Top 11 Research Universities In The World (2024 Edition)

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Research provides students with a broader educational experience and helps them to learn new concepts and hone problem-solving skills.

Carrying out research from top research universities provides great opportunities for students to learn and work with influential faculty.

If you are looking for top research universities, then without any delay, let’s dive into the article below.

Based on the q.s rankings, research opportunities and other facilities, I have listed the top 11 research universities below.

Sr . No.Name of University Type of UniversityQS Ranking.
1Massachusetts Institute of Technology.Private#1
2The University of CambridgePublic#2
3Stanford University.Private#3
4The University of OxfordPublic#4
5Harvard University.Private#5
6The University of Pennsylvania.Private#13
7Princeton UniversityPrivate#16
8Yale University.Private#18
9Cornell UniversityPrivate#20
10Columbia UniversityPrivate#22
11The University of California BerkeleyPublic#27

To learn more about the research universities, here is an overview of each of them.

1. Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a private research university that was incorporated in the year 1861 with the purpose of making the world better through research, education, and innovation.

The campus size of MIT is 168 acres and provides research opportunities in 30 different departments across five schools and one college.

More than 85% of undergraduate students enhance their education by engaging in faculty-led research provided by MIT’s Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program.

Top Research Universities - Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

The tuition fee at the Massachusetts Institute of technology is around $57,986.

Location: Cambridge, United States.

Program offerings: Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers a diverse range of graduate, undergraduate, master’s, and certification programs and research opportunities.

The most popular majors offered at MIT include.

  • Aeronautical/space engineering, Bioengineering,
  • Econometrics and quantitative economics,
  • Biological science etc.

2. The University of Cambridge

Cambridge University is the fourth oldest university in the world and was founded in the year 1209.

It is a globally diverse institution located around 60 miles North of London and comprised of 31 constituent colleges.

This university is highly committed to achieving excellence in research and ensures that the research conducted contributes to well being of society.

The University of Cambridge has six schools: Biological sciences, arts and humanities, Clinical medicines, humanities, social sciences, Physical sciences, and Technology.

The University of Cambridge

Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Program offerings: Many graduates, undergraduate, master’s, and certification programs are offered at Cambridge university. Below are some of the majors provided.

  • Medicine, Mathematics,
  • Law, Linguistics,
  • Engineering, Economics,
  • Human, Social and Political sciences.
  • Archaeology etc.

3. Stanford University

Stanford University is a world-class private research university founded in the year 1885 and located in the bay area of California, around 30 miles South of San Francisco.

The academic calendar of Stanford University is based on the quarter system, and the language of instruction is English.

The university comprises seven schools that are highly ranked for graduate studies.

Stanford University

Funding for research at Stanford University has topped $1 billion provided by the federal government for projects at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, a U.S. Department of Energy lab.

The tuition fee at Stanford University is around $56,169.

Location: Stanford, California.

Program offerings: A vast range of academic programs are offered at Stanford University.

Below are a few of them.

  • Business, education.
  • Humanities and Science.
  • Engineering, Law, Medicine.
  • Research centers.
  • Interdisciplinary research etc.

4. The University Of Oxford.

Oxford is a collegiate research university located about 60 miles northwest of London and is a leading center of learning, teaching, and research.

The date of foundation of this university is unclear, but teaching at Oxford has existed since about 1096.

Oxford is the oldest university in the English-speaking world. At Oxford, more than half of graduate students conduct research as part of their studies.

The academic calendar at Oxford university is divided into three parts, i.e., Michaelmas (fall), Hilary (spring), and Trinity (summer).

The University Of Oxford

Oxford university comprises a central university, 38 colleges, and six permanent private halls and provides more than 900 scholarships to graduate students.

Location: Oxford, United Kingdom.

Program offerings: Abundant academic programs are offered at Oxford University. Some of the courses are listed below.

  • Archaeology and Anthropology.
  • Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences.
  • Philosophy, Politics, and Economics.
  • Theology and Religion.

5. Harvard University.

Harvard University is a Private Ivy League research university founded in the year 1636 and is known for its innovation in education.

This University is a founding member of the Association of American Universities and is a preeminent university with high research activity.

The Academic Calendar at Harvard University is Semester-based, and the language of instruction is English.

The university comprises undergraduate colleges and eleven degree-granting institutions, including a Business school, Law school, John F. Kennedy school of government, etc.

Harvard University

The tuition fee at Harvard University is around $55,587.

Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Program offerings: This university is well known for its comprehensive programs in arts and humanities, health sciences, and STEM.

Other majors offered at Harvard University are given below.

  • Art, film, and Visual studies.
  • Astrophysics.
  • Business administration and management.
  • Biological and Biomedical Sciences.
  • Digital Media Design.
  • Creative writing and Literature etc.

6. The University Of Pennsylvania.

The University of Pennsylvania, also known as Penn, is a Private Ivy League institution founded in the year 1740. 

Pennsylvania University has four undergraduate schools and twelve graduate and professional schools and offers more than 182 research centers and institutes.

Penn includes several schools focusing on business, communication, art and sciences, dental medicine, engineering, law, nursing, social policy, practice, etc.

The University Of Pennsylvania

The educational cost at the University of Pennsylvania is around $61,710.

Location: Philadelphia.

  • Behavioral and decision science,
  • Chemical and Biomolecular engineering.
  • Data analytics and psychological sciences
  • Neuroscience Certification Program.
  • Theatre arts, Urban studies, etc.

7. Princeton University.

The University of Princeton is one of the oldest higher education institutions, founded in the year 1746.

Princeton University provides opportunities to undergraduate students through PRISM (Princeton Institute for Science and Technology of Materials).

Princeton University

The academic calendar at Princeton University is semester-based, and the language of instruction is English.

The University of Princeton is officially associated with two national laboratories, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory and Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory.

Location: Princeton, New Jersey

Program offerings: Vast range of academic courses and research opportunities are available at Princeton University. Below are a few of them.

  • Natural Sciences.
  • Social Sciences.
  • Engineering and applied sciences.

8. Yale University.

Yale is a private research university founded in the year 1701 and is known for its excellent drama and music programs.

The campus size of Yale University is 373 acres and has both local and international reach.

Yale University comprises fourteen schools, including the undergraduate college, twelve professional schools, and the Yale Graduate Arts and Sciences school.

Yale University

This university has a semester-based academic calendar and provides access to around 1,200 research opportunities in fields of science and technology to undergraduates. 

The tuition fee at Yale university will cost you around $59,950.

Location: New Haven, Connecticut.

Program offerings: Various certificates, Diplomas, Bachelor, Master’s, Post master’s, Doctorate, and research programs are offered at Yale University.

Following are some of the famous majors offered at Yale University.

  • Social science.
  • Mathematics and statistics.
  • Biological and Biomedical sciences.
  • Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies.
  • Computer, Information Sciences, and Support Services, etc.

9. Cornell University.

Cornell is a midsize Ivy League university that was founded in the year 1865. It provides great research opportunities to students through its 100-plus research labs and centers.

Cornell University has two national research centers, namely Cornell NanoScale Facility and Cornell High Energy Synchrotron source.

College of Cornell offers a large number of student services like health services, nonremedial tutoring, Campus safety and security services, etc.

Cornell University

The tuition fee at Cornell University is around $61,015.

Location: Ithaca, New York.

Program offerings: The University of Cornell offers 80 major formal fields of study, 122 minor fields of study, and other graduate fields of study.

Let’s see some of the examples below.

  • Biological and Chemical Engineering.
  • Atmospheric Science and Cognitive Science.
  • Design and Environmental analysis.
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation.
  • Performing and Media arts.

10. Columbia University.

The University of Columbia is the oldest higher learning institution, founded in the year 1754, and has an intensive academic environment.

Columbia University offers more than 200 research centers and institutes and annually dedicates around $1 billion to research.

It also offers centers for Schizophrenia Research, archaeology, the Institute for Cancer Genetics,  the Center for Huntington’s Disease, the Center for Familly Medicine, etc.

Columbia University

The Library of Columbia University offers more than 14.5 million volumes and provides many on-campus and online resources.

Location: New York.

Program offerings: A number of Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate, professional practice, and research programs are offered at Columbia University.

  • Architecture and Archaeology.
  • Nursing and law school.
  • Sociology.
  • Journalism.
  • Data science.

11. The University Of California Berkeley.

The University of California Berkeley is one of the top-ranked public land-grant research universities founded in the year 1868.

It comprises fourteen colleges and schools and offers more than 350-degree programs and courses.

The campus size of the university is 1,232 acres, and it has a semester-based academic pattern.

The University Of California Berkeley

As the founding member of the Association of American Universities, this university hosts many research centers relevant to the field of Science, engineering, and mathematics.

Several student services, such as non-remedial tutoring, placement services, women’s center, health services and insurance, day-care, etc., are provided by the University.

Location: Berkeley, California.

Program offerings: Some of the popular majors at the University of California, Berkeley are as follows.

  • Computer and Information Sciences.
  • Multi/Interdisciplinary studies.
  • Communication and Journalism.
  • Natural resources and conservation.
  • Biological and Biomedical sciences etc.

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Research Universities are the perfect options, especially for students who are willing to pursue their careers in STEM-related fields.

The federal, state and local governments provide funds to public research universities through grants and contracts.

Along with research opportunities number of academic programs are offered by each university. To know more about them, you can check their official websites.

Check all the above-mentioned universities and go for the best one.

Let us know your thoughts and queries in our comments section below.


Can Undergraduates conduct research?

Yes, Undergraduates can conduct research. There are many universities that provide research opportunities to undergraduates. The research approach differs depending on the field of research.

What major is best to conduct research on?

Conducting research in STEM-relevant fields is the best option.

Which degree is more research-focused?

As compared to other degrees, a Ph.D. is more research-focused.

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