Teachable Review 2023: Best Online Course Creation Platform?

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Are you checking Teachable as the platform to create and sell your online courses but not sure if it’s the right choice?

Well, Teachable is widely known for its offerings and features, with 13 million courses, over 30 million students, and over 100,000 course providers on its network.

It is a popular online course platform that has many things to offer. However, so many choices are available that it might not be the ideal solution for you.

To help you choose the best option, I reviewed the Teachable platform thoroughly. In this article, I will review everything Teachable provides and my experience using it.

By the end of this course, I will also suggest some great alternatives for Teachable.

Let’s explore Teachable!

Ease of Use4.8/5
Course creation4.8/5
Website Building4.5/5
Sale and Marketing4.5/5
Customer Support4.6/5
Overall 4.7/5

Teachable Review: In A Nutshell

Teachable is a cloud-based platform for creating online multimedia lectures and rich instructional websites that was established in 2014.

Teachable is an online course creation platform that is specially designed for edupreneurs, professors, industry experts, and businesses to build and sell personalized courses. 

You can quickly create courses using Teachable, add audio and video files as course resources, and sell your course utilizing a straightforward checkout process.

Additionally, you may integrate Teachable into your existing website or build a free Teachable-powered school website.

 Teachable Review - Overview

The Teachable platform makes it simple for you to design and personalize your choice’s look and feel for students.

Moreover, Teachable includes great tools like drag and drop that let you personalize your course design without the need for any design skills.

It works with Google Analytics to track the volume of visitors to your course pages. Your course pages can have customized CSS code added to them, so they display precisely how you want them to when they go live online.

All in all, Teachable provides out-of-the-box solutions for online course creation. This innovative platform includes the infrastructure and tools you need—all in one place.

How Teachable Works?

Let’s start with the basic overview of Teachable.

User Interface

Regarding Teachable, it is well known for being simple to use. You can start selling your courses as soon as you establish an account and make a few settings.

It won’t take you very long to become comfortable with Teachable because of its straightforward user interface and thoughtful organization of all the available choices.

The left panel’s main menu organizes functions and options according to many categories, including users, sites, products, settings, etc.

When you select a menu item, a submenu containing several tools connected to that choice appears. For instance, choosing a course will provide a submenu with options for pages, curriculum, cost, and other things.

Using the platform is relatively simple. The drag-and-drop course builder provides features like bulk uploading, cloud importing, etc., that let you quickly develop your course.

Anyone can set up their courses easily without any prior expertise or technical skills, thanks to how simple the entire procedure is.

Course Builder

The course builder on Teachable supports a wide range of content formats, including audio, video, text, photos, PDFs, quizzes, HTML code, and more.

Teachable offers limitless hosting for your course materials, including videos, which is a plus.

Teachable allows you to divide your course into Sections and Lectures in terms of the course structure.

Course Builder

Lectures can be thought of as lessons that include real content, while sections serve as an organizational structure to arrange your lessons.

You may now bulk upload your content into Teachable or add Lectures one at a time to your course.

Additionally, a lesson will be automatically created for each piece of content.

Drag and drop operations can be used to rearrange the order of your lessons or move them between sections.


Teachable has good tools for designing certificates that may be given upon successful completion of any course. Still, access to them requires that you have a Professional plan or higher.

You can select one of three templates to create completion certificates, or if you have the necessary skills, you can use HTML and/or the Liquid coding language to construct a unique template.

You can edit the pre-set text, add a signature (as a JPG or PNG file), add your logo, and alter the colors with the templates. When a student’s certificate is generated, Teachable automatically adds the name of your institution, the student’s name, and the course name. (These items cannot be taken out of the certificate.)

Overall, the capabilities of the completion certificate are probably sufficient to satisfy the requirements of the great majority of online course entrepreneurs.

Teachable Review: Pricing

While reviewing any platform, it is essential to review the pricing as it is considered the most important factor for many people.

Teachable Pricing

Let’s have a glance at the pricing plans of Teachable.

Plan Monthly PlanAnnual Plan
Basic$39/month$29/month  ($384/year)
Pro$119/month$99/month ($1,188/year)

There are three paid pricing options available along with the free option.

  1. Teachable Free Plan: 

With the Teachable free plan, you get access to offer your course for free. You can offer your course to unlimited students, but you will not get the extra features that other plans provide.

With the free plan, you get 

  • Order Bumps.
  • Basic quiz.
  • Access to one course at a time.
  • Email support. 
  • CSS/HTML snippets.
  • Basic templates.
  1. Teachable Basic Plan:

The basic plan includes many basic features that are required to create a website and sell your course. The teachable basic plan will cost you around $39/per month. If you buy an annual subscription, then it comes at $29/per month.

Moreover, you get tools for marketing your business, like referral marketing and email marketing. Moreover, you get features like student management ad reports.

With the Teachable basic plan, you get

  • Access to creating unlimited courses
  • Teachable payments
  • Unlimited video hosting
  • Third-party integrations
  • Student management reports
  • Unlimited student access
  • Custom domain name
  • Website builder tools
  • Various features for creating quizzes and comments.
  1. Teachable Pro Plan

The pro plan comes for $119/month with unlimited student access and an integrated website and builder.

With a pro plan, you can customize your domain and get advanced integrations and website builder tools. 

Moreover, Teachable provides you with tools for marketing your courses, like affiliate marketing, Email marketing, and referral marketing.

Teachable pro plan includes

  • 0% transaction fee
  • 5-user license
  • Affiliate programs
  • Group training calls
  • Quizzes with a grading system
  • Native certificates
  • Priority customer support
  • Course compliance features
  • Advanced reports and analysis
  1. Teachable Advanced Plan:

The advanced plan offers you access to all the features that Teachable provides. This is a customized plan, so for the subscription, you need to contact the sales team of Teachable.

Apart from the features of the basic and pro plan, you get 

  • Bulk student reports and management
  • 20 user licenses
  • Custom roles
  • Advanced customization option
  • 0% transaction fee

Following is detailed information on Teachable pricing plans and all the features they are providing.

FeaturesBasic PlanPro PlanAdvanced Plan
Annual Price$29/month$99/monthCustom
Admin users25Custom 
Transaction fees on sales5%0%0%
Unlimited studentsYes Yes Yes 
Integrated website builderYes Yes Yes 
Custom domainYes Yes Yes 
Direct IntegrationsYes Yes Yes 
Public APINo  Yes Yes 
Advanced theme customizationNo Yes Yes 
Integrated payment processing Yes Yes Yes 
Referral marketingYes Yes Yes 
Email MarketingYes Yes Yes 
Affiliate marketingNo Yes Yes 
Advanced ReportingNoNo Yes 
Learning and supportYes Yes Yes 

Teachable Review: Features

Teachable provides you with some excellent features that help you to create, sell and manage your courses. Let’s have a quick look at them.

  1. Ease of Use:

As I mentioned earlier, Teachable has a super easy user interface that easily guides you to make and sell the course. Whether it be a self-paced course or life coaching, you can do it all on Teachable. 

Teachable Ease Of Use
  1. Optimize your sale:

You can confidently market and sell your course using the integrated, flexible sales page builder.

Teachable provides you with the resources you need to market and sell your Teachable courses.

The blog for the platform is stocked with useful information.

  1. Quizzes  

Occasionally, it can be beneficial to observe the development of your students. You can easily make multiple-choice tests with Teachable.

You are free to include as many possible solutions as you wish or specify that you just need one solution. You can examine the results of quizzes that have been graded in the reporting section.

  1. Build & Brand

You may create an online school with Teachable using a variety of customizing choices.

With the help of this platform, you may design your website’s theme to complement your brand. In addition to adding logos, you may modify the navigation, the font and color scheme, the background, the links, and the language.

Teachable Build Your Brand

Teachable also enables you to add a blogging area and a custom domain. Blog articles can be an effective tool for marketing and promotion.

  1. Completion Certificates

There are three themes that you may modify by changing the colors and content as well as adding your logo and signature. The software automatically adds the name of your school, the course, and the student.

Unfortunately, these automatically generated elements of the certification cannot be deleted. Alternatively, you can use HTML or Liquid to create a unique certificate.

Teachable Review: Customer Support

Live chat and email customer service are offered continuously, seven days a week.

Teachable offers an excellent support network. You can reach their support team by email or live chat if you need assistance. However, only pro and business users get access to live assistance. You can also profit from their extensive knowledge base and vibrant user community.

There is always the option to employ someone to either assist you with setting up your website or accomplish duties for you if this still doesn’t work for you (like building your course).

Teachable Customer Support

Teachable offers a wide range of online self-help resources as well as round-the-clock email assistance with a one-business-day response time.

Finally, Teachable offers a paid member-only online community. Asking questions, connecting with other course designers, and even get inspired by their success stories are all possible in the Teachable community.

Teachable Review: Pros and Cons

Now, let’s have a look at Teachable Pros and Cons that I noticed through using the platform.

Teachable Pros: 

  • You don’t need to open a separate Stripe or PayPal account because Teachable Payments is a built-in payment processing solution.
  • You can contact students using Teachable built-in email marketing tool whenever an event occurs, such as when they sign up for or finish a course.
  • On the Professional plan and higher, certificates of course completion are available (many providers do not offer this or require you to pay a 3rd party).
  • You can use the Teachable iOS app to access your course.
  • For more expensive courses, you can give students payment choices like a monthly payment schedule.
  • Teachable takes care of the EU VAT.

Teachable Cons:

  • Compared to some of the other platforms, there are fewer choices for customizing courses and websites.
  • A 5% transaction fee applies to the Basic plan. (No transaction costs after the Professional Plan is purchased.)
  • There is no telephone assistance.

Teachable Review: Alternatives

You may wonder which are other platforms that can be great alternatives to Teachable. Let’s explore those platforms.

  1. Thinkific: 

When it comes to developing platforms for selling courses, Teachable and Thinkific are extremely comparable. The most obvious distinction is that Teachable offers superior marketing features while Thinkific offers better web design.


Teachable offers more possibilities than Thinkific because it has more features available. Depending on the paid plan you are using, this is particularly obvious.

  1. Kajabi:

Kajabi is one of the most well-liked locations for building and selling online courses, and the service gives producers a variety of ways to earn money from their expertise. These can include providing them with the means to first implement their ideas or assisting people in marketing themselves and reaching their target audience.


One distinction between Teachable and Kajabi stands out when contrasting these platforms. That distinction is in the pricing range since Kajabi’s entry-level subscription costs $119 per month.

  1. Udemy: 

Compared to Teachable, where you can truly design your own platform from which to make sales, this is very different. Due to the way, Udemy is set up, there is a lot of competition, which might make it challenging to generate sales.


This can make it more challenging to grow and provides you with much less control over your listings and business. It’s also crucial to be aware that Udemy cannot be customized to meet your brand and is less customizable than Teachable.

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Teachable Review: Our Verdict (2023)

This Teachable review has covered every element of the platform, and on the basis of that, we think it’s a solid and user-friendly choice.

Teachable provides features for engagement like quizzes, certificates, drips, compliance, and a simple-to-use course creator. It also has a well-designed course player.

The platform also provides crucial course selling capabilities, such as affiliate marketing, checkout pages, 1-click upsells, payment processing, and sales page builders.

In general, Teachable is a respectable alternative for developing and marketing online courses; if it satisfies your needs, you may use the platform.

I hope this review helped you to understand the Teachable platform completely. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comment section below.

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