Dataquest Coupon 2024: Save Upto $294 On Annual Plans

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Enhance your Data Skills with the courses and other learning programs offered by one of the well-known platforms, Dataquest. 

It comprises a massive catalog of data-related courses. If you are willing to take up one at budget-friendly prices, then here you go.

This article has covered the Dataquest Coupon code as well as other alternative ways to save money on the subscription plan. I have also mentioned the steps to claim the discount. 

So without any delay, let’s get started. 

Available Dataquest Coupon 2024

You can save a massive amount with coupon codes or discount codes on the courses and other learning programs offered by Dataquest. 

Unfortunately, there are no coupon codes available as of now, but no worries, you can still avail of the courses at pocket-friendly prices with Dataquest’s spring sale.

Save up to $294 on its Annual plan of Dataquest. To learn more, read on further. 

Steps By Step To Claim Discount In 2024

Even though the coupon code is not available currently, here are steps you can check out to claim the discount whenever they are made available. 

Step 1– Open the official website of Dataquest. 

Dataquest Coupon - Overview

Step 2- Once you have landed on Dataquest’s website, the next step is to create an account, or if you have one, you can directly log in by entering the required details. 

Dataquest Coupon - Create A Account

Step 3- After you have created the account, go to the catalog option present on the screen. You can select the course, skill path, or career path you are willing to purchase. 

Dataquest Coupon - Select A Course

Step 4- Select the courses or programs you are willing to take. After that, go to your cart and head toward the checkout page of Dataquest.

Step 5- After that, select your subscription plan, and below that, you will see the coupon code box. On entering the code, you will see the discounted price. 

Dataquest Coupon - Select Your Plan

Step 6- Once you have entered the coupon code, proceed further with the payment. Fill in the necessary payment details and click on the “Start my premium subscription” option.

Dataquest Coupon - Payment Details

The Pricing Plan Of Dataquest

Now that we have seen the steps to claim a discount, let us take a quick look over the pricing plans offered by Dataquest. 

Dataquest has three pricing plans, i.e., monthly plan, annual plan, and Lifetime plan. 

Monthly Plan Annual PlanLifetime Plan
$49 per month. $33.25 per month.$1,176 billed at once. 

The above table demonstrates the original pricing plan of Dataquest, which you can avail of at a discounted amount due to the Spring sale. To get a clear view of it, scroll down below. 

Dataquest Coupon - Pricing

Monthly plan: The monthly plan of Dataquest is now available at $39.20 per month, i.e., you can save up to $9.98 due to the Spring sale. 

Annual plan: Dataquest’s annual plan is offered at $24.50 per month, where you can save $294 on the plan.

Lifetime plan: By opting for the Lifetime plan of Dataquest, you can save up to $705.60 and access the courses and other programs of Dataquest at $470.40. 

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Conclusion: Dataquest Coupon (2024)

Even though the coupon codes are not available as of now, you can opt for any subscription plan at economical prices with Dataquest’s Spring sale. 

To keep track of the latest coupon codes and offers, bookmark this page, as we will keep you updated with the latest offers. 

FAQs On Dataquest

Is Dataquest worth paying?

Dataquest is one of the well-known online learning platforms with an extensive library of courses. With its high-quality courses and affordable subscription options, Dataquest is definitely worth paying for.

Does Dataquest offer a free trial?

Dataquest offers a free trial for the first three sessions of each course path. Whenever you sign up for the platform, you can access the introductory lessons for free. 

Are the certificates offered by Dataquest worth it? 

Dataquest offers certificates for the successful completion of the course. These courses demonstrate the accomplishment of the course and the skills you have gained in the field of data science. Hence, these certificates are undoubtedly worth it. 

Does Dataquest provide a pay-over-time or financing option?

Dataquest provides support from Apple Pay Later Financing provider, with the help of which you can purchase now and pay for it later on in installments. 

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