100+ Patreon Statistics For 2023 (Revenue, Users & Data)

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One of the reasons video content publishers and other content creators can earn a living these days is because of the Patreon platform. Now everyone is familiar with at least one YouTube Patreon creator.

And now that Patreon is a well-known membership site, it is profitable for both creators and itself.

Since its beginnings in 2013, the company has grown to become one of the largest platforms. However, as per Patreon’s CPO, the company does not really want to be one that is only known for its first eight years but also for the following eight.

What will the future of Patreon look like in 2023? What do the Patreon Statistics say?

In this article, we will discuss some significant statistics about Patreon and its creator data points regarding users and revenue.

So without wasting time, let’s understand the Patreon Platform.

Source: Graphtreon, Patreon, TechCrunch, Clubhouse statistics, Semrush, CNBC, Craft.

Patreon General Statistics

Patreon Statistics - General Stats
  1. Patreon creators make $100M+ a month.
  2. Patreon has 8 million+ monthly active patrons.
  3. Currently, there are 250,000+ active creators on Patreon.
  4. More than 222,000 artists have at least one Patreon.
  5. Over 6 million people support Patreon. Within the last three years, 4 million of these followers have signed up.
  6. As per the Forbes reports, Patreon creator membership platform is around $4 billion Enterprise.
  7. The approx number of monthly unique visitors are 9,831,577.
  8. The total amount of money raised by Patreon is $412.1 million.
  9. Approximate $3.5 billion has been earned by creators on Patreon.
  10. Videos and podcasts have the most creators, according to data provided by Graphtreon.
  11. In the last 3 years, more than 50 percent of the 6 million Patreons that Patreon hosts on its website have signed up. Currently, it receives more than 6 million active supporters every month.
  12. Videos are preferred by 38% of Patreon creators. 
  13. There are more than 53,962 video makers on Patreon as of Feb 2023, and their average monthly payments, excluding hidden earnings, exceed $6.4 million.
  14. Graphtreon stats indicate that Patreon generated 14,075,451 individual pledges on average for the month January 2023.
  15. Graphtreon data revealed that Patreon’s estimated monthly payout is $25,497,511, excluding hidden earnings..
  16. According to Backlinko, the platform generated an estimated $80 million in revenue annually in 2020.
  17. In the initial weeks of the pandemic, more than 30,000 creators registered.
  18. Google Trends indicates that in 2021, involvement in Patreon has decreased slightly. 
  19. End of June 2020 saw a value of 90 for the search term “Patreon,” but the end of June 2021 saw a value of 67.
  20. As of the Jan 2023 update this year, Patreon is ranking 483rd globally among websites. (Similarweb)
  21. In September 2022, the app had more than 510,000 downloads.
  22. Crunchbase reports that over the course of eight rounds, Patreon was able to secure $413.3 million in funding.
  23. On CNBC’s 2021 List of Disruptor Companies, it is ranked as number 48.
  24. According to a blog post-Jack Conte, CEO of Patreon, shared, over 200,000 creators will have earned over $3.5 billion in total by the end of December 2021.
  25. Employees of Patreon are thought to earn an average annual salary of $149622.
  26. Four businesses have been purchased by Patreon.
  27. 80 percent of Patreon creators are independent contractors.
  28. Daily Patreon promotion by creators can increase their earnings by up to 75%.

Patreon Creator Statistics

Creator Stats
  1. There are more than 222,938 creators on Patreon as of Feb 2023.
  2. According to Graphtreon, 222,898 (Feb 2023) of the total Patreon have at least one Patreon account.
  3. Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast is the top creator on Patreon with 50,679 Patreons.
  4. Over 2,000 Patreons provide financial support to 0.3% of Patreon creators.
  5. Crafts and DIY are the least popular non-adult content categories, accounting for less than 0.3% of all creatives discovered.
  6. In June of 2022, creatives earned an estimated $23.2 million, compared to $18.5 million at the same time last year, representing a 26% revenue increase.
  7. Adult content is present on approximately 23% of Patreon pages, representing more than 50,000 creatives. Another 5.5% of the platform’s creatives create written content.
  8. Video content creators earn the most money, with an estimated $6 million in revenue. Podcast creative types generate slightly more than half of the revenue, $3.5 million.
  9. Monthly revenue for games is $1.75 million, followed by adult games at $1.6 million, music and songs at $1.2 million, and writing at $1 million. The remaining categories generate less than $1 million per month.
  10. Over the last few years, the overall number of users has increased steadily. In 2017, the platform had 2 million supporters, which increased to 3 million and then 4 million in 2018 and 2019.
  11. Since the past two years Patreon has increased 37.31% of new creators (175,020).

Here is an increase in number of creators over the years

YearNumber of Creator
Feb 201625300
Feb 201750500
Feb 201898400
Feb 2019135000
Feb 202013800
Feb 2021195000
Feb 2022250,000+
Feb 2023222,898

Patreon Popular Creators and Earnings

  1. According to data and information, Patreon creators earn more than $2 billion. Since 2019, the platform’s overall creator earnings have increased by twofold.
  2. In September 2021, Patreon creators got paid an overall $23.64 million. Monthly profits have increased by 23.18% in the last year (approx $19.19 million in September 2020).
  3. Among all Patreon creators, only 697 (0.33% of the total) receive funding from more than 2,000 supporters.
  4. Over the previous four years, the creator’s yearly earnings have increased exponentially. Creators received $150 million in 2017, and the amount increased to $300 million the following year.
  5. In order to surpass $1 billion, the amount received in 2020 more than doubled the $500 million received in 2019.
  6. The amount of money that creators made each month increased by 68% between February 2021 and February 2020.
  7. Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast, a series of podcasts, is the most popular creator on Patreon. The show has more than 50,000 patreons.
  8. MxR Mods has ranked first in Patreon’s adult video category for at least 412 straight days.
  9. According to the number of Patreons, 7 out of the most popular 10 Patreon creators publish podcasts.

Here are the top 10 Creators on Patreon with total number of Patreon and monthly earnings. (January 2023)

(Source: Graphtreon)

RankCreatorNumber of Patreons Monthly Earnings
1Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast50,576$144K-$354K
2True Crime Obsessed46,062$131K-$322K
3Maintainance Phase44,417$126K-$311K
4Chapo Trap House42,503$181,519
5Ilja Jusupov aka x4fab36,347$39,701
7Dungeons and Daddies32,583$93K-$228k
8The Yard29,488$194,784
9The Cum Boys28,696$127,221
10Not Another D&D Podcast27,648$79K-$194K
  1. On Patreon, Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast enjoys the most support.
  2. With 2,409 supporters, Worlds Beyond Number is the most popular game on Patreon at the moment.
  3. With more than 21,601, MxR is top spot in the adult video category on Patreon.
  4.  Ilja Jusupov, aka x4fab, is in the most supported video category with 36,347 patrons.
  5. DarkCookie is the most popular Adult Games, with around 26,853 patrons.

Patreon Creator Category

  1. Around half of the creators on Patreon make their content within the video, music, podcast, and gaming categories.
  2. There are more than 1,00,000 creators that produce content with such categories.
  3. The most in-demand category is video content, which accounts for 25.88% of all Patreon accounts with 54,582 creators.

The following is a detailed number of creators by content type:

(Source: Graphtreon)

CategoryNumber of CreatorsTotal Percentage covered
Video 55,58225.88%
Adult Video8,8034.17%
Adult Games4,6422.20%
Adult Photography2,3751.12%
Adult Cosplay1,3780..65%
  1. Video creators earn the most profit on Patreon as a group. Estimated monthly video content revenue totals $6.37 million.
  2. Podcasts represent the most profitable in terms of revenue per creator. Podcasters receive 14.80% of all monthly payments despite making up only 7.66% of Patreon creators.

The following table breaks down total monthly creator profits by category:

(Source: Graphtreon)

CategoryMonthly PayoutsTotal Percentage covered
Video $5.71 million26.84%
Podcasts$3.54 million14.80%
Adult Games$2.05 million7.39%
Games$1.82 million7.70%
Music$1.03 million4.95%
Adult Comics$993K4.30%
Adult painting$960K0.39%
Adult Video$716K0.19%
Drawing and painting$541K0.10%

Patreon Revenue Statistics

  1. Patreon generates revenue by taking a share of all creator income earned by the platform. Depending on the service plan selected by the purchaser, Patreon takes nearly around 5% and 12% of the creator’s income (plus an online payment fee).
  2. Patreon managed to raise upto $155 million in Series E funding back in 2021, along with the current valuation of $4 billion.
  3. Patreon generates $80 million in annual revenues if the average cutting is 8% of total earnings.
  4. In 2022, Patreon generated a yearly income of $50.0 million to $75.0 million.
  5. According to TechCrunch, Patreon obtained $50 million in yearly earnings in 2019. A 66.66% boost over the prior year.

Here’s data with Patreon revenue estimates since 2017:

(Source: TechCrunch, Patreon)

YearAnnual revenue
2017$12-15 million
2018$30 million
2019$50 million
2020$80 million
2021$160 million
  1.  Patreon has a $4 billion post-money valuation as of its funding round. Patreon’s valuation has grown 26.95 times in the past 5 years, from $148.38 million in 2016.
  2. Patreon generates revenue by charging a fee of 5% to 12% on earnings received by content providers on the platform, with an average payout of 8.5%.
  3. The yearly value of financial support received by platform creators exceeds $1 billion.
  4. Over 60% of Patreon’s funding has come from the last two rounds of funding, Series E and Series F.
  5.  Patreon employees earn a median salary of $135,000.

Patreon Web Traffic Statistics:

  1. According to SimilarWeb, in January 2023, the total number of visits Patreon got was 100.2 million. It receives 3.19 pages each time, and visits last an average of 03 minutes and 15 seconds.
  2. Over the last three months, Patreon.com global ranking has increased from 555 to 483.
  3.  The bounce rate for Patreon is 57.52%. (SimilarWeb 2023)
  4. Total visits for Jaunuary 2023 was 100.2 Million as per the data from  SimilarWeb.
  5. Patreon.com’s traffic has increased by 5.76% as compared to the December and January (Desktop).

Let’s have a look at the overall data for total visits for last 3 months.

MonthTotal Visits
Nov 202287.5 Million
Dec 202294.8 Million
Jan 2023100. Million
  1. In Jan 2023, United States was the top country that was sending desktop traffic to Patreon.com with 27.91%.
  2. 63% of Patreon’s traffic came from desktop computers, with 37% coming from mobile devices.
  3. A total of 103,570,865 gadgets were connected to the traffic in May 2021, of which 64,649,006 were desktop computers and 38,921,859 were mobile.
  4.  In the past 30 days, 513,479 people have downloaded the app.
  5. In May 2022, Patreon had 124,424 paid customers and 5,499,065 organic traffic attempts. The range of organic visitors increased to 5,611,378, while the number of paid visitors increased to 189,651 later that month.
  6. There was an increase in the number of devices overall in the month of June 2021, which resulted in new figures of 66,556,182 desktop computers and 470,000 mobiles.
  7. According to Patreon statistics, 29.3% of contributors and customers access the website on desktop computers. That indicates that the majority of users, or 70.7%, access the website through mobile devices.
  8. Patreon is sending desktop trafic to over 561 different websites from severeal categories.

Let’s discover the each category below.

File sharing and Hosting30.07%
Video Games, Consoles and Accessories22.66%
Search Engines 18.15%
Streaming annd Online TV7.38%
Social Media Networks6.75%
  1. In June, the United States contributed 56.8 million devices to the traffic, followed by the UK with 5 million, Germany with 2.9 million, Brazil with 2.3 million, and Canada with 3.8 million.

Patreon.com Top Marketing Channels

The top traffic source to Patreon.com is Direct traffic, with 57.90% of desktop visits in Jan 2023. But social media ranks 2nd when it comes to driving traffic, with 21.37% of traffic.

  1. The most underutilized channel is Paid search. 

Following is the complete distribution of traffic driving on variou marketing channels.

Marketing Channel DistributionPercent of Traffic
Organic Search9.55%
Paid Serach0.01%
  1. According to the data from SimilarWeb, the most of the social media traffic comess from YouTube. 
  2. Following YouTube, Twitter and Pintrest drives the traffic and mostly through the desktop.
  3. According to the Patreon data, 50% of fans are video creators and over 30% of them are musicians.

Following is the detailed guide to the social network distribution that drives most traffic.

(Source: SimilarWeb)

Social Network ChannelDistribution
  1. The Patreon Instagram channel has over 164.87k followers, while the twitter has around 149.96k followers.
  2. YouTube accounts for 50% and 30%, respectively, of the fans of musicians and video makers on Patreon.
  3. DeviantArt provides 21% of the supporters for visual artists, while Twitter attracts 18% of the audience for game developers.
  4. While this is happening, Facebook is where most of the listeners for writers and podcasters come from.
  5. By contrast, only 7% of the money Patreon creators receive comes from subscriptions on other platforms.
  6. Actually, 8% of them choose to work alone and delegate various tasks, such as handling customer interactions, to non-creators.
  7. It’s odd that visual artists are the ones who tend to handle everything by themselves. Actually, a staggering 94% of them do.

Patreon.com Audience Demographics

Audience composition can reveal a site’s current market share across various audiences.

Let’s have a look at Patreon.com Demographics.

  1. Most of the visitors come from the US with 27.91%, followed by the UK with 5.63%.

(Source: SimilarWeb)

Country Percentage of visitors

Patreon.com Age Distribution

  1. Most of the Patreon users are between age 18 to 24 years.

Following is the detailed guide to age distribution of Patreon.com users.

18-24 years33.69%
25-34 years32.35%
35-44 years15.91%
45-54 years9.31%
55-64 years5.31%

Patreon User Gender Distribution

  1. As per the latest data from SimilarWeb, among the complete audiences, Patreon.com’s audience is 75.73% male, and 24.27% are female.

Covid-19 and State of Patreon in 2023

  1. Customers increased the amounts they were giving to their favorite creators during the COVID-19 pandemic to help them through this difficult time. 
  2. The average amount of money that creators raised increased by 60% in March 2020.
  3. The number of creators joining Patreon increased by 30,000 in the first few weeks of March 2020.
  4. More than 50,000 new creators joined the platform by the end of March.

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Final Thoughts: Patreon Statistics 2023

Considering all the features that Patreon is preparing to roll out in 2023, it would be interesting to review these statistics in a year.

The membership platform has processed more monthly payments than ever in recent years thanks to strong user growth.

Fortunately, Patreon is active in a lot of areas. It commands a high level of brand recall and fills a market niche that it invented.

Will it keep providing its users with fantastic earnings to encourage them to stay?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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