edX Coupon Code 2024: Claim 15% Discount On Courses

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Edx is a leading e-learning platform offering numerous academic programs from top-notch universities around the globe. If you are willing to take up courses or other learning programs of Edx and are short on budget, then don’t worry Edx coupon code is here. 

Even though the discount is not massive, it will help you to access the courses at pocket-friendly prices. 

To learn more about the coupon code and ways by which you can claim it, go through the article below.

Available edX Coupon Codes 2024

Learn any courses right, from Computer Science to Machine learning, from your dream University at economical prices.

Yes, you heard it right. With the help of the Edx coupon code, you can take up any course at pocket-friendly prices. 

Edx is offering a 15% discount on its courses, and you can avail of them with the coupon code “EDXWELCOME.”

Steps To Claim edX Coupon Code In 2024

Now that you are aware of the discount offered by Edx. Here is the complete guide to help you claim the discount. 

Step 1: The very first step is to head toward the official website of Edx. 

Edx Coupon Code - Overview

Step 2: Once you have landed on the official website of Edx, the next step is to create an account if you are a new user. In case you already have an account, you can simply log in by entering the required details. 

Edx Coupon Code -Sign Up

Step 3: Once you have completed the process of registration, you are headed toward the dashboard, where you can explore several courses or search for the required one. 

Edx Coupon Code - Go On Dashboard

Step 4: You can explore different courses as per different levels, subjects, skills, languages, etc. 

Edx Coupon Code - Search Courses

Step 5: After you have selected the course, click on enroll now.

Edx Coupon Code - Click On enroll Now

Step 6: On selecting the enroll now option, you will be directed toward the pricing page, where you can enter the coupon code. You will see the discounted price on entering the code. After that, fill up all the payment details and proceed further to subscribe to the course. 

Edx Coupon Code - Pricing

Voila! You have availed 15% discount on the course.

edX Pricing Plans

The Edx open courses can be availed for free by taking the free audit track, whereas the professional courses, executive education courses, and Boot Camps have different pricing. 

If you want to have access to assignments and earn certificates, then you will have to subscribe to that particular course. 

The pricing for different programs and certifications varies depending on the course. However, the pricing of verified tracks ranges between $50 to $300. 

edX Courses 

Whether you want to advance your career or explore interest in a different field, several online learning programs are offered by Edx. Here is a quick overview of the programs offered by Edx. 

Program PricesDurationCredentials
Professional certificate programs. Starting from $299.3 to 4 months.Digital certificate
MicroBachelors Programs.Starting from  $499.3 to 8 months. Digital certificate and college credit. 
XSeries Programs. Starting from  $135. More than 8 weeks. Digital certificate. 
Short Courses. Starting from  $99.6 to 8 weeks.Digital certificate. 
MicroMasters Programs.Starting from  $600.6 to 12 months. Advanced academic standing digital certificate. 
Master’s degree.Starting from $10,000. 1 to 3 years. Master’s degree. 

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Who is edX Best For?

edX is an ideal online learning platform for anyone looking to gain new skills and advance their knowledge, particularly in subjects related to technology, business, and the sciences. With courses from renowned professors from top institutions like Harvard, MIT, and Berkeley.

edX offers high-quality learning experiences suited for a wide range of learners. Working professionals can benefit from taking edX courses to stay current in their field or learn new skills to help their careers. 

Students can supplement their traditional education or prepare for college by taking edX courses in challenging subjects like computer science, math, and engineering. Lifelong learners take edX courses simply out of curiosity and passion for continued knowledge. 

With its vast catalog of over 3,500+ courses across 30+ categories, flexible pacing, and affordable pricing, edX has something valuable to offer learners across all backgrounds and at all stages of life. Whether you want to boost your resume, expand your knowledge, or simply learn something new, edX provides access to transformative online education for all.

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Key Takeaways: edX Coupon Code (2024) 

With the help of a robust e-learning platform like Edx, you can unleash your creativity and enhance your knowledge with affordable learning options. 

Start your learning journey with Edx and earn your Edx certificate at a better price.

Happy Learning!

FAQs On edX

Is Edx worth it?

Edx is a robust e-learning platform offering a diverse range of learning programs from world-renowned universities at economical prices. They offer certificates and degrees on completion of the academic programs. Considering all their benefits, it can be concluded that Edx is undoubtedly worth it.

Does Edx offer a refund?

Edx has a refund policy of 14 days which starts after the date of buying the course or within 14 days of starting the course. For professional degree certificates, you can contact customer support for a refund within two days of starting your course. 

Are Edx certificates Valid? 

Edx offers several courses and different learning programs and has connections with different renowned universities, such as Harvard, MIT, etc. The certificates offered by Edx are completely legitimate and valid. 

How can you make payment on Edx? 

All the credit cards and debit cards are acceptable modes of payment by Edx. You can also purchase a course through PayPal. 

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