Linux Foundation Coupon 2023: Exclusive 20% Discount

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Linux Foundation is one of the largest non–profit open-source organizations offering efficient training on open-source technologies like Blockchain and Kubernetes. 

If you want to avail the training programs and courses offered by Linux Foundation but are short on budget, then we have got you covered. 

Here is the opportunity to save up to 15% and 20% on the training programs offered by the Linux Foundation. 

To learn more about the coupon codes and the steps to claim them, read on further. 

Available Linux Foundation Coupon Code 2023

The training programs offered by Linux Foundation might seem expensive, but no worries, using the SCOFFER15 will help you get a 15% discount. 

You can also avail of a 20% discount on the programs offered by the Linux Foundation by using the code  SCRIPT20.

Below is the complete guide to assist you in claiming the Linux Foundation coupon code.

Steps To Claim Linux Foundation Coupon Code

To claim the discount on the training programs, here is the step-by-step guide that may help you. 

Step 1-  Head toward the official website of The Linux Foundation. 

Linux Foundation Coupon  - Overview

Step 2- After landing on the official website of the Linux Foundation, sign in by entering the required details. If you already have an account, you can simply log in by entering the required details. 

Linux Foundation Coupon  - Dashboard

Step 3- Once you have created your account, the next step is to select the program which you are willing to take up. 

Linux Foundation Coupon  - Choose Your Course

Step 4- After you have selected the program, click on “Enroll Today.” After that, you will be directed toward a page displaying the coupon code box. 

Linux Foundation Coupon - Enroll Today

Step 5- On entering the coupon code, you will immediately see the discounted amount. After that, you can proceed with the further payment procedure. 

Linux Foundation - Enter Payment Information

Step 6- Enter all the payment details, and agree to the terms and conditions. Click on place order. That’s it; you have successfully availed of the discount on your training program. 

Linux Foundation - Place Your Order

Linux Foundation Refund Policy

Linux Foundation offers a money-back guarantee on its certification programs and courses. To learn more about the refund policy of the Linux Foundation, read further.

For the courses, refunds are only granted on the request for cancellation received not more than three business days from the day of purchase. 

You can reach out to to request refunds or cancellations.

The exam registration fees refund policy is that you can request the refund only if,

  • Your purchase for exam registration was less than three business days ago.
  • You have not scheduled the exam reservation for exam purchases made via the authorized training program. You can contact the partner to determine the eligibility for an exam registration refund. 

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  • Conclusion: Linux Foundation Coupon (2023)

    With the above-provided coupon codes, you can definitely avail the best training and certification programs offered by Linux Foundation at affordable prices. 

    Go through all the steps mentioned above, and if you have any queries drop them in the comments section below. 

    FAQs On Linux Foundation

    What payment modes are acceptable by the Linux Foundation?

    The credit card payment mode is the acceptable mode for paying the exam registration fees. All main and major credit cards are accepted. 

    What to do when the Linux coupon code does not work? 

    Few coupon codes have additional requirements or the. To learn about them, click on “view restrictions” present next to the coupon code on the page. You can also try multiple coupon codes until you find the code that will help you to redeem the discount. 

    How often does the Linux Foundation offer coupon codes online? 

    Linux Foundation offers coupon codes less frequently as compared to that other websites. You can check our website for the latest updates on coupon codes. 

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