Coach Training Alliance Review 2024: Is It Worth The Price?

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Have you decided to consider Coach Training Alliance to gain mentorship values and develop related skills? Well, I did too. In fact, I joined the Coach Training Alliance Review.

Upon joining Coach Training Alliance, I was trained by world-class mentors to become a better coach, so I decided to write a full-fledged review.

In this article, you will find everything you need to know about Coach Training Alliance, what you can expect from Coach Training Alliance, its benefits, and more.

I also share reasons why you should consider Coach Training Alliance!

Coach Training Alliance Review: In A Nutshell

Have you ever thought of a way to get skilled at something, become a certified expert, and train new freshers? Well, Coach Training Alliance does exactly that. 

Hear me out.

With less than 2 hours every week, Coach Training Alliance educates on training systems and unwraps the coaching curriculum via video calls/live classes.

In my research, I found that Coach Training Alliance is accredited by the International Coach Federation, which means you can proudly call yourself a “certified coach” legally. Plus, CTA has trained 10,000+ coaches worldwide. 

Coach Training Alliance Review - Overview

Along with coach training programs, CTA also offers exclusive self-study programs.

You get hands-on training, live experience, insightful guidance, flexible and personalized learning, and lastly, accredited certifications in CTA easily.

Additionally, you also get access to a global student forum which you can use to engage with fellow trainees to indulge in healthy conversations and advice.

The best part about participating in Coach Training Alliance is that you get to coach the coach, an excellent way of applying your learnings in practical life.

What to Expect in Coach Training Alliance?

Despite having the advantage of taking coach training programs at the comfort of your home and turning into a certified expert at it later, what else can you expect?

Coach Training Alliance - Stats

I have jotted down some key elements that make you cherish taking Coach Training Alliance because they are convincing and produce high-quality content.

In Coach Training Alliance, you can expect:

  • A well-structured curriculum along with live-classroom experience.
  • Revamped learning modules with a new coaching system.
  • Engaging instructors with excellent mentorship support.
  • Curriculum-focussed learning with zero distractions.
  • Flexible learning hours with customizable routine.
  • 100% online learning with exclusive benefits.

Um.. the list does not seem to stop. Coach Training Alliance, you have a big heart. 

I mean, I have never seen an online learning program offer all such benefits under a single roof, and being a coaching program, you are getting a plethora of benefits.

If I were you, I’d close my eyes and walk into the world of coaching and get paid! 

Do you want to hear a secret? Yeah? Okay, listen up. Coach Training Alliance offers free programs too. Yes, you heard me—programs for which you do not have to pay.

In reality, those acclaimed, free courses offered by Coach Training Alliance are not precisely courses but insightful workshops hosted by world-class mentors/coaches.

Coach Training Alliance - Certificate Coach

After participating in such workshops in Coach Training Alliance, if you are rooting to join a core coaching program, you can sign up, get guided, and start coaching!

NOTE: I’d recommend taking a quiz and joining the workshops before enrolling in the coach training program to directly witness the essence of Coach Training Alliance.

Is Coach Training Alliance legit or a Scam?

Oh, there you are. Hopping on multiple sites to check if Coach Training Alliance is legit or some scam website performing a fraudulent activity. 

I used CTA, and it is not like what you expect. Coach Training Alliance is not a scam and has a legitimate license to provide compelling coach training sessions. 

If you hadn’t noticed, let me recall that Coach Training Alliance is accredited by the International Coach Federation, like the President of coach programs.

I met real people who hustle hard to provide valuable content in live. In fact, I attended a class a bit, yet the instructor was encouraging and pushed me to learn.

Additionally, Coach Training Alliance provides adequate resources like workbooks too. I am sure you might have realized that CTA has passed the legitimacy test!

Niches Of Coach Training Alliance

In Coach Training Alliance, you can find 11 coaching niches that are CTA-certified. These niches are life coaching, business coaching, leadership coaching, executive coaching, spiritual coaching, corporate coaching, career coaching, success coaching, mentor coaching, and management coaching. There has been a debate going on for so long about whether you should have a coaching niche or not.

In my opinion, you should definitely have a coaching niche if you want to grow your brand and attract potential clients. When you first start coaching, you will notice that you are coaching in multiple niches at once, and that’s okay at the beginning. But as you move forward, you need to decide on one or two niches for your coaching because it will help you shape your brand.

CTA: Different Coaching Programs (Explained)

Yes, CTA is a coach tutoring organization that teaches you to become the pro at what you love and lets you pass it on to other people by grooming you into the best.

Coach Training Alliance is not constrained to a single program. It is an umbrella-like platform holding multiple programs on different categories that helps in training.

Coach Training Alliance - Features

There are 7 ways you can use Coach Training Alliance efficiently, including free courses. Hence, sit back and proceed with your interest in learning about CTA.

  • Free classes (CTA workshops)
  • Self Study Programs
  • Career Coaching Program
  • Certified Coaching Program
  • Organizational Coaching Program
  • Graduate Coaching Program
  • Yoga2Life Coaching Program

Free Workshops by CTA

To earn a heads-up yourself about coaching in general, you can take up a quiz in CTA before enrolling in the workshop hosted by top mentors and certified coaches.

The workshop tackles all the doubtful queries that you might be having. You can also add your questions to the list without hesitation and make the most out of it.

By the end of the CTA workshop, you will be able to learn customer needs, client expectations, and how to excel in being a professional coach as a beginner.

Self Study Program

As the name suggests, you will learn coach tutoring by yourself via self-paced modules. Although the self-paced modules are a bonus, you also get many multimedia training pre-recorded sessions by CTA.

Additionally, the self-study program in Coach Training Alliance features an exclusive “become a coach in 20 weeks,” which is an excellent structuring of lessons. 

If you are skeptical about the self-study program not being as effective as the live programs, let me tell you that even the self-study program is curated by world-class coaches, experts, and mentors at Coach Training Alliance. 

The only difference is that you would not be learning directly from them. You are promised a well-curated set of learning modules in CTA regarding the quality.

Career Coaching Program

The International Coach Federation handles the endorsement of the Career Coaching Program in the Coach Training Alliance, which means you are in safe hands.

The duration of the career coaching program in CTA is 7 weeks. You can tune inefficiently with seven 90-minute recorded sessions and insightful notes.

After taking the career coaching program, you will be able to influence your customer, bring in responsible values, and fulfill your customers’ needs.

Career transition is a massive step, and so if a person decides to do something like that, a career coach is demanded in that particular situation. Only if the career coach is professionally qualified with compelling values can he mentor them.

Most people involved in career shifting feel powerless. It might sound profit-minded, but you can consider it as a valuable opportunity and dive into it instantly.

Of course, the career coaching program will mold you entirely with many elements, and you will start monetizing your career guidance and eventually make it profitable.

If you do the math, Coach Training Alliance offers three types of programs wherein one is a workshop-style free course, the second is a self-paced module, and lastly, the official CTA-approved programs led by excelling mentors and experts.

I have explained each program above. The remaining CTA programs work similarly, with slight changes in the curriculum. Say the Yoga2Life program is focused on a different aspect while following the same format.

Ultimately, you are promised to become a certified coach by the end of the program.

Coach Training Alliance Review: Pros & Cons

Here are the benefits & drawbacks of using Coach Training Alliance.


  • Get coaching certification to boost your credibility in the industry
  • Coach Training Alliance offers a lot of coach training programs.
  • It also offers plenty of free lessons and exams.
  • The courses help you improve your coaching experience.
  • It gives you more methods of coaching that you can use to improve your client’s life.


  • The Coach Training Alliance classes are very small; they only take 10 to 12 students in each class.
  • All the classes are completely online; you don’t get any physical training or material.

Reasons Why Coach Training Alliance Is The Best:

Coach Training Alliance has been an excellent journey in understanding the other side of the learning spectrum. Yes, the teaching and mentoring part. 

Ultimately, you can call it “coach,” but yeah, that’s where I am heading to. There are numerous perks to participating in the Coach Training Alliance. Let me highlight it:

  • An opportunity to turn into a coach from home.
  • Easy way of understanding mentorship.
  • Live guidance on growing as a coach.
  • Helpful resources are provided.
  • Well-crafted for beginners.
  • CTA is quite affordable.

Coach Training Alliance is indeed an excellent choice if you want to dig deep into the coaching community and excel it better to make a living out of it eventually.

Coach Training Alliance: Pricing Plans

Like every other learning and tutoring program online, Coaching Training Alliance also comes with a cost. Still, you can participate in the free workshops that CTA frequently hosts. Most courses in CTA vary according to the requirements.

To label a round-off rate, I’d say that it could range anywhere from $100 to $500.

If you are targeting to become a certified coach by CTA and want to make the utmost benefit out of the coaching programs in CTA, it might cost around $3000 with no hidden costs or additional recurring fees. You can pay it in split payments.

You can pay the total cost for the desired program from CTA in three to seven intervals with zero interest. Plus, the refund policy in CTA is quite complicated.

I got it covered for you. The policy says that not every refund request will not be considered the same since each program is different from one other. 

I said the refund policy is complicated and not impossible. Don’t worry. It’s okay.

If you are not satisfied with the CTA experience, you can find a way out with the hard-earned money you invested in the programs and get it back.

Final Thoughts on Coach Training Alliance Review (2024)

Hello. You can reach out to me…Gotchu! I simply tried my coaching consultation with you anyway; as you can see, I am almost equipped as a certified coach. 

I have yet to complete it entirely, but the experience has been rewarding so far. I got to know various aspects of establishing yourself as a coach. 

The marketing aspect, the business mind, the client chasing, and whatnot? Coach Training Alliance tackled everything in simple live classes by proclaimed coaches.

The fun part about Coach Training Alliance is that coaches teach coaches to become better coaches. I promise, I did not intend to sound it like a tongue twister, but you will get what I mean if you observe it.

To wrap up my thoughts about Coach Training Alliance, I’d say it is a great investment if you are looking for a coaching platform that offers everything from guidance to resources to mentorship under a single roof. 

Join Coach Training Alliance and become a coaching pro within a year!

Alvin Parker

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