6+ Best Amazon FBA Courses (Top Rated)

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Like with many other things on the internet, there are lots of Amazon FBA courses such that choosing one sometimes becomes a chore. Of these, let your choice of an Amazon FBA course be guided by:

  1. The thoroughness of the course. Go for courses that answer all of your questions, and more. This way you get your money’s value. 
  2. Affordability. You don’t want to lose more money than you’ve even earned.

Are you wondering what Amazon FBA course to take? Worry not as this article covers a detailed list of the 6 best Amazon FBA courses.

List Of The 6+Best Amazon FBA Courses In 2022

Here is the list of best Amazon FBA courses for you to try:

1. Freedom Builder Bootcamp

Scale Your Business to the Next Level

Offered by Jungle Scout, Freedom Builder Bootcamp is taught by Jungle Scout’s CEO, Greg Mercer. Greg is an eight-figure Amazon seller and a self-taught business owner. Culling from his experience, he teaches course learners how to build an Amazon FBA business from the ground up. 

Best Amazon FBA Courses - Freedom Builder Bootcamp

What better way to learn about business, and scale yours, than from a self-taught, now successful, business owner who knows business’ ins and outs?

Pricing: $999 one-time fee

Favorite feature: Personalized lessons

With Freedom Builder Bootcamp, you don’t just get a packaged course. Yes, there are ten different modules in the course and 30 hours of video content, training videos, and past recordings. Asides from these, however, you get live coaching sessions weekly which gives you access to specific lessons pr solutions tailored to you and your business. You also get access to Greg’s tips and tricks and access to updated information, which is welcome in this ever-changing business world. 

The Bottom Line: 

Even as the paid course gives you access to enough value; lifetime access to the course and one year of access to Jungle Scout’s Professional account, you can apply for Greg’s free training webinar on their website. 

2. Freedom Ticket Courses

Access useful tools

Created by Amazon expert, Kevin King, the Freedom Ticket course is specifically tailored to people who want to launch a private label product ad it includes the tools needed to get started. 

Freedom Ticket Courses

Pricing: $39 per month

Helium 10 offers a Birthday Sale Offer on its birthday so that you can get a massive discount on it.

Favorite feature: the number of resources available

When you subscribe to Freedom Ticket courses, you get access to

8-weeks of training.

 60 videos that contain detailed content.

30 handouts on Sourcing, Accounting, mistakes to avoid, and accounting.

Access to over 20 Helium 10 tools as the course comes complimentarily with Helium 10.

Training and resources on topics like “How To Start Selling Private Label Products On Amazon,” “Getting Your Products Made,” “Intro To Selling On Amazon,” “Creating Sales Page”

The Bottom Line: 

Freedom Ticket courses are tailor-made to those who prefer the private label model of Amazon FBA. With this designed demography, the uncertainties of what the course is and who it is for are avoided. Freedom Ticket also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

3. Amazing Selling Machine

A Comprehensive, In-Depth Training

Created by Matt Clarke and Jason Katzenback, this course is tailored to people with an interest in Amazon FBA Private Label selling.

Pricing: $4,997 or 6 payments of $997

Favorite feature: The course’s thoroughness

Though pricey, this course provides one of the best supports of all courses. Upon payment, you have access to better support, more training depth, and more bonus content compared to many other courses. This content includes:

Amazing Selling Machine

Free training events

Report on the top 1000 hidden opportunities on Amazon

A list of the 1000 most searched keywords on Amazon. This provides great help in targeting and being seen by possible customers.

Amazing Selling Machine - Video Lesson

180 Hours of Video Content

Over 100 Videos

Live Events

Founder’s Private Resource Vault

Monthly Group Coaching Calls

8-Weeks of Expert Training

Amazing Selling Machine Private Community

The Bottom Line

Seeing that this course is pricey, if you are a newcomer to Amazon FBA selling, you might want to explore other cheaper courses. Experienced sellers looking to scale their business might find this course better suited for them.

4. Marketplace Superhero

Build a Global Business

Created by Robert Rickey and Stephen Somers, Marketplace Superhero has two specialties: building a global Amazon FBA business and ensuring your product sourcing/manufacturing is right. 

Pricing: 7-day free trial, $997 or 12 payments of $97

Favorite feature: Emphasis on product sourcing

Marketplace Superhero understands that a business will not have new or returning customers if its product is below par. It helps its students understand this also.

Marketplace Superheroes

They also have relatable content like Marketplace Superheroes Ignite, a systemic process that helps you build a global Amazon business from the start, and free trainings on topics like “Sell Your Own Branded Products On Amazon” and “Learn How You Can Get Your First Sale On Amazon.”

The Bottom Line:

During the 7-days free trial, you get to decide if this provides a good value for your money. Even after making payment for the course, you still have a 30 days refund policy.

5. Proven Amazon Course

Reasonable Cost with Great Value.

Created by Jim Cockrum, this course was created with eCommerce newbies in mind. This is concerning the pricing and the easy and applicable nature of the course. 

Pricing: $29/month or $499 once

Favorite feature: In-depth training fitted for first-time users

Many valuable courses set a high price for their courses. With Proven Amazon Course, however, these courses, that are similarly of value, have lower pricing, at $29/month. This can be canceled at any time. There is also a 30 days refund policy in place, with no questions asked.

Proven Amazon Course

The course provides an in-depth look at all aspects of training needed by an Amazon seller. Rather than focusing on one model in the Amazon FBA structure, it covers all models: arbitrage, wholesale, and private label. 

The Bottom Line:

Even as it caters well to newcomers to eCommerce, this course is one that experienced sellers can also learn from. Overall, it provides good value.

6. Zon Ninja MasterClass

Detailed and Hands-on Approach

Created by Kevin David, a successful Amazon FBA Private Label user, this is one course whose effectiveness seems to speak for itself. What with the number of course takers who have gone ahead to make as many as 6 figures with Amazon FBA?

Pricing: $1,997 one-time payment or 5 instalments of $599.

Favorite feature: Hands-on approach

Even as this is not the only course that offers a hands-on systemic approach, this course does offer a guide that gives comprehensive coverage of all you need to know about Private Label on Amazon FBA, which is its focus. This includes information on Email Follow up and reviews, Facebook Ads, Listing Optimization, Product Launch, Product Research, as well as Suppliers & Shipping.

Zon Ninja MasterClass - Overview

The Bottom Line:

Asides from the topics covered, this course also gives you access to a community of fellow “ninjas”, useful tips, free updates for life, as well as international exposure and expansion. The course is, however, pricey but former students say you will get your money’s worth. 

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Conclusion: The Best Amazon FBA Courses in [2022]

Having read through the list, your choice of what Amazon FBA course to take should now be easier. You are welcome (you did thank us, yes?).

Still not sure what course to take? Then you can check our recommendation.

Recommendation: Freedom Ticket Courses

These courses provide a mix of affordability, value, and in-depth teaching. They are also fitted to both newcomers and those experienced with Amazon FBA.

Will you take this course? Let us know. 

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