Meta Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate Review 2024

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Social media marketing has become one of the increasingly popular choices for many individuals due to the high demand for digital skills. 

As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job demand for Social media marketers, advertising, and professional managers is expected to grow up to 10% from 2021 to 2031

If you are a newbie to the field of Social media marketing, then Starting with a Meta Social media marketing professional certificate course is the best option to cultivate job-ready skills. 

To provide you with a clear idea about the course, I have reviewed the entire course along with its inclusions, pricing, instructors, and many more. 

So without any delay, let‚Äôs get started. 

Key Highlights 

Meta Social Media Marketing is a comprehensive course that is designed especially for beginners. Before going into the in-depth review of the course, here are a few key learnings that you can check out. 

  • Building an entire ad campaign in the Meta Ads Manager
  • Creation of Content calendar 
  • Creation of a creative brief for your social media ad
  • Conducting brand exercises for the businesses. 
  • Establishing platform presence 

To learn more about the course contents and pricing structure, you can go through the detailed explanations of all the courses provided below. 

Meta Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate: Overview

Platform Coursera 
InstructorAnke Audenaert and Daniel Kob 
Number of courses 
Duration7 months (2 hours per week)
Price $49 per month 
Ratings 4.9 

Meta Social Media Marketing is an extensive professional certification course that is composed of a series of six courses. With the course, you can hone your skills in different aspects of the social media marketing world. 

Meta Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate - Overview

There is no need for any prior experience as the course is crafted for beginners; with only basic internet navigation skills, enthusiasm for social media, and a Meta account, you can get started with the course.  

The course is highly respected among industry leaders and allows you to earn up to two college credits. 

Course Inclusions 

Now that we have seen the Meta Social media marketing course at a glance, to learn more, let us explore the different modules offered by the course.  

1. Introduction To Social Media Marketing 

Duration 15 Hours 
Key learningsSocial media marketing
 Digital Marketing
 Social media marketing strategy
 Creating social media policies 
Ratings 4.8 

Introduction to Social Media Marketing is an introductory course of the series. It features the basic concepts relevant to social media marketing along with the strategies. 

The course is composed of five exclusive modules that provide a complete understanding of the social media landscape and different social media platforms. You will also learn how to create and manage social media policies. 

Introduction To Social Media Marketing 

Additionally, you will also learn how to create your LinkedIn profile and get insight into job search resources. Overall course is very nice and informative for beginners. 

2. Social Media Management  

Duration11 Hours 
Key learnings Content development
Content management 
Social media marketing
 Establishing and managing social media presence
Ratings 4.9 

This second course of the professional certificate program focuses on inculcating comprehensive content management and creation skills. 

The course is divided into four weeks, comprising modules and practice exercises. All the exercises are crafted in such a way that requires the use of theoretical knowledge and skills. 

Social Media Management

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to establish and manage social media presence and create a brand, voice, and tone for the social media presence. 

3. Fundamentals Of Social Media Advertising 

Duration 9 Hours 
Key learnings Brand Management
 Campaign management
Craft effective visuals for social media ads 
Ad management 
Ratings 4.8 

Fundamentals of Social Media Advertising is a five-week course that covers all concepts relevant to social media advertising, Data, privacy and policies on social media, and many more.

Fundamentals Of Social Media Advertising

It also features Facebook and Instagram advertising strategies and the process of building ads on Instagram and Facebook. 

The course is very insightful, and it provides a clear understanding of creating a brief for the social media ad. 

4. Advertising With Meta 

Duration 9 Hours 
Key learnings Meta advertising¬†
Meta Ads manager
 Structure campaigns in Meta Ad Manager
 Editing and troubleshooting ads in Meta ads manager 
Ratings 4.8 

In the fourth course of the series, you will get familiar with the concepts such as Meta advertising, different tools to advertise on Facebook, Ad placements, campaign structure, etc.

In the last part of the course, you will learn how to create your own campaign in Meta Ads Manager. 

It is a very informative course and is a great combination of theoretical as well as practical skills where all the data and tech-related concepts are made easy to access. 

5. Measure And Optimize Social Media Marketing Campaigns 

Duration 10 Hours
Key Learnings Marketing Optimization
 Digital Analytics
 Marketing Strategy
Analyze the dashboard and evaluate the ROI
Ratings 4.9 

The series’ fifth course helps you learn how to respond to and evaluate the results collected from the social ads. You will also come across several terms, such as ROAS, ROI, Cost per result, and many more. 

Measure And Optimize Social Media Marketing Campaigns

The course is quite brief and helps you learn how to optimize campaigns with the help of A/B testing. You will also learn how to utilize brand surveys, holdout tests, etc. 

6. Meta Social Media Marketing Capstone 

Duration 6 Hours 
Key Learnings Ads Manager
Communication Meta Advertising
 Present and communicate campaign results to the team 
Ratings 4.8 

Meta Social Media Marketing Capstone is the last course of the certification program, where you will practice how to create a presentation on a marketing campaign. 

Meta Social Media Marketing Capstone 

It provides a hands-on experience for the learners where you can discover how to create a presentation featuring the social media campaign that you have developed throughout the course. 

After successful completion of the course, you are eligible to earn the accredited certificate offered by Meta. 

Pros And Cons Of The Meta Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate

To get insight into the pros and cons associated with the Meta Social Marketing Professional certificate, scroll down below. 

Pros Cons 
Flexible learning opportunity The course is best suited for beginner-level learners
Provides accredited and shareable certificatesIt has a primary focus on Meta Ads manager 
It offers engaging video content and exercises 
The content quality is top-notch. 

Course Structure And Curriculum

The Meta Social media marketing course includes six different courses along with plenty of modules, videos, reading materials, and practice quizzes. 

It covers practical knowledge and strategies for Social media marketing techniques and clearly explains emerging technologies and trends. 

With plenty of templates to help you design briefs and content calendars, the course provides you with a clear look at social media strategy. 

Overall the course is very well structured and can be easily accessed by beginners, intermediate, or advanced-level learners. 


The course is led by certified professionals Anke Audenaert and Daniel Kob, who have a deep understanding of digital marketing and the social media landscape. 

It is created by Meta, which is the parent company of Facebook. One of the big perks of taking the course by Meta is you can get access to Meta‚Äôs Career program job board which is a job search platform. 

Coming to the video explanations, the instructors have provided on-the-point and clear explanations of the concepts along with comprehensible examples. 

Especially talking about the first course of the series is quite impressive as the instructors put forth all the concepts in an organized and clear way. 

Along with the video sessions, you can access the in-depth reading material created by the experts and the practice exercises to help you determine your performance level. 

Meta Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate-Pricing 

The total cost to access the Meta Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate course is around $343, i.e., $49 per month.

However, you can complete the course even before the estimated time by dedicating some extra hours and can lower the cost of the course. 

If you are not sure about the course, you can also opt for the free trial period of 7 days to get a clear idea about the course and can continue accessing the course by purchasing it. 

You can also access the course for free by using the financial aid option, where you have to fill out the application to apply for financial aid. 

The Course Is Best For 

Following are a few key points that you can check out to determine whether the course is the right option for you. 

  • All the social media Geeks who want to impart job-ready skills in the field of social media marketing can opt for the course. 
  • If you want to level up your business with the help of social media, then this course is ideal for you. 
  • If you want to earn employer-recognized certificates in the field of social media marketing, then Meta’s Social Media marketing professional certificate is the best one. 

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Final Verdict: Is Meta Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate Worth It? 

Social media marketing is one of the great opportunities to leverage the power of Social media to reach out to a large audience to promote the brand. 

The salary of entry-level jobs in the field of Social media marketing ranges around $32,000, whereas those of senior social media managers can reach up to $63,000. 

Now that you are aware of the key factors and criteria of entry-level positions in social media marketing, I would definitely recommend this course to anybody who does not have any experience in Social media. 

Right from establishing your web presence to running paid ads, everything is covered under the course. 

You will also be provided with career support such as optimization of your LinkedIn profile, resume reviews, guidance for job search, and interview preparation. 

Upon completing the course, you will have a project-based portfolio that potential employers and recruiters highly recognize. 

With so many things covered under a single course, and based on my personal experience,  I would definitely recommend the Meta Social Media Marketing Professional certificate course as it is worth the money and time. 


How difficult is the Meta Social Media Marketing certificate course? 

Meta Social media marketing course is created for beginner-level learners and comprises easy instructions. The course comprises several to-the-point videos, practical examples, and other accompanying resources to ease the learning process.  

Which are the jobs in the area of Social media that you can pursue with this certificate? 

Social media marketing jobs are among the in-demand skills and are crucial aspects of organizations of all sizes. Below are a few jobs that you can pursue with the help of the certification program. 
Social Media Specialist
Social Media Coordinator 
Social Media manager 
Digital Media Specialist 
Social Media Strategist 

Are the certificates offered by Meta accredited? 

The certificates offered by Meta are the highest level of accreditation and enable professionals to demonstrate their advanced-level skills and knowledge to potential employers. 

In which languages can you access the Meta Social media marketing professional certificate course? 

You can access the Meta Social Media marketing professional certificate course in English with subtitles in different languages, such as English, Arabic, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian, etc. 

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