Peacock Student Discount 2024 | Get for $1.99

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The only Peacock Student Discount you get is $1.99/Month, available for 12 months. 

However, this discount offer can only be redeemed within a limited period and with a certain redemption number. On the other hand, Peacock TV also offers a year-long discount where you get the membership at $29.99 (+tax). 

This article dives more in-depth into how to redeem the student discount, insights into bundle benefits, and tips for students to understand better budgeting!

With that, let’s dive in!

Does Peacock Offer Any Student Discounts?

Peacock Student Discount

Peacock streaming service is currently offering a student discount for 12 months. So, upon verifying your student status, you get the membership for just $1.99/ Month. 

See Discount


Although the offer’s validity is 1 January 2026, you cannot claim the offer if it hits the maximum number of redemptions. This is why I have an active coupon code for you: PEASUMF7B85.

You get one year of the Peacock Premium by redeeming the offering at $29.99.

How To Claim The Peacock Student Discount (Step-By-Step Guide)

Follow the step-by-step Peacock student streaming guide mentioned below to claim the coupon code. 

Step 1: Click on this link.

Step 2: Now, select the “Pick a Plan.”

Select The Pick a Plan

Step 3: Select any plan of your choice.

Select Any Plan

Step 4: Click on “Have a promo code”.

Click On Have A Promo Code

Step 5: Enter your promo code “PEASUMF7B85” and select APPLY.

Enter Your Promo Code

Step 6: Your discount is now claimed.

So, simply finish off the process by filling out your personal information and billing details.

Fill Your Personal Information & Billing Details

Peacock TV Bundle Deals & Benefits 

Peacock TV Deals


If you are an existing JetBlue member, you can avail of the Peacock TV benefits for free. Yes, you save up to $59.99 and get 1000 points at the beginning of your subscription. 

Peacock Tv Exclusive Offer

A signup box will appear after you put your email address in the blank space. Following are some of the benefits that you get by claiming the bundle offer:-

  • Two Months Free Trial
  • 1000 JetBlue Points within 60 days of subscribing to Peacock Premium 
  • 12 Months free of cost subscription if you are a Mosaic member
  • Cancel the subscription at any time

(You can read more details in the screenshot attached below.)

Peacock Premium

Peacock vs. Amazon Prime: Which is better?

Amazon Prime clearly gives better deals to students. To support my claim, the following is a detailed comparison of Peacock TV and Amazon Prime and how they cater to students. 

So, let’s go through these student-friendly streaming services:-

FeaturesPeacock TVAmazon Prime
Free TrialTwo MonthsSix Months
Rate (Annual Billing)$1.99/ Month$0.75/ Month
Free Food Delivery✔️
2 Months of Free Kindle✔️
4 years of Free Amazon Music$5.99/ Month
ChannelsNot Available99 Cents/ Month
10% OFF on Flights and Hotels✔️
1 Month Free – AI-Powered Study Help and 24/7 Expert-Support.✔️

Budgeting For Peacock Subscription – Tips For Students

My biggest tip is to share the Peacock TV subscription with 4 to 5 friends. 

For instance, the current Peacock Student Discount is $1.99 for a year. However, if you opt for the annual discount worth $29.99/ year, the monthly cost is $2.49. So, regardless of the plan you opt for, you can gather 4-5 of your loved ones and share the subscription. 

Each member will roughly have to pay $5 a year. Considering the instant drop in rates, you can get more memberships/ bundles and get an even better discount. 

User Experiences with Peacock Student Discounts

From paying nearly $5 for a Peacock TV subscription, students are more than elevated to benefit from the service at $1.99 to $2.99 per Month. Therefore, the following are some of the Student Testimonials on Peacock TV:-

  1. “Affordable access to live sports and hit shows with Peacock’s student discount has truly elevated my college experience!”
– Carlos M.
  1. “Peacock’s student discount is a lifesaver, offering me a break with top-tier comedies and dramas at a cost that keeps my wallet happy!”
– Jordan K.

Conclusion: Peacock Student Discount 2024

As of 2024, the Peacock Student Discount is available at $1.99 monthly for the next 12 months upon claiming the offer. The platform also offers an annual discount worth $29.99/ year, which makes the monthly cost $2.99. 

Make sure to follow the steps given above and claim your discount!


How long is the Peacock 1.99 deal?

The Peacock 1.99 deal is for about 12 months, where you get the subscription for $1.99 upon verifying your student discount. 

How do I get 50% off my Peacock?

To save 50% OFF on your Peacock, you must opt for the platform’s ad-supported plan.

Does Peacock have a college student discount?

There is an official student discount on Peacock. You must verify your student status by filling in your personal information and the school’s name.

How to get Peacock for $20 a year?

In order to access the Peacock $20 a year, you need to claim the platform’s YEARLONG coupon code. That makes your subscription $19.99, to be precise.

How much is the cheapest way to get Peacock?

$5.99 is the cheapest premium rate for Peacock Streaming service. However, if you opt for an annual student discount, you get the same services at just $1.99/ Month.

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