Scholarships For High School Seniors & Juniors (2024)

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The increase in the expenses of education has given rise to an increase in the rate of student loan debt.

But don’t worry; scholarships are out there to help you.

Scholarships are financial aid rewards designed to help students pay for their educational expenses.

Types Of Scholarships For High School Juniors And Seniors

If you are a high school student, then below are some types and examples of scholarships that you can check out.

1. Academic Scholarships

Academic Scholarships are offered to students who have high grade point averages.

These are basically merit-based scholarships that are offered to students who have displayed academic excellence or exceptional skills in a particular area.

Let us have a look at some of the examples of academic scholarships for high school seniors.

1. 16th District PTA Scholarship.

The 16th District PTA Scholarship is awarded to the high school seniors attending Fayette Country Public School.

The scholarship is offered on the basis of the candidate’s academic achievement, financial need, and contribution toward the community.

The Student should have a minimum GPA of 2.5.

Scholarship amount: Amount varies.

2. A.C. “Kate” & Leo Joseph Merlone Scholarships – Teaching Scholarship.

The above scholarship is offered to students who are pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees at Michigan School.

It is a merit-based scholarship. Applicants must have a minimum 3.0 GPA to be eligible for this scholarship.

Scholarship amount: Amount Varies.

As we saw some examples of academic scholarships for high school seniors, now let us explore some examples of Academic scholarships for high school juniors.

3. Hamilton Award.

Hamilton Award Scholarship is awarded to high school juniors who demonstrate their academic excellence and financial need and are high-achieving and service-focused.

The applicants must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0. The recipients of this scholarship receive a laptop to help them in their college studies.

Scholarship amount: $500.

4. Next Young Leaders Program

The Next Young Leaders Program mainly provides one $20,000 scholarship to individuals based on their outstanding academic performance and leadership qualities.

Applicants who are based out of the United States are awarded five $1,000 scholarships.

All the awardees will be paired up with a mentor with whom they will work over the course of their senior year.

Scholarship amount: $20,000.

2. Athletic Scholarships

Athletic scholarships are offered to student-athletes who have demonstrated exceptional skills in a particular sport.

To be eligible for an athletic scholarship, you must also maintain satisfactory academic performance.

Following are some of the athletic scholarships offered to High school seniors.

  1. Buster Lindsay Memorial Scholarship.

The Buster Lindsay Memorial Scholarship is awarded to student-athletes who are from Jefferson High School.

Scholarship amount: Amount varies.

2. Deborah Jean Rydberg Memorial Scholarship.

The Deborah Jean Rydberg Memorial Scholarship is awarded to the female applicant graduating from Guilford High School.

In order to apply for the scholarship, the applicant should have at least a 2.3 GPA and should be involved in athletics.

Scholarship amount: Amount varies.

If you are a high school junior, here are a few examples of athletic scholarships that might help you.

3. Triple-Impact Competitor Scholarship

The Triple-Impact Competitor Scholarship is offered to applicants who are high school juniors in the U.S.

Students must have a minimum grade point of 2.5 or higher and participate in team or individual sports.

Application requirements for this scholarship are the application form, three essays and recommendation letters.

Scholarship amount: $1,500.

4. Brian Pearson Memorial Scholarship

The Brian Pearson Memorial Scholarship awards a $1,000 scholarship amount annually to one male and one female Iowan athlete.

The eligibility criteria for this scholarship is the recipient must be a high school junior or senior in the year when the scholarship is offered.

Scholarship amount: $1,000.

3. Minority Scholarships

A significant percentage of U.S. colleges consists of minority students from different races and backgrounds.

Minority Scholarships play a crucial role in helping by providing financial assistance to students from underrepresented backgrounds.

Here are some examples of minority scholarships for high school seniors.

  1. ACS Scholars Program

All the Hispanic, African American, Pacific Islanders, and American Indian High School seniors and college freshmen pursuing education in the field of Chemical technology or chemical science are free to apply.

The eligibility criteria for the above scholarship are as follows.

  • The applicant must be a U.S. resident.
  • Full-time student at high school or an accredited college or university.
  • Should demonstrate academic excellence in the field of Chemistry or science with an average grade point of 3.0 or more.

Scholarship amount: $5,000.

  • American Association of Blacks in Energy Scholarship.
  • American Association of Blacks in Energy Scholarship.

2. American Association of Blacks in Energy Scholarship.

American Association of Blacks in Energy Scholarship seeks to increase the number of underrepresented minorities in energy-related fields.

In order to qualify, the candidate must be a graduating high school senior and demonstrate a minimum average GPA of 3.0.

Students who intend to enroll for next semester from an accredited college and university in majors like technology, engineering, mathematics, business, and energy-related fields can apply for it.

Scholarship amount: $5,000.

Application deadline:

If you are a high school junior, you can refer to some examples of minority scholarships listed below.

3. National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS) Diversity Scholarship. 

The NSHSS Diversity Scholarship offers scholarships to high school juniors, seniors and sophomores.

In order to apply for the scholarship, you will have to complete an essay on diversity and inclusion and fulfil specific requirements like

  • Submit an official transcript and resume.
  • Essays.
  • Letters of recommendation.
  • Photos and videos that demonstrate your diversity activities.

Scholarship amount: Upto $2,000.

  • Dr Julianne Malveaux Scholarship
  • Dr Julianne Malveaux Scholarship

4. Dr Julianne Malveaux Scholarship

Dr Julanne Malveaux Scholarship provides financial assistance to African American females who are enrolled as high school juniors or sophomores.

The applicant must plan to seek a major in journalism, economics, creative writing, public speaking, etc. 

It is also based on merit, so the candidate must have to maintain a GPA of 3.0.

Scholarship amount: Amount varies.

4. Community Scholarships

Community Service Scholarships reward students who are involved in community services and volunteer activities.

Community services provide exposure to learning new things and meeting new people, which definitely turns out to be beneficial in future.

Following are some examples of community scholarships for high school seniors.

  1. Against The Grain Groundbreaker Leadership Scholarship.

This scholarship offers financial assistance to American Asian high school seniors or graduate students who showcase visionary leadership abilities.

The candidate must be admitted to full-time at an accredited junior college, vocational college and 4-year college or university.

Applicants applying for this scholarship must be U.S. residents and should maintain a GPA of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale.

The candidate applying for this scholarship has to submit a video presentation displaying their qualifications and work.

Scholarship amount: $1,500.

2. BBB Student Ethics Scholarship Award – Connecticut

The above-mentioned scholarship is offered to students who display high ethical values through their leadership, community service, academic excellence, and integrity.

Applicants must be residents of Connecticut and should be in the senior year of their high school.

Scholarship amount: $2,500.

3. Bezos scholar program.

Bezos Scholar program offers scholarships to high school juniors demonstrating leadership community engagement, leadership and commitment to education.

If you want to apply for this scholarship program, make sure you have taken the Advanced Placement (AP) International Baccalaureate (IB) or other college-level courses.

Scholarship amount: Amount varies.

4. Fitchburg Optimist Club Scholarship for Community Service to Youth.

This scholarship is awarded to the residents of Fitchburg who are pursuing higher education and are involved in volunteering or working for the community.

The scholarship amount of $1,000 is awarded to eligible applicants of age 21 or under for their education and training.

Scholarship amount: $1,000.

5. Military Scholarships

Military Scholarships provide financial assistance to high school and college students who plan to enter the armed forces.

These scholarships are also offered to veterans, soldiers, or military personnel who serve or have served in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard, Marine Corps, etc. 

All the high school seniors, if you are aspiring to a military career, check out the below-listed examples.

  1. Military Family Support Trust.

The Military Family Support Trust (MFST) provides scholarships to high school seniors who demonstrate exceptional leadership qualities in school or the community.

The guardians, parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents of the applicants must be retired or active-duty military officers.

Candidates must have a 3.0 GPA on a scale of 4.0 to be eligible for the scholarship.

Scholarship amount: $12,000.

2. Corvias Foundation Scholarship for Children of Active-Duty Service Members.

The Corvias Foundation Scholarship offers scholarships to high school seniors or students pursuing a GED, and a child of an active-duty service member is eligible to apply.

The applicant should be between the ages of 16 to 19 and should have a grade point average of 3.0 or higher.

The application for this scholarship comprises 60 questions and an estimated time of

Scholarship amount: $50,000.

For high school juniors, here are some examples of military scholarships for you.

3. Military Youth.

The military youth offers scholarships to students with average grade points of 2.8 or above and who are able to demonstrate their financial needs.

Applicants must complete the application form and two-page essay and be part of any military youth organization like the Civil Air Patrol, Young Marines, Sea Cadets, etc.

Scholarship amount: $1,000.

Documents Required To Apply For Scholarships

Documents Required To Apply For Scholarships

  1. Official Transcripts.

Official transcripts are certified statements representing students’ complete academic records.

These are essential documents while applying for scholarships and are certified by accredited universities or colleges.

  1. Letter of recommendation.

Letter of recommendation showcases the information about qualities, achievements, character traits, strengths etc.

Recommendation letters act as a reference to help the scholarship committee to know more about you.

These letters are generally written by professors, mentors, workplace supervisors, employers etc.

  1. Resume.

Your resume demonstrates your career objectives, lists of awards, work experiences, extracurricular activities you have participated in and your academic achievements.

Though all scholarships don’t require a resume, adding a great resume to your application will definitely grab the scholarship provider’s attention.

  1. Essay.

Essays are an essential part of the scholarship application form as they help the scholarship committee to determine who you are and your dedication toward goals.

Essay-based scholarships are awarded to students of numerous backgrounds.

  1. Identification proof.

Identification proofs are required for verification of the documents.

A Color photo and identification proof regarding your U.S. citizenship are essential requirements for a scholarship application form.

Resources To Apply For Scholarships

Finding and applying for scholarships has become easy because of the various resources available.

To seek information regarding scholarships, you can check out the following resources.

  • Federal agencies.
  • Financial aid office at a college.
  • State Grant Agency.
  • Religious and community organizations.
  • A TRIO or high school counselor.

You can also search for great scholarship opportunities on various legitimate websites; below are some of them.

  1. provides a great platform to search and apply for many potential scholarships.

You can create a personal profile on the website and filter scholarships based on your interests, career, major and eligibility.

  1. Unigo.

Unigo is a legitimate website that provides over 3.6 million scholarships and grants. Create your Unigo account and search for potential scholarships.

You can sign up for a free Unigo account and get access to the scholarship match tool.

  1. Fastweb.

Fastweb gives you access to more than 1.5 million scholarships. The search function of the website helps you to go through a diverse range of scholarships.

Create a profile on Fastweb and get personalized scholarship recommendations.

Key Takeaways: Scholarships For High School Seniors & Juniors (2024)

Scholarships are gifts that are awarded to students to waive their college expenses and are not required to be repaid.

Applying for a scholarship is easy, but finding the appropriate scholarship might seem difficult.

But don’t worry; here in this article, I have mentioned some examples of scholarships and the sources where you can find many potential scholarships.

Go through the article and let us know your thoughts in our comments section.


What is the required GPA to be eligible for the scholarship?

Different scholarships have different GPA criteria, but an average GPA of 3.0 and above is considered good to qualify for scholarships.

How many scholarships can students apply for?

Students are eligible for one of each kind of grant that is offered each academic year by their state. There is no limit set on applying for the scholarships that are offered by outside entities. The more scholarships you can apply for, the more chances.

Which factors increase the chances of getting a scholarship?

Below are some factors that may increase the chance of getting a scholarship.
Pay attention to detail and fill out scholarship applications thoroughly.
As most of the scholarships are merit-based, try to improve your GPA.
Sharpen your essay skills.
File the FAFSA as it is essential to measure financial need.
Participate in community services and extracurricular activities.

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