How Long Does It Take to Learn Sign Language (ASL & BSL)

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You must be searching for one answer and reading article after article. And here comes the million-dollar question- “How long does it take to learn sign language?”

The question is subjective. But to give you a rough idea learning the basics of sign language will not take more than 60-90 hours.  

But if you want to learn it in-depth, it might take a little longer time. 

Learning sing language in depth does not happen overnight, but it isn’t difficult to do either.

The answer to this question depends greatly on a few variables, the first of which, 

Is the individual interested in learning?

Are they willing to commit themselves to learn!

How many hours a day are they prepared to devote to their learning?

Will they have the motivation to be consistent and stick with it?

We discussed everything in detail in this article. So before you start taking classes, get glued to this article to get rid of all kinds of confusion. 

How Long Does it Take to Learn Sign Language: A Brief Overview

In this article, you will get all your answers covered. I highlighted the most relevant topics regarding this.

I will take you through the difficulty level and discuss them keenly.

I will tell you about the different kinds of sign languages and which is better.

I will help you be fluent in sign language and share some tips.

I will also highlight the benefits of learning sign language etc. 

And I will also share my experience and all the tips and tricks that worked for me.

How Difficult is It to Learn Sign Language?

When you are here reading this article, you must be searching for its difficulty level. 

As I have already discussed, the basic level of sign language will not need much time.

But learning sign language in depth might take a longer time. But it will not be very difficult.

Now it depends on the individual. Each person has a unique set of skills. 

Some people might find it straightforward, and some might take longer to get the ease.

How Long Does It Take to Learn Sign Language - Sign Language

Some people learn to make the signs, but they might face challenges understanding others.

For that, you can do to engage yourself in a one-on-one conversation. With time it will be easier to understand.

Another challenge might depend on age. After certain learning, anything new becomes a little difficult.

You have to understand that there is no universal sign language. 

There are more than 300 singing languages with their own set of grammar and syntax all over the world.

So it depends on what kind of sign language you are learning.

How Long Does it take to Learn the ASL Language?

ASL is a comprehensive and complicated language that encompasses all of the nuances and intricacies of spoken language. 

It is difficult to master beyond a basic level, like all languages. Mastery necessitates a lot of exposure and practice.

American sign language consists of 2 to 3 years of Learning Course. ASL is more difficult than any other spoken language. 

Learning ASL depends on how motivated you are and how much time you are ready to invest.

There are a lot of people who learned and enjoyed ASL classes.

If you are motivated enough, it might take you three months, and for some people, it might take three years.

It consists of different body movements; you need to be more attentive and observant.

One myth is that the English language and ASL are related, which is not true. It does not follow basic English grammar as it has its vocabulary and grammar.

It is almost like learning a new language that has its own rules. 

Before you learn this language, understand your goal. If you want to be as fluent as a native signer, it will take more time.

 All you need to be is patient and practice.

How Long Does it take to Learn the BSL Language?

British sign language consists of 6 levels. Your goal depends on how long it will take to learn the BSL language.

If you want to learn to communicate with a particular person, you need a basic level of fluency: BSL levels 1 and 2. Which needs 90 hours and 150 hours, respectively

But if you want to be an expert, you have to complete BSL levels 3, 4, and 5. 

The total qualification time for this is 250 hours, 300 hours, and 360 hours.

Now coming back to the big question, how long does it take to learn the BSL language? 

Although we have already discussed the courses and time thoroughly, they might differ.

Old sign language means body movement, and most people tend to forget the signs.

The best way to refrain yourself from any kind of mistake you need to be persistent and practice regularly. 

In addition, if you want to learn the language just to expand your knowledge, you can learn it from YouTube.

But this will teach you some basic level Phrases and words. It will not take you far.

Is It Better to Learn ASL or BSL?

For logistical reasons, learning could be a lot easier. While sign languages are more comparable in general than vocal languages due to their differing physical constraints, BSL is significantly closer to Auslan. ASL belongs to a separate linguistic family than English. BSL is also linked.

Can You Become Fluent in Sign Language?

The definite answer to this question is yes.

As we all know, everything comes with a condition.

The condition behind becoming fluent in sign language is several years of regular study and practice.

 As I have learned, you can also do that with my handwork and persistence.

I started with the basics and never stopped practicing.

I learned from an expert and used to take notes.

 Yes, you heard it right! Now you must be thinking about taking notes on that. 

Sign Of The Day

Well, you will figure it out. What I used to do was sometimes video record it and sometimes keep a note with different signs.

And at the final level, I decided to join a deaf school and communicate with them.

 At the initial stage, I faced a few problems understanding them, but I became an expert with time.

Where to Take Sign Language Classes?

A variety of modes is available to take sign language classes.

The first and most affordable option is to participate in local organizations. Or you can visit your nearby deaf school.

The next option would be to admission to a community college, which can be expensive, but you get your classmates to practice.

You can also take classes from a tutor, who is also a good option which I did.

If you are taking personal classes, you will be the main focus, and it will be fruitful.

At the same time, you have to put a little extra effort to practice.

And last but not least online courses. Online courses enable you to choose the time of your preference. And you can learn at your own pace.

You can choose whatever method you like. But remember, one thing remains constant- Practice!

Benefits Of Learning Sign Language

Here are the benefits of learning Sign language.

  • Learning an additional language always gives you an advantage in the corporate world, even if it is sign language.
  • Sign language can help you become a customer service manager in a prestigious organization.
  • There are plenty of career opportunities that are associated with sign language,s such as speech pathologists and conference interpreters.
  • Learning any new language can enhance your problem-solving, cognitive process, and memorization capabilities.
  • Sign language can help you socialize better with deaf individuals. It can help you communicate with them and also understand what they are trying to say.

How Can Sign Language Help You in Your Professional to Social Life?

Just like learning multi-language expands the career options, learning sign language can also benefit you.

 Learning sign language can help you in your professional to social life by opening various career options. 

1. Professional career- you can become and professional interpreter by completing all the courses in your respective sign language.

2. Become a teacher- By learning sign language, you can also become a professional teacher in any respective organization.

3. Self-benefit- learning any sign language can benefit your physical and mental health. It will enhance your problem-solving methods and increase your memorization.

How to Learn Sign Language as Soon as Possible?

As I have already said, practice and persistence are key to success. 

And while talking about learning sign language in a short period needs time and practice.

I have enlisted some methods that helped me.

1. Recorded Videos- As previously mentioned tip was a video recording of yours. Whenever you find something difficult, record it and play to practice.

2. Practice with music- what are the most interesting method is practicing with the lyrics of music. 

3. Mirror image is one of the most popular methods used by actors. But you can also use it to enhance your fluency. While looking at yourself, you will be able to create a mirror image of yourself which will help you correct your mistakes.

4. Watch YouTube videos in leisure- Instead of wasting time, you can watch videos and learn new sign languages.

5. Practice with Friends- you can also take help from your friends. Or you might teach them the skills that you learned. By doing that, you will be able to revise your lessons.

6. Joining Deaf school- last but not least, the very effective method is aided school nearby. By doing that, you will be able to converse with those children and get connected with them.

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Finally, we are at the of this article. I hope I have covered all the queries.

Now you have a concrete answer to How long it takes to learn sign language.

Another important consideration when learning sign language is the approach or program employed.

Not all sign language training programs are created equal. And some people are considerably better at tapping into the mind’s innate ability to absorb and remember new information than others. The best sign language system employs cutting-edge scientific learning techniques to accelerate the learning process significantly.

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