Magoosh Promo Code 2024: Claim Up to 83% Discount!

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When exams are approaching, online platforms become an excellent way to prepare. As a result, students rush to Magoosh to prepare for their entrance under budget. 

However, some students find a $200 course to be prohibitively pricey, which is where promo codes come to rescue your pockets. 

So, if you are one of these students, go to your cart and use “AUGTAKE20“.

If you want more information and great promo codes, then rush into you in this article now!

How To Save On Magoosh In 2024?

Apply these methods to save money on your test prep purchase on Magoosh.

  • Use “AUGTAKE20” Promo Code

If you are a student preparing for an entrance exam, then you must be having a tight budget.

In this case, you can use Magoosh’s website, which is currently offering a 20% discount through its promo code “AUGTAKE20” on all orders. 

You can go to Magoosh’s website and buy any course, including GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, SAT, ACT, LSAT, MCAT, and IELTS and apply “AUGTAKE20” to any plan regardless of the duration to enjoy the discount.

  • Special Promo Codes For IELTS, GRE, and GMAT.

If you are preparing for IELTS, GRE, or GMAT, then congratulations, you will receive a heavy discount on purchasing the plans for these courses.

If you are preparing for IELTS, then you can use the “CrushTheIELTS” promo code on Magoosh IELTS Academic premium- 1-month plan and general training-1 month plan to get a 15-16% discount on your purchase.

Furthermore, the “IELTSExpert ” promo code provides around 83% discount on the Magoosh IELTS Academic premium plan and general training premium plan.

Furthermore, If you want heavy discounts for GRE preparation, then go for the “6monthsbundle” promo code on Magoosh GRE Premium- 6 month and Magoosh GRE Premium Admissions support plan and get upto 83% discount.

The discounts don’t end here, if you are preparing for GMAT then a 66-67% discount is waiting for you through the “crackGMATpromo code on the Magoosh GMAT- Premium-12 months plan.

The best part about these promo codes is that you don’t have to apply them yourself.

These promo codes will be automatically applied to your cart when you purchase any of the above-mentioned plans and your purchase will get a discount as shown in this table. 

PlanCost Before Discount Cost After Discount Cost After Applying “AUGTAKE20
Magoosh IELTS Academic Premium-1 Month$129$109$87.20
Magoosh IELTS General Training Premium-1 Month$129$109$87.20
Magoosh IELTS Academic Plan$774$129$103.20
Magoosh IELTS General Training$774$129$103.20
Magoosh GRE Premium- 6 Months$774$129$103.20
Magoosh GRE Premium+ Admission Support Plan$803$158$126.40

However, you will get additional discounts on all of these courses by using the promo code “AUGTAKE20”.Hence, make sure that you claim maximum discounts by using this promo code.

  •  7-day Free Trial

If you want to use Magoosh for an extremely short duration or you want to experience it before buying your ideal course you can sign up for its 7-day free trial.

Magoosh provides a 7-day free trial on all its courses without any payment information or commitment

You can experience 20 video lessons and 20 practice questions during this free trial and pay nothing.

How To Claim Magoosh Promo Code?

If you have decided to purchase Magoosh plans then you can follow these steps to save 20% using the “AUGTAKE20” promo code.

Step1. Visit the Magoosh website or click here.

Step2. Pick your desired course from the list.

Magoosh Promo Code - Overview

Step3. Like on “pricing and plans” or “explore our plans”

Magoosh Promo Code - Click On Pricing Plan

Step4. Sign up if you haven’t.

Magoosh Promo Code- Sign Up

Step5. Select your desired plan and click on “Sign up Now.”

Magoosh Promo Code- Select Your Plan

Step6. Fill in the required payment information and use write “AUGTAKE20” in the promo code area.

Magoosh Promo Code- Use Promo Code

Step7. Click on “Complete Order”

Congratulations! You have received a 20% discount on your order now you can prepare for your entrance with ease.

How To Redeem Magoosh Free Trial?

If you want to understand the working of Magoosh, then follow these steps to sign up for its free trial before spending your money on its paid plans.

Step1. Go to Magoosh’s official website. 

Step2. On the homepage, Pick any one course from the list.

Magoosh Promo Code- HomePage

Step3. Slide down and you will find a sign-up for a “free trial” statement click on it.

Magoosh Promo Code- Try Free Trial

Step4. Fill in the required information and Click on “Confirm Order.”

That’s all! Your free trial has now started to get the most out of these free 7 days on Magoosh and check your progress through your personalized dashboard.

Magoosh Pricing & Plans

Magoosh offers eight entrance exam preparation courses and one admission course for counseling. Each course provides various pricing and plans as shown below.

  1. GRE
  • Premium-1 month:$99
  • Premium-6 months:$129
  • Premium with Admission:$158
  1. GMAT
  • Premium: $199
  • Premium+ Admission: $228
  • Admissions: $129
  1. Admission
  • Foundation-1 month: $139
  • Foundation- 12 month: $179
  • Foundation + Review: $249
  1. TOEFL
  • Premium-1 month: $109
  • Premium-6 months: $129
  1. SAT
  • Premium: $129
  • Premium+Live Classes: $399
  1. ACT
  • Premium-12 months: $129
  • Premium+Live Classes: $399
  1. LSAT
  • Premium-12 months: $199
  • Premium+ On Demand Classes: $499
  1. MCAT
  • Premium-1 month: $379
  • Premium-12 months: $399
  1. IELTS
  • Premium-1 month: $109
  • Premium-6 month: $129

You can buy any of the above courses and get a 100% refund within 7 days of purchase if you do not like them.

However, the essay or speaking grading course voids the 7-day refund policy. Therefore, be sure before buying it for yourself.

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Wrapping Up: Magoosh Promo Code (2024)

You are now aware of how to make entrance exam preparation on Magoosh affordable. So, go to mangoosh’s official website and find your ideal course and apply the promo code. 

Currently, Magoosh is leading the education platform for the preparation of MCAT, GRE, IELTS, SAT, etc. 

If you want to make it your companion for entrance preparation, then take its free trial now or purchase its paid plan and your free trial will be added to it automatically. 

We hope our article helped you save a significant amount on Magoosh through the promo codes mentioned in it. If you want more articles related to Magoosh, then please leave a comment or check our website.

FAQs On Magoosh Promo Code

Is Magoosh worth it?

Magoosh has great resources, instructors, and lessons within an affordable price range, making it a worthwhile platform for preparation for entrance exams. Its resources might be lesser in comparison to other alternatives, but they are enough to help you score your desired percentage.

Is the Magoosh IELTS course meant for beginners?

All the Magoosh courses are available only in the English language. Therefore, you should have basic English knowledge before enrolling in the Magoosh IELTS course to understand it.

What is the score guarantee policy of Magoosh?

Magoosh offers a score guarantee policy to its users where if you don’t score the percentage guaranteed by them, then they will give you back all your money.

Is Magoosh more affordable than its alternatives?

Yes, Magoosh is the most affordable entrance exam preparation platform in comparison to its alternatives like Best test, Kaplan, edX, Princeton, Target test, etc.

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