon

With this coupon, you can purchase a few selected courses at just $10

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Claim This Deal

With this coupon code, you can get a few selected courses from Udemy at just $10. This coupon does not work on all the courses, so you need to see if it works on your selected course. If it doesn’t, then you can try another coupon code to get a discount.

2. Udemy $9.99 Coupon

$9.99 Coupon

Udemy $9.99 Coupon

With this coupon, you can purchase a few selected courses at just $9.99

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Claim This Deal

With this coupon code, you can get access to a few selected courses at just $9.99. It won’t work for all the courses, so you need to see which courses are available for $9.99 using this discount link.

3. Get up to 83% off

Flat 83% Off

Udemy 83% Off

With this coupon, you can save up to 83% on a few selected courses

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Claim This Deal

If you use code “NVDPPJ” at the time of checkout, then you can save up to 83% on the course you’ve selected. This coupon works for all the courses, so don’t forget to use this one before purchasing a course.

4. Get up to 76% off

Flat 76% Off

Udemy 76% Off

With this coupon, you can save up to 76% on a few selected courses

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Claim This Deal

If you use code “ST7MT41122” at the time of checkout, then you can save up to 76% on the course you’ve selected. This coupon gives different discounts on the course you’ve selected. It can give a discount between 72% to 79%. All-in-all, you will save a lot of money with this exclusive coupon code.

How To Claim Udemy Coupon Codes (Step by Step)

I’ve already explained the available coupon offers on Udemy. Now in this section, I will explain the step-by-step guide to claiming these coupon offers. You need to follow all these steps in the same order to get the discount.

Step #1: If you don’t find this coupon offers on Udemy manually, then visit the official website using this discount link. It will activate the available coupon code for Udemy.

Udemy Coupon Codes - Overview

Step #2: There are plenty of courses available on Udemy. You need to select any one of them or select a bunch of them based on your requirement. You need to click on the “Add to Cart” button to add the courses to your cart. Now visit your cart.

Udemy Coupon - Add TO Cart

Step #3: In the cart, you can see the total pricing of your selected courses. You will also see a “Promotions” section here; you need to enter a coupon code from the above list in the box. You can also apply multiple coupons; if they work, you can save more money than usual. Once you’re done, click on the “Checkout” button.

Apply The Coupon Code

Step #4: In the next step, you need to sign up on Udemy using your name, email, and password. After filling in all these details, click on the “Sign Up” button.

Udemy Coupon  - Create A Account

Step #5: In the final checkout section, you can see the original and discounted prices. Now you need to select your country, state, and payment method. Enter your card details and click on the “Complete payment” button.

Once you complete the payment on Udemy, you will receive an email confirming that you have now lifetime access to the courses you’ve selected. Now you can learn from those courses at your own pace.

Udemy Key Features (Is Udemy Worth The Money?)

Here are the key features of Udemy.

  • Instructors: All the instructors of Udemy are experienced, and most of them have also taught in the field. That makes them qualified for teaching on Udemy. The instructors can share their profound knowledge & learnings with their students. If you have experience in teaching, then you can also create a course on Udemy and share your knowledge with the rest of the world.
  • Marketing The Courses: You can easily become an instructor on Udemy and share your expertise which will help you become an expert. Udemy offers many promotional offers throughout the year, which can give a boost to your course.
  • Earning Opportunities: If you have knowledge of the subject and want to share it with the rest of the world, then Udemy is the medium for you. It will make your courses available worldwide, which will also boost your earnings.
  • Quizzes: To know the progress of your students, Udemy allows you to create quizzes and assignments that are necessary for every student to take part in. If they pass these quizzes only, then they will receive the course completion certificate.
  • Course Quality Checklist: To upload your course on Udemy, you need to follow a course quality checklist. You must have 30 minutes of video content divided into at least five lectures. The video quality must be in HD, and the audio quality must be good as well. The Udemy team will review your course before uploading it on their platform.
  • Multimedia Supported: Udemy allows its instructors to use all types of media to teach their students. Instructors can use animations, video lectures, pdfs, diagrams, and so on to teach their courses.
  • Categories: There are a ton of courses available on Udemy. To help you find the course of your subject, Udemy has created categories. You can search for your desired course in your preferred category.

Pros & Cons Of Udemy

Here are the pros & cons of Udemy.


  • Udemy runs deals & sale offers throughout the year. It can help you save a lot of money on your desired courses.
  • All the courses available on Udemy are affordable.
  • Udemy offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to all its students.
  • Udemy follows a course quality checklist to provide the best courses to its students.


  • There are not many quality standards available for becoming an instructor on Udemy.
  • All the courses on Udemy are not affiliated with any educational institutes.

Udemy: Subscription Plans

Udemy is best known for individual course purchases — which is a great deal considering the price for each course is different, and you do not want to tie to one set subscription. 

Udemy Coupon Codes - Subscription Plans
Source: Udemy Official Website

However, if you like the stability of having a monthly subscription, then Udemy also has two subscription plans: Individuals and Organisations. 

Check Out The Details Below:-

Subscription PlansMonthly PriceAnnual PriceMembers
Individual$20$240Only you
Organization$30$360Two or more people
Udemy Coupon Codes - Plan
Source: Udemy Official Website

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Conclusion: Udemy Coupon Codes 2024

Currently, Udemy’s new user discount is going on, and you can purchase the courses for as low as $9.99. The best part is that the platform does not require you to claim the offer manually. 

In addition, this article covers extra codes that you can redeem once the Udemy discount for existing users is over. To redeem these Udemy coupon codes, refer to the step-by-step guide that we have mentioned above. So, that’s it for our article on Udemy Coupon Codes. 

We hope it was helpful! 

FAQs On Udemy Coupon & Discount

How do I get a Udemy discount code?

You can access the Udemy discount code by heading to the platform’s official website. Udemy is currently offering their New Year, New You sale, where you get courses for $9.99. If not, you can also check out my article for affiliate codes that I have added in case the existing discount expires. 

Can I get a student discount on Udemy?

Unfortunately, Udemy is not offering any student discount for US residents. The only students who can benefit from this offer as of now are the Indians.

Can I get a student discount on Udemy?

Student discounts have yet to be available on Udemy. However, I will update the page whenever US students get listed for the offer. 

How do I get Udemy Coupon Codes for free?

To get Udemy coupon codes for free, you must head to the official Udemy website. Currently, the platform offers a new year, new you discount on all its courses. The best part is that you do not need to copy-paste the coupon manually. Instead, when you add the course to your cart, the coupon code gets applied automatically.

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