Princeton Review Promo Code 2024 — Save Up To $1000

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Princeton Review promo codes come with various exclusive opportunities that help you save more than $1,000 on your purchase.

In this article, we have mentioned all the working Princeton Review promotional codes that will offer you an insightful glimpse into attractive discounts and savings. 

Even if you are aiming for a stellar SAT or ACT score, AP exams, or aspiring to master the GRE, GMAT, LSAT, or MCAT, these Princeton Review promo codes will help you start your academic journey with confidence and financial ease.

Let’s quickly get into it!

Princeton Review Promo Code 2024

Since Princeton Review is a huge platform offering various courses on various competitive exams, they also offer discounts and promo codes on their course purchase.

These promo codes help you save more than $1,000 on their courses.

Yes! You heard it right. Currently, Princeton Review is offering a plethora of promo codes for their exclusive courses.

Here are some available Princeton Promo Codes:

Courses And PlansOriginal PriceCoupon CodeTotal SavingsDiscounted Price
ACT 34+ Tutoring$7,560Tutor1000$1000$6,560
ACT 31+$2,199HS250$250$1,949
Essentials ACT$949Essentials$300$649
SAT Essentials$949Essentials$300$649
Digital SAT 1400+$2,199HS250$250$1,949
Digital SAT 1500+ Tutoring$420Tutor1000$1,000$364
Digital SAT Essentials$949Essentials$300$649
MCAT Live$2,799MCATLiveOnline$650$2,149
MCAT 515+$3,499MCAT350$350$3,149
MCAT 515+ Immersion LiveOnline$7,349MCATIMMERSION$450$6,899
MCAT self-paced$1,999MCATSP$300$1,699
MCAT LiveOnlineWinter Bootcamp$2,799MCATLiveOnline$650$2,149
LSAT 165+$2,099SAVE250$250$1,849
LSAT Immersion 165+$3,999LSATImmersion$350$3,649
LSAT Fundamentals$1,099200LSAT$200$899
AP 5 TutoringStarting at $250/hr5SCORE$250Starting at $233/hr
AP 4 Course $1,299SCORE4$150$1,149
AP Cram course $499APCRAM$50$449
AP self-paced$299APSelf$100$199
AP Self-Paced:$150APSelf$100$50
DAT 20+$1,999SAVE250$250$1,749
GRE 10 Points+$89910points$250$649
GRE 162+$2,399Save250$250$2,149
GRE Fundamentals$1,199Save75$75$1,124
GRE self-paced $499Save100$100$399
CFA Essential Level 1$799200CFA
CFA Ultimate level 1$999200CFA$200$799
CFA Essential Level 2$799CFAL2$300$499
CFA Essential Level 3$799200CFA$200$599
The academy homeStarting at $90/hrAT250 Up to $250 Starting at $80/hr
LiveOnline Academic TutoringStarting at $80/hrAT450Up to $450 Starting at $75/hr
GMAT Self-Paced$799Save100$100$699
GMAT Fundamentals$1,399Save75$75$1,324
GMAT 700+$1,999SAVE250$250$1,749

How To Redeem The Princeton Review Promo Codes

Now that you have plenty of Princeton Review promo codes and discount offers available. Following is a step-by-step guide on availing of the Princeton Review promo codes.

Step #1: The initial step is to visit the official website of the Princeton Review by clicking here.

Princeton Review Promo Code - Overview

Step #2:  If you are a new user, then simply follow the signup process by providing your email address and academic information.

Princeton Review Promo Code - Create An Account

Step #3:  Now choose the test prep course or the practice test that you wish to enroll.

For example, here, I opted for the GRE162+ course.

Princeton Review Promo Code - Course

Step #4: Once you click on the add to cart option, you will be directed to the billing page, where you must provide your payment details.

Princeton Review Promo Code - Cart Option

Step #5: You will see a section called “Promo Code”. Simply paste your promo code there and click on apply coupon.

Princeton Review Promo Code - Order Summary

Step #6: Once you apply the promo code, you will get your discounted price on your course.

That’s it! You will have your favorite course membership at the cheapest price.

Princeton Review Pricing Plans

The Princeton Review offers a variety of pricing plans for its test prep, homework help, and college admissions services. Here is an overview of the pricing plans for each category:

Test Preparation Plan:

  • 1400+ Course: Starting at $2,199 
  • 1500+ Tutoring: Starting at $420/hour
  • Essentials Course:  Starting at $1,199 
  • Private Tutoring: Starting at $420/hour

Homework Help Plan:

  • 1 Hour/Month: $39.99/month
  • 3 Hours/Month: $103.49/month
  • 5 Hours/Month: $152.99/month 
  • 10 Hours/Month: $339.99/month

College Admissions:

  • Senior Year Program: Starting at $1,999
  • Junior Year Program: Starting at $1,499
  • Sophomore Year Program: Starting at $999
  • Freshman Year Program: Starting at $499

Is Princeton Review Worth It?

Whether or not the Princeton Review is worth the money depends on a number of factors, including your budget, your learning style, and your individual needs. 

The Princeton Review is a reputable test prep company with a good track record of helping students improve their scores. 

However, there are other test prep companies available that offer similar services for a lower price. 

It is also important to remember that no test prep company can guarantee that you will improve your score. 

The best way to decide if the Princeton Review is right for you is to compare their pricing and services to other test prep companies and to read reviews from past students.

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Conclusion: Princeton Review Promo Code 2024

Princeton Review promo codes can save you hundreds of dollars on your test prep course. 

It offers a variety of promo codes throughout the year, so be sure to check back often for the latest deals. To redeem a promo code, simply enter it at checkout.

If you are serious about improving your test score, a Princeton Review promo code can help you save money on the best test prep available.

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comment section below.

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