9+ Best Free Real Estate Courses For You To Learn In 2023

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While there is some formal study and exams required to become a professional real estate agent, there is no reason to stop there.

You need knowledgeIntermediate trends in order to develop and grow. 

In this article, I have highlighted some interesting free online real estate courses you can take right now to help advance your career in the sector. These are practical, hands-on courses that will give you a fresh perspective and maybe some new clients. 

Let’s quickly have a look at them!

List Of 9+ Best Free Real Estate Courses

Here is a quick review of the Best Free Real Estate Courses that you can refer to.

Sr.NoFree Real Estate CoursesPlatformBest ForLevel
1.Construction FinanceCourseraManaging finance in the real estate industry.Beginner
2.Sustainable citiesedXBest for understanding urban cities and governance for real estate.Beginner 
3.Introduction to Commercial Real Estate AnalysisCourseraBest to learn the commercial impact of real estate.Basic to intermediate
4.Increasing Real Estate ManagementCourseraBest for understanding complete real estate management.Intermediate 
5.Pathways to Property: starting your career in Real Estate FutureLearnBest for starting your career in real estateBeginner 
6.Real Estate Analysis FoundationsLinkedIn LearningBest for learning the basics of real estate.Intermediate 
7.Application of AI, InsureTech, and Real Estate TechnologyCourseraBest for learning the AI system used in real estate.Intermediate 
8.Seven Streams of Real Estate Income LinkedIn LearningBest for discovering the ways of real estate income.Basic to intermediate.
9. Increasing Real Estate Management Profits: Harnessing Data AnalyticsCourseraBest for learning complete data analyticsIntermediate

1. Construction Finance by Coursera:

Our first pick is Construction Finance which is offered by Columbia University on the Coursera platform. This course expands the complete knowledge of various construction projects and the mathematics of money.

This course will cover all the essential components of construction projects as well as the calculation of cash flow and interest rates included in the real estate business.

Construction Finance by Coursera

The course contains three modules, in which you will learn the complete construction finance and calculations. In the first section, you will learn the foundation of money and present value techniques with the internal rate of return from the construction manager’s point of view.

The second section focuses on complete vertical finance in the construction industry, and the third module will cover horizontal finance. 

Instructor Ibrahim covers in-depth knowledge of construction finance, and also he will provide you with some assessments that you need to solve as a practice.

Duration18 hours
InstructorIbrahim Odeh

Key Highlights:

  • The course covers fundamental economics that is needed for various construction projects.
  • Learn the definitions and various calculations of different types of interest rates.
  • Understand the importance of cash flow.
  • Learn with case studies about PPP projects and various risks in construction finance.
  • Learn various skills like project management, construction finance, real estate, and financial modeling with a shareable certificate.

2. Sustainable cities by edX:

This is a comprehensive course that will teach you how the government and private sector support urban and construction development.

The course focuses on the detailed construction business and the rising trend of sustainable cities. You will learn about the factors that are affecting urban development and the major challenges that are faced by urban areas, like unemployment, poor housing infrastructure, and constraints. 

Sustainable cities by edX

The course provides detailed information on how harnessing the power of urban development for global progress is important. 

You will also examine the increasing productivity and reduced inequality in the infrastructure services and various solutions and investments that can be done in the real estate business.

This course is suitable for anyone interested in detailed knowledge of sustainable cities and students who are looking for a career in real estate and development. 

Duration9 weeks (4-6 hours per week)

Key Highlights:

  • Understand the complete urban system that includes land management, utilities, and other entities as well as governance for real estate business.
  • Learn how technology is taking control of transportation, urban resilience, and energy.
  • Learn with case studies of major cities.
  • Get covered with factors that are affecting urban systems and development.

3. Introduction to Commercial Real Estate Analysis by LinkedIn Learning:

In this short course, you will have a complete overview of commercial real estate and the different elements and types of commercial leases.

You will learn how to evaluate estate assets through a series of various practical examples and commercial real estate classes. 

Introduction to Commercial Real Estate Analysis by LinkedIn Learning

This course covers all the real estate examples like industrial warehouses, office examples, retail examples, and operating assets.

In the first module, you will learn about the asset classes, deal state, and a quick introduction to the commercial RE investment model.

The course is full of various case studies that will teach you anchored retail and mixed-use retail, land banking, and parking garage cases.

PlatformLinkedIn Learning 
Duration4.5 hours
InstructorSymon He

Key Highlights:

  • Learn the multi-family model and operating operations. 
  • Get covered with a complete overview of real estate.
  • Learn various case studies of operating assets.
  • Understand the operating assets, main types of commercial leases, and replacement costs.
  • Get a shareable certificate with practice quizzes. 

4. Increasing Real Estate Management profits by Coursera:

In this complete capstone course, you will learn to use data analysis to improve profits. You will learn with a project which will give you a complete idea about the business problem and various steps for analysis.

Initially, you will be covered with the financial modeling for short-term rental rates, occupancy forecasting, optimizing rents that maximize rents, and various practice exercises.

Increasing Real Estate Management profits by Coursera

In the next module, you will learn about the cash flows and profits and also estimate watershed cash flow and profits. you will get various spreadsheets from which you will learn all the profitability and cash flow risks as well as the total cash required.

 Furthermore, you will understand how to add design elements so you can create a dashboard that is ready for stakeholders.  

By the end of this course, you will be working on a project in which you will cover the Tableau dashboard instructions, presentation instructions, and white paper instructions.

Duration23 hours
InstructorDaniel Egger, Jana Schaich Borg

Key Highlights:

  • Learn various skills like MySQL, SQL, Data analysis, and Tableau Software.
  • Get covered with data extraction and visualization.
  • Learn to predict the short-term rents for existing properties. 
  • Create a predictive model for short-term rents and optimize rents to maximize revenue. 
  • Distinguish the cash flow from profit and losses. 

5. Pathways to Property: Starting your career in Real Estate by FutureLearn:

This course is a complete guide to starting your career in the real estate field. It will give you a pathway to meet other learners, share your ideas, and join the active discussion about real estate.

This course focuses on key issues that affect property investment and management. This course will investigate the wide range of stakeholders and various roles that influence property development.

Pathways to Property - Starting your career in Real Estate by FutureLearn

You will learn who gets involved while developing property. Also, you will cover key issues that impact the property industry and the globalization and technology that play a role in property investment and management. 

You will also explore the career opportunities available in the real estate industry and how to start building a career in property.

This course is specially designed to explore the real estate sector and a wide range of careers in it. It is perfect for learners who are ready to discover property development and real estate.

Duration3 weeks (2 hours per week)
InstructorVictor Nicholls, Edward Shepherd, Emma Street 

Key Highlights:

  • You will examine the future trends and various innovations in real estate.
  • Explore the pathways available to you that begin your career in property.
  • Get to debate on key issues that are affecting property investment and development.
  • Investigate and assess the property development in your local area.
  • Unlimited access to the course that includes interactive videos and various quizzes.

6. Real Estate Analysis Foundations by LinkedIn Learning:

This course starts with case studies that will teach you the foundations of real estate and the investment opportunities in it. 

You will learn to build the toolkit of real estate techniques and evaluate investment portfolios, returns, and opportunities. You get to know all the competitive and ever-changing fields of real estate. 

Real Estate Analysis Foundations by LinkedIn Learning

The instructor provides excel based investment trends and models as well as he will cover the complete investment process in real estate so that you learn the primary real estate strategies. 

He also provides some advice on the factors that are impacting debt finance and return measurement. 

Finally, you will learn about rental property analysis and portfolio analysis with the case studies. Advanced fix and flip analysis and multi-family analysis will also be covered in the case studies. 

PlatformLinkedIn Learning
Duration6 hours
InstructorSymon He

Key Highlights:

  • Learn with practice assessments and various quizzes.
  • Master the ever-changing real estate field.
  • Understand various investment models and how to use free tools to analyze various opportunities. 
  • Explore the investment process and wide range of investment strategies.
  • Get a shareable certificate of completion.

7. Application of AI, InsureTech, and Real Estate Technology by Coursera:

This course will cover the development of AI and Machine Learning technologies used in Real Estate Tech and InsurTech.

This course was designed to assist you in understanding and analysing the world of insurance and real estate technology, as well as understanding how FinTech plays an important role in the industry’s growth. 

Application of AI, InsureTech, and Real Estate Technology by Coursera

You’ll discover how InsurTech is revolutionizing the insurance sector by studying and analyzing Artificial AI and Machine Learning. You’ll also study about insurtech company categories and the magnitude of the Real Estate Tech, InsurTech, and AI markets.

Duration4 hours
InstructorChristopher Geczy

Key Highlights:

  • Identify the emerging technologies in the insurance industry by understanding artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. 
  • Discuss the method behind the InsurTech investments and innovations.
  • Get to explore the trends by studying examples in commercial and residential real estate like lending home, cadre, and blend.
  • Examine the background and market size of AI and forecast to top use cases for AI in real estate.

8. Seven Streams Of Real Estate Income by LinkedIn Learning:

Here you will discover seven different ways to make money in real estate, as well as the simple actions you must follow to get started.

You will learn how to maximize your profits in real estate investing. You will identify various opportunities to maximize effectiveness. 

Seven Streams Of Real Estate Income by LinkedIn Learning

It also covers co-branding with mortgage brokers and various real estate deals. By the end of this course, you will learn ways to have a professional web presence.

Moreover, you will learn the automation of lead generation and niche information to make multiple streams of income. Plus it will help you to generate income through rental properties.

You get to learn how to easily produce cash flow as well as suggestions for earning passive income. After completing this course, you will have the general information required to begin earning money from real estate.

PlatformLinkedIn Learning
Duration49 mins

Key Highlights:

  • Get to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your team.
  • Explore offline opportunities for the greatest effectiveness. 
  • Understand and implement the real estate deals in your business. 
  • Learn to co-branding with mortgage brokers.
  • Study the power of generating income through rental properties.

9. Increasing Reall Estate Management Profits: Harnessing Data Analytics

In this course, you will learn with a capstone project using data analysis to perform a method for improving profits for your company.

you will extract the relevant data from the MySQL database and look at it briefly in Tableau to get a sense of what data you have.

Increasing Real Estate Management Profits: Harnessing Data Analytics

Moreover, you will create a financial model using Excel to analyze the data you extracted from the database. you will learn to use your projections about the Watershed properties to estimate cash flows and profits. By the end of this course, you will design and give a presentation for Watershed executives with your personal recommendations and complete a white paper template.

Platform Coursera
InstructorDaniel Egger, Jana Schaich Borg
Duration23 hours

Key Features:

  • Get a shareable certificate.
  • Learn with practice quizzes.
  • Graded assignments with feedback.
  • Interactive videos and readings.
  • Training from industry experts.

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Conclusion: Best Free Real Estate Courses 2023

Here ends the list of top free Real Estate Courses. All the above courses cover each aspect of real estate and its development. 

Select the best suitable course for you and learn with the amazing platforms that provide excellent features.

If you are still confused whether which one to choose, then here is my suggestion:

  1. Increasing Real Estate Management profits by Coursera
  2. Real Estate Analysis Foundations by LinkedIn Learning

Let us know in the comment section which course you are opting for.

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