New Year, New You: Enhance Communication with Grammarly’s AI

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With the new year, get yourself a new way to write, generate, and edit content with Grammarly’s AI. 

There are examples of badly written and edited content all around us that are limiting the efficiency with which we communicate. But let’s not get bogged down, and let’s do better than we did last year. 

Grammarly has always been a popular tool for editing and proofreading English-written content across documents, message boxes, and emails and helping users write better.

But what’s cooking with the new AI assistance update? Let’s find out!

The Power Of Good Communication

Communication has seen a great number of changes to the way it is carried out. Be it in the old times when birds and animals were used in the 1900s when Morse code was used to code and decode texts.

Today, we don’t need to do all that, and communication is quite literally at our fingertips. But still, there are barriers, such as ineffective communication and misinformation, that hamper the way a message is delivered.

Inaccurate information, grammatically inaccurate texts, and even poorly written texts are all contributors to ineffective communication. 

On the other hand, effective communication can take you places; here’s how:

The most plausible solution to tackle the communication barriers is to rely on recent technological developments, particularly in the field of writing. A popular tool like Grammarly is one such example. 

Another example is artificial intelligence, which has practically become the go-to source to write, edit, and format content with popular AI chatbots. 

Combining both of these, a recent introduction of artificial intelligence fused into Grammarly called – “Grammarly AI” is set to change the way you interact with the content and go further with AI. 

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How To Use Grammarly AI?

Every Grammarly user has the Generative AI button inside the Grammarly interface where you insert your content, and it is also integrated into the browser extension.

On the right-hand side, where you check your score and suggestions, find the “Generative AI” button to start using Grammarly AI.

Grammarly AI Content - Click On Generative AI

For browser extension, the same place that you access to check the suggestions on a document, you can find the “Generative AI” feature. 

Grammarly AI Content - Features

Beyond Grammar: Understanding Grammarly’s AI

AI is the trending word in the tech world, and even the basic automated functions are being sold under the “AI” umbrella. Grammarly offers actual use of AI abilities to show you areas of improvement, shorten, improve, and adjust the tone of your content. 

Here’s how the Grammarly AI works alongside you, explained by Zach Johnson:

Setting Communication Goals with Grammarly

To edit the text above, I set the tone of my voice to be casual and engaging via the Grammarly AI extension. Using the custom voice., you can make it sound casual, neutral, or formal.

  • Tone it to be personable, confident, empathetic, engaging, witty, and direct.
  • Shorten and improve.
  • Identify gaps, get ideas for improvement, and highlight the main points of your text.

You can set a custom tone/voice by clicking on the Grammarly extension. Let me show you step-by-step:

Step 1: Click on the Grammarly extension on the bottom right of your browser

Click on the Grammarly extension

Step 2: Select the “My Voice” button.

Select The My Voice

Step 3: Select the formality, tone, and profession. Choose the English type you write in (American, British, Canadian, Indian), and use the voice.

Select The Formality

Using this voice as a standard, you can rest assured about the consistency of your content for a variety of uses. 

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Grammarly’s AI In Your Daily Life

Let’s see the difference that using Grammarly AI can bring into our daily lives. As Grammarly can work anywhere, the Grammarly AI can, too!

1. Outline Generation

Every writer, be it professional or a beginner, has one common pain, and that is to generate outlines. This task can take hours, depending on the topic you’re working on, but it definitely needs some time.

Outline Generation

To help you save this time, Grammarly AI can instead do that for you and generate an outline for the selected text not within minutes but within seconds!

Here’s how I created an outline for “What is the largest animal on Earth?”

2. Content Generation

Next, to test the content generation abilities, I prompted Grammarly AI to expand the selected text up to 400 words.

Content Generation

Within 3 seconds, it generated 300+ words on it, covering all the basics about the largest animal on earth!

3. Writing An Email

Another daunting task is to write a professional-sounding email. While anyone can write an email, articulating thoughts needs time, and adjusting the tone of your email takes even more. 

Writing An Email

When I prompted Grammarly AI to help me write an application for sick leave, I instantly got a formatted email as per my choice of formality and tone. 

4. Editing Content

Grammarly AI is not just about generating content; it can edit a piece of text in a snap. Using Grammarly AI, you can edit a text to improve, shorten, and even find areas of improvement in your content.

Editing Content

Here’s a quick demonstration of a piece of text I edited. I wrote a story from four pictures while I was practicing creative writing. I asked Grammarly AI to evaluate a paragraph from it and gave it the “improve it” prompt.

What’s more, you can even instantly add an image or GIF through Grammarly AI to add more life to your words. 

Benefits Of Using Grammarly AI:

Apart from the instant benefits of Grammarly AI, it has long-term gains attached to it. 

You may only edit a piece of content and send it across. The reader, on the other end, benefits by reading well-formed content, further creating a chain reaction of effective communication.

As a professional, you make fewer mistakes in your writing, save more time spent brainstorming, and identify the gaps to eliminate the chances of errors even further. 

Embracing AI For Better Communication

AI is here to stay and is not a temporary fad in the tech world. The world is moving faster, harnessing AI’s power, and with Grammarly AI, you can too!

Note: While Grammarly AI is aimed at minimizing the daily tasks, it is not to be used unethically and to fill in for manual work. 

Final Key Takeaway On Grammarly AI 

Get going and get further with Grammarly’s AI assistance. Forget about making mistakes and making edits when you have the Generative AI to take care of it. 

This new Generative AI update will surely add more value to Grammarly as a tool and its users in general to enhance the way they communicate.

Sign up for Grammarly today and start leveraging the power of AI fused into Grammarly directly through your dashboard, extension, or app. Find Grammarly’s AI icon and start creating content with a tap of a button. 

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